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palm harbor

These 2 are in love and are my little buddy Ruffles the dashounds best friends.The white one with spots is Apollo who was a feral kitty.He was only about 6 months olThese 2 are in love and are my little buddy Ruffles the dashounds best friends.The white one with spots is Apollo who was a feral kitty.He was only about 6 months old and wild when I came outside and he was tearing up the garbage looking for some food.He was skin and bones and a very very sick.It’s been 7 months now and after a lot of TLC he’s healthy,happy and friendly and is madly in love with Miss Kitty the gray cat who lives 2 doors down.If there not sitting or running around together there visiting Ruffles who for being so naturally amped up is very gentle with them.Miss Kitty goes home at night and Apollo has gotten so tame and sweet I got a bed for him and he sleeps on the back porch. (Read more)


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Antique Potthast Women’s Mahogany & Child’s Rocking Chairs - Furniturein Furniture
1960’s Alfredo Barbini for Murano Venetian Art Glass Centerpiece Bowl  - Art Glassin Art Glass
1960’s Colorful Happy Buddha Made In China - Asianin Asian
Mid Century Fu Lu Shou Bad Luck Chinese Statues - Asianin Asian
Antique Co-Operative Flint Glass & 1895 Priscilla by Dazell Gilmore & Leighton Bowls  - Glasswarein Glassware
Rare Pair of Mid Century Octagonal Mahogany Cellarettes Serving Tray Tops - Furniturein Furniture
Hand Painted Hibiscus on Porcelain Cup Signed by Rosa - Potteryin Pottery
Unusual Ringed Chinese Miniature Porcelain Vases  / Bottles - Asianin Asian
Porcelain Figurine Water Buffalo at Trough Signed Made By ?? - Animalsin Animals
Jade Nephrite Scholars Stone & Old Semi Precious Gemstones - Gemstonesin Gemstones


  1. Very nice.
  2. Thanks for the love vintagegirl66,jscott0363 and Ken.
  3. These are REALLY nice.
  4. I really like this.It’s one of those occasionally pieces do to the color that pictures don’t do it justice as it’s so much more impressive in person.
  5. Thanks for the kind words Jenni and thanks to Vetraio50,Phil,fortapache,officialfuel and dav2no1 for the love.
  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR PHIL.I hope 2021 is the best year of your life.
  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR KAREN.I hope 2021 is the best year of your life.
  8. HAPPY ???? NEW YEARS MY FRIEND I hope 2021 is the best year of your life.
  9. HAPPY ???? NEW YEARS JENNI I hope 2021 is the best and blessed year ever.
  10. Love everything about this especially the beautiful color.
  11. Thanks Jenni for the kind words.Thank you fortapache,Karen ,vetraio50,watchsearcher,aura and blunderbuss2 for looking at this.
  12. It’s a beautiful color along with being unique.
  13. Very nice and such a unique color.
  14. He or she is a little cutey.
  15. I love these.I was a little guy a long time ago when I seen my first group elephants on a Tarzan movie.Tarzan let out his signature yell and here came the elephants with the mom in front and boy ridin...
  16. I also concur with broochman and Hoot60.This is a unique and beautiful piece.Very nice Jenni.
  17. Thanks broochman and Jenni.
  18. This is to cute.Very nice.
  19. Come on Karen I seen you wearing these at Woodstock with a tie dyed shirt.
  20. Very nice and unusual.I had to blow your pictures up to get a good look at it as my parents who are in there late 80’s have a old porcelain clown that’s very similar to this.It’s real old that belonge...
  21. Thanks broochman and Jenni for the comment.Your right about the some of the Chinese objects and the meanings behind them.The hand carving on there real old antique Jade and cinnabar pieces are as good...
  22. These are really cool looking vases.A couple look like there made from colored ice.
  23. Are you sure these aren’t Milli Vanilli ??
  24. Wow these are both stunning and beautiful.I love everything about these especially the color.Are you sure there hibiscus ??.Just a joke Jenni as I laugh whenever I see hibiscus after the in depth disc...
  25. I sure did tallcakes and I took a look at a lot of your unique cake stands.Thanks for looking vetraio50 and thanks for the compliment Phil.
  26. Thanks Phil
  27. What a unique cat.My part time hobby is helping stray cats find a good home and if there feral I feed them and manage to tame most of them so they can have a good life.Thank you for identifying the bo...
  28. Thank you so much tallcakes for identifying another glass bowl.You have a wealth of knowledge on these patterns.Thank you Jenni for the compliment and thanks Aura, fortapache and broochman for looking...
  29. This is a really neat piece.Thanks for telling us the history behind it.
  30. As usual another beautiful piece.
  31. These are really nice.I always look forward to the interesting things you post here.Thanks for sharing Jenni.
  32. Yikes.Now I know what’s swimming in my pool.
  33. Thanks for posting this and the sharing the special memory behind it.
  34. What a little cutie.This is diffidently unique.
  35. That’s a beautiful color of true purple that’s the nicest I’ve ever seen.
  36. Thanks For the compliment Jenni and thanks to Elizabethan,MALLEY,Vetrio50,fortapache and kwqd for looking.
  37. Interesting shapes.Very nice.
  38. Very nice.
  39. What a sweet little face.I wonder if seals make good pets.If you got a baby and had a large swimming pool I bet you could tame one.I tamed up a wild adult raccoon over 6 months and a baby possum that ...
  40. I really like this.It’s a beautiful piece very nice.
  41. I really like everything about this especially the color.VERY NICE !!
  42. He looks like Carl on aqua teen hunger force
  43. Wow what a beautiful and unusual piece.Love it
  44. Love the color and everything about it.VERY NICE !!
  45. Love the color.
  46. Beautiful brooch.Thanks jenni for checking in earlier I really appreciate that.I got abducted by aliens and they couldn’t take any more of me so they brought me back to earth and now I’ve got some “st...
  47. These are all nice.You better keep them away from the feline brooch.
  48. What a cutie.
  49. Very nice.I magnified the 2nd picture to get a closer look at the circle .It has a interesting imprint that looks like a T in the shape of a face.Do you know if this a makers mark or does it have anot...
  50. I like the interesting geometric shapes that have a Native American look.I have some old Poole silver that probably has no relation to the pottery.
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