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St. Radegund, Austria

I have been collecting postcards since 1988, mostly from my home town St. Radegund in Austria and embossed german Christmas Cards and still hope to find more!


  1. I think its not Der Rolle, but Der Rache (The Revenge)? If you find out more let me know!
  2. Garmisch is a german town known for its Wintersportsin Bavaria!
  3. Josef Fuxa was a k.u.k. Hoflieferant in Vienna in 1910
  4. z.fr.Erg. could mean (zum freudigen Ergebnis) for the good results! Which could refer to the good business year 1896 and given to Norlander and Petersen in New Year?
  5. Great find, not many of those around!!
  6. Made for a Queen!!
  7. Get well soon Phil and take care!! Wow!!
  8. Beautiful!! fit for a Queen!!
  9. These two were made to be together!! Thanks Phil!!
  10. Google: Black Madonna of Czestochowa, for some info!
  11. Just beautiful!!
  12. Mesmerizing it is!!
  13. You always top yourself Phil!!!
  14. I think that ink well is for salt and pepper (antiker Salz und Pfeffer Behälter) as a recollect it being used here in Austria in the 60's?
  15. Beautiful and blinding colors!!!
  16. Maybe they can help, www.schell-collection.com museum@schell-collection.com they have the largest collection of keys world wide. It's worth a try!
  17. A beauty, I love it Phil!
  18. The writing is in german or austrian, means in .... remembrance from Mr. Post.. or Pest... .... November 1918
  19. I always love the stories behind the antiques you post! Thanks for sharing! Hermann
  20. What a beauty!!!
  21. What a beauty, love those colors!!!
  22. Thank you Phil for the love and nice comment!!!
  23. A beautiful site those 2 lamps!!!!
  24. Thats the St. Moritzersee (Switzerland) Google and compare!
  25. Thanks Phil for sharing photo and wonderful story !! Hermann
  26. A stunning blue beauty!!
  27. Wish you a Happy New Year 2017 , my friend!!!
  28. vetraio50, Happy New Year 2017!
  29. Beautiful Lady, and nice story to go with it!! Hermann
  30. This is just great!!!
  31. If you get all nine( Kegeln Bowling) you can shout hurray! Thats what it means.
  32. Beautiful, and what a story to go with it!!
  33. Your find's are amazing!!
  34. Beautiful !! Its nice to have such a friend!!
  35. Thanks courtenayantiques for the and comment!!!
  36. Thanks courtenayantiques for the love and comment!!!
  37. The name is Karlskirche!
  38. She's a beauty!!!
  39. I can see how full of life the farm was, great!!
  40. yes we could freiheit, now its your turn again!!!
  41. The NÖ ( Nieder Österreich)Landes- Findelanstalt was a orphan home and hospital for new born babies. Women could also give birth there. The Findelanstalt was in Wien (Vienna) Alserstrasse 23. Hundreds...
  42. A great leftover Phil!!!
  43. Thanks for the love and comment Phil, much appreciated Hermann!!!
  44. Thanks for the love, Windwalker, kyratango, ho2cultcha!!!!
  45. Beautiful!!! One of a kind !!!
  46. Beautiful colors!!
  47. Wonderful piece and wonderful story , thanks Phil!!
  48. This is great Phil, I can already see a vintage car coming down the street with that Action Twins out in front!!
  49. Wien (Austria) is the german name, Vienna the english name, still the same city. I should have used only the name Wien!
  50. What I like to do is, if I can read the recipient of a PC or cover sent to Vienna is find out what he or she did professionally, and where they lived. And that is possible because the city of Vienna a...
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