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Look what came in the mail :) - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
Art pottery plates, Peach Pit & Fish - Potteryin Pottery
From whence this fine figurine of a man? - Figurinesin Figurines
Franciscan Coronado Aqua - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Russian pins - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
Midnight Magic Sarah Coventry - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Floral Art Glass Tabletop Candelabra - Art Glassin Art Glass
Two vintage confetti foil in Lucite bracelets - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
American figural pottery - Figurinesin Figurines
Gilt Silver Filigree Brooch, Spain - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Beautiful bit of shell, Judy, I too thought it was a cat's eye, then saw the swirl on the back of the pendant. :)
  2. Hi Brian, sorry for the late response to your comment. I would love to see your plate if you would care to post it on CW or send privately via email, my addy is on my profile page. I tried for ...
  3. Earthquake putty is supposedly removable with more earthquake putty, or GooGone, or WD40. Try and see what happens! :)
  4. Thanks for the love, JImam, bijoucaillouvintage, kyratango, Caperkid, jscott0363, TassieDevil, and Efesgirl. :) Bonnie, you do have a big soft heart, I loves you back so much. Thank you! You kne...
  5. Yep, a guiro. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/drums-percussion/lp-torpedo-guiro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aPQ5ODeVe0
  6. Thanks for the love, Tyco409, and TassieDevil. :)
  7. Never see Big Eye art here, which is understandable. It originated in Cali, and the collectors recognize it and snap it up. I'd love to find one, maybe out amongst my swap meet peeps. :)
  8. You could try asking on the British Pottery page on FB. I'd give you the link but they deleted me from their group, LOL! ;P
  9. Welp, searched all over and can't find this mark, or any part of it, anywhere. I did see several pieces with this stamp, none with any info on the maker. Also two or three attempts to find out from ...
  10. Thanks for the love, mikelv85, and Caperkid. :)
  11. Thanks for the love, aura, bijoucaillouvintage, and fortapache. :)
  12. Thanks for the love, vetraio50, Efesgirl, mikelv85, brunswick, and JImam. :)
  13. Thanks for the love, ho2cultcha, mikelv85, bijoucaillouvintage, JImam, aura, and brunswick. :)
  14. Thanks for the love, vetraio50, kyratango, nutsabotas6, and Caperkid. :) Ken, the tray with food suggests a waiter, perhaps? As far as the signature, yes indeed, yes, lol. ;)
  15. Well I asked about the bowl in a vintage glass group on FB, and was told the following: "1940s/50s Dime Store glass, maker remains unknown." Apparently a lot of other people own this bowl and the ...
  16. Thanks for the love, bijoucaillouvintage, and for your comment. It is a rather yummy bracelet! :)
  17. Thanks for the love, inky. :)
  18. Are they costume or fine? Photos of the backs would have been nice to see. Very nice designs on both. :)
  19. Wow, that outdoes my Jamboree patch by a few years. :)
  20. A medallion loaded with irony.
  21. Thanks for the love, Zilla, and Baylou. :) Thanks, Baylou, yes I've seen photos of the entire suite, they are beautiful. :)
  22. Thanks for the love, kyratango, mikelv85, Karenoke, TassieDevil, JImam, bijoucaillouvintage, and martika. :)
  23. Thanks for the love, Caperkid, VikingGirl, and Mrstyndall. :)
  24. CanyonRoad?
  25. Speaking of snakeskin handbags, did you all see the Birkin handbag that sold for $350,000.00? White alligator with diamond handles. Would make a nice little Christmas present for a certain purse lov...
  26. Fantastic, I love it! :)
  27. These are Native American, Navajo, sterling with turquoise. Think these were made by Filbert Brown.
  28. So love this set, Karen!
  29. A great addition to your incredible micro mosaic collection, Marga. :)
  30. Well you know who made it by the label: Made in Hong Kong. I would suspect modern since the older purses were marked British Hong Kong or British Crown Colony Hong Kong.
  31. Very pretty, however, the photo is a bit unclear, and more photos would help with identification.
  32. There are Japanese readers in the Japanese group on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/collectingjapaneseceramics/
  33. Doesn't make sense to cancel firework shows for this reason, if as you say, so many triggers exist that can't be controlled. These vets need treatment, whether the government does an adequate job pro...
  34. Am a big admirer of JFK, but don't get the significance of the anniversary of his birthday. Has he become a darling of the millennials or something?
  35. Oops, sorry about that gap, you can thank my cat for that!!!!
  36. Gorgeous brooch. In her heyday, Liz Claiborne was the biggest sportswear and accessories designer in America. I worked in a department store at the time and loved when the new Liz Claiborne came in ...
  37. I wore a POW/MIA bracelet back many years ago, as I recall. Thank you for sharing this today.
  38. Imari ware, 50s, I would think, but I'm no expert. You can try asking the Japanese group on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/collectingjapaneseceramics/?ref=bookmarks
  39. Beautiful! :) Marga, did you see the red micro mosaic brooch I posted? It's damaged, but so special I'm glad I found it. :)
  40. https://www.facebook.com/AmericanCutGlassAssociation/
  41. If it is ABCG, there is a group page on FB that can help you with identification: American Cut Glass Association
  42. What's Jaws doing??? I'd say the box is a headache cure in itself.
  43. Thanks for the love, vetraio50, nutsabotas6, and lisa. :) Thanks, Ken, life is indeed funny. A lot like my brain. Funny. :P
  44. Thanks for the love, TimeTraveller, fortapache, ho2cultcha, racer4four, kyratango, mikelv85, JImam, bijoucaillouvintage, LovelyPat, Efesgirl, Belltown, and SEAN68. :) Thanks, Karen, an odd story, ...
  45. That is an amazing color. :)
  46. Thanks for the love. blunderbuss2, roddyq, and fortapache. :) Thanks, Karen, they are kind of cool, artifacts from the good old USSR. :)
  47. Thanks for the love, MALKEY, vetraio50, brunswick, and mikelv85. :) Thanks, Malkey, glad you love these pins, they are interesting. :)
  48. Thanks for the love, mikelv85, JImam, aura, Caperkid, kyratango, MsCrystalShip, and Manikin. :) Thanks, MCS, they are pretty fabulous, aren't they? :)
  49. Thanks for the love, mikelv85, and kyratango. :) Thank you, my friend, and my hand thanks you too, lol! :)
  50. You just made my skin crawl, yikes!!! :P
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