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I am primarily now a collector of paintings in watercolors and oils, but have also collected art glass, wood carvings, cast iron, anything I think is cool that I likI am primarily now a collector of paintings in watercolors and oils, but have also collected art glass, wood carvings, cast iron, anything I think is cool that I like. He/she who dies with the most stuff wins? Hey, I have to rationalize it some way or seek therapy. I have an art collection web site, devoted mostly to paintings. All images are subject to copyright and may be reproduced only with my express written permission: (Read more)


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Half glazed Western style Earth and sky Japanese cup - Asianin Asian
Akahada (?) meoto yunomi set - Asianin Asian
Tsuneko Tanaka pottery beer cups - Asianin Asian
Japanese Calligraphy Water Pot (Suiteki) by Kyukyodo - Asianin Asian
Japanese bowl - Asianin Asian
Kotobuki Trading Company Mino ware tea cups - Asianin Asian
Norcrest ashtray, Japan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fenton iridescent pink ring holder - Glasswarein Glassware
Anchor Hocking glass piggy bank - Animalsin Animals
Art glass star fish - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks for taking a look dav2no1!
  2. Thanks for taking a look at my latest meoto yunomi set Thomas, PhilDMorris, Jenni, fortapache and Kevin!
  3. Thanks for taking a look at my Japanese mug with a handle Thomas, aura, PhilDMorris, Karen, Jenni, Watchsearcher, fortapache and Kevin!
  4. An example of drunken glass blowing? Skoal! Very pretty.
  5. Thank you PhilDMorris and AnythingObscure!
  6. Thanks PhilDMorris, for loving my little pot. So weird, I watched a teen romance movie last night and the male lead, a high schooler, did Kintsugi as a hobby.
  7. It would be nice to see it all cleaned up and seasoned. If this is a #10 (12.25" diameter), Lodge sells new cast iron lids for their #10 skillets and pots. No idea who made your pot. https://www.lo...
  8. Thanks for taking a look Blammoammo!
  9. Thanks Blammoammo!
  10. Thanks aura, Ben and Hoot60 for loving my beer cups!
  11. Thanks Karen! Whatever the result, I will update this post to show it. Luckily, I have a banged up Hagi Ware cup to practice on. Thanks Hoot60 for taking a look at my little cracked pot.
  12. Thanks for loving my Japanese bowl Lisa!
  13. Thanks TallCakes!
  14. Thanks, Lisa. I think that I will have to widen the crack before filling it, but am still researching this process. Thanks for loving my little pot Lisa, Thomas, glassiegirl, fortapache, Watchsearc...
  15. Thanks for your comment apostata. I hope that future research will help to identify and date this bowl. I am a novice pottery collector, so I am pretty much a bystander, at this point. I appreciate in...
  16. Thanks, Lisa! Tanaka is an interesting potter. Thanks for loving my Tsenu beer cups Thomas, Lisa, Kevin, Jenni, fortapache, iggy and Cokeman1959!
  17. Thanks for your comments apostata and Lisa! Yeah, the only place I could find a comment on the maker was on the Gothberg site and they were not very forceful in their identification as cited in my des...
  18. Thanks apostata! It is pretty small for a vase, though. Do you know what the design on the inside bottom is? I still wonder if that is not a clue as to its purpose?
  19. Thanks for you comments apostata and Lisa! I had considered Tiffin, but not found anything similar enough. The handle on these servers is often the key in identifying the maker. I will revisit this o...
  20. Blunt instrument?
  21. Very pretty! I can't wait until the shipping costs from Japan to the US go back to normal. I've had my eye on a few things but the shipping cost is several times the cost of the items...
  22. Way cool!
  23. Very nice, fortapache!
  24. Thank you PhilDMorris! I appreciate you taking a look!
  25. Glad you found the information useful, Watchsearcher! Thanks PhilDMorris!
  26. Thanks for taking a look at my Fenton ring holder PhilDMorris, fortapache, aura, Manikin, Watchsearcher, six-0-one, MALKEY and Vynil33rpm! Still working on better images....
  27. Thanks for loving my Japanese art glass ashtray MALKEY, glassiegirl, Blammoammo, Ben, Thomas, Elisabethan and Ivonne! I appreciate it!
  28. Thanks for loving my Japanese bowl PhilDMorris! I appreciate it!
  29. Thanks for your comments and the information you shared, rhineisfine! Too bad some of these artists had such poor penmanship!
  30. Agree dav2no1! I've been using some of my Japanese pottery for the past few days. Thanks, Jenni! It is a pretty perky bowl! Yeah, LaurenRedmond, I agree! That is a pretty wide eyed bird! Than...
  31. I did a quick check and could not find the patent for this day bed.
  32. This site mentions patents for sofa sleeper made by Seng.. A search of US patents should show something...
  33. Thanks for taking the time to look at and love my Mino ware cups Hoot60!
  34. Thanks Hoot60, glassiegirl and MALKEY!
  35. Thanks for loving my cups Thomas and fortapache!
  36. This guy has a rounder face and different shaped mouth. Would have been a cool coincidence, though.
  37. Thanks, Eileen! Could be, but I just came across these recently so don't know any history of them. Lots of American glass houses of the 1930s-80s sold their wares to various venues. Some of the milk g...
  38. I agree Eileen. Each is unique. After using them for a while, I will be able to tell which one I am holding in the dark. Thanks for your comment, Karen! Very true. Thanks for loving my Kotobuki ...
  39. Doubt that it is meant for use as an urn. Probably just a decorative piece. Maybe copper plated and left in the weather long enough to tarnish/corrode. Maybe a candy dish, etc.
  40. What are the dimensions? Does the lid seal onto the base, or does it just sit on it?
  41. Thanks for loving my Norcrest Japanese ashtray fortapache, blunderbuss2, Jenni, Kevin, Manikin, Cokeman1959 and Watchsearcher!
  42. I. W. Rice imported many different perfume bottles from Japan into the U.S. I couldn't find out who made them in Japan.
  43. I have not seen small bottles, perfume bottles, etc..
  44. Good posts dav2no1! Yeah, mine is a looker, not a user, Hoot60. Thanks for loving Mr. Pig Hoot60 and blunderbuss2!
  45. Oops. Double checked and one of my Kurata vases has a red interior..
  46. Except for the red of the glass interior, it looks like a couple of my Japanese pieces. My pieces have a black interior.
  47. Welcome to CW slwarner! I believe that Paden City Glass of West Virginia made roosters like this that were solid glass. If you post some images of your roosters, you might get a more authoritative res...
  48. @Vynil33rpm - Thinking maybe 1960s? Thanks for your comment, Eileen! Not a bad hunk of glass. The white glass is done differently from other Japanese ashtrays in my collection. I couldn't pass it b...
  49. Nice! I've never seen a bank made of leather.
  50. Nice banks! My two favorite metals. Thanks for posting.
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