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I am primarily now a collector of paintings in watercolors and oils, but have also collected art glass, wood carvings, cast iron, anything I think is cool that I likI am primarily now a collector of paintings in watercolors and oils, but have also collected art glass, wood carvings, cast iron, anything I think is cool that I like. He/she who dies with the most stuff wins? Hey, I have to rationalize it some way or seek therapy. I have an art collection web site, devoted mostly to paintings. All images are subject to copyright and may be reproduced only with my express written permission: (Read more)


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Japanese Kutani (?) mountain vase - Asianin Asian
Nasco end of day glass ashtray, Japan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Family photos - Photographsin Photographs
Soga Glass Company ashtray - Art Glassin Art Glass
Royal Nouveau pulled feather vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
$8 Kutani Chozan Sake set - Asianin Asian
Miya sauce pots and spoons by Mizuno? - Asianin Asian
Davis Vachon "Rocking Cat" raku fired ceramic - Potteryin Pottery
Hagi ware cups - Asianin Asian
Crystal Wabbit, unknown maker - Animalsin Animals


  1. Thanks for your comment, Jenni! Kutani was known for making these stylized mountain vases. Thanks for taking a look at my mountain vase fortapache, Watchsearcher, Jenni, Kevin and iggy!
  2. Thanks for taking a look and welcome to CW six-0-one!
  3. Thanks for taking a look Manikin!
  4. Thanks Elaine and glassiegirl!
  5. Thank you Hoot60 and glassiegirl!
  6. Thanks Hoot60, Karen and RichmondLori!
  7. Thanks Thomas, Elaine, modfather and bobby725!
  8. Thank you bobby725!
  9. Took a quick look and didn't find that mark. This site will try to tell you who made it for $15. I've never used the site, so can't attest to their abilities.
  10. Kutani ware. I will have check and see if I can find the exact studio.
  11. Thanks, Jenni! I think it is pretty cool! Thanks for taking a look at my psychedelic ashtray Thomas, aura, AnythingObscure, Ben, Ivonne, Jenni, Watchsearcher, blunderbuss2, fortapache, Toyrebel and...
  12. Thanks charcoal and Kevin!
  13. Thanks for taking a look at my photos LaurenRedmond and valentino97!
  14. Might be!
  15. I did a post about him!
  16. Thanks Karen! This is the only piece of blown Soga glass that I have seen on ebay or etsy in the U.S. Thanks Radegunder!
  17. My earliest direct paternal line ancestor came to Virginia in 1653, but that is only 11 generations for me. I come from a long line of 4th sons and men in my line were long lived. I have an American I...
  18. If you want to compare family history, my email is included on my art collection web site, which can be accessed from my CW biography....
  19. We might be cousins! I had 25 direct ancestors in the 1850 census of Pike County. My mother was born there. Names in my direct line in Pike County include Benn, Campbell, Gibson, Hostetter, Bishop, Te...
  20. Interesting! Several of my ancestors went to California in 1849 for the Gold Rush. Most were from Pike County, MO. The term "Pikers" is sometimes attributed to them:
  21. Thanks Jenni! Actually, this is not flashed, it is orange, red and clear glass. Soga switched to flashed glass sometime after making this piece. Thanks for taking a look at my Soga ashtray Thomas,...
  22. Thanks for the video! I am an outdoorsman, and nature is where I go to meditate and get new energy. Pretty soon I am going to look like John Muir, too!
  23. Yeah, pretty sure it is his work. The second word is probably some sort of title.... lots of examples of his work on the Internet...
  24. Might be a charcoal by Zoltan Perlmutter...
  25. @fortapache - Thanks! I am the family historian, so I have thousands of photos and negatives. I taken custody of several cousins entire pile of photos. @Newfld - Thanks for your comments, Jenni! I ...
  26. Thank you carmenisacat!
  27. Thanks for taking a look at my pulled feather vase fortapache, Watchsearcher and RichmondLori!
  28. Thanks, Jenni! It was impossible to pass up... Thanks for loving my pulled feather vase Kevin, aura, Jenni and blunderbuss2!
  29. Thanks blunderbuss2!
  30. Sorry for your loss, congrats on your windfall.
  31. I've seen the wood used for this painting used for Indonesian artwork.
  32. Look for dots (screen print) or colors solid with no dots (lithograph). There are other kinds of prints but these two are most likely..
  33. Thank you Kevin and RichmondLori!
  34. Thank you Thomas and RichmondLori!
  35. Thanks for taking a look at my Kutani sake set fortapache, Thomas, Hoot60 and Jenni!
  36. Probably a paperweight. I can't see the inscription in your images so can't comment on that.
  37. Thanks Ben!
  38. Thanks for you comment, Jenni! The one you like has a very different feel from the other three. It is more delicate and has a glass-like feel to it. It is probably a ceramic. Thanks for your commen...
  39. Here is another post for the same color on CW. It mentions that Vallerysthal made a similar one. I have been meaning to post some Vallerysthal glass...
  40. Westmoreland Glass Argonaut Shell Dolphin Footed covered bowl. I have this one in your green and also in milk glass. Might have a third lurking somewhere, but didn't immediately see it.
  41. Thanks for taking a look at my Hagi ware cups RichmondLori, Thomas and rhineisfine!
  42. Thanks Karen, Manikin, AnythingObscure, keramikos and Thomas!
  43. Nice. I am a fan of American diner mugs, too, and always pick them up if they are cheap. I have several Ultima mugs, but I am not sure if they are made in the US or China. I know pre-2000 American din...
  44. Guess I should have said "Welcome Back to CW".
  45. Welcome to CW. There is really no such thing as a "watercolor print". This is a print which may have been based on an actual watercolor or just a print which was made to resemble a watercolor. There a...
  46. Thanks for the links, rhineisfine!
  47. Just got back from hiking, sorry for the slow response! Yeah, definitely agree that the notch is unique to Hagi ware. I didn't know there were so many theories about the notch. I've also read that Hag...
  48. @LaurenRedmond - Thanks for your comment! I do know that scene. I have a cat that looks just like him, minus the shades! @keramikos - Thanks for the links and comment. I really like the Rockin' Bir...
  49. Thanks for your comments rhineisfine! You are probably right about the use for these. I don't agree that the notch is found in all Hagi ware. It may have generally been historically true in older piec...
  50. Thanks for taking a look at my Hagi ware cups fortapache, Maryjo, aura, Jenni and Vynil33rpm!
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