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  1. Here is the real deal Love bracelet, if your’s is marked Cartier, you can walk it into any Cartier for authentication:
  2. Toracat would love this one... what ever happened to him, been 2 years, Wow! Neat! T A
  3. T A
  4. Here’s a news story that may interest you: T A
  5. It’s a Linocut, made from burlap backed Linoleum, not leather. T A
  6. As a kid I remember these at Service Merchandise (and out in the wild in the back of a few limousines). T A
  7. T A
  8. I think you are correct, the company held several patients for rug loom innovations and had a giant factory in New Jersey. So I don’t think it’s a case of them importing rugs from Asia and putting the...
  9. T A
  10. Possibly Mittens Manufacturing Co. Redlands, CA. T A
  11. Hello! Yes, still here. Always nice to see/hear you. T A
  12. It says: Wellington Box 1064 Tokyo Japan. T A
  13. You’re welcome; happy to help. T A
  14. No the copper plating is there... T A
  15. Every morning I have three sweet little wild bunnies waiting for me to bring them carrots and sunflower seeds to them in the front garden :) T A
  16. Cigarette Holder. T A
  17. There is an appraisal link on the main page. Since it isn’t fine art, but a mass production piece, it’s value is as a decor piece — depending on how bad someone wants it. Sorry it’s not the answer...
  18. T A
  19. I’m thinking that there is enough “silver” on the edge to think that it’s an environmental/chemical discoloration and not missing the cupronickel on both sides. The coin would be a bit lighter in weig...
  20. You’re welcome. T A
  21. No, sorry. It’s most likely die deterioration, some would argue that it machine doubling, but I note the wear at the top of the motto “In God We Trust”. T A
  22. They were using these wooden cloth covered planes in WW2... the Wright Brother’s plane was cloth covered wings, so yes it’s an old applied concept. T A
  23. T A
  24. A de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito, was such a plane that was used by the U S Army Airforces, just an example, I’m not saying this is from one. T A
  25. Are you thinking more along the lines of Hollywood Regency for this rendition of the Three Graces? T A
  26. You’re welcome! T A
  27. People enjoy drama, so dramatic errors, errors that should have never left the mint, things like that, that’s what is rare and sought after. T A
  28. I’m not saying this isn’t an error in a very broad sense that anything other than perfection is an error. Unfortunately that doesn’t make it valuable or sought after. T A
  29. @Gillian save for a couple of streetside trees, the homes have not really changed at all in 100+ years, even the utility pole is there ;) Aunt Nelle would easily recognize it. T A
  30. Indeed and it takes its toll on the dies. T A
  31. 230 N Randolph St, Indianapolis, IN 46201 Open that address in Google Maps, spin it around to view across the street and move down the street to the right two houses... T A
  32. I believe that’s called die flow. It’s what happens to an old die near the end of it’s useful striking life. They use 35 tons of pressure to mint a dime... T A
  33. Used to sew buttonholes. T A
  34. I don’t get childishly riled up about this stuff — not to worry, it’s more of a feeling of embarrassment really. You have a great day as well! T A
  35. And it’s not alabaster... Cast Plastic. T A
  36. You laugh, but the Westin St. Francis hotel on Union Square, San Francisco, has been washing and drying all of their coins since something like 1938... T A
  37. Cast (not carved) plastic (resin) not ivory. T A
  38. You’re welcome. T A
  39. It usually doesn’t work that way. The black color shows the zinc probably reacted with an acid. Dissolved, it leaves pockets under the copper plate, which is easily dented, pushing the mint mark into ...
  40. Well since there is a cross on the book, I would have a bit of doubt about it being Diogenes. Perhaps look to people like Saint Jerome... T A
  41. No worries. T A
  42. I posted a link about that shows other dryer coins. It’s not just a single trip in the dryer that causes this damage. It’s those dryers that make all sorts of clinking sounds, they have coins trapped...
  43. Lol! Oh jeeez. It’s coins left in pockets that get tumbled, not the coin mechanism that causes the damage. They get wedged in the beater bars of the drum over and over again... T A
  44. Broadstruck coins do not have a finished edge because the collar is not raised when the coin is struck; in other words no reeded edge. As miss aligned hammer die coins are common, they are not really...
  45. No it’s not. T A
  46. Do the edges have lines? (The lines they are called reeding). T A
  47. Just new posts. T A
  48. Yes I know the difference... still not coin counter damaged, they don’t chamfer the edge, but clothing dryers do. Denise777 post away! T A
  49. Happy to help. Keep checking your change, there are errors out there :) T A
  50. Happy to help. T A
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