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Look what came in the mail :) - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
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Gilt Silver Filigree Brooch, Spain - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. WOW!!! :)
  2. Thank you, Ms.CrystalShip, for your help and for solving the mystery. :)
  3. Fantastic pendant!!!
  4. My goodness, that brooch is stunning!!!!! :)
  5. What pretty brooches! I'm sorry to hear about your husband, Gillian, hope all is well with you.
  6. Extraordinary, I love this lamp!
  7. What a great brooch, thanks for sharing, Ken. :)
  8. Yes, it is better after the Kyra treatment, thanks for sharing the before photos. :)
  9. Rehab therapy, lol! Never, my friend, you must keep adding to your amazing collections and sharing them with us! :)
  10. Gorgeous! :)
  11. Clever Manikin! :) Can we also see photo of the back pls?
  12. A photo of the base, pls?
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtLpZWNyM0I
  14. I don't think this is Asian, myself. Looks Art Deco era and the stamp appears to be Western, think it says Max and a number above.
  15. Beeyutifull ring! Am so glad you found the missing stone! :)
  16. Oh my friend, thank you for missing me, I missed you and all my friends here. Life can be brutal sometimes, as we all know ... The link was not to the ring, was to the dragonfly, you posted that o...
  17. Ha ha ha, that is so me! I leave something, then can't stop obsessing, and have to go back later that day or the next morning, praying it's still there, lol. The worst is the swap meet since it's on...
  18. Upon further study, this is fantastic, so well designed. Did the vehicles come with it or was this meant to encourage kids to collect the different vehicles?
  19. I love your posts with all the history and background, and I especially love your toys and want them all, lol! Love this little city! Thanks for sharing. :)
  20. Needless to say we are living in a vile reality show nightmare hosted by the Orange Troll, featuring among other things, on a path to nuclear war, genocidal bungling of hurricane relief, and massacres...
  21. What a lovely brooch, Ken! I don't know enough about D&E to positively identify, perhaps someone who is more expert can help. Looks like D&E to me except that I don't think I've ever seen a brooch o...
  22. You could try asking in the Chinese art group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/185857384957780/
  23. Oooh love the jade ring, talk more about that one. All beauties, Pascale! :)
  24. Thank you for this post, some great information. Fabulous glass.
  25. Oh I hadn't thought of that, the style of the platters looked so much alike, I assumed the sigs were the same person but in two different styles of writing. Frustrating not to be able to read the nam...
  26. Oh how fantastic! I love this shrawn primp brooch, it is amazing! Glad that women of earlier eras had imagination and style when it came to jewels. One thing, I would like to see the earlier bright...
  27. Well written study of a beautiful piece, thanks Cameo. :)
  28. LOL, Pascale and her bugs, buuuuuggs!! ;)) I love these too, Marga, they are brilliant, and all so different, thank you for sharing these treasures. :)
  29. CanyonRoad, yoohoo!
  30. Have come back to look at this set several times. I just love it. Gosh, you have so many wonderful things, but of them all, some really stick with me, of course the astonishing beautiful glass you s...
  31. Cushmanh, your mystery is solved, time to close the case. :) Stuffsavvy, nice work, I hope you can help ID other pieces of vintage glass. :)
  32. Nothing better than flamingos, I've got some plastic pinkies in my garden pots. :)
  33. Thanks for the love, roddyq, kyratango, ho2cultcha, SEAN68, and Quantumphysica. :) Q, glad we agree on the effect, and I agree it is deliberate. Yes, I thought first name was Lisa, but the last n...
  34. Another fantastic addition to your fantastic collection of mosaic jewelry, thanks for sharing it, Marga, always love to see your pieces! :)
  35. It actually says Nucleo de Artesanos Berraty, or Serraty. The Columbia government undertook a census of artesanal communities in 1998, you can contact them to find out more about who made your artwor...
  36. Tell her I adore her, too, lol. ;)) *waiting by mailbox*
  37. Looks like your vase, Sean.
  38. Have you tried asking in one of the Oriental groups on FB? Chinese or Japanese art, some of the experts there may be able to provide some clues.
  39. What an odd shadow cast below the pot(s), looks like they are sitting in a depression. Fantastic art pottery, Sean! :)
  40. It may be GF15. G is the first initial of the state in which the ring was produced, the initial F is the first initial of the last name of the silversmith whose work was the fifteenth registered in t...
  41. Not antique, Kutani, made for export prob in the 50s.
  42. I see the cat had a good lunch! ;))
  43. Fantastique! :)
  44. D&E milk glass brooch, now that's something special! :)
  45. My mom smoked Marlboros, my grandparents smoked Lucky Strikes. Yes, I remember these machines.
  46. Beautiful bit of shell, Judy, I too thought it was a cat's eye, then saw the swirl on the back of the pendant. :)
  47. Hi Brian, sorry for the late response to your comment. I would love to see your plate if you would care to post it on CW or send privately via email, my addy is on my profile page. I tried for ...
  48. Earthquake putty is supposedly removable with more earthquake putty, or GooGone, or WD40. Try and see what happens! :)
  49. Thanks for the love, JImam, bijoucaillouvintage, kyratango, Caperkid, jscott0363, TassieDevil, and Efesgirl. :) Bonnie, you do have a big soft heart, I loves you back so much. Thank you! You kne...
  50. Yep, a guiro. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/drums-percussion/lp-torpedo-guiro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aPQ5ODeVe0
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