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I am primarily now a collector of paintings in watercolors and oils, but have also collected art glass, wood carvings, cast iron, anything I think is cool that I likI am primarily now a collector of paintings in watercolors and oils, but have also collected art glass, wood carvings, cast iron, anything I think is cool that I like. He/she who dies with the most stuff wins? Hey, I have to rationalize it some way or seek therapy. (Read more)


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Rooster rolling papers made in Vientiane, Laos - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Yilmaz meerschaum pipe - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Murano Foglia d'Oro/Foglia d'Argento ash tray/bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
WWII chain reaction - Animalsin Animals
Buildings made in England for Keller Charles of Philadelphia - Potteryin Pottery
Fostoria amberina bird candle holders - Glasswarein Glassware
Anchor Hocking model# 89186 ten sided ruby flash vase - Glasswarein Glassware
Lavender swung vase, mystery maker - Glasswarein Glassware
Fenton amberina small hobnail vases - Glasswarein Glassware
Viking handkerchief vase - charcoal blue - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. @Newfld - Thanks, Jenni! I hope you had a great Easter! Thanks for loving my Rooster papers! purvis fortapache blunderbuss2 vetraio50 Vynil33rpm Watchsearcher Brunswick Newfld
  2. Looks like "Joseph Leaf Maker". Might be Seaf, not Leaf....
  3. Maybe peridot, a semi precious stone... I would take it to a jeweler.
  4. I believe that there are a couple of major efforts to preserve early film by transferring it to modern mediums. You might want to explore this. These efforts might also be familiar with this film and ...
  5. Meerschaum. I posted it here several months ago.
  6. @yougottahavestuff - I loved that show, too..... It was kind of ballsy to poke Ma Bell at the time the show was on the air. It was still a real behemoth, then.
  7. You are welcome blunderbuss2. One reason I am a thrift shopper and no longer serious collector is the flood of dubious crap, and even quality crap, on the market. I don't want to take the time to main...
  8. Nice piece! We were always warned to not talk on the phone during lightning or thunderstorms. I seem to recall we were also told to not sit in front of the TV during similar events, which folks may ha...
  9. Thanks for loving my meerschaum pipe, Hunter! All of a sudden meerschaum has become scarce and more expensive. Not sure if this is a market blip or what. Makers are now making pipes out of ground up m...
  10. Thanks for loving my lighting arrestor ttomtucker and AnythingObscure! @AnythingObscure - You are right, It was screwed into a floor joist right by where the modern wires enter the house and just b...
  11. Thanks for loving my telephone apparatus, Jenni! Kevin
  12. I had the same car in Maverick Grabber Green with factory rear window louvers and front spoiler. Selling it was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. It was mint, factory original.
  13. Cheep, cheep valentino97!
  14. Thanks for loving my little buildings LaurenRedmond, blunderbuss2 and vetraio50!
  15. Thanks for loving my dogs, little music box keychain and WWII memorial! Gillian jscott0363 Collectables59 hunterqlee Manikin
  16. Thanks for loving my too nice use as an ashtray murano bowl!
  17. @truthordare - YW, thanks for the comment! Thanks for loving my long lost pipe! truthordare LaurenRedmond Manikin
  18. Polar bear?
  19. Very pretty. Limoges? I was looking to add one of these cat topped Limoges pieces to my collection several months ago, but didn't find the right one.
  20. Thanks for loving my WWII montage! Gaga_galore blunderbuss2 LaurenRedmond valentino97 Brunswick fortapache
  21. Thanks for loving my rediscovered pipe! Newfld fortapache blunderbuss2 hunterqlee yougottahavestuff
  22. Something like "Motavanes 1968" and "Varinas da Ribina (?) - Lisboa" (Memories of (someplace) Lisbon).
  23. Nice grouping. Sorry to hear about the breakage. I broke a very nice Red Wing Pottery vase yesterday. It happens.
  24. Thanks for loving my Murano bowl Watchsearcher and aura!
  25. Probably made by Anchor Hocking. See link above.
  26. I found these in "Arthur Court Designs: 35 years of Innovation", page 71. ISBN 0-9673678-0-8, 1999. The book says they are bronze, not brass. Circa 1975. They are called "handstandles". No model numbe...
  27. It is the original stem, blunderbuss2.
  28. Very nice. I do a headstand and handstand every day as part of my yoga practice so these are inspiring. Arthur Court put out a large coffee table book with many of his designs in it. I have the boo...
  29. I never heard back from the ebay seller who had one of these new in the box, regarding whether or not she had images of the box. Leaning toward accepting her attribution, anyway. Thanks for loving ...
  30. Tutti Frutti immediately popped into my thoughts when I saw this....
  31. @Deano - mmmmmmm, chocolate.... mmmmmm.....
  32. @keramikos - Thanks for your comment and for loving my murano piece. The ash tray scenario was somewhat tongue in cheek. I was wondering, when I wrote it, who would actually do that. I guess someone w...
  33. Thanks for loving my murano piece sklo42, vetraio50 and Weandocin54!
  34. I visited a cousin in Missouri a few years ago and he had two cats that didn't stray very far from the house. At night, if the cats were in the yard, you could see the glowing eyes of coyotes right at...
  35. @Newfld - Thanks, Jenni! It is a pretty one. Murano has been the consensus. I don't know why it sat there for so long. It was in a glass cabinet at the thrift shop since I retired in February 2018 and...
  36. Sorry for the belated thanks for loving my snail. Ilikethings aura vetraio50 Brunswick gargoylecollector fortapache AdeleC Newfld Anik
  37. @yougottahavestuff - we called them two step snakes. I knew someone who was bitten by one and survived after getting treatment. I couldn't add up the number of two steps and cobras I saw in my two tou...
  38. Thanks for loving my Fenton dolphin covered box TimeTraveller!
  39. @Newfld - Yes, Jenni, both the sunrises and sunsets are spectacular on Okinawa. The sunrises are spectacular because you can watch the sun light the sky like pulling up a window shade. You can literal...
  40. Anything made by Fenton is collectible if undamaged.
  41. Minimalism is a movement gaining favor with recent generations:
  42. It is a pretty one! Side and bottom views would be nice!
  43. @esthercollections - Thanks! These are getting harder to find! @Newfld - Thanks, Jenni! When I find another in Bluenique, I will do another color trio post! Thanks for loving my Viking vases! ...
  44. Thanks for loving my little Fenton vases! blunderbuss2 Brunswick fortapache aura Newfld estherscollections TimeTraveller vetraio50
  45. Thanks for loving my apparently uncommon Anchor Hocking vase! fortapache Brunswick vetraio50 blunderbuss2 aura SEAN68 Newfld AdeleC
  46. I had some of these as a child, too. I wonder if kids still play with puppets?
  47. Thanks, Jenni! I can't remember where I found them or what I paid for them, but pretty sure "thrift shop" and "not much". I got lucky on these, for sure. Thanks for loving my little birds Jenni an...
  48. Thanks for loving my little buildings! TheGateKeeper iggy Newfld fortapache Brunswick dlpetersen
  49. The "." being an unknown letter...
  50. Looks like H C.rvo to me...
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Hand drawn map of moonshine steals. Unique Dagger Paintings. Any info Please. Be prepared for date change