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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Amateur photographer, stuff collector...too much interests in life to choose one.


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Bronze banana leaf serving trays - Kitchenin Kitchen
Need help: Black Lacquered Wooden Vase - Asianin Asian
Mannequin collection - Advertisingin Advertising
Stoneware/Redware Spaniel Bank / Money Box - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
Big Japanese Dorei clay bell in the form of Daruma-san, unknown date. - Asianin Asian
Fabergé "War 1914 * 1915" copper cigarette case Moscow - 1915 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Vintage Wooden Daruma Doll - Dollsin Dolls
C. 1910 German Alarm Clock in the Form of a Pocket Watch - Clocksin Clocks
1930's Molded Glass Honey Jar with giant bees and Bakelite screw lid - Bottlesin Bottles
Feuerhand Nr. 323 kerosene lantern - Lampsin Lamps


  1. LOL, yes Phil you`re right, it was you and I never forgot it and never again lost an opportunity because of math :) Thanks for the advice my friend.
  2. Thanks for the love folks! Leelani vcal PhilDMorris blunderbuss2 vetraio50 Newfld dav2no1 fortapache kwqd
  3. Thank you Phil, these were acquired with the excuse that they are for the new house I`m renovating LOL. We will find a way to keep collecting pretty things, won`t we? once said we should bu...
  4. Beautiful piece, I have to disagree with Phil on this one, it is metal and and even if it isn't an antique, it is still a very good quality piece.
  5. Apostata, you are right about krivoshey's paper as it doesn't cover all the commisions made by the Russian military in this period. The unmarked pieces are not listed in this article. I also found an...
  6. From a Russian paper published in 2017 (? ??????? ????????? ??????? ??????????? ??????? ??????????? ? ????? «???????» ? 1909-1916 ??. ???? ?12 (132), ???., 2017. // To the history of certain orders of...
  7. Apostata, thank you for your comment. I was lucky with this one. Apparently there were only 500 of these made.
  8. Dear Apostata/Waki, thank you for your answer and you can have all the time you need. I am not in a hurry. I am deeply thankful for your help.
  9. Apostata, I am not sure I understand your comment. Anyway, I searched for the terms you mentioned, the many kinds of Maki-e techniques and still wasn't able to find anything so big or with similar car...
  10. Shareurpassion, it is big indeed, with a small opening that would not be practical for weed stashing, I guess :) It is a light wood vase, the design is carved on it, cut through the black lacquer. Has...
  11. really creepy. and not only the eyes.
  12. So cute! Really thin and the design is cool and it deserves a restoration.
  13. Found similar forms (not decorations) in Vietnamese lacquered vases.
  14. Thanks to charmsomeone and Drake47 for the love.
  15. What's not to love in a chicken wearing sneakers?
  16. Very nice piece.
  17. Lovely.
  18. The vase should arrive in three days now. Seller isn't very friendly and has nothing to say about it. Can't even say when or where he bought it. Awful type, yuck! .????
  19. What a great find, congrats! The amphora has what looks like a Greek decoration with these little spirals or waves. Very nice.
  20. Watchsearcher, thanks for the comment. You are absolutely right. I don't think it is possible to waterproof a piece like this with lacquer, that must be applied with a special brush, forming layers th...
  21. Hi Walkingthefloor, I meant these to be "woodturned" but my phone's correct or changed it to this nonsense. Sorry.
  22. Walkingthefloor, these vases are woodrurned and hollowed in the process.
  23. Thank you Reise for the love!
  24. Thanks a lot vcal, Newfld, Alfie21 and jscott0363! Glad you liked it! Let's hope someone knows something about it!
  25. Classy clock. Good job.
  26. The mushroom shot is superb. The vase really blends in this environment. You have a great eye for these elegant, timeless pieces.
  27. Lovely! The embossed decoration makes it "modern" in a way. Nice find!
  28. Hello Phil, I am fine thank you, and I wish you are doing fine too my friend. We do have a Tokiotown here in Sao Paulo and your idea is great, thank you!
  29. Thank you vetraio50!
  30. Nice find!
  31. Wow, very nice me ga deru Daruma san! I think it is sugi wood, but stained maybe? Or maybe it is a darker variety? The carving is very interesting, kind of highly stylized with these angular shapes. T...
  32. Thanks fortapache and kwqd!
  33. Thanks dav2no1, I too think it is a lovely piece. The carving style is very unusual, being cut through the lacquer, which in my understanding kind of risks chipping the delicate surface. I would love ...
  34. Sorry, I didn't read that you already mentioned there's only a "made in china" printed on the bottom. So, it is Chinese after all, made to look like a Japanese fish bowl.
  35. Looks like Japanese Satsuma to me. Aren't there any markings on the bottom?
  36. Love the radio set. And is that a Westinghouse pitcher over it? I love these, I am always looking for one with the right design and color. Lovely pics.
  37. this is a I officially envy you :)
  38. Lovely. And the color is great. Nice find.
  39. Next time, try to find something like these:
  40. The theme is VERY Japanese, with the little crab crawling up the bucket. I would say it was made in Japan, the somewhat funny motif seems to be from the second half of the 20th century in my opinion, ...
  41. The design is a traditional Japanese wooden bucket, to carry water. You can see the real deal here
  42. Here's something very similar:
  43. I believe it to be Japanese Satsuma.
  44. Great story and too bad you didn't keep it. It is a beauty and I would make it fit somehow!
  45. There's this guy David Bull on YT that may know who the artist and the subject are. He is an English guy who lives in Tokio and has an ukiyo-e shop. You may try to contact him. Here's his website http...
  46. Hey, RichmondLori, thanks for the love!
  47. Hello Mani, this collection was started mostly because of the great posts showing the awesome pieces you have in yours. Those posts really made me interested in mannequins and I was really sorry when ...
  48. Thanks Sean68 for the comment!
  49. It looks like a Buddha holding a lotus flower. Is it marble or resin?
  50. Oh it is so cute and have a great color too! I should look for pieces like this more often.
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