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Nurse. Poet. Grandma. Collector and last but certainly not least, muslim. Peace


  1. Thank you. I loved the console so much that I bought one for my daughter as well.
  2. Thank you for looking Phil and Newfld.
  4. I'm sorry...I have been using talk to text so perhaps not clear. I belong to a Japanese collectors FB page and have received a few opinions on it from fake to early Edo. I am not very knowledgeable i...
  5. Thank you. Well I don’t know anything about anything cell this was told to me by folks who collect Japanese pottery. But some of them have thoughts to
  6. Beautiful!
  7. Thank you both...yes, she is amazing but she also lives in a better part of Tucson and the thrifts there tend to have better stuff.
  8. He needs to come live near my seagull whom I've named Abigull.
  9. They are charming and obviously well made. Store them carefully or you can send them to me for safekeeping.
  10. :) Thank you so much.
  11. Hahahaha. Priceless.
  12. Beautiful.
  13. Although...actual black chickens have black combs, black hearts and organs, black meat even!
  14. These groups are willing to chime in and even give you an estimated value. Some will offer to ...
  15. Wow, just lucky you are! Me too. I imagine who used these old things.
  16. RCD did not name all of their services. It is highly likely that you will never find a name or identifier other than the issued identifier. Lucky find though regardless!
  17. Wonderful. Lucky you!
  19. The bottom is covered in this appears to be an actual fired glaze and unlike the weeping gold style. No mark even on the lower rim where there is matte finish exposed clay. And thank you ...
  20. ;). thank you.
  21. I don't know but if you send it to me I'll take it. It's gorgeous.
  22. Who, I ask you, does not love an elephant? Lovely.
  23. Oh man....I just passed one of these by at the thrift. It was so irregular on top that I thought someone had painted a porcelain egg! Damn it!
  24. I did read this. The oranges are orange on the floors. The reds in the screens are orange to even purple, no real 'red' per se.
  25. I am not sure what you mean by this? The central ring is very good gold.The panels are a slightly copperish red. The only hair ornaments are in one figure and is a single blue raised dot? And thank...
  26. More photos added. Thabk you for looking and you know, a good friend of mine wants to buy it. I so wish I wanted to sell it but perhaps it will make it her way anyway. It goes to show though than n...
  27. Gorgeous!
  28. Thank you very much and yes...I love Peter knowledgeable!
  29. thank you for helping me appreciate this :)
  30. Thank you for your encouragement. :)
  31. Very looks like branches in a nest.
  32. Oh wow....didn't even know there was a section for horns hahaha. I want to post a set that I found and maybe someone can identify. I know it is an antelope of some type, mounted on a small section o...
  33. Kralik maybe?
  34. What mysterious things!
  35. It is lined...appears to be silk. Thank you for your kind glad to be part of a community that is as psycho as I am for old and found objects. Peace
  36. Thank you. I’m high as a kite for it.
  37. Thank you for your response. I think this is maybe why people are claiming that it is Haitian when in fact it is not because the artist you describe worked in wood. This is definitely not wood. It app...
  38. Awesome!
  39. Oh yea! I finally found you and her. I found a lovely one yesterday and will post pictures this morning! That's the great thing about this really helps when someone finds out something an...
  40. Thank you and I hope you can come one's really fantastic. The vendors from Matamoro come also and folks can buy some splendid "manure" fired incised pottery. Beautiful stuff.
  41. Stuff like this makes my thrift store urges go berserk hahaha. Nice find.
  42. I belong to a great FB page that identifies such things and even gives appraisals. Chinese Porcelain - Identification and Valuation is one and the other is: Collecting Japanese Ceramics&Art.
  43. Thank you :) Falling in love like this ought to be illegal hahaha. I love food. Growing food, preserving food, eating food, feeding folks and well.....not doing the dishes hahaha. Peace to you.
  44. What is meant by Pelaton?
  45. And I admire you all very much indeed.....the commitment to the preservation of the material and the spiritual. Peace and blessings to you all.
  46. From a group of poems I wrote a long time ago now: Ode to the Garbage Man He came banging around at six you had to have it out there quick or live with it another day. Heavy mud clad boots u...
  47. Looks like Vanadinite
  48. Hahaha. is a rare edition indeed! Across South America by Bingham. It is thought that he was the model for Indiana Jones (the Temple of Doom). Fabulously trimmed in gold.
  49. How interesting! I just noticed something today on TV about an older piece that was very similar to mine and felt my plate was much older. I appreciate that you returned here and how strange is it t...
  50. Thank you. :)
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Victorian air trap satin glass vase Victorian satin spatter glass pinched top vase with gilding A Birthday present to us! FRITZ HECKERT Form TH 150 c. 1901 "Hani Chilo" or "Chilo Inch" Vintage Hand-PaintedJar Lamp Mystery yunomi #2 Sample Size Kralik Blue Flash Vase - Marked Looking for opinions on these brush pots. almost as old as my wife Petrified Wood cut for the fire! Viet Nam War trench art mug 1970's Dress Suit by Benson Landes


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