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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Amateur photographer, stuff collector...too much interests in life to choose one. Picture is my grandfather in 1932.


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1930s Mickey Mouse Blue Enamelware Mug - Advertisingin Advertising
Art Deco Enamel Brooch/Pin - Art Decoin Art Deco
1951 Bayard Mickey Alarm Clock with a twist. - Clocksin Clocks
Football (soccer) Trophy mid-1930s to early 1950s - Footballin Football
1920s-1930s CYMA promotional art deco inkwell - Advertisingin Advertising
1930s-1940s Brazilian Doll Beds - Toysin Toys
1940s Ampro Projector Speaker Cabinet - Electronicsin Electronics
1930s Chilean One Way embossed steel traffic sign - Signsin Signs
Comfortair Heater Fan ca. 1950 - Officein Office
Albin Sprenger "Astron 2000" Heater Fan ca. 1960 - Officein Office


  1. I always wanted one of these. I bet they don't work as well as they look.
  2. Wonderful piece.
  3. Many thanks to elansky Hunter Mrstyndall and Newfld for the love!
  4. That's a though one...where did you find it? BB...I loled of the IUD are the man...
  5. Roycroftbooksfromme1, I still have it and didn't restore it yet. I am afraid of compromising its value by doing something wrong. I am not ready to sell it yet and the new plan is to contact specialist...
  6. wow...this is impressive.
  7. Thanks mickeyismagic!
  8. Hello antiquerose, no, it is not very common, as I couldn't find any other other picture online besides the one in the link. I guess this is because this was a very cheap, low quality product so not m...
  9. Hello Mani, nice to see you, thanks for the love.
  10. Thank you very much everyone!
  11. Hello Phil, thank you for the love. I am OK and I hope you are doing good too my dear friend.
  12. Thank you BB, fortapache, bobby725 and Vynil33rpm
  13. wow...what a find, well done beautiful and elegant. The second picture is perfect.
  14. I love the clean design of this true masterpiece.
  15. They are cute!
  16. Thanks Mani!
  17. Many thanks to getthatmonkeyoutofme (wow...), officialfuel, Hunter, Caperkid, vetraio50!
  18. Wow...what a beautiful, beautiful truck. I envy you.
  19. Thank you Phil for your comment. You are always so kind. I am trying to leave my comfort zone and look for things I would usually ignore. I will post some other finds soon.
  20. Thank you AdeleC and fortapache for the lovw.
  21. I just love COE flat face vehicles. Nice job.
  22. Gorgeous, gorgeous! The Snow White is my favorite, with the little birds. And they are in excellent condition too. Nice find Wandelessfairy!
  23. I missed some pieces I regret not being crazy enough to keep bidding on. Now I follow a quote you once wrote: "Buy, then think how you'll pay for it".
  24. What a beautiful work. I wish I could find one of these.
  25. Hey Manikin, nice display. Do you know when these were made? These are prohibited here in Brazil now. Here's a film from 1936 showing how the poor butterflies were abused back then
  26. Hello guys, I found this website today and wanted to share with you photography lovers. It has thousands of early pictures in high resolution. No advertising intended, just found it very useful for re...
  27. Hello guys, I found this website today and wanted to share with you photography lovers. It has thousands of early pictures in high resolution. No advertising intended, just found it very useful for re...
  28. WOW!!!! This is fantastic and this color is my favorite. I will paint mine like this for sure.
  29. Nice! Phil, I already told my Predicta story in another post but will tell it here too: the Predicta was the first object I wanted to buy as a collector when I was about 10 or 12 years old. I obviousl...
  30. Wandlessfairy, yup...apparently the CW bullies made another victim.
  31. Thanks EJW!
  32. Thanks mickeyismagic and yes, this could be the case. Sorry to know that this type of bullying is still happening in CW. I know about another case like this. Shame.
  33. I have my grandfather's pocket watch, that was passed from my father to me too. It's a Tissot, a cheap one, but that carries the family tradition like yours.
  34. great sign.
  35. Check this link. It appears to be the same watch. Yours seems to be from 68 as the stamp in the movement indicates.
  36. absolutely love it.
  37. superb...and the room, oh gee...I would have to dress up to visit you Phil LOL.
  38. Phil, clock sounds were everywhere when I was a kid too. I remember many relatives' houses having a clock in the living room with really loud ticking sounds and carillons marking the hours and other t...
  39. Thanks Valentino!
  40. UPDATED this post with new findings. Thanks again mickeyismagic!
  41. Thank you vetraio and SEAN!
  42. Hey Mani, how are things up? Thank you for the love, hope you're doing goood!
  43. Thank you Rick55!
  44. Thanks Caperkid!
  45. Thanks again mickeyismagic. I checked out your awesome collection and it gave me a point to start. Yes, I agree that the base of mine is related to the early ones and it is a pity that someone decided...
  46. Thank you mickeyismagic and fortapache. I could see by mickeyismagic Bayard Mickey alarm clock that mine was definitely repainted. The markings on the back of mine are really faint as they got covered...
  47. Nice and definitely Indian.
  48. and a great picture too.
  49. Thanks freon!
  50. Thank you Phil! I will do a research on him to know more.
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