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Where did these figurines come from? - Figurinesin Figurines
Beautiful Murano vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Cobalt blue flow Willow pattern salt shaker, Made In Japan - Asianin Asian
Japanese jar - Asianin Asian
Paperweights - Art Glassin Art Glass
This Jurojin figurine - Asianin Asian
This little bowl - Potteryin Pottery
This wooden figurine - Figurinesin Figurines
This copper miniature - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
This medallion  - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…


  1. apostata, what is your opinion of this jar, please?
  2. Ah, I just looked it up, okay, I learned something today!
  3. Beautiful D&E! What is the stone you call a navette? I only see marquise stones.
  4. "They are calling it a Baccarat and they said there's is an antique bought in Paris 25 years ago." Brother, the things people will say to sell their stuff on eBay, lol. I actually don't know anythi...
  5. The one in the third photo, the lattice with the wee pink flowers, that's the one for me. They are all lovely!
  6. Love Brunido, that color pattern is beautiful.
  7. Thanks for the love, racer4four, Newfld, fortapache, Brunswick, jscott0363, vetraio50, FreshAir, and aura! Thanks Newfld, they are well made, and have an almost glassy, or wet, finish, I've seen ...
  8. I have a Prince Matchabelli bottle, it isn't colored like yours, plain glass. These bottles are collectible.
  9. Would it be possible to see the base? I love him. When I first saw him I thought Bosson's Head, but don't think I've ever seen one with lipstick that red. https://www.pinterest.com/bacah25/boss...
  10. Spectacular! Your Sherman is to die for, always such a joy seeing it. Thanks for sharing your treasures.
  11. Now that is the coolest thing, three fruit brooches from three different designers! Thanks for sharing these lovely brooches.
  12. What a pretty fellow, very sparkley!
  13. Kenneth Jay Lane made some beautiful pieces of jewelry. I have some pieces by him, if I'm not mistaken, would have to look. Great bee brooch!
  14. From these photos, it looks like either a craft project or an artisanal piece. An open flat view of the inside would help.
  15. I'd seen Disney milk glass mugs, but not a bottle before, thanks for sharing.
  16. Ms. CrystalShip mentioned an Alexandrite bracelet, I looked at your page, but couldn't find the bracelet, can you point me in the direction of that bracelet, I'd love to see it.
  17. Very modernist indeed, but classically beautiful, always wonderful Sherman pieces.
  18. Spectacular Sherman pieces, love to look at them.
  19. Incredible pieces, unique glass leaves, and the pastel colors are to die for. Very apropos for spring, and Easter outfit.
  20. This is Sherman perfection as always, the best of jewelry design.
  21. What a beautiful set, Sherman always is the best.
  22. That black enamel line decor drew me in because I see it so often in Japanese ceramics and don't understand it. Looks like someone took a Sharpie and drew irregular lines on the piece, nonconformant t...
  23. Beautiful, I love it! Happy Holidays!
  24. Some examples of other items, including the last photo which has a bird that looks very much like the bird in the post, which carry the same label: https://www.bigashtray.com/product/genuine-vintage-...
  25. Another Sherman dazzler, thanks for sharing these beauties. Please stay safe and be well.
  26. What is your opinion, apostata?
  27. Does that label read Made in Murano, Italy? These birds are vintage, perhaps 50s, and charming, a fair good value to them.
  28. I have this as a vase in pink as well, and one other color I can't recall off the top of my head. It's a very pretty scene, be interesting to see someone collect them in all colors. :)
  29. I have this jar in pink as well, and one other color I can't recall off the top of my head. It appears to be a Japanese scene, and probably made back in the 60s or 70s when there were a lot of these ...
  30. What a lovely little robin! And the colors are perfect for fall. By the way, you might be interested to know that your photos and post are featured on Collector's Weekly Facebook page today. :)
  31. That is the coolest thing ever!!! Wow, with the scorching and everything! Love the John Glenn doll with his helmet looking at his panel. What a great model!
  32. Thanks for the love, truthordare, AdeleC, sklo42, SJMC, and inky!
  33. Perhaps they know better than to argue with you, apostata.
  34. Would be nice to see the mark.
  35. Thanks for the love, Brunswick, kivatinitz, kyratango, Manikin, aura, racer4four, and apostata. :) Apostata, you are no doubt correct. I will edit and erase the B&T attribution, and hit the Mystery...
  36. Thanks for the love, Newfld, vetraio50, and blunderbuss2. :) Thanks, Newfld, it really is beautiful to look at, as all Murano glass is!
  37. Without closeups of different angles it's hard to tell where the secret latch is. A simple one could be inside the upper cabinets, might be a lock or rod type latch in there. Also try sliding the pa...
  38. Thanks for the love, dav2no1, fortapache, kwqd, modfather, Watchsearcher, and MALKEY. :)
  39. Oh my, what a beautiful vase! Very striking coloration and style!
  40. RhinestoneFan, I am in awe of someone with fourteen kids! Newfld, this is a beautiful brooch. I had owned B.David jewelry in the past altho I can't remember now what the piece was. Thanks for sha...
  41. Hard to tell at a distance. Look like lacquerware and nacre wall hangings? Close ups and photos of the back would help.
  42. That's interesting information, fortapache, I never knew that about certain cars being owned by the company, but it makes sense. By the way, do you know anything about the Thomas the Tank Engine ...
  43. What a great little dog, and how cool that you found out what that mark was! Stay safe. Be well. Keep the faith, my friends.
  44. My grandmother had tons of graniteware, she did most of her cooking in those pans. Show us those peg clothespins, fortapache! :)
  45. Thanks for the love, vetraio50, and kyratango. R44, you know very well American don't speak English, lol! :)) I have this grey plastic storage bin that I toss the odd bits and ends into until...
  46. Thanks for the love, aura, fortapache, Manikin, vetraio50, Brunswick, kyratango, dav2no1, kwqd, and Newfld. R44, that makes sense! It's a pretty little thing, I bet a table setting of this would ha...
  47. Yes you did, and not only that I still have this pretty dish and I had no idea it was that old! So a very pleasant surprise! Thank you!
  48. TallCakes!! I just saw your comment, thank you, and bless you, my son!!
  49. apostata, you are certainly well traveled! tharless62, apologies for missing your comment all this long time ago, I hadn't been on the site in quite a while. And apologies again, as I'm not sure ...
  50. Cats!
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