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  1. better picture provided. can anybody decifer the owners initials?
  2. it isnt working and the enamel on the front is cracked in a few places. i have replaced the inside picture but still a bit crappy. only using my ipad. sorry.
  3. is this valuable? not needing a valuation, just need to know if i should get it cleaned which would cost a lot.
  4. is it a steiff?
  5. want! ??
  6. Etheopian axum stamp. Worthpoint. I have now been told they are to do with king soloman and may be around 3000 years old.
  7. Yes it is a plane with a person holding a flag in it. Thats what makes it so intriguing. I know its very old. Not sure how old.
  8. Omg. I have found a person who bought one similar in byzantine. It is definitely by the same people. Too many similaritys. He doesnt know anything about them but its a start. I will try to put up a p...
  9. Thanks wma. Would make sense, was mum and dads. 1955 for sure. Dad would have been in china about that time. ????
  10. I know some of these are worth heaps. I have a similar one but I think mine is a copy. Lots of cheap junk around that looks like real old ones. Hope you find yours is an antique.
  11. wow. love it. why not silver. not magnetic so aluminium? but looks silver to me. although i wouldnt know.
  12. not as much fun as when i was a child.
  13. i better learn to carve i think. unless anybody has a spare? thanks. i couldnt find a pic myself, i tried.
  14. working in a thrift shop, i would have snapped it up at double the price i put on it. lol
  15. why do valve radios make me swoon?
  16. i dont know.
  17. hubba hubba.
  18. has anybody seen one like this before? what i it realy called?
  19. thanks kjane79 ill check that.
  20. pic of the signature, shareurpassion. it could even be a serving tray? its padded which would make it useless for drinks and maybe thats why its so dirty?
  21. yep its an oil can for a triumph motorcycle. i found the same for sale on worthpoint.
  22. bit late to answer you but thanks antiquerose. ????
  23. funny isnt it that we all would buy silly things that we dont need and dont even know what they are. lol
  24. took the painting out of its frame. used a cotton bud, paint comes off onto the bud. so it is a watercolor for sure. the name also may not be green. who knows?
  25. yep, sure is mate! aussi as. lots of gum trees. really different. thats why we like it. it is a bad pic im sorry. should have taken the pic in the daylight. maybe i will tomorrow.
  26. should i polish them?
  27. love those flicker globes. had some in an old lamp lasted ten years. new ones last only months if your lucky.
  28. have you posted the larger ones in a gold color that you just got?
  29. i have a little toyota 86 gt. i dream im in your car. doh.
  30. it appears to be areal bronze age skull. lol
  31. thanks guys, especially kyratango. i read the artical and have attempted to graft some myself. hope it works. dont see wgy not. will take a couple of month before i will know. will post if it wor...
  32. love the before and after cleaning shots.
  33. wow. great find.
  34. i found a pic of a girodias knife. this looks soooo similar. i believe the inserts are silver. apears to have a name on the blade. worn almost away. i will repost a new pic of the blade. it is not a r...
  35. thats bigger than my house! beautiful.
  36. thanks guys! my great uncle was arthur drury. couldnt see it myself but on further investigation i agree. i think they may be made of celuloid.
  37. i have a similar one. mine has a corncob on the top. ill put mine on this site soon. very nice.
  38. i thought that. but its handy to know from a collector. efesgirl. thanks.
  39. i know her.
  40. want one too!
  41. they have been folded together for decades i think. will look great flattened out and framed. will re post when done.
  42. will frame them for sure. thanks kyratango.
  43. o its on the bottom. still interesting.
  44. how would they write on the inside? very interesting.
  45. just looked up taman shud on google. very interesting. spooky. In adelaide australia. a dead body was found with a small piece of paper torn from a book with taman shud writen on it. apparantly it me...
  46. i do wonder if its a first edition as the comment on the first page about H.R.H. princess mary being happy to accept a first edition of this book would suggest that this possibly couldn't be a first e...
  47. yep i looked up a 116a on ebay, ruby lane. beautiful face!
  48. i havnt asked the extended family if they have the other doll. i will. someones daughter may have it and not realise its value as we have the certificate. they may just think its a junky old doll. il...
  49. thanks manikin. especially for the bit about touching the cloths. i can now put a note that shes a dolly face in her box. and thanks also chinaheads. i dont know if its kestner as the writing is not v...
  50. she has pierced ears with earings. her body is all porcelin.
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