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This Jurojin figurine - Asianin Asian
This little bowl - Potteryin Pottery
This wooden figurine - Figurinesin Figurines
This copper miniature - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
This medallion  - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
This little bottle of perfume - Bottlesin Bottles
Three miniature Southwestern pots - Potteryin Pottery
Does this girl ring a bell? - Figurinesin Figurines
English Staffordshire, Red Riding Hood, c.1860 - Figurinesin Figurines
The 60s called and want this painting back ;P - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. Fabulous toy, thanks for sharing, fortapache, always enjoy. :)
  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't think any other jewelry company matches Sherman for their excellence and consistent execution of design perfection. I've never seen a Sherman piece ...
  3. Thanks for the love, kivatinitz, Caperkid, aura, Efesgirl, mikelv85, kyratango, jscott0363, Newfld, valentino97, fortapache, and vetraio50.
  4. Oh I get it. Clever, CW, clever :)
  5. I have no words for how magnificent this lamp is, Karen. It is just beyond words glorious, took my breath away when I saw it. WOW!!!!
  6. It is really quite a beautiful pot, Rose, enjoy it. :) And as always, a bow to CanyonRoad, who always adds to my knowledge.
  7. CanyonRoad deserves a gold star by their name. :) Having said that, looks like the poster posted and scrammed. Oh and if you read this, CanyonRoad, I have a couple of mysteries on my page I'd appre...
  8. Thanks for the love, jscott, Anik, fortapache, vetraio50, Caperkid, TassieDevil, and mikelv85. :)
  9. Thanks for the love, vetraio50, fortapache, mikelv85, kyratango, LaurenRedmond, antiquerose, racer4four, LovelyPat. :) Pat, I didn't see a hole. It doesn't come apart that I could see, I did try....
  10. Thanks for the love, nutsabotas6, fortapache, antiquerose, Newfld, aura, racer4four, jscott0363, Caperkid, Manikin, mikelv85, vetraio50, and kyratango. :) Ken, I have looked at that spot until I...
  11. Aw, kitty's missing a bit of paint on his nose, still a beauty though! Ken, your thread made the splash page on Facebook! :)
  12. Thanks for the love, vetraio, TassieDevil, kivatinitz, aura, kyratango, mikelv85, and racer4four. :) Hello Pascale, thank you, my life is so tangled up, hard to get around to all my places. I lov...
  13. There is a group on FB, Paperweight Heaven, which has some really expert folk who help identify glass, you can try them: https://www.facebook.com/groups/paperweightheaven/
  14. Thanks for the love, vetraio50, TassieDevil, kivatinitz, and aura. :)
  15. Thanks for the love, aura, Caperkid, Manikin, Newfld, nutsabotas6, fortapache, and jscott0363. :) Scott, it is a beautiful little bottle, thank you! :)
  16. That gorgeous blue with the foamy opalescence, man, that is some beautiful glass!
  17. Alan, I would try to find an original version of this before cleaning. Looks like this may have been a fall leaf with different colorations, taking off the tarnish may also remove the delicate washes...
  18. Love Coro brooches, and yes they are plentiful. I would say your brooch is much earlier than that, possibly 40s. Thanks for sharing. :)
  19. Very pretty, Alan. Bronze or copper, possibly? Thanks for sharing. :)
  20. Wow, that is an amazing amazing amazing transformation, Pascale!!! You truly are a gifted artist, so many jewels brought back to life in your talented hands. Thanks for sharing your treasures. :)
  21. The esoterica of the art of fishing, hah, what I didn't know when we'd go fishing as kids. :) Oh and love the shark, now that's staging genius. :))
  22. The blue one appears to be in a japanned setting, with very nice stones, the gold one has that nice detailing on the petals, these are good quality pieces, thanks for sharing. :)
  23. LOL@Karen, only you!! :)) Caperkid, these are darling, especially love the ambulance and police car, what sweet little goodies. :)
  24. Amazing brooch, Ken. I'm not overly fond of pearls but this one is perfection with the design and so beautifully made, anyone would love to have it. Thanks for sharing! :)
  25. Went through the link to look at that fake brooch. At least the information offered is genuine in her pictures, where she posted the patent information and the Trifari ad. BTW, I noticed they posted...
  26. Thanks for the love, Anik, racer4four, Newfld, jscott0363, Caperkid, mikelv85, kivatinitz, and fortapache. :) Thanks, Scott, I love colorful folk art things! :) Thanks, Newfld, I'll follow the ...
  27. Agree the basket doesn't belong with the others, to my eye isn't Mexican? Good information on the other pieces, learn something new every day.
  28. Nice little pot, would be nice to see your bowl, artfoot.
  29. Like that first basket muchly!
  30. Interesting conjecture, too bad we'll never find out as there has been no response. This pot is not my cup of tea, pun intended, something about the work is too offbeat for me.
  31. Always learning something valuable from CanyonRoad. :)
  32. NickM did a runner, twenty days and no response to your post, CanyonRoad.
  33. Thanks for solving the mystery, CanyonRoad, looks like the poster didn't care as much as pretended.
  34. More photos of the pot would have been a good thing, nevertheless, CanyonRoad, you know your stuff. Interesting that this was posted as a mystery when the poster seemed to know what they had. Eleven...
  35. Too bad this poster didn't return to thank you, CanyonRoad, for your expert opinion on her pot, or to mark her mystery as solved. I hadn't seen a Tarahumara pot until now, have a doll of theirs and I...
  36. If you notice at the top of the page, there is a link that says Appraisal, see if that suits you. :) Nice ID work as always, CanyonRoad. If I were CW Admin, I'd put a gold star by your name. :)
  37. Welcome! Be sure and post the results. :)
  38. If your brooch is vintage, you are going to want vintage stones, so look for that in the description. The dealer I've worked with for replacement stones is Heavenly Jewels, she's on eBay, sells vinta...
  39. Landed on the FB splash page. :)
  40. Oh that Alfred Phillippe, he's got avid collectors, and a well deserved reputation for fantastic jewelry design. I've got a fur clip of his I've been wanting to share here, am waiting for a couple of...
  41. CW admins look over these threads and pick ones they think will grab FB views and bring them to the site. You get potentially thousands of views on FB, so enjoy the limelight! Well deserved, by the ...
  42. So agree with Karen, your staging and photographs are amazing. I miss the vintage Barbies you had posted here so much, especially the earliest ones. I hope you are collecting the photos perhaps for ...
  43. This popped up on the CW FB page today, when I saw it, I knew it had to be yours, Ken. Beautiful!!! :)
  44. Ken darling, can you drop me a line at my email addy? Thanks! :) kloeditor@gmail.com
  45. Beautiful Eisenburg brooch, wow! Very collectible! :)
  46. What a little cutie! Not sure what you mean by rare signed, all Trifari is signed, if you mean the cursive font, this was used in the 70s and 80s, I see the pieces quite often on the secondary market...
  47. Oh beautiful, Alfred Phillipe did the most exquisite floral designs! Always a pleasure to see your pieces, Ken, thanks for sharing. :)
  48. What a lovely grouping, and I too am late with wishes. Is this you in the photo?
  49. Oops, yes, I see I got mixed up there, sorry about that! ;P
  50. Wonderful paint job, and in time for the Royal wedding which you will surely enjoy viewing with them alongside. :)
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