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  1. From the 90's T A
  2. T A
  3. You're welcome. T A
  4. Coffee bean roaster. T A
  5. Augustus, AR Cistophorus (a form of tetradrachm). The real ones were struck circa 25-20 BC, in Ephesus, Ionia. T A
  6. I would go with Canada. They seem to have gone through a half moon phase. Also this: T A
  7. You're welcome! T A
  8. A clutch for a stick pin. T A
  9. Seems legit: T A
  10. Part of the confusion is because it is cast iron and not brass... a magnet will tell. T A
  11. Retail and in better condition so... Don't iron them, use just pressure, like a stack of weights, heat can set and dark...
  12. Made sometime after 1993. T A
  13. No worries Mike, you always find interesting things ;) T A
  14. They started selling them in 1919, but only for none residents at first. T A
  15. Carpet stretcher. T A
  16. Is it looking like Venezuela for the last line? The color combination is used there often. T A
  18. Plastic, so a new piece. T A
  19. These are part of a gold testing kit, used with a touchstone. T A
  21. Happy to help. T A
  22. Like many companies they farm out much of their manufacturing. They are an US company. T A
  23. Staking Set. T A
  24. Franklin Mint. The cat is modeled after another statue... T A
  25. Hellenic Green by Jeannette Glass Company circa 1950-60's. T A
  26. Not kidding. Keep in mind that being as fair skinned as possible was also a fad. The flat screen should be ajustable up and down the pole to accommodate different individuals. There were handhel...
  27. Young women were delicate treasures and fainted at the slightest climatic change. This would be used to block the raident heat from a fireplace from scorching their pale faces. A fireplace face screen...
  29. Austria-Hungary not Russian. T A
  30. In tropical Asia, they work outdoors in roadside "factories" making antiques. If you happen to see a Balinese imported furniture store in your travels, I recommend you drop in and have a look. You may...
  32. Happy to help. T A
  33. You're referring to the motto, I'm talking about to the right of his collar, in the field of the coin, there is a "R" it's actually on both sides, faint but there. T A
  34. It maybe a gift shop piece, note the "R"(replica) in the right field of the first photo. T A
  35. They mixed ground walnut shells and resin and cast may decor item in the 1970's. The picture is from Pinterest, since it's 100% identical, that tells me it's a molded piece. Personally I would never i...
  36. It's plastic... T A
  37. Heating pad? T A
  38. Happy to help. T A
  39. I think it is a fuel jug for a kerosene stove, circa 1918, possibly made by the Cleaveland Ohio Metal Products Co. T A
  40. Even out of focus it reminds me of a collegiate pin, may have had a small chain attached that held a secondary charm (student lamp or Greek letters, etc) of a sorority, or fraternity type nature (I be...
  41. The Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection is part of the Library of Congress, so this may be a LOC gift shop item. T A
  42. Apply to help, T A
  43. You're very welcome. T A
  44. An antique sewing machine, circa 1860 By Williams & Orvis. T A
  45. Rothenburg ob der Tauber. T A
  46. AR-2 Communications Receiver, sold as a kit 1952-1955. T A
  47. You laugh, but poorer people that couldn't afford a luxury spit-jack like this did use a twisted string tied to a rock to get a twirling motion going. ;) T A
  48. Usually called a bottle-jack because of it's shape, it was wound and would turn meat in front of a fire. T A
  49. You're welcome. T A
  50. It's meant to look like an antique lamp. Some lamps like whale oil lamps often came with tools to care for the wick, hanging from them for convenience sake. T A
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