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  1. You're welcome. T A
  2. T A
  3. You're welcome, thanks for sharing. T A
  4. Chemical wear. The copper core will react faster than the copper nickel outer layers. T A
  5. Maybe the stones total weight is 46 pts as it doesn't seem to be an effective form of inventory control. T A
  6. It's called a hair receiver. You put hair cleaned off brushes into it. T A
  7. Air mail stamp. Background: One of the exhibitors in the World ATM is the Infante de Orleans Foundation (FIO), a non-profit organization based in Madrid and is composed of aviation enthusiasts and...
  8. T A
  9. You're welcome. Oh and if you did, don't clean your coins, it only hurts their value. T A
  10. 10 Baht From Thailand. Decipher the date here: T A
  11. T A
  12. Amaing! Love it! T A
  13. Cool, we love collections ;) T A
  14. My aunt is a quilter and this is her "traveling" machine that she takes to the sewing bees where they make quilts and toys for the children's hospital. It's a workhorse. T A
  15. I'm glade you love it, some history about it, Accessories Associates Inc. started in 1971 as Femic Inc., but changed it's name in 1986, so this piece is around that date, 1986 and it's gold plated (th...
  16. Scroll to the bottom of this page: T A
  17. It says E Hilker Chicago, PAT FEB 22, 04 ( I think)... it's a combination mop and wringer. T A
  18. Now that it's a silly thread, I have to say it looks like actor Robert Forster... T A
  19. They still make fabric and blankets at the original factory however clothing are sewn overseas. T A
  20. My thoughts are that the bottom maybe the top, and it was covered or encased as not to be seen. So, most likely not a tea cup at all. T A
  21. They were made by Corbell & Co. (C. &Co. on bottom). T A
  22. Better link. T A
  23. Well if you look at the site I posted, I think you will be very happy... T A
  24. would be the people to talk to... looks good to me. Great find! T A
  25. would be the people to talk to... looks good to me. Great find! T A
  26. That's really cool of you. I'm sure they will fill in the blanks and help you truly solve the mystery. T A
  27. No, it's not the family name. It's a Polish organization based off Saint (?w.) Francis. I'm not 100% sure if it was strictly a religious group or if it was the (fraternity) social club of the church a...
  28. Happy to help! Hello kyratango ;) T A
  29. It may have been stamped argent doré, which meant gold over silver and not a name. T A
  30. It's a common bamboo steamer, most likely from China. You set it on top of a pot of boiling water and steam food items like pork buns, they are stackable too. T A
  31. Welcome back! T A
  32. Welcome back! T A
  33. A rendition of the work by Frans Hals: T A
  34. A Weihnachtspyramide, German, originally from the border area with the Cech Republic. Now ubiquitous. T A
  35. Japanese version: T A
  36. I believe it's to secure a sword to the belt. T A
  37. Please keep us updated on what you find. Always happy to help, T A
  38. Relios inc. Albuquerque, NM. T A
  39. I find similar styles at that are silver plate and no marks of 925 nor sterling, so... T A
  40. The former Cresecent Silverware MFG. CO. INC. Mark. T A
  41. You're too kind Manikin ;) Thanks, TA
  42. It seems many states and cities issued a World War Service Medal with variations on a theme. Most were a state seal, some where depictions of Lady Victory, as this one appears to be. Example: h...
  43. At today's silver value, it's $0.95 worth. T A
  44. I'm pretty sure it's ink. T A
  45. Happy to help. T A
  46. A hydrometer or areometer is an instrument that measures the specific gravity (relative density) of liquids—the ratio of the density of the liquid to the density of water. Used to test the ratio of a...
  47. I believe the "spoon tip" is part of the back plate to the faux or mock key cabinet pull. T A
  48. The CE mark was mandated in 1993, so that's the oldest it could be... T A
  49. How about a size reference. (My gut feeling is it was part of a traveling communion set if it's smaller than an average altarpiece communion cup). T A
  50. I think it's a broken up cabinet pull. (ignoring the obvious metal jacketed bullet). The magnetic part is what's left of the screw that secured it. T A
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