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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Amateur photographer, stuff collector...too much interests in life to choose one. Picture is my grandfather in 1932.


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Giant "Baby" Rolleiflex 4x4 Dummy update - Advertisingin Advertising
The Restoration of the Giant 4x4 Baby Rolleflex Model 1 - Part 1 - Advertisingin Advertising
1920s Tejedor counter top/table top miniature mannequin / dress form - Advertisingin Advertising
1930s Mickey Mouse Blue Enamelware Mug - Advertisingin Advertising
Art Deco Enamel Brooch/Pin - Art Decoin Art Deco
1951 Bayard Mickey Alarm Clock with a twist. - Clocksin Clocks
Football (soccer) Trophy mid-1930s to early 1950s - Footballin Football
1920s-1930s CYMA promotional art deco inkwell - Advertisingin Advertising
1930s-1940s Brazilian Doll Beds - Toysin Toys
1940s Ampro Projector Speaker Cabinet - Electronicsin Electronics


  1. Hello Phil, thank you for your kind comment! Hope you are healthy and strong. Yes, it turned out really good. It isn't a highly sophisticated piece, you know. They were made kind of roughly, although ...
  2. I have two new mannequins...wire ones (or wrought iron...I am not sure which is the most common term), very decorative pieces. I will post them soon. XO
  3. Many thanks to sugargirl officialfuel Brunswick fortapache Broochman
  4. Hey Mani...what a find you have here...well done!
  5. Oh...classy stuff!
  6. Hello Phil! Nice to see you are back and posting these exquisite pieces! What a wonderful set this is. Hope you are doing great my friend.
  7. Thanks vetraio50, rniederman and yougottahavestuff!
  9. This is an accordion made by the KOCH company (not Korc) in Trossingen, Germany probably in the late 1800, early 1900s. Andreas Koch was the founder of this company, that was incorporated by Hohner in...
  10. Hey Mani, thanks for the love my dear. I will answer it later today. xxoo
  11. LOL oh would be a very busy camera for sure...
  12. slackjack...I see I am the giant dummy here :) Sorry for ruining your joke :)
  13. Although you're not a Kodak fan, I found a Kodak 3A Model A in almost mint condition that I think you would find cute, as it keeps some of the design features of the wood & brass cameras you collect. ...
  14. God, this is pure beauty.
  15. Thank you for the love rniederman, and thank you for your advice on the restoration.
  16. Roy, thank you for the comment. The Rolleiflex 4x4 would use 127 film, that isn't produced anymore. But my giant camera isn't a real camera, it is a promotional item made by Rolleiflex to advertise th...
  17. slackjack, thank you for your comment. This isn't a real camera. It is a dummy made in 1932 to promote the launch of the Rolleiflex 4x4 camera. It is a replica, with no moving parts, it is a giant mod...
  18. The 4-10-2 is a monster! Nicely taken pictures.
  19. "Little Jim" was a J.C. Penney's toy brand. They made many pressed steel vehicles, including cars, trucks, planes, trains, etc. Your's seem to be from the 1930s. Google "Little Jim" J. C. Penney to se...
  20. The coin is a George III half crown from circa 1820. The other side should have King George's portrait.
  21. If you want to contact me, please send me a message to
  22. I understand that there's a British coin in this piece, but I am also pretty sure that the symbol isn't an original part o f the coin, but was added to create the pin or brooch.
  23. This emblem is from a soccer team in Brazil, "Sport Club Internacional", founded in 1909. Please check the link and go to the bottom of the page to see the emblem evolution. https://pt.wikipedia.o...
  24. I am probably wrong, but it doesn't seem to be old to me. The metal seems to be stamped and the weathering seems to be painted on.
  25. Hey Mani, thank you for the love, the link and the advice! I will go for the stand only then. I actually do not own the provenance, I only copied an image I found online of an invoice of this Tejedor ...
  26. I would be happy with these 3. Nice find.
  27. Hello Phil, hope you are doing well. I'm glad to see you are online again! Thanks for the love and yes, I think I was lucky to find something cool to remember this great trip to Spain. Hopefully Mani ...
  28. Thanks for the love valentino97!
  29. Thanks Broochman, fortapache, Watchsearcher and vetraio50
  30. I always wanted one of these. I bet they don't work as well as they look.
  31. Wonderful piece.
  32. Many thanks to elansky Hunter Mrstyndall and Newfld for the love!
  33. That's a though one...where did you find it? BB...I loled of the IUD are the man...
  34. Roycroftbooksfromme1, I still have it and didn't restore it yet. I am afraid of compromising its value by doing something wrong. I am not ready to sell it yet and the new plan is to contact specialist...
  35. wow...this is impressive.
  36. Thanks mickeyismagic!
  37. Hello antiquerose, no, it is not very common, as I couldn't find any other other picture online besides the one in the link. I guess this is because this was a very cheap, low quality product so not m...
  38. Hello Mani, nice to see you, thanks for the love.
  39. Thank you very much everyone!
  40. Hello Phil, thank you for the love. I am OK and I hope you are doing good too my dear friend.
  41. Thank you BB, fortapache, bobby725 and Vynil33rpm
  42. wow...what a find, well done beautiful and elegant. The second picture is perfect.
  43. I love the clean design of this true masterpiece.
  44. They are cute!
  45. Thanks Mani!
  46. Many thanks to getthatmonkeyoutofme (wow...), officialfuel, Hunter, Caperkid, vetraio50!
  47. Wow...what a beautiful, beautiful truck. I envy you.
  48. Thank you Phil for your comment. You are always so kind. I am trying to leave my comfort zone and look for things I would usually ignore. I will post some other finds soon.
  49. Thank you AdeleC and fortapache for the lovw.
  50. I just love COE flat face vehicles. Nice job.
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Airflow Collectibles Sky King Tricycle Esztergom, Hungary WWI memorial Coca-Coca Display Racks Explosion Proof Enamel w/ Custom Gooseneck Mount!


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