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  1. Thanks so much, Harrisk, I never found out what kind of stones those are but I wear the ring on special occasions only.
  2. Thanks Dav yes they could be uranium but what is the pattern?
  3. thanks, keramikos, and PhilDMorris for your help.
  4. Thanks Walkingthefloor
  5. apostata, thanks for your input. I really appreciate your knowledge.
  6. ho2cultcha thanks for your info please tell me more of what you mean. I trying to know more about this hallmark?
  7. I am so sorry I am not understanding either of the comments but thanks
  8. billretirecoll, thank you so much for your info.
  9. thanks, billretirecoll, none of those are a match. There is on similar but when I click on the link it takes me to eBay and I can't find it even in the sold or completed category. Thanks so much.
  10. The gold Yi Shan Guan all with gold wire braided gold crown production using Qiasi (??), Leisi (??), Masi (??), welding and other processes, is the highest level of the Ming Dynasty gold and silver pr...
  11. apostata thanks so much. This is a very rare item. I see that some of these were dug from the graves of the deceased Emperors Tombs.
  12. The backside of the pendant is flat with no design.
  13. Keramikos, thanks so much for your unwavering knowledge and thanks for taking time out of your day to post a valid response. Once again thanks for your hard work.
  14. kaudet4gx3 thanks for your time and great research.
  15. Thanks, Collectables59 for your comment.
  16. ho2cultcha, no those are just indents which is a Design feature.
  17. Valentino97 you may find out more info on the artist by going to her website You can also email her da...
  18. CanyonRoad let's hope that someone that sees this post may have some info on this. One can never give up we may never know what the next step that could be the one that makes us become successful.
  19. Thanks CanyonRoad for your comments
  20. Thanks CanyonRoad for your comments.
  21. Thanks CanyonRoad then where was it made and by whom?
  22. Thanks Vetraio50. Do you know if the number 83 mean 1883?
  23. Thank you Manikin, I was surprised to find out the value of this designers jewelry. He makes jewelry mostly for men. This goes to show that there are so many treasures at estate, auction and garage ...
  24. Thank you so much Elisabethan for your time and wisdom.
  25. Thanks Collectables56
  26. Mcheconi thanks but this is a British coin. I've seen this symbol on coins and medallions before but I didn't save the research. The soccer team might have used this symbol later on but this coin/me...
  27. Thanks, Dilys, that seems to be the more logical answer.
  28. Thanks so much for your help TallCakes "Amazing".
  29. Thanks, Vetraio50 and TassieDevil for your help
  30. Thanks, I know GDA Limoges China, I don't know what the red writing means.
  31. Wow, how did you find this? Thanks so much
  32. Thanks to all for your expertise
  33. Thanks brunswick, this is a keeper, going to mount on linen under glass and just admire it for ages to come.
  34. Thanks so much Lizzycbw
  35. What is this used for? The long piece of sterling metal does not really fit into the slots of the dragon figural
  36. No it's not a cigarette case. These were given to guest in China and Japan during at dinner for a party gift.
  37. Thanks Efesgirl, I never equated as to be six points but I like the first meaning the six attributes of God: power, wisdom, majesty, love, mercy and justice.
  38. Thanks Rustfarm got it problem Solved
  39. I was told that this one was used to hang on the clothing of the miners
  40. Thank you rucklezglass for your comment and solving a problem.
  41. Thanks so much I see this is satin glass. These vases are very lovely.
  42. Thanks much TubeAmp for all of your help. Found it and got a lot more information just because of your lead, thanks again.
  43. Thanks for your info but this is not a melting pot. I already know the hall marks are British, hall marks are easy to find on the internet but finding a particular object is another story especially ...
  44. There is an organization that collect stoves like this you may conduct a google search.
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Pallme-König Frit decor vase ca. 1905


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