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palm harbor

My little buddy Ruffles with his very best friend badger.He’s had this since he was a puppy that’s seen better days.He plays with it,eats with it,beats it up and sleMy little buddy Ruffles with his very best friend badger.He’s had this since he was a puppy that’s seen better days.He plays with it,eats with it,beats it up and sleeps with it.Poor badger is now down to 2 good eyeballs and a nose.He’s been to the ER and they put him in a sock body cast until his legs and arms get better. (Read more)


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Antique 19c German Porcelain Wall Plaque Gold Gild Frame - Figurinesin Figurines
Rare 2 Color Antique French Glass Cloche & Wrought Iron Stand - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Art Glass & Crystal Sweden / Finland / Scandinavia  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rare Mid Century Japanese Platinum Aviator Safety Glasses  - Accessoriesin Accessories
Vintage Japanese Classic Art Deco Style Eyeglasses  - Accessoriesin Accessories
1920’s / 1930’s Round Japanese Eyeglasses Spectacles Readers - Accessoriesin Accessories
Antique Japanese Metal Sculpture Silver Doves with Gold Patina  - Asianin Asian
Custom Made Large 10” x 6” Iittala Marimekko Bowl  - Glasswarein Glassware
Vintage / Antique Native American Sterling Silver Bracelet  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
1970’s Pottery Signed Jean ??? Unusual Vase   - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Thanks Broochman , Re-In-Vintage , Phil , vetraio50 , fortapache , and Newfid
  2. Thank you Broochman for the compliment.If Jenni hadn’t put her figurine of the “Suitor” on I would have never remembered this.Have a good day.
  3. Thanks Phil for the kind words and compliment.I hope your felling better my friend.
  4. Thank you Jenni for all the nice things you post on and your very kind compliments.I forgot we even had this until you reminded me of it by putting your beautiful figurine on here.It’s funny when you...
  5. Thanks for posting this nice piece with the name.I have a antique German porcelain wall plaque in a gold gilded frame that’s a lot like this.I never had any idea what to call it so I gave it the name ...
  6. WOW !!!! I can’t believe you found my little buddies.Great job Jenni.These little guys or girls are so cute.Make sure you keep a good eye on them as they like to dig and they might cause a jail break ...
  7. This is a beautiful piece.The red is such a deep and rich color.It seems like the nicest things are hiding in places you wouldn’t think.I thought I had a box full of cheap eyeglasses my neighbor had g...
  8. These are such a beautiful combination of colors.The red really sets the pink off.I hope you feel better my friend.If you need a second opinion or there’s anything I can do just let me know.You be at ...
  9. That is to cool.Do you have any idea how many collectible animals you have.All you need is a glass dachshund like my little buddy.
  10. If you hadn’t have said it looked like Merimekko glass I still wouldn’t have had a clue.I am so thankful you did because I took everything to 2 different art glass dealers about 20 miles from me.One p...
  11. Hello Elisabethan,If you check your last post on CW I sent you a reply there 26 days ago trying to answer your question.I wanted to know how I could get a picture of the sticker to you but I never hea...
  12. Hello Watchsearcher,I think your right about that piece of glass.I couldn’t figure out what it could have been as I couldn’t find any other lamps like this.At first I thought it might have been a bott...
  13. Thanks for the compliment Jenni and thanks to hunterqlee jimtim fortapache vetraio50 and blunderbuss2
  14. This is a beautiful piece one of my favorites.I love this color.
  15. WOW.I really like this.It’s so unique.
  16. Interesting color.Your zoo of collectible animals is growing.
  17. Love the blue on silver.Very Nice Rose.
  18. A very beautiful brooch that looks good in any kind of light.
  19. This is to cool.I love the color.
  20. These are to cute.They look like there getting ready to run around.You’ve added some very nice pieces that are all nice.
  21. Happy new year Elisabethan.I took a picture of the shape of what’s left of the Franck sticker so you can see the shape but after cleaning it there’s now nothing of the writing left.I’ll try and send i...
  22. Thank Jenni,Hope you have a great New Year.
  23. Very nice.
  24. Merry Christmas to you and have a happy new year.
  25. Thanks Phil.
  26. Hope you had a great Christmas to Phil.I know it’s a lot colder in Canada.Have a GREAT New Years my friend.
  27. Thanks Phil.There going to the optometrist next week and I’ll post new pictures of them.Maybe I can get a part in a James Bond movie with them on.I told my wife that and she laughed and said I better ...
  28. Your right Phil.I never thought of glasses as collectible until I seen these that someone put a lot of time in to.
  29. Thank Phil and thank you so much Elisabethan for identifying this.You were right on the manufacture and that’s it a custom made bowl.I just got back from a specialty art glass store not far from me wh...
  30. This is to cool.I have a bunch of stones and old marbles with really neat colors and patterns on them like this has.
  31. Beautiful chest and workmanship.Thanks for posting it and thank you so much for identifying that bowlYou correctly identified it as looking like a iittala marimekko glass bowl.I would have never figu...
  32. Thanks Jenni,he got in to the box and I’ve been chasing him around.He never leaves the slightest scratch on any of them.
  33. Thanks Jenni for the compliment.Your right about how clear the glass lenses are.Its funny knowing what I know now I would want to find out everything I could about Japan and it’s culture at that time....
  34. Very Nice.
  35. Beautiful pieces with Christmas colors.I wanted to wish you a belated Merry Christmas as I’m just now checking your newest treasures and a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.
  36. Hello Jinny,what a unique piece.I love all of your different pets especially those elephants.You have enough to start a zoo full of different collectible animals.
  37. Thanks Karen I looking forward to finding out how gold they will be next year.
  38. As interesting as it is beautiful.Glad to see your back as I like all the interesting information you provide on Japanese glass and pottery.It looks like one half of this piece has been heated to a hi...
  39. Thank you Ginny for your kind words.You always have a nice and thoughtful comment that everyone appreciates.Thank you
  40. Just caught up with looking at all of your very interesting pieces I’ve missed the last 3 weeks.This is really nice and I love those elephants and the cardinal.
  41. Beautiful piece that really stands out.
  42. I really like this.This is the first time I’ve looked at the things you have posted and I’m glad I did.You have some very interesting things.
  43. Absolutely beautiful piece.
  44. Thanks for the compliment valentino97 i’ll be posting the rest after the new year.
  45. Thanks Phil.
  46. Thanks for the kind words Ginny,Ken and Phil.Thanks for looking Aura Valentino97 Hel1 TassieDevil FortApache and Vetraio50.
  47. Very nice.I have a Hattie Carnegie turtle.
  48. This is to cool.I’ve seen these before but never in such a unique color.Very Nice.
  49. These are beautiful pieces Phil.Thanks for the interesting information on the Sherman company.You can tell by the unique designs and attention to even the small details like extra thick rhodium that ...
  50. These are both fascinating and beautiful.It’s like winning the lottery when you find something you really want that’s hard to find.Hopefully now you will find some more.
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Large Cloisonne Egg **Edit to add picture of bottom**


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