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1961 d dime RPM - US Coinsin US Coins
1999 d penny nose error ? - US Coinsin US Coins
1988 p dime Rockwell test? - US Coinsin US Coins
1987 MAD d penny  - US Coinsin US Coins
Abe got his ear pierced. ???? 1982LD penny - US Coinsin US Coins
1991 penny missing Clad? - US Coinsin US Coins
Wow! 1979 d penny like new - US Coinsin US Coins
Missing Clad? 1981 p quarter - US Coinsin US Coins
1989 d Double die Penny? - US Coinsin US Coins
1979 Penny  - US Coinsin US Coins


  1. Thanks :)
  2. Lol. Thank you and especially Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. Those are amazing indeed :)
  3. It's Denise. Lol. Awesome collection. I have none of these :( is the number below the circulated amount?
  4. thanks :)
  5. Oh wow . Did you get it appraised?
  6. Could you imagine working at a mint and "accidentally" putting 3018 (computer programming these days I heard) on a 2018 .lol
  7. Gotcha. So the sought after are the Broadstrike that affects the details of the coin and double strikes. I found when they but the obverse back of a up coming year and the front of the current year on...
  8. I must confess. I thought mint error was anything that happened to the coin at the mint. So a mint actual"Error" is like a double strike or Broadstrike? Still confused.:)
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A few U. S. Barber and Mercury Dimes


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posted 8 years ago