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  1. I recently came across this information I was given: Ginnie Weller was a potter in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This looks to be an early work of hers as she later used a stylized GW as her signature. Sh...
  2. Sears made some great Western style shirts as well.
  3. Kyratango would love this beautiful bug! Thanks for sharing. :)
  4. Yuy, watch those teeth! :D Mexicans love sharks, they use them in songs and in idioms, as well as food.
  5. Can we have a photo of the word FOREIGN? I don't think it's Japanese. Perhaps some other country we were at war with?
  6. Thanks for the love, fortapache, Brunswick, Newfld, vetraio50, greatly appreciated!
  7. Thank you for your nice comment, Manikin. I love your dolls, and your knowledge which you share here is priceless to everyone! :)
  8. Manikin, their expressions look kind of modern, especially the smiles look like Howdy Doody, and the hair isn't mohair. Perhaps more 60s-ish?
  9. Super beautiful, as are all of your micro mosaic pieces, thanks for sharing.
  10. Thanks for the love, Manikin, kivatinitz, mikelv85, Newfld, PhilDMorris, vetraio50, jscott0363, dav2no1, valentino97, aura! jscotto, thanks, it's a pretty one. :) Newfld, thanks, it is a nice de...
  11. Both ends of the closure, clasp and drop, please.
  12. Perhaps remove one of the pictures of the back of the brooch and add a picture of the back of the earrings? Very pretty, I think 50s era with these, too.
  13. Need better pictures. Each painting should have its own thread with four photos, front, back, signature, close up of anything that's important. Also please orient them right side up, my space boots a...
  14. I used to know this album backwards and forwards, played it so much.
  15. Oh I beg your pardon, Vinyl, I meant to ask nbiggins29, don't know why I typed your name in there, sorry, my mistake. :)
  16. Lots of cool little stuff in that place!
  17. Is there a specific question, or something you find interesting about this coin, Vinyl? Otherwise, as AO is saying, it's an ordinary quarter that's had a hard life.
  18. Is it possible to see the drop on the end of the necklace? My guess is that this may be French, mid to late fifties. Very pretty!
  19. Thanks for the love, officialfuel, Watchsearcher, fortapache, and Brunswick!
  20. Thanks for the love, Newfld, kwqd, vetraio50, dav2no1, and fortapache!
  21. Thanks for the love, mikelv85, LovelyPat, PhilDMorris, kivatinitz, aura, Brunswick, vetraio50, and dav2no1!
  22. That is a real treasure! Beautiful work by one of my favorite jewelry designers! Thanks for sharing.
  23. Thanks, sklo 42, racer4four, mikelv85, aura, Brunswick, Trey, and jscott0363, for the love! r4f, I am truly surprised you hadn't seen this glass, I thought sure you'd come across it before now. Isn...
  24. Thanks for the love, aura, Brunswick, mikelv85, vetraio50, dav2no1, and Newfld! Thanks, r4f, my friend, cost me a few bucks, but I think worth it. :)
  25. Thanks, fortapache, and Vynil33rpm, for the love!
  26. Thanks for the love, aura, Brunswick, Trey, jscott0363, and Newfld! Thanks, Newfld, it is a very pretty basket! Thanks, kwqd, appreciate the correction, I only meant to say that Mikasa is not kn...
  27. Thanks for the love, kwqd, vetraio50, dav2no1, fortapache.
  28. Beautiful!!! Is this Stangl related to the Stangl who produced the Stangl dinnerware?
  29. apostata, what is your opinion of this jar, please?
  30. Ah, I just looked it up, okay, I learned something today!
  31. Beautiful D&E! What is the stone you call a navette? I only see marquise stones.
  32. "They are calling it a Baccarat and they said there's is an antique bought in Paris 25 years ago." Brother, the things people will say to sell their stuff on eBay, lol. I actually don't know anythi...
  33. The one in the third photo, the lattice with the wee pink flowers, that's the one for me. They are all lovely!
  34. Love Brunido, that color pattern is beautiful.
  35. Thanks for the love, racer4four, Newfld, fortapache, Brunswick, jscott0363, vetraio50, FreshAir, and aura! Thanks Newfld, they are well made, and have an almost glassy, or wet, finish, I've seen ...
  36. I have a Prince Matchabelli bottle, it isn't colored like yours, plain glass. These bottles are collectible.
  37. Would it be possible to see the base? I love him. When I first saw him I thought Bosson's Head, but don't think I've ever seen one with lipstick that red. https://www.pinterest.com/bacah25/boss...
  38. Spectacular! Your Sherman is to die for, always such a joy seeing it. Thanks for sharing your treasures.
  39. Now that is the coolest thing, three fruit brooches from three different designers! Thanks for sharing these lovely brooches.
  40. What a pretty fellow, very sparkley!
  41. Kenneth Jay Lane made some beautiful pieces of jewelry. I have some pieces by him, if I'm not mistaken, would have to look. Great bee brooch!
  42. From these photos, it looks like either a craft project or an artisanal piece. An open flat view of the inside would help.
  43. I'd seen Disney milk glass mugs, but not a bottle before, thanks for sharing.
  44. Ms. CrystalShip mentioned an Alexandrite bracelet, I looked at your page, but couldn't find the bracelet, can you point me in the direction of that bracelet, I'd love to see it.
  45. Very modernist indeed, but classically beautiful, always wonderful Sherman pieces.
  46. Spectacular Sherman pieces, love to look at them.
  47. Incredible pieces, unique glass leaves, and the pastel colors are to die for. Very apropos for spring, and Easter outfit.
  48. This is Sherman perfection as always, the best of jewelry design.
  49. What a beautiful set, Sherman always is the best.
  50. That black enamel line decor drew me in because I see it so often in Japanese ceramics and don't understand it. Looks like someone took a Sharpie and drew irregular lines on the piece, nonconformant t...
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