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Does this girl ring a bell? - Figurinesin Figurines
English Staffordshire, Red Riding Hood, c.1860 - Figurinesin Figurines
The 60s called and want this painting back ;P - Fine Artin Fine Art
Southwestern Decor Pot - Potteryin Pottery
Look what came in the mail :) - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
Art pottery plates, Peach Pit & Fish - Potteryin Pottery
From whence this fine figurine of a man? - Figurinesin Figurines
Franciscan Coronado Aqua - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Russian pins - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
Midnight Magic Sarah Coventry - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Landed on the FB splash page. :)
  2. Oh that Alfred Phillippe, he's got avid collectors, and a well deserved reputation for fantastic jewelry design. I've got a fur clip of his I've been wanting to share here, am waiting for a couple of...
  3. CW admins look over these threads and pick ones they think will grab FB views and bring them to the site. You get potentially thousands of views on FB, so enjoy the limelight! Well deserved, by the ...
  4. So agree with Karen, your staging and photographs are amazing. I miss the vintage Barbies you had posted here so much, especially the earliest ones. I hope you are collecting the photos perhaps for ...
  5. This popped up on the CW FB page today, when I saw it, I knew it had to be yours, Ken. Beautiful!!! :)
  6. Ken darling, can you drop me a line at my email addy? Thanks! :) kloeditor@gmail.com
  7. An unusual and rich color combination, appropriate to its name. What a beauty! :)
  8. Beautiful Eisenburg brooch, wow! Very collectible! :)
  9. What a little cutie! Not sure what you mean by rare signed, all Trifari is signed, if you mean the cursive font, this was used in the 70s and 80s, I see the pieces quite often on the secondary market...
  10. Oh beautiful, Alfred Phillipe did the most exquisite floral designs! Always a pleasure to see your pieces, Ken, thanks for sharing. :)
  11. What a lovely grouping, and I too am late with wishes. Is this you in the photo?
  12. Oops, yes, I see I got mixed up there, sorry about that! ;P
  13. Wonderful paint job, and in time for the Royal wedding which you will surely enjoy viewing with them alongside. :)
  14. Well, so this is a bloodhound! I'd only ever seen them in movies before. He's certainly a handsome fellow, thanks for sharing! :)
  15. Aww the little waddlers! So sweet! :)
  16. What little cuties! I remember reading about FDR's doggies. John Kennedy was also fond of dogs. Bill Clinton had Buddy, a chocolate lab as I recall. I don't trust people that don't like dogs. I'v...
  17. Just look at those eyebrows! Oh he is darling, Scott, I love him! :)
  18. Very realistic! I want to scratch his head! LOL! :)
  19. Adorbs! And Karen quite captured their personalities, very British and quite charming! I love all your garden creatures, Scott, thanks for sharing. :)
  20. I came to this thread the other day and was getting ready to post a comment, then was distracted and never got back! Meant to say that he's so realistic, wonderful work, and so charming! Reading t...
  21. Thanks for the love, Efesgirl. :) Thanks, dj-reverb, this is a very tiny bottle, and yes the stopper is plastic as I recall. My other slightly larger bottle may have the glass doves, but it's bee...
  22. Bless, my friend, and a wonderful Christmas season to you and yours. Hugs and kisses!!!!
  23. Thanks for the love, Manikin, Trey, jscott0363, and aura. :) Thank you, Manikin, yes, a special figurine, indeed! Thank you for your kind wishes, and the same to you and yours, and a wonderful ne...
  24. These are all so charming but especially the penguins and that delightful ribbon tree!!! Thanks so much for sharing all your treasures, and look forward to seeing more this coming year. Sorry to ...
  25. Sooooooooo adorbs, I love them!!!! The little costumes, the poses, and so tiny!! I look forward to seeing the rest of the "family." :) Thank you for your Season's Greetiings on my thread, and I ...
  26. Thanks for the love, Caperkid, and jscott0363. :)
  27. Still missing you, Jewels, hope all is well with you, and you are having a good holidays with friends and family.
  28. Hah, that's where you stash all your treasures! Very cool! :)
  29. I see the family puss puss made it into the photo this time, always a pleasure to see your pics, Trey. That little market is so cute, too! :)
  30. Love that you always get your kidlets into the photos, Trey, all your treasures! :)
  31. Great sign from a good friend, what could be better? And as always you have the cutest little family, love seeing your photos, so charming. :)
  32. I love your neighbor, I had one like that, she turned into my jewelry dealer! Merry Christmas, Trey, to you and yours, and Happy Picking in the New Year. :)
  33. Did no one get the joke??? Well I laughed anyway! :)) That tree topper is absolutely precious with the little tuft of tinsel on the top. You got a good one there. How do you know it's Shiny Brite?
  34. He could still be older, Made in China has been around for a while. In any case, he's adorbs, enjoy him as a part of your Christmas collections. :)
  35. Appears to be a modern elf, a nice addition to your Christmas decor! :)
  36. Super little fire truck, unique! I can't tell from your photos, is yours marked Denver like the one on the box?
  37. You have the best toys, fortapache! :)
  38. I love blow mold stuff, I just do, and this I love so much! Just fantastic, thanks for sharing. :)
  39. Okay, these are officially known as knee-huggers, originated in the 50s/60s by a company called Yuletide of Japan. That's what you have, a knee hugger. Elf on a Shelf is a different creation inspire...
  40. Ha ha, you did a good job of posting something with no clue! ;)) For myself, I've never understood the appeal of Elf on a Shelf, I suppose now it's all about childhood nostalgia. I'll see what I c...
  41. Thanks for the love, Newfld, fortapache, TassieDevil, and Caperkid. :)
  42. Thanks for the love, Newfld, nutsabotas6, Trey, and fortapache. :) Ken, she is adorable, I agree. Glad you love her! :)
  43. Thanks for the love, TassieDevil, Newfld, mikelv85, RCassano, and LovelyPat. :) Newfld, thank you for your thoughts, your interpretation works for me. :) RCassano, thank you for sharing that i...
  44. Was just reading a little about Hole and Courtney the other day in an article about Nirvana back in the day. She's got a story to tell about her life.
  45. Great little group of working truck toys. Shark hasn't arrived yet! :)
  46. Funny how a band like Judas Priest who must have been rich enough to make Solomon blush would complain about the royalties on this album, though they must have been substantial. That shark gets aroun...
  47. I barely remember Micronauts, but what a cool looking vehicle. All terrain, I take it, with the wheels and the skis. Skies threw me off for a bit, lol. Love your toys! :)
  48. Super little trailer, I love it! The shark explains why the car and trailer are empty! :))
  49. Karen, what in the world are you doing in Cornwall?? Too much snow! :)) This is a great little toy, love the truck, must have been a pain to cart the spare around on the hood like that! :)
  50. Oh I read the other postcard thread before this one, your opening comments confirm what I suspected, young recruit before deploying overseas in WWI. God bless you, Roy, and all those who served and s...
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