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Toronto, Ont, Canada


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Mid Century Modern Umbrella stand. - Furniturein Furniture
Mid Century Modern lamp. - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Mid Century Modern dresser. - Furniturein Furniture
Air King chrome vent. - Kitchenin Kitchen
House of Fuller lipstick. - Accessoriesin Accessories
Minute Maid pop can. - Advertisingin Advertising
Metal thing? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Mid Century Modern light fixture. - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Mid Century Modern cat. - Animalsin Animals
Metal thing? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. Watchsearcher thank you for the information.
  2. PhilDMorris could be but the lady had a lot of Mid century modern stuff and she said she bought them in the late 1960.
  3. Watchsearcher I think the light fixtures in the first picture is a Litecraft 111 or model 112.
  4. Thank you for the information.
  5. Gillian thank for the information much appreciated.
  6. Plein-air-painter yes it says 925 I believe. Yes going to clean it properly.
  7. kwqd thank you it showed up. Much appreciated.
  8. Kwqd thank you for the information. Unfortunately the site would not load but will go back and try again.
  9. Vynil33rpm What did you think of Toronto?
  10. AnythingObscure thanks for the information.
  11. AnythingObscure thank you. Found a label on the bottom of the light.
  12. mp.kunst neat will take a look thank you.
  13. Thanks vetraio50.
  14. Watchsearcher could not find a date on this object.
  15. Thank you PhilDMorris.
  16. Thank you scottvez.
  17. Great lamp.
  18. Dav2no1 will take a look at your post.
  19. Jscott0363 thanks wish I had the rest of the set of books.
  20. AnythingObscure great find.
  21. antiquerose found a name on the bottom right hand corner of the painting but can't make out the name.
  22. Watchsearcher you are welcome. I found out it would have cost an arm and a leg to get it working and brand new.
  23. vetraio50 thanks for the comment.
  24. Iggy thank you for the information.
  25. Thank you Nat333
  26. Thank you AnythingObscure.
  27. AnythingObscure it is a Dominion Electrohome. Watts 120 Model 40A 115S.
  28. Thank you vetraio50.
  29. Dav2no1 thank you for the information.
  30. Keramikos thank you for the information.
  31. Thank you Manikin.
  32. Thanks Watchsearcher.
  33. Thank you kwqd.
  34. dav2no1 Thank you for the information.
  35. mp.kunst thanks for the info.
  36. iggy cool collection.
  37. Thank you Watchsearcher.
  38. Thank you Everlastinglovevintage.
  39. Vynil33rpm it gets great reception. The black button on the right is Mono/Stereo option.
  40. Billretirecoll looked on the Internet and could not find this chair. Trying to find more information about it.
  41. AnythingObscure blue is a great colour.
  42. Thank you fortapache.
  43. Dipsha35a Troll much?
  44. AnythingObscure thank you will take a look.
  45. AnythingObscure thank you. Not much of a story, went to donate a bunch of stuff to the value village. Could not control myself lol had to go in to take a look if any good stuff was in the store. Bough...
  46. AnythingObscure "Z" as in Zesty LOL
  47. Hi AnythingObscure the batteries won't charge also when I plug it in it turns on then shuts off in about two seconds.
  48. Thank you for the information tripstakeus.
  49. AnythingObscure love these speakers. Have you hooked them up yet and tested them?
  50. AnythingObscure thank you. Now all I need is to find a place to put it. LOL. I have another one slightly different.
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