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August Walther & Sohne AG vase Art Deco - Art Decoin Art Deco
brutalist sculpture by Marsura  - Animalsin Animals
V.Nason design named Avventurina - Art Glassin Art Glass
Giustiniani wild boar figurine - Animalsin Animals
Lightolier table lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Art Deco style vases - Art Decoin Art Deco
Artemide Pandora pendant lamp - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kinkeldey modernist chandelier - Art Glassin Art Glass
20 kg flush Poliarte lamp - Art Glassin Art Glass
barovier lamp - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. thanks for the links, good stuff ;-)
  2. it is the Plaza design from Orrefors
  3. Barovier ;-)
  4. thanks for the comments the curly-Q cord was fairly common in Italy in the 60s / 70s with certain pendant lamp designs
  5. I am sure you probably have more valuable pieces but after looking at all your posts this is the piece I find most fascinating, like an abstract painting I rarely see these Bizantino pieces for sal...
  6. Keith Haring supposedly got many of his ideas and style from the Tinga Tinga painters (artists) in Tanzania
  7. maybe the coolest designs to come out of Murano = bizantino ;-)
  8. thank you for the introduction to Japanese glass - wow I looked at your posts here and quite impressed with the designs / craftmanship
  9. very cool set I have been eye-balling these types of sets in Italy but still learning
  10. a truly special green colour
  11. interesting millefiore design much more ORANGE than anything from Murano ;-)
  12. with the aventurine details, likely Murano - fabulous colours
  13. sputnik is a widely used term but that is likely how it will be described if it has odd light bulbs, good chance it is Italian ;-)
  14. I have a vaguely similar piece and it might be "scavo" type from Cenedese or?
  15. thanks it could very well be a Mazzega design
  16. Cenedese also makes similar glass designs
  17. Gambaro & Poggi in Murano have produced quite a few green scavo vases but yet to see this shape
  18. double action switch two bulbs on one bulb on all OFF
  19. thanks for the reply the lid just sits on the bowl diameter is 20 cm (8 inches) and height is 12 cm (5 inches)
  20. named the Dafne pendant lamp
  21. agreed that the workmanship does seem a bit crude on the glass beads ;-) I think the other beads are CORK but they could be some type of wood?
  22. cast in the lower back of the sculpture is Fond d'Arte Firenze Made in Italy ;-)
  23. my view as well ;-) one I might just keep good all purpose vase that you could actually use regularly
  24. Italy is a veritable treasure trove there are hundreds of weekend markets + plenty of junk shops etc
  25. thanks, fabulous value compared to Murano vases lots of handmade glass for the $$ paid
  26. funny that I was just discussing Adolf Loos in connection with some similar lamps I have and in general the designs from Loos had wider frames the glass is fitted into I wish this was a Loos design...
  27. agreed I am just fascinated by these pieces that took many many hours to make and then sold +/- 50 years later for pennies
  28. I think they are tiny glass beads?
  29. thanks for the comment if it is actually Cloisonne would that mean the beads are metal?
  30. thanks for the comment I did buy it near Venice but that is not always meaningful ;-) it is quite weight-y
  31. this could well be Czech glass Skrdlovice had some similar designs Jaroslav Svoboda made some similar designs too
  32. much more interesting with the bulb lit ;-)
  33. it could be Chinese, I am here to learn more Italians import stuff from China same as most other countries ;-l
  34. I agree most of the similarly shaped pendant lamps I looked at would have the "V" shape facing up really I had no idea what it was when I bought it ;-)
  35. a Luigi Onesto design?
  36. curious ;-)
  37. beautiful vase! I am curios if the signature is on the base? yesterday I posted a lamp that I picked up and it might be a Luigi Onesto design
  38. these pendants are not marked however I know there are many fakes and copies out there
  39. a great tool ;-) I was having a difficult time finding a large glass model in Europe as it seems they mostly use the smaller model for lemons on a visit to Florida I finally found a large glass ...
  40. painted both sides ;-)
  41. with the lamp off it looks like a Murano piece I have once it is lit, it looks entirely different though for sure a cool lamp
  42. Ebay is not a particularly reliable reference ;-) even the more pricey 1stdibs, Pamono + Chairish can be totally inaccurate Instagram is probably where I learn the most
  43. thanks for the comments I was thinking the bubble pattern is like the perforated holes on a golf glove
  44. cool they may very well be Czech-made that said, I buy everything posted in Italy with a few rare exceptions
  45. funny that some Wagenfeld expert contacted me to tell me this was not actually his design it seems Atelier Peill & Putzler modified the Bonn Pendant size and then add embellishments and named it th...
  46. it is AVeM bizantino style
  47. really? how about Rogaška Glass Factory in Zagreb or Industrija Stakla in Pancevo and glass has been made in Bosnia for centuries
  48. my title is incorrect, really not a millefiore not exactly sure what to call it? has a heavy sort of silver aventurine and crazy colours looking at it from different angles
  49. the glass pattern is certainly similar to your vase of a different shape seems the handles are a similar colour as well and I vaguely remember the bottom of mine looking similar to your vase
  50. thank you for the comment, quite interesting I also collect Murano jewelry when a cool piece comes around so many things to learn ;-) later I will post some old Murano bead necklace
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Japanese cast iron cow okimono #1


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