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This is my buddy Obi Wan Ruffles and the collecting force is with in.Bones that is in the backyard.


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1970’s Pottery Signed Jean ??? Unusual Vase   - Potteryin Pottery
American Brilliant Cut Glass Sugar Bowl & Creamer Intricate Unknown Pattern - Glasswarein Glassware
Australian Silky Oak Intricately Cut Bowl Signed Walsh - Kitchenin Kitchen
Mid Century Italian Art Glass Table Lamps Unique Color - Lampsin Lamps
Restored Mid Century Falkenstein Opulent & Iridescent Table Lamps - Lampsin Lamps
Antique Persian Qalam Zani Artwork Persepolis Wall Darius Fighting Ahriman  - Asianin Asian
Antique 1899 Co- Operative Paneled Flint Glass Humidor Tobacco Container  - Glasswarein Glassware
Authentic 1950’s Seguso Archimede Murano Art Glass Stingray Sea Animal  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Otto Schmidt German Tin Medieval Knights Jousting With Fossilized Cookies - Advertisingin Advertising
Nitton China Made In Japan Decorative Porcelain Bowl  - Asianin Asian


  1. Very nice piece Ken.
  2. Very nice with all different colors and you don’t have to feed or clean up after them.
  3. Beautiful color
  4. WOW these are eye catching beauties.One of the nicest sets I’ve seen.
  5. Thank you for the kind words Ginny and Ken.
  6. Very nice and unique piece.Great find.
  7. Love the colors that really catches your eye.Very nice.
  8. Love the color.I have one like yours signed by Ray but it’s not near as nice.I think Viking makes some of the nicest glass that’s full of color that’s still affordable.
  9. That is really neat and sure catches your eye.Nice find.
  10. These are adorable and they don’t eat or leave a mess to clean up.
  11. That is to neat.I really like it.
  12. That is to cute.Reminds me of my little dashound.
  13. Beautiful piece with such a unique color.Nice find Ken.
  14. Thanks Jenni for the compliment.I just happen to know something about glasses.It’s probably the only collectible thing I do know anything about as I now have over 500 pairs and I think I’ll post some ...
  15. Thanks Phil I keep forgetting to look under treen where there’s lots of old bowls and other pieces of carved wood.
  16. Very nice piece.With this and the elephant you have the start of a collectors zoo.
  17. Beautiful piece.I have a clear glass set of elephant bookends made by new martinsville glass but they don’t have anywhere near the detail this has.
  18. I like this.Beautiful and dazzling colors.Very Nice.
  19. What a interesting and beautiful kaleidoscope of colors.Very nice.
  20. Thanks Jenni and Ken.I appreciate the kind words.
  21. Hello Gillian and worthit2,it ends in a N but I thought it was a H and when I blew it up it doesn’t have a diagonal line it goes straight across just like a H.Karen said it was a N and then I found ot...
  22. Thanks Jennie I’m going to rewrite the back story behind this that’s really interesting but fairly long when I get time.Thanks for the compliment.
  23. Thanks Phil you would think a glass company would bring some of these old patterns back.
  24. This is one of my favorite pieces.I love the colors and with a perfect shade of green that’s not to dark or light.Beautiful piece.
  25. Thanks Karen I should have thought to try a N but it looks just like a H.
  26. Thanks Jenni,that could be a clue as to who Hoefer is or came from that painted these.
  27. Thanks Ken.
  28. Thanks Newfld and Ken.My miniature dachshund is responsible for most of the dumpster finds.He has a nose for collectibles.
  29. Thanks Newfld and Ken.
  30. Thanks fortapache,It doesn’t have a UPC and I’ve spent a couple of hours trying to chase down another one like this without any luck.I can’t believe what some people throw away as like you I think the...
  31. Beautiful pieces Ken.They remind me of a Hawaii setting.
  32. Beautiful pieces and in such good condition for there age.
  33. Beautiful piece Karen but it’s not Hoya.That’s the silver surfer and you better be careful not to get him around the cold or snow as he reanimates and he will fly off and bring Galactus back to eat o...
  34. Thanks for the compliment Ken and Phil.
  35. Thank you Tallcakes for identifying this for me.I changed my description.Thanks again.
  36. Nice piece that most likely has a interesting history.
  37. Beautiful piece.Love the color
  38. Beautiful table with craftsmanship you rarely see anymore.Love the color.
  39. WOW is a understatement.Beautiful piece.
  40. Beautiful piece.Love the color.
  41. Interesting piece.It would make a great piece to showcase a couple of signed collectible golf balls or ink pens.
  42. I like the bright and clean look.Nice piece.
  43. This is one of my favorite pieces.I love the color.It’s a real show stopper.
  44. That looks real.I live in Florida and there’s small lizards everywhere that my dashound is always chasing around but every once in a while we will run in to a skink.Thats what we call the thicker body...
  45. A creative mind came up with this design.I really like this.
  46. My mother has this exact same penguin on a ring she wears all the time.Nice find.
  47. Thanks Ken and Karen for looking at these.I think your right that is a K
  48. There all beautiful.
  49. Hello Phil,there’s a vendor at the oldsmar flea market that specializes in all kinds of cases from large commercial ones to smaller ones that lock.Ill go by there Sunday and see if I can find some lik...
  50. Beauty piece.Love the color and everything about it.
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Large Cloisonne Egg **Edit to add picture of bottom**


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