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palm harbor

These 2 are in love and are my little buddy Ruffles the dashounds best friends.The white one with spots is Apollo who was a feral kitty.He was only about 6 months olThese 2 are in love and are my little buddy Ruffles the dashounds best friends.The white one with spots is Apollo who was a feral kitty.He was only about 6 months old and wild when I came outside and he was tearing up the garbage looking for some food.He was skin and bones and a very very sick.It’s been 7 months now and after a lot of TLC he’s healthy,happy and friendly and is madly in love with Miss Kitty the gray cat who lives 2 doors down.If there not sitting or running around together there visiting Ruffles who for being so naturally amped up is very gentle with them.Miss Kitty goes home at night and Apollo has gotten so tame and sweet I got a bed for him and he sleeps on the back porch. (Read more)


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Hand Painted Hibiscus on Porcelain Cup Signed by Rosa - Potteryin Pottery
Unusual Ringed Chinese Miniature Porcelain Vases  / Bottles - Asianin Asian
Porcelain Figurine Water Buffalo at Trough Signed Made By ?? - Animalsin Animals
Jade Nephrite Scholars Stone & Old Semi Precious Gemstones - Gemstonesin Gemstones
1970’s (1978) Bengal Tiger Signed Print Need Help With Name & Type of Print - Animalsin Animals
Antique 1843 Thomas Allom Full Size Steel Print Chinese Mandarin Dinner Party - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
1956 Chessie Cats Chesapeake and Ohio Railway G Gruenewald - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Antique Japanese Brise Hand Fan Uniquely Carved From 32 Pieces of Sandalwood - Accessoriesin Accessories
Antique Japanese Hand Fans Circa 1910 - Accessoriesin Accessories
Antique 19c German Porcelain Wall Plaque Gold Gild Frame - Figurinesin Figurines


  1. What a sweet little face.I wonder if seals make good pets.If you got a baby and had a large swimming pool I bet you could tame one.I tamed up a wild adult raccoon over 6 months and a baby possum that ...
  2. I really like this.It’s a beautiful piece very nice.
  3. I really like everything about this especially the color.VERY NICE !!
  4. He looks like Carl on aqua teen hunger force
  5. Wow what a beautiful and unusual piece.Love it
  6. Love the color and everything about it.VERY NICE !!
  7. Love the color.
  8. Beautiful brooch.Thanks jenni for checking in earlier I really appreciate that.I got abducted by aliens and they couldn’t take any more of me so they brought me back to earth and now I’ve got some “st...
  9. These are all nice.You better keep them away from the feline brooch.
  10. What a cutie.
  11. Very nice.I magnified the 2nd picture to get a closer look at the circle .It has a interesting imprint that looks like a T in the shape of a face.Do you know if this a makers mark or does it have anot...
  12. I like the interesting geometric shapes that have a Native American look.I have some old Poole silver that probably has no relation to the pottery.
  13. Very nice.Great photos Ken.
  14. Very nice.I appreciate the history you provide with the very interesting items you post.
  15. These are to cute Jenni.Thats why I have you on my list to alert me when you post something.You always find the most unique and interesting things.
  16. Very nice.I love the color.
  17. A beautiful piece of true artwork in glass.Very nice,John
  18. I really like this.It’s a beautiful color that reminds me of a pair of wrens that always fly around together that have gotten real friendly.They fly by and will sit on my shoulders until the cat comes...
  19. Beautiful color on a very interesting form.
  20. Thanks Jenni I live in Hudson in pasco county on s fairly high piece of property.I’ve got a couple of friends coming our was to stay from Broward county.There’s more than enough room for your step dau...
  21. Absolutely beautiful bowl with so many things going on.Its like a painting on glass.I’ll have to do the metric conversion to find out its size.I’m an old timeer that measures everything in inches feet...
  22. Very nice.I just bought my daughter a coral color bangle that I think is made of glass but it looks a lot like yours that are a really nice color.I think you did real good buying these.
  23. Thanks watchsearcher and Jenni I appreciate your comments and information.There’s several boxes full of more things from the American Hibiscus Society that I haven’t had time to go through.Hopefully s...
  24. What a sweet little face.I used to live next to a park in Florida and there was all kinds raccoons running around that weren’t tamed but they weren’t feral either.None of them were aggressive and myse...
  25. WOW this is really nice Jenni.I’m just getting caught up at looking at the absolutely fabulous things that you post and this is one of my favorites.Very Nice
  26. Hello Watchsearcher,I just posted the hibiscus flower that has 5 petals like this thats the exact same shape.I dont know what images your looking at but every hibiscus I can find online is the exact s...
  27. Thanks Ken for the compliment and truthordare for the information.I wasn’t sure if these Japanese or Chinese.I had 2 other people tell me the writings was Chinese.Thanks to SEAN68 for looking at these.
  28. Thanks watchsearcher,broochman and shareurpassion for looking at this and your kind words.On the second picture near the bottom is were the name Rosa is that’s written sideways.I’ve got some other pla...
  29. Thank you for the compliment Jenni and your keen observation.I thought the handle was different but didn’t notice that it is supposed to look like part of the stem.
  30. I really like this and it’s a Rolls.The older car radios like this are really neat.I had a belt with a radio in front made in Japan that I’ll post when I find it.It was only am but it would pick up al...
  31. Thanks aura,ho2cultcha,Vyril33rpm
  32. Thanks to Vetraio50,blunderbuss2 and fortapache’for looking at these.I really appreciate it.
  33. Thanks Silverwolf I’m going to look up azurite now.I’m starting to put names to everything now so I can explain what these are.Thanks again
  34. Thanks shareurpassion for identifying some of these.I found out real fast that if you don’t have a background in gems and stones it’s almost impossible to figure out what these are.I started looking t...
  35. Thank you Jenni.I appreciate the compliment on these.
  36. Very nice.
  37. He or her is to cute that looks like it’s ready for playtime.
  38. Beautiful.Reminds me of a Florida beach.
  39. Thanks truthordare for the info on these.It’s just hard to believe there’s so many different kinds of gems and stones.Thanks to laurenRedmond,Mrstyndall,buckethead,vetraio50,fortapache,blunderbuss2,au...
  40. Wait a minute Jenni.I didn’t give Boyd glass permission to use my image.
  41. Hello Karen,I’m glad you posted this beautiful vase as I was getting worried about not seeing any of your very interesting Japanese glass.I just called back the awacs spy plane I sent with my little d...
  42. Hello vetraio50,thanks for looking st this.It looks like the name is spelled jarvail or jarjail but nothing comes up under this name or any variation of it.After looking closely at the J I think it m...
  43. Thanks for the kind words Jenni.It’s funny because for some reason the white cat with the black spots just loves batting these around on the floor.He’s a riot and its to funny watching him as he’s fas...
  44. Hello shareurpassion.I just now seen your post and wanted to thank you for suggesting these might be Gaspite.I’m going to look this up and make a comparison.Thanks again
  45. This is really neat.I love the color and the way his ears are shaped.He looks like he’s getting ready to take off on a rocket run.Very Nice.
  46. I like this really nice and thoughtful gift.I’ve got a collection of stones and semi precious gems that are around 100 years old that I get out every once in a while.I have no idea what the names are ...
  47. Nice.My little dashound Ruffles will have to race your greyhound.
  48. A thanks to Phil,Jenni,aura,fortapache and Brunswick for looking at this.
  49. Thanks Mrstyndall.The color is brighter than the other 2.The frame around it was broke and probably didn’t spend to much time on the wall.A thanks to Jenni,fortapache,aura ,hunterqlee,blunderbuss2,Mrs...
  50. What a beautiful brooch with such brilliant colors.
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Large Cloisonne Egg **Edit to add picture of bottom**


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