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Italian Liberty lamp design? - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Murano glass center piece - Art Glassin Art Glass
just found attribution for this lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Accolay lamp base - Lampsin Lamps
painted over ceramic vintage lamp base - Potteryin Pottery
Murano big cat - Animalsin Animals
nautical rope lamp base - Potteryin Pottery
metal alloy vase  - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
hand made copper butterfly applique - Lampsin Lamps
Thun vase - Potteryin Pottery


  1. interesting that these colored glass pieces (what I thought) are actually fractal resin, this is per a French lighting expert
  2. not sure why my photos are posting upside down and sideways?
  3. thanks again I was questioning if I was was getting the definition of zoomorphic correct ;-) so the ibex (gazelle) piece was my first from Accolay however my main interest is lighting and when I...
  4. Zo·o·mor·phic /?z???môrfik/ adjective 1. having or representing animal forms or gods of animal form: "pottery decorated with anthropomorphic and zoomorphic designs"
  5. yes that Accolay vase was my first from them and I had no idea who the maker was and apparently they are not gazelles as I thought but Alpine Ibex ;-)
  6. I posted another Accolay piece a few weeks back that I recently learned was part of a exclusive series of zoomorphic designs
  7. thank you of course they are French ;-) I knew exactly what is was when I saw the hammered glass Accolay became well-known when they started making ceramic buttons for Christian Dior clothes in...
  8. thanks for the comments, it is an unique piece ;-)
  9. thanks but it has a one star AVEM label on the base
  10. yes amazing that artists put so many hours of work into pieces like this that are only sold for pennies years later
  11. thanks, it seems it is made from an aluminum alloy, definitely not pewter
  12. sort of surprised that this piece is a Japanese antique, I found a reliable attribution ;-)
  13. thanks, this is a good one ;-)
  14. thanks, have not seen you around much racer4 ;-)
  15. it surely was. thanks ;-)
  16. thanks, yes it is
  17. thank you!
  18. thank you for the explanation, I just reading about the matte glazes used there ;-)
  19. this is a pretty piece of glass but unfortunately it was not made on Murano there are some excellent Facebook groups on Murano glass and you will find this label in their albums under Misleading La...
  20. I went to Torviscosa to see this huge Biancini ceramic sculpture hidden away in this factory town, seen by few but everything was closed up for Covid
  21. I learned that Francois Re is the artist and he used these colours on other pieces in the 1960s
  22. I spun it around a few times and thought it was strange there was this textured brown glaze around the vase. Finally I noticed the eyes and realised it was a beard ;-)
  23. thanks, this is one of those lamps that probably looks better without the original lamp base, exposing more of the glass ;-)
  24. the writing is in Cyrillic
  25. I now see that it is goat beard, seems I am seeing this drawing from the wrong angle
  26. but does an ibex have whiskers ? ;-)
  27. thanks, an ibex is probably the right call I would not have seen it had you not mentioned it seemed more like a strange bird to me but that is the cool thing about abstract designs, people see d...
  28. funny that this lamp was part of the "Furniture Pimp" sale by Wright Auctions strangely enough there was no attribution, aside from it being Italian
  29. I had no idea how many experts on European ceramics were posting here however despite being a mere amateur, I believe this is an Alvino Bagni design referred to as "stained glass"
  30. almost certainly Italian, looks like a Deruta piece
  31. really cool handle design, nice FF pitcher this is a good resource for Italian-made ceramics
  32. anybody who ever bought Murano glass on more than one occasion has very likely been fooled by the improved quality Chinese copies ;-)
  33. 30" at widest point
  34. somebody corrected me on a forum these are not gazelle figures but oryx ;-)
  35. 1stDibs, Chairish, Pamono..... are chock-full of mis-attributions or outright lies I always thought of CW as where the old school experts posted ;-)
  36. nobody is burning anything down ;-) it was simply a comment about the attribution of the piece if the owner likes the piece, that is all that is important
  37. the workmanship is very poor, highly unlikely Barbini made it unless he has been reincarnated and now works in a factory in Asia
  38. thanks for the links, good stuff ;-)
  39. it is the Plaza design from Orrefors
  40. Barovier ;-)
  41. thanks for the comments the curly-Q cord was fairly common in Italy in the 60s / 70s with certain pendant lamp designs
  42. I am sure you probably have more valuable pieces but after looking at all your posts this is the piece I find most fascinating, like an abstract painting I rarely see these Bizantino pieces for sal...
  43. Keith Haring supposedly got many of his ideas and style from the Tinga Tinga painters (artists) in Tanzania
  44. maybe the coolest designs to come out of Murano = bizantino ;-)
  45. thank you for the introduction to Japanese glass - wow I looked at your posts here and quite impressed with the designs / craftmanship
  46. very cool set I have been eye-balling these types of sets in Italy but still learning
  47. a truly special green colour
  48. interesting millefiore design much more ORANGE than anything from Murano ;-)
  49. with the aventurine details, likely Murano - fabulous colours
  50. sputnik is a widely used term but that is likely how it will be described if it has odd light bulbs, good chance it is Italian ;-)
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