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- I like to do research on a lot of things, I have catalogs from Canada's largest mail order and mega store Eatons, which has been extinct now for years. I consider- I like to do research on a lot of things, I have catalogs from Canada's largest mail order and mega store Eatons, which has been extinct now for years. I consider my page as my postings. Love to you ! (Read more)


  1. DC 9 mcheconi, thank you !~
  2. This brooch was in the collection of Sandra Caldwell and is a book piece. It was the actual piece photographed for the book and I have an afidavit saying that it was and sold to me.
  3. It is a Duncan Phyfe style set you have there.
  4. The chin is big, but much better than a weak chin !
  5. Thank you Trey.
  6. Also to note Phil gave me this info originally and he knows more on this ware.
  7. There were many plaster companies working out of italy during the mid 1960s and at that time the taste was for statues made of anything, metal, plaster and there was a lot of export going on in Califo...
  8. Thanks for comments tVikki mike and racer4four. It is great to have an example of one. I have one more since this one now.
  9. If there are no makers marks on back of cabinet, then unlikely you will be able to determine who made it. 100's and 100's or 99% of furniture makers left no records for posterity. If you feel it was m...
  10. Thank you Nicefice and Efesgirl.
  11. From what I see of the back, maybe arts and crafts. I post all my photos from my computer so I never get upside down.
  12. I grew up with these and there were so many made, throwing them was what you did with Pyrex. Glad you saved this one.
  13. The chair looks like a tub chair but with an extremely high back. Very unusual and most likely a makers twist on a design, since it is not after a known design. Most furniture makers put their own twi...
  14. Looks beautiful the way it is according to the photos !
  15. I know that I love it.
  16. I doubt it is 1897 I believe it is 1997. Looks 1997 from writing.
  17. I have specialized in statues and statue lamps for many years. I rather doubt they are original to the lamp, but they look clever and fun.
  18. Looks like a lot of fun :-)
  19. So small, they may have been made for a cocktail cabinet of some kind.
  20. Hope you can do some printing. What a great find.
  21. From what I can see with your upside down images, this is not regency. Are the back legs very curved?? Usually in regency the front legs are straight and the back legs are almost bow curved.
  22. They look like a first attempt at a luxury theatre seat. Overall a great design, with nice lines and curves.
  23. fortapache is right, a scanner would help. Once you have one you never would go back to not having one. Might be a good one on the cheap internet sites and maybe the owner would install for you.
  24. The lithography company here did a good job of redoing the photo, hovever it could be reduced a lot better in photoshop these days.
  25. Love the sewing boxes, lucky you.
  26. How much for all the coca cola with the bike ??
  27. Should read Our Dancing Daughters.
  28. Love the first one, reminds me of Joan Crawford in 1926 Dancing Girls. Lots of great deco in that film.
  29. Didn't I see something more recently that said Leader was a brand of Sears, of course I could be wrong, but worth looking into ?
  30. Great stamp, I think mine is of Eva Peron. Her life was incredible but her death and after were even more incredible.
  31. Love this treasure, good info Rose, love this one which I have seen in our area the most over the years. I remember these from the book Bedroom and Bathroom Glassware Of The Depression Years which f...
  32. Same rules apply as my last comment on newer post. Most manufacturers also put their own twists and ideas on more traditional designs so there is even more difficulty in finding makers.
  33. Because of the amount of furniture makers who had left no records at all which is at least 99% even with the famous ones we know, there is not much help to be givin. If your mother gave info at all wh...
  34. Love the figures, they are so basically simple and yet reveal a science fiction atmosphere giving the vase purpose and vitality again.
  35. These pearls are beautiful gems, sherman made some also so rare and beautiful.
  36. Thank you valentino97 and Manikin, love to both of you.
  37. Lots of them appear on auction site, though usually they had an arm extended out. I love the finial on yours, its a lamp top seen very rarely. Look at auctions eg/ebay and standing lamp or floor lamp.
  38. Used to go to Waddingtons in T.O. all the time and they often had inuit auctions also.
  39. Right on the money, it reminds me of Mad magazies spoof on disco which came out in 80 and they even included a playable "record" in the issue, I think it had about 5 or 6 songs on it. All in Mad's hum...
  40. Nice haul. Great deal !!
  41. Thank you freiheit for the comment.
  42. I remember in the 90's I put an ad out in the paper and I got around 6 of them right that weekend and all were from the 60's to 70's. Some are so beautiful.
  43. Lucite beads.
  44. Does this one light up at the base also ?
  45. It is a beauty, soaring at its best angle ! :-)
  46. Gorgeous, wish I could find a nice one for my coffee table about 30 inches and a blue color, I guess with these you know you found your piece when you first see it. This one is gorgeous !
  47. It looks like a cabinet for a dining room, love the ship's wheel glass view, and has nice acanthus leaf etched decoration. The profuse decoration makes me think it is about 1940's. Not sure but may be...
  48. Thank you kyratango, for the hypnotic comment.
  49. Thanks MyfavoriteTreasures for the nice compliment.
  50. Could be a print also, they made a lot of them with raised oil backing on thick paper which they were able to do as early as 1910 on postcards also. They used to call them "oilette."
  51. See more


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