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For quite a few years I was primarily a collector of paintings in watercolors and oils, but also collected art glass, wood carvings, cast iron, anything I think is cFor quite a few years I was primarily a collector of paintings in watercolors and oils, but also collected art glass, wood carvings, cast iron, anything I think is cool that I like. He/she who dies with the most stuff wins, right? Hey, I have to rationalize it some way or seek therapy. I have an art collection web site, devoted mostly to paintings. All images are subject to copyright and may be reproduced only with my express written permission: (Read more)


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Fenton Art Glass factory second Daffodil Vase - Glasswarein Glassware
Kaneso (?) Japanese cast iron sukiyaki or shabu shabu tetsu nabe ( iron cooking pan) - Asianin Asian
Japanese import cast iron squirrel nutcracker - Asianin Asian
Michael Schwegmann porcelain vase - Potteryin Pottery
Japanese tetsu kyusu plum blossom theme - Asianin Asian
Orange and black flashed candlestick and bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Japanese cast iron "donabe" (?) by Oigen - Asianin Asian
Shigaraki kiln sake cups - Asianin Asian
Oigen for Joyce Chen, Year of the Ram zodiac tetsu kyusu - Asianin Asian
Royal Porcelain 24k decorated bowl - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Nice. I did an extensive comment about Arnex to a post on CW a few years ago but it looks like the poster deleted their post. I will try to recreate it if someone doesn't beat me to it in the next few...
  2. Thanks for loving my vase Alfie21!
  3. Thanks for loving my Fenton factory second vase Vynil33rpm, vcal and Watchsearcher!
  4. Thanks for taking a look at my Fenton factory seconds vase Cisum, Kevin, jscott0363, AdeleC and dav2no1!
  5. Thanks for your comments, Jenni. These daffodil vases of some of my favorite Fenton production pieces. Do I recall correctly that cranberry glass is one of your favorites? Thanks for loving my vase...
  6. Nice. I have several of these ironwood (?) carvings, including a similar quail. Not quite so common as they once were. Maybe the makers were put out of business by Chinese imports? Dunno...
  7. Thank you vcal. I should redo these images. They suck!
  8. Thanks for czeching out my vase vcal!
  9. Thank you vcal!
  10. Thanks JennyfromBoston and vcal!
  11. Great link! Looks like my two crackle glass insulators were intentionally heated and cooled to turn them into crackle glass for decorative purposes. Any collectible value they had was destroyed by doi...
  12. Nice. I found two Hemmingray crackle glass insulators recently.
  13. Thank you blammoammo!
  14. My chalkware cat has been fixed. I don't need any more little chalkies cluttering up my shelves! Not warm but pretty safe. Had to drive home in an ice s...
  15. Thanks, aura. Belatedly?
  16. Nice. Not seen a white one before!
  17. Thanks Glenn12345!
  18. The only Made in China things I ever recommend are Rough Rider knives. They make a copy of this knife which is really good quality for under $20. No logo, though. My every day pocket knife is a Rough ...
  19. I still use one of these sometimes. If I want to sleep for 8 hours, I just set it for midnight, no matter what the time really is.. The alarm is always set for 8 am.
  20. Thank you Glenn12345!
  21. Are there any markings on the bottom?
  22. Yes, a kokeshi doll. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be signed, though. Here is a good site for researching kokeshi dolls:
  23. Beautifully made pieces, Karen. I love these.
  24. I really like the color and texture of this one, Jenni! Sweet!
  25. Thanks for your comments, Karen. It is a case of art in the making of an every day tool. A cooking tool in this case. The new house is coming along but things stalled a bit while I dealt with the ...
  26. Thanks for your comments AnythingObscure. Yes that was a good thrift shop experience! Actually, I had to find a new house very quickly and looked at many houses in several cities within driving distan...
  27. Thanks ho2cultcha!
  28. Thank you Glenn12345!
  29. Thanks for your comments apostata! It was a lucky find for me. It seems like it is good quality. I am still researching it and Kaneso. I may try sending them some images and see if they respond. I wil...
  30. What a fantastic piece! I love it! Are you going to restore it?
  31. I updated the images on this post in hopes of getting some fresh eyes on it. Still a mysterious mystery.
  32. Thanks for checking out and loving my sukiyaki pot jscott0363 and aura!
  33. Well, as with many of my mystery objects, it can always be used as a paperweight. It does appear to be a very well made paperweight.
  34. Thanks for loving my Michael Schwegmann vase ho2cultcha!
  35. Happy New Year, Jenni!
  36. It is very endearing and I love the color transitions, Jenni. Great piece. Really nice size, too.
  37. Thanks, ho2cultcha! It is actually really deep purple and white. The purple can only be easily seen at the tips where the glass gets thinner but the thicker parts look purple, too, in bright sunlight.
  38. Happy New Year!
  39. Need better defined closeups of the signatures.
  40. Thanks ho2cultcha! Sorry for the loss of one of your pieces but look forward to seeing the survivor.
  41. Thanks Uhloddin!
  42. Thanks valentino97!
  43. Happy New Year, Jenni!
  44. Thanks Kevin!
  45. Thanks for taking a look at my tetsu nabe fortapache and Alfie21!
  46. Thank you Cisum and Mrstyndall!
  47. Thanks aura and Daisy1000!
  48. Dimensions? Does the inside look like it has had something burning in it? My first thought, without knowing the size, was a cigarette or cigar box.
  49. Thanks for loving my sukiyaki pan vcal, Cisum, Jenni, Kevin and dav2no1!
  50. Thanks for posting! CW is a good place for documenting items like this.
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