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Hi All! Hope you are having a great day! I am from the south and enjoy collecting various things... always have always will. From rocks to comics to old photos...Hi All! Hope you are having a great day! I am from the south and enjoy collecting various things... always have always will. From rocks to comics to old photos... Happy Collecting! (Read more)


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Handmade Quilts - Sewingin Sewing
Lighting - Lampsin Lamps
Christmas Items - Christmasin Christmas
Christmas Items - Christmasin Christmas
Water Bowl and Pitcher - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Vinatge Dolly - Dollsin Dolls
Vintage Miniture Painting - Fine Artin Fine Art
Vintage Coffee Grinder - Kitchenin Kitchen
Pink Glass Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Adore tis very much! When I can, I will post the ones I have as well. Appreciate you sharing.
  2. Love these… I have a lot to post as well. They are so sweet and colorful… love the illustrations… The style of illustration I believe is making a return.
  3. My mother and father both loved books and although I had a reading disability for a number of years, I use to love to listen to books. Now I can read myself and just love the classics. I even love t...
  4. Just lovely... I find it interesting that they use to give ladies colored gem stones rather then diamonds. Diamonds came later, as just an accent, and then later became the trend. I personally am at...
  5. My husband served 20 years and just recently retired. We too had necklace charms etc, but nothing with as much warmth. Love the heart shapes.
  6. Wonderful!
  7. Soooo cool!
  8. Thanks for the loves and the comments... haha Valentino... you are funny.
  9. Gorgeous, the color, the movement, the shape, the rim... just lovely.
  10. Thanks everyone for the loves and the comment upstatenycollector. I think they are so cool.
  11. thanks everyone for loving them.
  12. Wow! Thanks everyone. I appreciate the thanks, loves and the info. These are some treasured pieces.
  13. Still an unsolved mystery. Wish I knew more about it. It is the prettiest piece I own.
  14. How interesting... Love the handle
  15. Oh, thanks for sharing... boy it is by the same company and everything. Really neat. I appreciate you sharing. I do love the paper on the back too.
  16. Oh thank you so much. I will post one as soon as I can. I appreciate it.
  17. Really redbird... neat
  18. Haha-- I sure am. I actually love them and I usually pick out one set and keep out all year long. I think it is an important reminder of what to be grateful for... :)
  19. Awww... thank you for your kind words... I just love being on here and meeting all of you nice people.
  20. Thanks guys... my father picked these out.
  21. Love this little bowl and the color is great! I need to find me some of this glass! Thanks for sharing... just lovely.
  22. Aww... thanks ladies.... Valentino I had no idea others used denim. Neat. Thanks for sharing.
  23. Really interesting... nice
  24. Green and Gorgeous!
  25. I really love this... the pattern is gorgeous.
  26. No... I thought so to but not at all.
  27. These are awesome! I should make a line of these! How pretty.
  28. gorgeous
  29. really sweet
  30. really pretty
  31. Very snow white looking… and came with clothing and shoes! Great!
  32. beautiful
  33. inspiring… makes me want to get into my studio
  34. So Sweet
  35. I have a very similar piece but it is a compote. Nice and heavy, the exact pattern and shape…
  36. hum interesting
  37. precious piece
  38. Gorgeous… reminds me of a sea turtle…
  39. This is so cool and unique!
  40. I have never seen these before! I really love these! My husband would love these too.
  41. Thank you both! I love it too.
  42. I absolutely am drawn to all of your collections and I don't know what to love first! Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. Bless you.
  43. Absolutely gorgeous!
  44. very unique
  45. Breath taking… Wow! I really love this! It reminds me of the ocean and some place very calming.
  46. I like this a lot…
  47. Haha… blunderbuss2 that is how it goes. SEAN68 Not sure? I would have to do some more research.
  48. Oh! Thanks CindB!
  49. Oh, thanks CindB
  50. Thanks Jewels! I appreciate it.
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Pre-Georgian 1690s Faceted Stuart Crystal Memento Mori Mourning Slide Decorative Pitcher Vase.


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