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My much better half who deserves a metal for 41 years of putting up with this juvenile delinquent.


  1. I really like this.It’s such a beautiful color with a real looking scorpion that brings back fond memories.I went out to throw the football with my son and his friends in an orange grove that was full...
  2. WOW says it all.
  3. Thanks Jenni for posting this beautiful turtle..My mother has a collection of turtle brooches and this looks exactly like one she has that isn’t marked.
  4. Nice turtle.I have a clear turtle almost exactly like yours made by Nancy Daum.
  5. That looks like me when I’m hungry.
  6. Paul got some nice clothes to wear.All I got was a pair of pants and a shirt with stripes.
  7. WOW.Beautiful colors and a nice shape.I found a vase almost exactly like this in a cave that had a Genie in it.Give it s couple Abracadabras and see what happens.Nice find.
  8. That is to cool.I bet if you put this in an aquarium it would swim.Nice find Jenni.
  9. I don’t believe the history behind the Russian influence on art has ever been properly told.The untold story behind what those people went through to gain the freedoms we take for granted and are givi...
  10. What an interesting piece and unique color like your Rhino.Now I want a camel as depending on what these things eat I can probably save gas.I can see it now riding through downtown Lakeland doing the ...
  11. What a fascinating piece of history not long after ww2 when the USA was the leader in quality manufacturing. Today this would look like a advertisement for the United Nations.Thanks for posting this.
  12. These are really interesting with so much going on in the design and the different colors.Thanks for posting these with a description.
  13. Beautiful color and shape.If you know anybody with a spare Rhino I’ll take it to go with all the roosters,rabbits,ducks,cats and the occasional bobcat and alligator we have on our property.
  14. Thanks vetraio50 for the compliment on the chair and informing me about your interesting nickname.Growing up I remember as a lot of my childhood friends by their nicknames that doesn’t seem to be as p...
  15. Thank you Jenni for the compliment on the chair and very nice comment on the new mugshot.Thanks to ho2cultcha,dave2no1 and fortapache for the love.
  16. Beautiful piece that’s shape is unique as the colors.I look forward to someone identifying as I appreciate the history you provide on the pieces you post.
  17. Thanks to vetraio50,jscott0363,fortapache,vcal,inky,leelani,kivitinitz and tougottahavestuff for the love.Thanks Phil for the nice compliment.It’s interesting to know that you have the artistic abilit...
  18. Beautiful with so many interesting things going on.
  19. Happy St Patrick’s day Jenni.This color of green is beautiful.I think I’ll get a lottery ticket today.Hopefully I’ll end of with Benjamin green that’s my favorite color.
  20. Thanks for the nice compliment Jenny.You saved her as I found a use for her outside scarring these crows off. Thanks to dav2no1 and kwqd for the love.
  21. WOW There’s so many things going on from the beautiful colors to interesting design.Very Nice.
  22. I really like everything from the shape to color on this piece.Beautiful.If he gets hungry just send him down the road to my house and I’ll feed him but I’ll have to keep it.Very Nice
  23. Who needs abing with this color.Beautiful set my friend.
  24. Thanks jscott0363.
  25. Thanks Jenny for the best wishes on our tour.We’ve already sold out a retirement center and the county jail.
  26. Thanks for the compliment Jenny and Phil.Shout out to vetraio50,Designer,usedcarlady,leighannm,Beachbum58,Cisum,MooreAntique,sugargirl,vintagegirl66,officialfuel,EJW-54,Coleman 1959,artfoot,Jenny,sher...
  27. These are really neat.Thanks for posting these.
  28. Beautiful color and it looks so sweet.Very Nice
  29. With this degree of difficulty Sherman could have been a world class surgeon.Very nice.
  30. This is a beautiful piece with such a unique combinations colors.Most of the iridescent pieces I’ve seen are usually white.The yellow really sets this off.Very Nice.
  31. Very unique collection of interesting items you don’t see everyday.I really appreciate you sending me the link on piece of wall art I just listed.I couldn’t find it online and I’m trying to chase down...
  32. The blue rhinestones are such a beautiful color that are in perfect proportion to the white rhinestones..I really like the shape of the cats eyes.Very nice
  33. Thanks Jenny and Happy New Years back at you.I had several autographed baseballs along with a football from a game between Notre Dame and USC.Every day the kids and I would go outside and play catch a...
  34. Very Nice.The color is really unique.Hope you have a GREAT NEW YEAR.
  35. Thanks Phil I also think she hit the mother lode.Thanks Jenny for the compliment.Thanks also to dav2no1,Vynil33rpm,vetraio50 and BHLFOS for the love.
  36. Nice collection of stamps my friend.Hope your having a Merry Christmas and this New Year will be the best yet.
  37. Very nice like everything you post.Merry Christmas Jenny and have a GREAT New Year.
  38. Thanks for the compliment Phil.I also want to thank Karen for trying to identify this before I forget.Thanks to Jenny,Deano,lewder,Karen,Reiss,Drake47,raven3766,shunt,sherrilou,vetraio50,Searching 1 a...
  39. Thanks blunderbuss2.Thanks also to davno2,fortapache and BHIFOS for the love.
  40. Thanks GianaMZ and vetraio50 for the love.
  41. Thanks kwqd for your help.I believe your right as I found similar marks identified as Japanese Kutani porcelain.Out of all the ones I’ve looked I found one other tea set with 3 different marks that al...
  42. Very Nice.What a unique piece of glass.
  43. Thanks Jenni I finally found something to post. I’m sure I’ll be digging more things out soon..Thanks dav2no1.
  44. Very interesting.Love your cat.
  45. You are so right AnythingObscure.We were so fortunate to have lived during the time before gaming when you actually played outside.Thanks for the compliment Jenni.It didn’t take any time for the neigh...
  46. Thanks for the compliment Phil and thanks to Fort Apache,anythingobscure,kwqd,RichmondLori,SkyPilot,aura,and bluderbuss2 for the love
  47. Thank you Jenni and thank you vcal,day2no1,Watchsearcher,Faith.k,and vetrio50 for the love.
  48. Those are really nice.I love the color combination.
  49. I love your owl Jenni.There’s something about owls and turtles when it comes to jewelry that really stands out.Very nice.
  50. That is to cool.It’s in such good condition that’s something you really can never replace.
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