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I am primarily now a collector of paintings in watercolors and oils, but have also collected art glass, wood carvings, cast iron, anything I think is cool that I likI am primarily now a collector of paintings in watercolors and oils, but have also collected art glass, wood carvings, cast iron, anything I think is cool that I like. He/she who dies with the most stuff wins? Hey, I have to rationalize it some way or seek therapy. (Read more)


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Indiana Glass Company pig votive candle holders, #13073 - Glasswarein Glassware
Viking Glass Epic line long tailed bird - Art Glassin Art Glass
Westmoreland red glass paneled grape goblet - Glasswarein Glassware
Fenton colonial blue thumbprint handkerchief vase - Glasswarein Glassware
Fostoria coin glass toothpick holder - Glasswarein Glassware
Ambiente Zwiesel "mouthblown" frosted pedestal bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Viking Glass #1192 Epic Taperglow Candle Holders in Avocado Green  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vase with applied rigaree - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fenton Art Glass for Red Cliff Co. Knobby Bulls-eye compote - Glasswarein Glassware
Indiana Glass Company  Polar Bear Votive Candle Holder/Paperweight.  Model #06404 - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Thanks for loving my Fenton vase MALKEY and hunterqlee!
  2. Thanks for loving my Fenton melon vase TimeTraveller, Mrs.CrystalShip and Pickaboo! Looks like CW got their comment notification working! Kevin
  3. Thanks sklo42!
  4. @Brunswick - Hi Thomas. It is a small world, indeed. My family in Clarke packed up with a large number of families in 1838 and they moved as a group to Desoto Parish, LA. My Alabama cousin (a great # ...
  5. @Newfld - Thanks for your comment, Jenni. I am my worst critic (maybe) on my photography. @Sheluvsjewelry - Thanks for you comment! I have a lot of great glass in boxes in my basement that I have n...
  6. Thanks, TallCakes! I did not know that. Thanks for loving my "it feels like Westmoreland" goblet! AnnaB Manikin fortapache Newfld hunterqlee aura
  7. @Newfld - Thanks for the comment, Jenni. It just takes a tap to break one of these, just a minor lapse in attention. I've seen lots of broken ones, too. Kevin Thanks for loving my Viking bird! T...
  8. Thanks for your comment Karenoke! You got a super deal! Good for you! These are really nice vases, I think. Thanks to you and hunterqlee for the loves for my vase!
  9. Sorry for the belated thanks, but Thanks! Roycroftbooksfromme1 bracken3 AnnaB
  10. Part of my family settled in Clarke County around 1810. The were involved in the Creek War and War of 1812 there. They lived in the vicinity of Grove Hill. Definitely still country.
  11. I wish Anacortes was 30 minutes from Seattle, and it might be by small plane. I drove there several times from Seattle and it is about an hour and a half to two hours, driving. The residents are proba...
  12. Thanks for loving my Yixing ware teapot lisa, LovelyPat and ho2cultcha!
  13. Thanks for loving my Indiana Glass polar bear, aura and dlpetersen!
  14. Thanks for loving my Red Cliff nee Fenton vase, aura!
  15. Thanks for loving my whatithinkispilgrimglass vase! aura dlpetersen vetraio50 bracken3 Toyrebel hunterqlee Newfld fortapache
  16. Thanks for loving my Zwiesel bowl! Anik Newfld vetraio50 blunderbuss2 fortapache foseatme hunterqlee aura
  17. Thanks for loving my Fostoria coin glass toothpick! hunterqlee Newfld vetraio50 fortapache foseatme aura
  18. Pictures of the bottom would be helpful to any attempts to find out more information about this piece.
  19. Thanks for your comment, foseatme! It is well made, high quality glass, so I can overlook the "coins", and maybe they WILL grow on me!
  20. Mystery solved. See above.
  21. Thanks for loving my Viking candle holders! aura Watchsearcher blunderbuss2 vetraio50 fortapache AnythingObscure dlpetersen Newfld buckethead
  22. Thanks for loving my Pilgrim black and white glass vase, buckethead!
  23. Thanks for loving my Fenton made Red Cliff candy bowl! vetraio50 bracken3 AdeleC hunterqlee Newfld nutsabotas6 fortapache
  24. Thanks ho2cultcha!
  25. Thanks buckethead!
  26. Thanks buckethead!
  27. @Newfld - Thanks! I've always wanted one of these. Thanks for loving my Indiana polar bear! Anik vetraio50 blunderbuss2 AdeleC PhilDMorris Newfld fortapache
  28. Thanks JenniferH!
  29. Kevlar was invented in 1965. Is the generic term for a skull bucket "kevlar" now? We had "steel pots" when I served....
  30. It can be really tough to identify the makers of these controlled bubble pieces. They were made by numerous makers in several countries. Also, Murano is an island in Italy famous for hosting numerous...
  31. I posted one of these in peach milk glass a couple of weeks ago. It is easier to see the details because it is opaque:
  32. @Ms.CrystalShip - Thanks! I agree! Maybe Libbey did some mind control research when designing these! Thanks hunterqlee and Ms.CrystalShip
  33. Thanks, kyratango!
  34. I never wore mine in Vietnam or Thailand. When I got overseas, I was issued jungle fatigues, which I had to turn in when I came back Stateside and was then given a complete new issue of standard fati...
  35. Thanks Hunter!
  36. Thanks, Jenni!
  37. Thanks Brunswick and ho2cultchaho2cultcha!
  38. Thanks Johnsmith!
  39. Thanks Newfld!
  40. Thanks for loving my vase LoverOfMutts!
  41. Thanks for loving my vase Vynil33rpm, LoverOfMutts and TimeTraveller!
  42. Thanks for loving my Pilgrim Art Glass vase! aura AdeleC nutsabotas6 Caperkid Newfld Anik vetraio50 fortapache AnnaB
  43. @Toyrebel - yes, this teapot is very well endowed. Thanks Johnsmith!
  44. Thanks for loving my still not identified vase! aura nutsabotas6 bracken3 Caperkid Newfld vetraio50 fortapache blunderbuss2
  45. Thanks Dizzydave and Vynil33rpm!
  46. Thanks for loving my Pilgrim shot glass Watchsearcher and aura!
  47. Here are some images with the sticker still on: It was also made in green and amber glass...
  48. @Toyrebel - Exactly! Thanks for your comment! @Dizzydave - Thanks, it does look like his work. I wasn't familiar with him so had a nice time researching him. Here is a link to where I identified...
  49. Thanks AnnaB! Kevin
  50. @Newfld - Thanks, Jenni! He was too good to pass up. @Toyrebel - Right? There are small holes so the steam comes out of his mouth and nostrils. I took a few days off from collecting to withdraw ...
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Hand drawn map of moonshine steals. Unique Dagger Paintings. Any info Please. Be prepared for date change