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I am primarily now a collector of paintings in watercolors and oils, but have also collected art glass, wood carvings, cast iron, anything I think is cool that I likI am primarily now a collector of paintings in watercolors and oils, but have also collected art glass, wood carvings, cast iron, anything I think is cool that I like. He/she who dies with the most stuff wins? Hey, I have to rationalize it some way or seek therapy. (Read more)


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Tall glass vase with applied swirl - Art Glassin Art Glass
USA marked stoneware wine jugs - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Cased glass spatter vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rainbow Art Glass amberina cat - Art Glassin Art Glass
Plastic sugar/salt/pepper wringer washing machine - Kitchenin Kitchen
Cambridge Glass Company #2693 gold trimmed fruit bowl  and serving bowls - Glasswarein Glassware
Viking Glass blue owls - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sun, Moon and Star vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kitten with yarn ball ceramic yarn/ribbon dispenser - Animalsin Animals
Orange pottery vase with bamboo decoration - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Thanks Caperkid and blunderbuss2!
  2. Thanks for loving my master berry and small berry bowls! AdeleC Newfld TassieDevil vetraio50 fortapache SpiritBear Watchsearcher Caperkid nutsabotas6 aura Vynil33rpm
  3. @Caperkid - Thanks! I was really intrigued when I first saw it. @Watchserver - I think this one might actually represent a non-electric machine! I think that the red thing on the roller housing is ...
  4. @Newfld - Thanks Jenni! I made a spot for this in the front of one of my china cabinets. @blunderbuss2 - I would be in trouble if cats caused sinus problems for me! @Ms.CrystalShip - Thanks! I ...
  5. Thanks for loving my spatter vase! Vynil33rpm Ivonne truthordare OldeAsDirt nutsabotas6 artfoot IronLace fortapache vetraio50 Newfld blunderbuss2 welzebub
  6. Thanks for loving my jugs. Wait, that sounded so wrong. Thanks for loving my made in USA jugs. Wait... Newfld vetraio50 fortapache blunderbuss2 Vynil33rpm
  7. Illinois, Missouri and Iowa's sweet fruit wines are not completely horrible, concord grape, blackberry, elderberry, apple, peach, etc., but anything with a pretense to being made from a typical wine g...
  8. That makes sense.
  9. Super sharp!
  10. Thanks, welzebub! What caused the depression and disruption on the bottom? Was it done when it was removed from the mold?
  11. I am not a CW fan, but Hank Sr. and Patsy Cline are the exceptions.
  12. Thanks AnythingObscure! So I go the new LED Edison bulbs today, PhilDMorris. They are the 2200 model bulbs. The light is quite yellow and much more bearable than the 60 watt LED bulbs. It is actual...
  13. Neat! Thanks!
  14. Thanks, TallCakes!
  15. I love these. I have one in blue and one in white milk glass.
  16. If it is not signed and was made with a Verlys mold, then it would have been made by Heisey using the Verlys mold. I have read that some reproductions are also being made in France using old, worn Ver...
  17. Thanks aura and vetraio50!
  18. I like this pin. I like skunks, too! They are very social animals and if you are careful not to startle them they won't spray. I usually have one or two around the yard and never had an issue with one...
  19. Thanks iggy!
  20. Nice! I've been a genealogist since the 1980s and have stood in similar places many times. I usually try to find something to bring home to commemorate the day, even if it is just a stone.
  21. The end is copper. There have been quite a few of these posted on CW lately. I have one of these and it lay about the house for years before I realized how cool it was so I cleaned it up use it for a ...
  22. Thanks Pickaboo!
  23. Thanks for your comments, Jenni! Bluenique is one of the harder to find Viking colors. Thanks for loving my Viking owls! fortapache SEAN68 truthordare Brunswick PhilDMorris AdeleC Anik Ne...
  24. Thanks SEAN68 and SpiritBear!
  25. That is an imposing chandelier you have. Nice!
  26. I agree AnythingObscure, these chandeliers likely did not originally have shades. The bulbs might even have been mounted on top, too, instead of hanging down. The new bulbs I ordered are supposedly ca...
  27. Fairey nice!
  28. Somewhere in my research of these vases I found someone who attributed these to Phoenix Glass but they had no proof.
  29. I have 60 watt equivalent LED bulbs in one now. These should be an improvement. The other one is on a dimmer with 40 watt incandescent bulbs.
  30. Wow! Never seen this dolphin before. Neat! A local thrift shop has a ruby Rainbow Glass cat for sale, but they want $10 for it, so I am on the fence...
  31. I'm going to give these bulbs a shot.
  32. Thanks for loving my viking vase! Caperkid nutsabotas6 truthordare TassieDevil Newfld vetraio50 Watchsearcher fortapache
  33. Thanks for loving my Art Deco chandeliers! Caperkid blunderbuss2 officialfuel truthordare artfoot Newfld vetraio50 fortapache
  34. Thanks nutsabotas6! It is a pretty nice little piece. Thanks for loving my mystery bamboo vase! JenniferH blunderbuss2 Watchsearcher Newfld fortapache nutsabotas6
  35. Thanks for loving my sewing accessory! Vynil33rpm AnythingObscure TassieDevil LaurenRedmond Watchsearcher Newfld fortapache nutsabotas6
  36. Thanks, Jenni! Kevin Thanks for loving my sun, moon and star vase! vetraio50 racer4four Newfld fortapache buckethead Vynil33rpm
  37. Thanks LaurenRedmond and Watchsearcher. I feel like the cat is saying "What?" I'll retitle this as yarn/ribbon dispenser!
  38. Thanks for the idea Watchsearcher and LaurenRedmond! I looked at a lot of images of yarn dispensers and not sure how this would work as one. Virtually all of the yarn dispensers I saw were large enoug...
  39. Interesting idea, Watchsearcher, but I don't think it would have a flat bottom if it was supposed to be globe for a light fixture.
  40. Agree on the 1920s dating..
  41. Thanks. It is another one of those pieces that is so big that I can stick my whole hand into it to the bottom to clean it.
  42. Thanks truthordare! I love being at home! I am constantly on the lookout for nicer shades. Just not found any, yet. Not sure if I will go Art Deco, or not. The rest of the inside of the house is Victo...
  43. Thanks artfoot. I seldom use these, now, unless I a guest loses a contact lens. With the lowest wattage LED bulbs, I feel like I should be interrogating someone when the chandelier is turned on. With ...
  44. jeneric's photos capture the arch between the toes better that mine. Mine have a lot of green from light shining through the glass.
  45. Wow! This is amazing. My favorite Viking color. Its not the arching thumbprint base, though. With that base, there are arches and the pieces stands on three tippy toes. Here are examples from the Viki...
  46. EO Brody didn't actually make glass. They contracted it out to various American glass makers (Indiana Glass, Anchor Hocking, etc.). They did own some molds and also imported some glass from Turkey. ...
  47. Insulators are going for $5 and up where I live and many are pretty chipped. I did find a couple of Hemingray clear insulators for $2.99 today, but one was so badly chipped that I passed on that one.
  48. Thanks PhilDMorris! I could find no maker's mark on them.
  49. He looks like my cat Gus, RIP 1995.
  50. I wish I could love it twice! Oh. I guess I just did! Really a lot going on with this piece. If you don't like being stared at, don't wear this one. Its an invitation to take a good, long look!
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Unique Dagger Paintings. Any info Please. Be prepared for date change