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These 2 are in love and are my little buddy Ruffles the dashounds best friends.The white one with spots is Apollo who was a feral kitty.He was only about 6 months olThese 2 are in love and are my little buddy Ruffles the dashounds best friends.The white one with spots is Apollo who was a feral kitty.He was only about 6 months old and wild when I came outside and he was tearing up the garbage looking for some food.He was skin and bones and a very very sick.It’s been 7 months now and after a lot of TLC he’s healthy,happy and friendly and is madly in love with Miss Kitty the gray cat who lives 2 doors down.If there not sitting or running around together there visiting Ruffles who for being so naturally amped up is very gentle with them.Miss Kitty goes home at night and Apollo has gotten so tame and sweet I got a bed for him and he sleeps on the back porch. (Read more)


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Vintage Japanese Tea Set Tea Pot & Cups by Different Artists  - Asianin Asian
Rare Blue & Yellow Vintage Playground Teeter Totter Seesaw - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Huge Coffee Cup or Soup Bowl Beautiful Glaze & McCoy Hull Pottery - Kitchenin Kitchen
1975 Arthur Court Cast Aluminum Frog Snail Mushroom Turtle Lighted Markers  - Animalsin Animals
Vintage Anton Pieck Wood & Soft Unknown Fur Purses  - Bagsin Bags
Tozai Art Glass Vase & Dark Purple Votive Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
1970’s Cantilever Tables With Floating Glass Tops Leon Rosen For Pace Furniture  - Furniturein Furniture
Vintage Prints Does Anyone Recognize The Location of These  - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
1960’s Alfredo Barbini for Murano Venetian Art Glass Centerpiece Bowl  - Art Glassin Art Glass
1980’s Colorful Happy Buddha Made In China - Asianin Asian


  1. Very Nice.What a unique piece of glass.
  2. Thanks Jenni I finally found something to post. I’m sure I’ll be digging more things out soon..Thanks dav2no1.
  3. Very interesting.Love your cat.
  4. You are so right AnythingObscure.We were so fortunate to have lived during the time before gaming when you actually played outside.Thanks for the compliment Jenni.It didn’t take any time for the neigh...
  5. Thanks for the compliment Phil and thanks to Fort Apache,anythingobscure,kwqd,RichmondLori,SkyPilot,aura,and bluderbuss2 for the love
  6. Thank you Jenni and thank you vcal,day2no1,Watchsearcher,Faith.k,and vetrio50 for the love.
  7. Those are really nice.I love the color combination.
  8. I love your owl Jenni.There’s something about owls and turtles when it comes to jewelry that really stands out.Very nice.
  9. That is to cool.It’s in such good condition that’s something you really can never replace.
  10. Thanks Jenni I think you can do more with the snails as far as blending different colors.Thanks to Vcal,Vetraio50,dav2no1 and Vynil33 for the love.
  11. Thanks for the compliment Jenni.
  12. Real artwork that’s really special.
  13. Very nice.I’m glad you posted this because you reminded me of a collection of turtles I have that I’ll post here when I have time.Hope you had a good Christmas and a even better New Years
  14. I really like this.Very nice
  15. Lookout here comes Batman.
  16. I love it removable bubbles.Wait a minute Karen you didn’t read the directions were it says you have to throw it against the wall and that removes the bubbles.Nice find.
  17. Very nice.Thanks for the interesting information on the artist.It gives me something to always be on the lookout for when I go picking.
  18. Thanks for the comment Jenni,and thanks to Vynil33rpm,Vetrio50,fortapache,vcal,dav2no1,searchering1,Phil,blunderbuss2 and Aura for the love.
  19. Nice color.He reminds of the TV show with flipper.My brother and I were kids when that show came on and we would run around the house making that dolphin noise driving out parents crazy.
  20. Thanks to dav2no1 fortapache Aura vetraio50 and vcal for the love.Special Thanks to Jenni Watchsearcher and Phil for the nice comments.
  21. Thanks Jenni.That place was in Toledo that closed in 1978.We lived right down the road from it.
  22. Quack Quack
  23. The combination of colors really sets this off.I agree with Lauren and you better keep an eye on this in case it came from the set of the Scorpion King and starts crawling around.You might have to cal...
  24. Love everything about this.Such a beautiful color of green.Very nice.
  25. Hello Phil there’s nothing wrong with these colors.I’m entering in to my first foray of the jewelry world.I inherited a large collection of what I thought was glass only several years ago wrapped up i...
  26. Thank you mp.kunst for identifying the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church.
  27. Your right AnythingObscure,I also thought I could figure these out.I believe the one statue could be Marin Luther.Hello Jenni I hope everything has been going good for you as things have going great h...
  28. Very nice.
  29. These are REALLY nice.
  30. I really like this.It’s one of those occasionally pieces do to the color that pictures don’t do it justice as it’s so much more impressive in person.
  31. HAPPY NEW YEAR PHIL.I hope 2021 is the best year of your life.
  32. HAPPY NEW YEAR KAREN.I hope 2021 is the best year of your life.
  33. HAPPY ???? NEW YEARS MY FRIEND I hope 2021 is the best year of your life.
  34. HAPPY ???? NEW YEARS JENNI I hope 2021 is the best and blessed year ever.
  35. Love everything about this especially the beautiful color.
  36. Thanks Jenni for the kind words.Thank you fortapache,Karen ,vetraio50,watchsearcher,aura and blunderbuss2 for looking at this.
  37. It’s a beautiful color along with being unique.
  38. Very nice and such a unique color.
  39. He or she is a little cutey.
  40. I love these.I was a little guy a long time ago when I seen my first group elephants on a Tarzan movie.Tarzan let out his signature yell and here came the elephants with the mom in front and boy ridin...
  41. I also concur with broochman and Hoot60.This is a unique and beautiful piece.Very nice Jenni.
  42. Thanks broochman and Jenni.
  43. This is to cute.Very nice.
  44. Come on Karen I seen you wearing these at Woodstock with a tie dyed shirt.
  45. Very nice and unusual.I had to blow your pictures up to get a good look at it as my parents who are in there late 80’s have a old porcelain clown that’s very similar to this.It’s real old that belonge...
  46. Thanks broochman and Jenni for the comment.Your right about the some of the Chinese objects and the meanings behind them.The hand carving on there real old antique Jade and cinnabar pieces are as good...
  47. These are really cool looking vases.A couple look like there made from colored ice.
  48. Are you sure these aren’t Milli Vanilli ??
  49. Wow these are both stunning and beautiful.I love everything about these especially the color.Are you sure there hibiscus ??.Just a joke Jenni as I laugh whenever I see hibiscus after the in depth disc...
  50. I sure did tallcakes and I took a look at a lot of your unique cake stands.Thanks for looking vetraio50 and thanks for the compliment Phil.
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