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I am primarily now a collector of paintings in watercolors and oils, but have also collected art glass, wood carvings, cast iron, anything I think is cool that I likI am primarily now a collector of paintings in watercolors and oils, but have also collected art glass, wood carvings, cast iron, anything I think is cool that I like. He/she who dies with the most stuff wins? Hey, I have to rationalize it some way or seek therapy. I have an art collection web site, devoted mostly to paintings: (Read more)


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Charles E. Henn spongeware mugs - Potteryin Pottery
Czech cased glass vase, maker unknown, ca 1920s-1930s - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czechoslovakian three legged vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Mystery paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Mystery glass mugs - Glasswarein Glassware
Kosta Boda, Boda Frezia "Twin Towers" vase by Bertil Vallien, 1978 - Art Glassin Art Glass
L. G. Wright swan salt dips - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kanawha bird with cherry salt dip - Art Glassin Art Glass
USA Ronald Reagan coffee mugs - Politicsin Politics
Lenox Imperial Glass Star & Cane #536 vase - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Thanks for loving my mugs, Roycroftbooksfromme1!
  2. Mine was made in 1973. I'm a lefty, so revolvers have never been my first choice for anything, though mine did live in the under seat compartment of my 85 BMW R67 as a backup. I still have it but it ...
  3. Much better! Thank you! Very nice pieces.
  4. I have a lot of cousins around Alton, IL. Not sure if any of then ever worked in the Alton plants before they closed. Some probably did...
  5. Thanks, TallCakes! I've found the term "feather plumed" or feather paneled", etc., applied to vases by several different makers, so assume you mean it is a generic term for this style. That led me on ...
  6. One of the few American bottle makers still in business.
  7. My like will turn to love, if you show images of the bottoms and a close-up of each vase!
  8. Thanks for loving my Kanawha bird Ms. CrystalShip!
  9. Thanks for loving my vase, Ms. CrystalShip!
  10. Thanks, Thomas!
  11. Thanks for loving my Czech vase, inky.
  12. Thanks aura!
  13. Thanks for loving not so ugly after all Czech vase aura and bracken3!
  14. @welzebub - Thanks for the comment! Regardless of the age, this ugly duckling is starting to grow on me!
  15. Thanks for loving my Gerald Henn mugs! keramikos jscott0363 vetraio50 fortapache
  16. @truthordare - Thanks for the information! Dating appears to be not so straight forward around WWII! Thanks for loving and liking my Czech vase! DuDa iggy truthordare artfoot jimtim jscott0...
  17. Thanks for loving my GEH mugs, Jenni and blunderbuss2!
  18. Thanks for the information welzebub! Very helpful! Thanks for loving my ugly little Czech vase! welzebub Newfld blunderbuss2 Broochman
  19. Oops! My last rank was SSG! I should have flipped the image instead of trying to read it upside down..
  20. Active WWI and WWII. Now a training division for recruits.
  21. 98th Infantry Division and staff sergeant insignia.
  22. Two of my friends also had Mustangs. One had my car, same color even, with a 428 Cobra Jet and the other had a Shelby Cobra GT500, I think it was a '68. It was mint green.... They were a bit under bra...
  23. 351 Cleveland, 4 barrel, Hurst manual transmission, etc. Remembering the details!
  24. I had the 1970 Mach 1 version of this car in Maverick Grabber Green, with rear louvers and front and rear spoilers. The hood scoop was different. Bought from original owner with 35k miles on it...
  25. Thanks MALKEY!
  26. This kind of discussion is technically not kosher on CW, but... If you don't have any money in them, no reserve. If you do, you can try a reserve that will at least get your money back for you and low...
  27. The appraisal fee for something like this vase would be x number of times more than it is worth. Not worth appraising. These vases are florist ware, even though they seem to be uncommon and maybe are....
  28. Thanks for your comment, roverman94! I'll stick them in my china cabinet!
  29. Thanks northwestrelics!
  30. Thanks iggy!
  31. Thanks for loving my vase bracken3 and LOUMANAL!
  32. @welzebub and truthordare - thanks for your comments and information. Thanks for loving my item, truthordare! The bowl has a fairly thick inner layer of clear glass and the spatter is applied ov...
  33. I was wondering if someone could guesstimate an age for this piece?
  34. Thanks Karl-Fodor and philmac51!
  35. I think so!
  36. I found a couple of examples using a Google search. No one seems to have much information on these.
  37. Thanks for your comment, welzebub! The references I found were pretty unconvincingly expressed and without much conviction. Maybe, with the passing of years, new information will surface about this a...
  38. Thanks for loving the three legged thing Roycroftbooksfromme1!
  39. Kralik?
  40. Kralik? After going through an extensive search it looks like this was made by Kralik, though I could not find a definitive source for this information. Comments?
  41. Thanks racer4four!
  42. Dimensions?
  43. Nice! I have a similar claw foot bathtub with brass shower surround. More Victorian, since I have a Victorian house. I even have the white vinyl covered steel accessory rack. My shower curtain is lace...
  44. Thanks for loving my Czechoslovakian three legged vase! Vynil33rpm IronLace jscott0363 aura artfoot vetraio50 larksel Ivonne fortapache blunderbuss2 welzebub Watchsearcher raven3766 Ne...
  45. Thanks welzebub!
  46. Thanks SEAN68 and valentino97! I never did find the missing label...
  47. Ugh, parts of these articles are a bit grim. Sorry about that! I just remember the "good times", never saw any dead or injured rabbits...
  48. A later article. I do not believe that these Easter rabbits that were dumped. They may have been pet...
  49. Here is a newspaper article about the rabbits. Looking for photos... This article was written several years after I left the region..
  50. @Newfld - Thanks Jenni! I like that, too. Thanks for loving my mystery paperweight aura, jscott0363, Newfld and fortapache!
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Loetz cobalt blue papillon trumpet vase? What does a collector do when he runs out of shelf space............. Hand drawn map of moonshine steals. Unique Dagger Paintings. Any info Please. Be prepared for date change