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Cotuit, Massachusetts

I am a violinist. I have inherited, collected, bought, and sold antiques and collectibles since I was ten years old. Just as a hobby, for fun. I opened an etsy sI am a violinist. I have inherited, collected, bought, and sold antiques and collectibles since I was ten years old. Just as a hobby, for fun. I opened an etsy store called Ashera's Attic recently to help me downsize. Now I'm really having fun bc I'm researching and learning so much about things I never realized I had! Wish I could keep everything! (Read more)


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  1. Thanks Racer!
  2. Pretty!
  3. I've never seen one either! Thanks for sharing!
  4. That should read cobalt blue.
  5. I love your house!! I love your graniteware! I have one we keep our kindling in by the wood stove. Color blue is my favorite color. do you live in a log home?
  6. Almost looks like little orphan Annie's dog. Didn't she have a dog? And weren't her eyes drawn the same way?
  7. I love him!! He looks old. His facial expression especially around the eyes looks like early 20th century. Where did you find him?
  8. Thanks Ginnie Lou!
  9. Hi Mike: have you considered opening an etsy store? I have one called Ashera's Attic and it's doing quite well selling antiques and collectibles. I have no special knowledge. I just have some stuf...
  10. I'm a fan of the Vikings TV show on the history channel so I'd like to think this belonged to Ragnar Lothbrook or his brother, Rollo! LOL! Wrong century, I know! :-)
  11. I'm sorry Katherine! I should have posted this as solved. I showed them to a guy who collects comic strip art and he identified them as Mutt and Jeff. The first newspaper comic strip. The tall one...
  12. Love these! I never saw depression glass shakers before!!
  13. They're very cute!
  14. hi Katherine: thanks for the info! I'm seriously considering buying that set you told me about but then what do I do with two sets?!! I just love it so! MIOJ made in occupied Japan makes that set ...
  15. Really?!! I never knew they came with a pitcher! Do you happen to know who made them and what the name of the pattern is? :-)
  16. Thanks Robin!
  17. Hate to burst your bubble but this is not a black watch tartan. Black watch tartan is blue and green. Katherine's figurine is green and gold.
  18. That's a good question! I don't know but this must have been a summer item. Maybe they wore a long sleeve blouse under it?
  19. I looked at a list of tartan patterns on Wikipedia and didn't find anything specific. :-(
  20. Nice! I have some Scottish ancestry so I like this. The color of the tartan will tell you the area of Scotland it represents. I'll try to figure it out for you!
  21. Thanks Kyratango! Wish I was small enuf to wear it! I'd have to lose a few pounds!!
  22. Very tempting!!
  23. I found that too! Very lucky indeed! :)
  24. I love mysteries like this!
  25. Soapstone calls to mind native Canadian work. The razor toothed fish handle might represent a whale or shark or some large scary fish. It might be worth having it appraised by a professional.
  26. This is a very unusual piece. I've never seen anything like it. I don't think it's Chinese or Japanese. It doesn't look Indian either. Perhaps it's a fantasy piece created by an unknown potter. T...
  27. It's gorgeous!
  28. I can't display her and I can't sell her. I guess she will sit in her bubble wrap for another thirty years!!
  29. Isn't it frustrating?
  30. Wow! Thank you for the information Manikin! very interesting and very helpful!! :-)
  31. You're right! It is a cute doll! I love the clothes on her. They are so old and the buttons are so tiny.
  32. Thanks Manikin! I was starting to think the head was put on an older bisque body. The photos I see of celluloid dolls seems like the whole doll is celluloid. Have you ever heard of the maker? Schu...
  33. I found a mark on the head ... Schutz-Marks Germany with a turtle. But the body is bisque.
  34. Thanks Zowie! That's an excellent idea! I'll google it! I'm on Cape Cod in Massachusetts USA! Maybe there is a doll hospital here! Excellent idea!
  35. Very brave! We have four kitties so we can't display anything! My husband built me a cherry china cabinet and it's packed to the gills!! LOL!
  36. Wow! Katherine! Thank you so much for finding this info for me! I really appreciate it! I never heard of a wall pocket until today. Did you see the photo of Beth's wall pocket collection? She ha...
  37. When do you think this was made? I never heard of a wall pocket...I'll have to google that!
  38. There! I just edited it so CW won't have to....:-)
  39. I just wonder how it got from Czechoslovakia to Massachusetts!
  40. Thanks Katherine And Aghcollect!
  41. Wow! Thank you for helping me with this!! I always loved it and my mother said it was worth a lot of money. But I do t care what it is worth. I will never sell it! I love it!
  42. I love it because of the dragon theme. I have an antique Japanese tea set with gold dragons on it that is just beautiful. My absolutely favorite possession of all time. I should post it on CW. S...
  43. I just read info about Yixing tea Pots!! What a fascinating story! I wonder how I can find out how old it is.
  44. Thank you so very much for your information! I would never in a million years have known what it was!
  45. Thank you! xO!
  46. This reminds me of late father's step van. I used to work with him every Saturday on the truck. In the summer time I would keep the door slid open and stand in the doorway enjoying the breeze. Ha...
  47. Thank you for solving it TA!
  48. Interesting! I'd love to see someone use it so I can see how it works!
  49. bonjour Anne: I don't know anything about them but they are beautiful! "Waterford" indicates it was made by the famous Irish crystal company. I didn't know they made lights. Very nice!
  50. Thanks Katherine!
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Ocumicho Devil and Muerte Playing in a Band


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