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Nurse. Poet. Grandma. Collector and last but certainly not least, muslim. Peace


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To Everyone  - Booksin Books
Wedgwood Platter Aesthetic Movement  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Early American Pattern Glass sugar and creamer - Glasswarein Glassware
Brooch unsigned machine turned.  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Blenko swung and ? folded edge real? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tapio Wirkkala Smokey Blue - Art Glassin Art Glass
EAPG Uranium? - Glasswarein Glassware
F. B. Pewter mug holder with hand blown insert - Glasswarein Glassware
Chelsea Marble desk clock - Clocksin Clocks
Silver cups stamped "pst". - Silverin Silver


  1. And I admire you all very much indeed.....the commitment to the preservation of the material and the spiritual. Peace and blessings to you all.
  2. From a group of poems I wrote a long time ago now: Ode to the Garbage Man He came banging around at six you had to have it out there quick or live with it another day. Heavy mud clad boots u...
  3. Looks like Vanadinite
  4. Hahaha. is a rare edition indeed! Across South America by Bingham. It is thought that he was the model for Indiana Jones (the Temple of Doom). Fabulously trimmed in gold.
  5. How interesting! I just noticed something today on TV about an older piece that was very similar to mine and felt my plate was much older. I appreciate that you returned here and how strange is it t...
  6. Thank you. :)
  7. Thanks! It’s my current love affair hahahahaha.
  8. Well it is a hard to read inscription even in Arabic. It is, tha, ra and then maybe a b. Could be mathrib which makes no sense. It would be maghrib if the letter was in the other direction wh...
  9. ...and it tested positive. In case you thought I forgot about your silly notion that people cannot tell the difference between silver and alpaca or plate. Peace though, perhaps one day you'll learn ...
  10. Thanks....yes I should wash off the price hahaha. Sadly I've done that many times and regretted my impatience hahaha.
  11. It is 6010, produced in 1960
  12. I did...reached out to a collector and he found it...I didn't see it because per the catalogue, there was no issue in crystal. :)
  13. Thanks!
  14. It would be hard to match the turquoise in terms of its 'aging'. All turquoise turns color over time and in varying grades and speeds. These look perfectly matched including the matrixes in the ston...
  15. Thank you so much!
  16. Solved my own question and will leave this here in case anyone else finds a set
  17. I solved my own problem haha:
  18. It is called spider web. Looks like it is probably sourced from here in Bisbee AZ. Nice find!
  19. It looks to be variscite to me although that setting is a bit iffy. Variscite isn't the hardest stone and without having a cab backing I'd be concerned that it could be damaged. there a mak...
  20. Wow beautiful.!
  21. Thank you. :) And I never look in that area. That's going to change hahaha.
  22. yea oh yea macrame'
  23. Sorry for offending you. I understand how you must feel. I do however know silver when I see it. But you are welcome to your opinion and to um, suffer with mine. Thanks.
  24. I'm pretty sure that I lost that. I'll send you my address. Hahaha, beautiful find there.
  25. Thank you for looking. :) I'm already wearing it out hahaha
  26. Lovely!
  27. Thank you for the feedback. I agree it most likely isn’t Asian with those initials. And now I am a pig collector!
  28. Nice haul!
  29. If it isn't stamped then it is likely to be silver plated versus real silver. I haven't seen too many silver screws in my's too soft for that but I am not an expert by any stretch.
  30. would love to see at least one photo of the entire set not lit with black light
  31. Thank you for appreciating it like I do....I think imperfections can be a nice thing as they show the human hand and fallibility involved. Peace!
  32. You guys are awesome. It does not lock. And you are all crazy hahahahaha.
  33. Use mine all the time. Don't put it in the dishwasher though
  34. What does the bottom look like? Could be Moser...sure looks it to me.
  35. Any chance you can do a photo without UV so I can see what one looks like in situ?
  36. I was wondering, can I come over and help you clean up the garage? Looks like you need an extra set of hands to find things in those dark corners hahaha...Man, if only I could find stuff laying aroun...
  37. Thank you for your comment. I hope someone can discover the mystery...that way I can choose to restore the small restoration that I thought was tape and scratched. It was good enough to restore the ...
  38. I'll just take a shard thanks. Hahahaha.
  39. What an extraordinary find. I once found a christening cup and matching plate made by WK Vanderslice...even the name on the cup was appealing...John B. Daggett haha. My kids and I call it the John B...
  40. Real courage to hang that mid air.
  41. Wow. You know so many things! I’m excited that it is old...100 years about so it is truly a grand first find for me. Thank you so much. I do think the garland is unique after a cursory look at so...
  42. Just a response to your handle...Fort Apache is also a place. A bit NW of Safford AZ...a little bitty town that I adore. It has an old theater there called the Pima...marquis the whole nine yards (c...
  43. It looks to art glass for sure. Student? I dunno. It seems to be too well balanced for an amateur working with such a heavy piece and incorporating such things as hacking off two sides...
  44. I will post mine....very similar type of hand painted decor. Small bowl though.
  45. I hate you. It would be nice to see a photo after the polish! Lucky you, congrats.
  46. hear a real collector saying that a chip or two won't stop you! I'm wondering, is it expensive to restore such things? I have a piece I bought recently and thought it had tape on it...start...
  47. Probably not silver. Hallmarks are symbols usually. This is the maker. In my experience silver is almost never textured like this is. Nice find though!
  48. I wish I knew why uploads always turn horizontal though! Any ideas?
  49. No way! I don't know how you made that out! I can't wait to investigate more. The measurements are Rim diameter 4 3/8", base diameter 1 1/2, and 7 3/4" tall. This is awesome, thank you so much P...
  50. Thank you so know I collect partly because things are so beautiful...but the other piece is the mysteries just send me on such lovely adventures of discovery. Peace.
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Victorian air trap satin glass vase Victorian satin spatter glass pinched top vase with gilding A Birthday present to us! FRITZ HECKERT Form TH 150 c. 1901 "Hani Chilo" or "Chilo Inch" Vintage Hand-PaintedJar Lamp Mystery yunomi #2 Sample Size Kralik Blue Flash Vase - Marked Looking for opinions on these brush pots. almost as old as my wife Petrified Wood cut for the fire! Viet Nam War trench art mug 1970's Dress Suit by Benson Landes


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