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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Amateur photographer, stuff collector...too much interests in life to choose one. Picture is my grandfather in 1932.


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C. 1910 German Alarm Clock in the Form of a Pocket Watch - Clocksin Clocks
1930's Molded Glass Honey Jar with giant bees and Bakelite screw lid - Bottlesin Bottles
Edouard Marcel Sandoz "Perruche sur tige, crête levée" - France 1922 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Feuerhand Nr. 323 kerosene lantern - Lampsin Lamps
Giant "Baby" Rolleiflex 4x4 Dummy update - Advertisingin Advertising
The Restoration of the Giant 4x4 Baby Rolleflex Model 1 - Part 1 - Advertisingin Advertising
1920s Tejedor counter top/table top miniature mannequin / dress form - Advertisingin Advertising
1930s Mickey Mouse Blue Enamelware Mug - Advertisingin Advertising
Art Deco Enamel Brooch/Pin - Art Decoin Art Deco
1951 Bayard Mickey Alarm Clock with a twist. - Clocksin Clocks


  1. Rolleye/Ross thanks for your comment. I actually tracked the whereabouts of almost all the other ten giant 4x4 Rollei dummies. There's one in Brazil (mine), that used to live in a camera shop in Rio d...
  2. Thank you for your comment jarnstuff. It is really a nice piece of design.
  3. It doesn't seem to be an antique, because of the way it is painted and how the faces are drawn, very simplified.
  4. Another beauty, love the colors on this one. The guy had taste. How many Sherman pieces do you have, Phil?
  5. Modern repro of an archaic bronze Jian (mirror).
  6. Modern repro of an archaic chinese phoenix dragon teapot.
  7. Modern reproduction of an archaic chinese ritual wine vessel.
  8. Modern reproduction of an archaic chinese bronze food vessel.
  9. Shang (or in the style of) dynasty repro.
  10. This is a modern reproduction of an archaic chinese bronze.
  11. If anyone needs help identifying or appraising chinese art, I have a tip to share. Peter Combs have a very good paid service ($12) on his site: Roll to the bottom of the page t...
  12. Thanks Mani Hoot60 IronLace RichmondLori
  13. I guess it was made between 1904 and 1920. After 1920, the company became Sherwood-Linley. It is made of brass.
  14. It is a fine old lamp, nice find.
  15. This is an English kerosene lamp made in Birmingham. Here you have the company info:
  16. Hey Phil, how are you? Yes, I love to restore these things, to find parts, to work with different materials and techniques and above all, to research the history behind these objects. This novelty clo...
  17. Beautiful job.
  18. I didn't know this model and I am vary happy your post made me find it. I am serious, I really want one of these ans if I am lucky enough I will find one :) Nice to know you will try to restore it. Th...
  19. More info on it
  20. I would not remove the crackle or wrinkle paint, I would wash it very well, apply a rust converter on the parts that are oxidized and repaint it in one of the original colors used in this model, to ke...
  21. As far as I could learn, it is a rare model from the 1920s. Nice find. I guess you could have the speaker grill reproduced and the paint restored. Your's seem to be the red "Mandarin Red" version. The...
  22. Here, I found the model! Now I want one! Crosley model 609 “Gemchest”
  23. Here's another was a true jewel:
  24. Well, I could not find the model name or number, but I found some pictures of this cabinet and it was really a pretty and unusual one. Too bad your is missing the speaker grill. https://www.icollector...
  25. Thanks to fortapache glassiegirl vetraio50 Cokeman1959 blunderbuss2 Newfld ttomtucker
  26. Thank you Phil. I intend to sell it and I am trying to figure out how I would be able to do it. I intend to contact an auction house that could give me the directions.
  27. Phil, no we don't have Antiques Roadshow down here, but I watch it on YouTube all the time and I learn a lot from it, and I trust my nose basically LOL. I mostly buy stuff to have them near me, to res...
  28. Thanks, bottle-bud and Hunter!
  29. If it is military, it seems to be related to a bridge building battalion.
  30. Hey Phil, thanks for your comment. It wasn't cheap in Brazilian terms, I paid 90 bucks for it, but it is truly a survivor, in perfect condition. The sad thing is that there's no market for collectible...
  31. Thank you fortapache kwqd RichmondLori AnythingObscure blunderbuss2 Newfld Watchsearcher vetraio50 Cokeman1959 Vynil33rpm bobby725
  32. I also vividly remember getting a firetruck for Xmas. Nice playset.
  33. Thank you WesternPA-Collector. I agree, this is a very fancy glass for such a cheap product. I guess they had a very creative person in charge of the "marketing". And apparently he or she was right, a...
  34. Thanks Hoot60. It makes me smile.
  35. mean machine. love it.
  36. Thank you Hoot60 for the love!
  37. Thank you officialfuel!
  38. Great find. I always regret losing a set I found because I decided to "think about" before buying it.
  39. Thank you BB for the love.
  40. Hello renedijkstra, I am not sure if I understood your comment. In the Edouard and Maurice Sandoz Foundation catalog, there's an entry for the bronze proof of this piece and the foundry was Contenot. ...
  41. Hey Mani, nice to see you are safe and healthy! Thanks for your love and kind words. I dig a lot to get lucky! big XO
  42. Hi Phil, thank you for your comment. Yes, it was a no-brainer, even more because it is a good size piece, an early one (I knew that later when doing my research on this model) and in excellent conditi...
  43. Thanks yougottahavestuff
  44. Thank you racer4four for the love!
  45. Thank you vetraio50 MALKEY fortapache TreasureHunter-1 Watchsearcher kwqd aura Newfld
  46. Gorgeous.
  47. Hey TexasJack, thanks for the love. I couldn't find anything on the number of pieces made for this model. But I also couldn't find another one like this anywhere, which is a good sign.
  48. I would love to learn how to use it and make some leather stuff with it.
  49. Thanks Lata for the comment!
  50. Hey Mani, thanks for the love. Yes we have the COVID-19 and are all stuck at home down here too. Please stay safe girl, this thing isn't your common flu! Take good care of yourself. xo
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Airflow Collectibles Sky King Tricycle Esztergom, Hungary WWI memorial Coca-Coca Display Racks Explosion Proof Enamel w/ Custom Gooseneck Mount!


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