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  1. it is sort of creepy looking ;-) but I think it is fairly well done and I am interested in learning more about modern sculpture
  2. I liked your bird, could very well be Murano
  3. thanks, I would like to claim it is a Poliarte product for certain but cannot it is a large piece weighing in at 12 kg ;-)
  4. from my initial research I believe it referred to as staggered alabaster from the old Etruscan city of Volterra, southwest of Florence where the expert carvers work.
  5. very likely a repro from 1980-90s but thick heavy glass and decent workmanship
  6. I just learnt that apparently these motifs were sandblasted and popular in the 1930s, then again in the 1950s and probably made in Italy
  7. not for everyone, can be rather gaudy but easy to identify ;-)
  8. I agree with you racer4, was just trying to understand the label from the beginning I thought it was some clever guys in South Africa just making up some name?
  9. thanks for the feedback Sagitta is probably the maker, I have two other smaller pieces marked Holland with the windmill landscape sure there was a market for these items in South Africa back in ...
  10. thanks for the feedback your Florida auction link was the first that I have seen outside South Africa for Sergio Talanti
  11. I contacted Cenedese directly and they said the penguin was not their product
  12. another comment was if it was Cenedese the edge of the base would be chamfered?
  13. seems this fish was made by AVeM
  14. seems the piece was made by Carraresi e Lucchesi in Sesta Fiorentino and similar to Anzengruber works ;-)
  15. thanks for the feedback certain I have seen some similar pieces in an auction catalogue somewhere
  16. thanks for the comments when I went to pick this fish up the lady asked if I might be interested in seeing another fish she decided to sell (love when that happens ;-) so of course I bought two, th...
  17. thanks for the feedback maybe this other photo of the base is better? Made in Holland I liked the green dot
  18. comment from a supposed expert on another forum However your penguin is not the shape of the Cenedese penguin. Nor does it have the classic Da Ros trademark ‘ bloodspot’ inside it. So I stand by my...
  19. good call on Cenedese ;-)
  20. maybe it is? I am always open to learn something new it seems to be some sort of Alexandrite glass
  21. while researching this bowl I found an interesting ceramic design that was quite similar from Ruscha
  22. thanks I was just reading about the designer ;-)
  23. excellent, thank you kindly there is vast sum of knowledge on this forum ;-)
  24. thanks, most of my pieces with leather (it has disintegrated ;-)
  25. I like the purple, not sure I have ever seen it last week I saw a 'NR' marked piece for the first time their designs have various descriptions that include the use of specific cake frosting tools
  26. this is an online post about NR We found a variety of different pottery from this maker, but struggled to identify it. Some of the objects were marked NR and our best theory was a company called ...
  27. the Italians were fantastic designers but probably not the best record keepers NR was just one of the hundreds of pottery makers in Italy back in the 1960-70s they used similar colours and style...
  28. just a bit of collector snobbery 99% of people are not collectors of specific designs but most everyone wants their home to look nice I have another 25 pieces that are likely from NR
  29. got it, thanks
  30. thanks for the comments, they are one of a kind ;-)
  31. so do think they apply they glaze, then texture and then fire? I like ceramics but definitely do not understand all the different types and processes the glaze does seem thick which I like ;-) ...
  32. I think the slit could have been for some sort of wicker handle or similar
  33. I feel like everyone but me is chasing the Rimini blue pieces from Bitossi ;-) they did some cool stuff back in the 1950-60s
  34. thanks, it is a monster, one of my few Scandi pieces
  35. thanks for a good solution
  36. interesting that these colored glass pieces (what I thought) are actually fractal resin, this is per a French lighting expert
  37. not sure why my photos are posting upside down and sideways?
  38. thanks again I was questioning if I was was getting the definition of zoomorphic correct ;-) so the ibex (gazelle) piece was my first from Accolay however my main interest is lighting and when I...
  39. Zo·o·mor·phic /?z???môrfik/ adjective 1. having or representing animal forms or gods of animal form: "pottery decorated with anthropomorphic and zoomorphic designs"
  40. yes that Accolay vase was my first from them and I had no idea who the maker was and apparently they are not gazelles as I thought but Alpine Ibex ;-)
  41. I posted another Accolay piece a few weeks back that I recently learned was part of a exclusive series of zoomorphic designs
  42. thank you of course they are French ;-) I knew exactly what is was when I saw the hammered glass Accolay became well-known when they started making ceramic buttons for Christian Dior clothes in...
  43. thanks for the comments, it is an unique piece ;-)
  44. thanks but it has a one star AVEM label on the base
  45. yes amazing that artists put so many hours of work into pieces like this that are only sold for pennies years later
  46. thanks, it seems it is made from an aluminum alloy, definitely not pewter
  47. sort of surprised that this piece is a Japanese antique, I found a reliable attribution ;-)
  48. thanks, this is a good one ;-)
  49. thanks, have not seen you around much racer4 ;-)
  50. it surely was. thanks ;-)
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