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Toronto, Ont, Canada


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Borg Scale. - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Vintage light fixture. - Lampsin Lamps
1960s tennis clothing and accessories bag. - Bagsin Bags
 " A Calendar of Dinners " Book. - Booksin Books
African art. - Animalsin Animals
Silva tray. - Kitchenin Kitchen
1971 floor lamp. - Lampsin Lamps
Mid Century Modern barware. - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Pen holder. - Officein Office
Mid Century Modern glass ash trays. - Tobaccianain Tobacciana


  1. Thank you Trey.
  2. AnythingObscure yes they are very cool lamps.
  3. Sconce.
  4. Watchsearcher unfortunately getting a leather cushion made in Toronto is very expensive.
  5. Tray the woman who bought it from me was going to get a replacement strap
  6. Thank you for the information.
  7. Thank you Watchsearcher.
  8. Phil DMorris thank you for the information.
  9. AnythingObscure Thank you for the information. Might use it for a rack to dry wet socks. LOL just kidding. Maybe for display on the shelf
  10. Thank you Vynil33rpm.
  11. Daddy_Nobucks thank you for the information.
  12. Thank you Vynil33rpm.
  13. So cute. What a lovely dog.
  14. Thank you for the information.
  15. AnythingObscure it does have that Art-Deco look to it.
  16. Watchsearcher yes it is lovely.
  17. AnythingObscure it is 7 inches in diameter.Maybe it is a hubcap for a toy or something? Got it with a bunch of old car parts.
  18. dav2no1 no numbers on it unfortunately.
  19. Nice wonderful speakers.
  20. Thank you Watchsearcher.
  21. Watchsearcher found them outside an old house here in Toronto Ontario Canada. They are very neat unfortunately missing some of the glass and the lead is bent.
  22. Lovely cat.
  23. mp.kunst thank you for the information.
  24. Thank you sklo42.
  25. TallCakes thank you for the information. I found a load of glass today and this was some of the stuff.
  26. Maybe Lysestage hoj glass?
  27. I think is was made in 1983 or 1984.
  28. Hi AnythingObscure yes it is stamped 1969 on the back. They are very heavy. They can be moved up and down side to side.
  29. AnythingObscure the lining is like blue felt. You just push the two metal side things together and it open up.
  30. AnythingObscure thanks for the information. I like the bar car idea.
  31. Mikelv85 Thank you.
  32. Thank you for the information. Willl take a look.
  33. Watchsearcher thank you for the information.
  34. PhilDMorris could be but the lady had a lot of Mid century modern stuff and she said she bought them in the late 1960.
  35. Watchsearcher I think the light fixtures in the first picture is a Litecraft 111 or model 112.
  36. Thank you for the information.
  37. Gillian thank for the information much appreciated.
  38. Plein-air-painter yes it says 925 I believe. Yes going to clean it properly.
  39. kwqd thank you it showed up. Much appreciated.
  40. Kwqd thank you for the information. Unfortunately the site would not load but will go back and try again.
  41. Vynil33rpm What did you think of Toronto?
  42. AnythingObscure thanks for the information.
  43. AnythingObscure thank you. Found a label on the bottom of the light.
  44. mp.kunst neat will take a look thank you.
  45. Thanks vetraio50.
  46. Watchsearcher could not find a date on this object.
  47. Thank you PhilDMorris.
  48. Thank you scottvez.
  49. Great lamp.
  50. Dav2no1 will take a look at your post.
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