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  1. Happy to help. T A
  2. A hydrometer or areometer is an instrument that measures the specific gravity (relative density) of liquids—the ratio of the density of the liquid to the density of water. Used to test the ratio of a...
  3. I believe the "spoon tip" is part of the back plate to the faux or mock key cabinet pull. T A
  4. The CE mark was mandated in 1993, so that's the oldest it could be... T A
  5. How about a size reference. (My gut feeling is it was part of a traveling communion set if it's smaller than an average altarpiece communion cup). T A
  6. I think it's a broken up cabinet pull. (ignoring the obvious metal jacketed bullet). The magnetic part is what's left of the screw that secured it. T A
  7. Similar designs are used to hold the bone when carving meat. I'm wondering if this is it's intended purpose. T A
  8. No worries, happy to help, T A
  9. Found one on Esty:
  10. Don Quixote, is a Spanish novel by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. Published in two volumes, in 1605 and 1615. Crazy rack, Hun? T A
  11. I think up to the 40's then they tended to use wooden casks and Western bottling became the norm. T A
  12. Yes a sake jug. Shops would sell sake despenced into customer provided containers (like growler beer sales). T A
  13. I didn't make them, just telling you what they are ;) T A
  14. While neat to possess, I would urge you to consider loaning them to a museum, or donating them, as they would place it with the rest of the papers they have from this event.
  15. Toe weights for horses. T A
  16. I'm happy to help; you're welcome. T A
  17. First is a Christmas Tree Stand, by North Brothers Mfg Co., Philadelphia, PA. T A
  18. T A
  19. I believe it's from the Kam-Sui (Dong) people of southern China. A hat ornament. T A
  20. Would you please take photos of the object and not your fingers, then repost showing front and back. Thank you. T A
  21. Happy to help. T A
  22. Juicer attachment for a mixer. (It's not a dentist's spit sink like half of the eBay sellers claim). T A
  23. Originals are 86 × 68 cm and are still at the Château de Versailles. T A
  24. Shape, size, weight, cartoonish design, mode of manufacturing, appearance, et al. T A
  25. Sorry, it's not real. T A
  26. Sibyl (Sorry autocorrect). T A
  27. Temple of the Sybil at Tivoli. T A
  28. It's quite common really. I have two sets h...
  29. See the lead plug:
  30. This was not done by the owner... Primitive casting, under and overweight, solved by removing or adding metal, maybe lead. T A
  31. You're welcome. T A
  32. Yes, it's a quality control manufacturing process. T A
  33. Show your friend this chart: Drilling out material in order to achieve the correct weight (and balance) is a thing ;) T A
  34. T A
  35. T A
  36. No, the notes written on the mold, refer to the alloy (20% A5 nickel + moly). Plus the inventory no/parts no tags look modern to me. T A
  37. I believe it's called a match plate pattern and I don't get the feeling that it's older than the 1930's based on the alloy called for in casting... this basic form is still made and used today so it c...
  38. United States Military honorable discharge lapel pin, from WWI. T A
  39. Not seeing the first attempt at placing the mint mark. T A
  40. Sorry, not an error. T A
  41. For example: T A
  42. Bowls like this are usually from Indonesia. Mass produced, priced as decor pieces. T A
  43. A warming stand (place tea light candle in center). T A
  44. Google: "sad iron heating stove" and explore the results. T A
  45. Machinist's speed indicator (tachometer). T A
  46. A rheostat (resistive inductor). Possibly for use with a carbon arc light. T A
  47. They make nice fountain pen holders to ;) T A
  48. From the 90's T A
  49. T A
  50. You're welcome. T A
  51. See more


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