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Red wing stoneware Co, Vase 1906-30 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Vintage Dangle Sterling Brooch - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Vintage Tie with 3 branch clear Rhinstone Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Brooch Emerald Green - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Maybe D&E, not sure, but very pretty - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Massive Orchid Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Circus Seal Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Unusual visitor in my garden  - Photographsin Photographs
Vintage Great Owl Brooch, Alpaca Silver Mexico - Animalsin Animals
Vintage Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Ms.CrystalShip, many thanks for your always educated comment on my Jewelry post, this is so much appreciated that you take some of your time to do so, ;-) I will remember that one, I am looking for ...
  2. Don't worry Karen, it's happen to me too, when commenting to post before, and use the previous poster NAME on another one, it's just funny,. Well Yes....." use some bits laying around", but now he ma...
  3. LaurenRedmond, Many thanks for taking some time to make some comments on this mystery brooch, very much appreciated. Music note hum, never thought about that, interesting, I will definitely look at C...
  4. billretirecoll, Many thanks for your comment, you very welcome, yes not bad for more then hundred years old. I know you are very concern about Conv19 and wearing Mask and follow social distancing, a...
  5. kivatinitz, Muchas gracias por este lindo comentario nuevamente y su agradecimiento. Siempre es bueno verte en mi publicación, amigo de confianza. Alan
  6. Karen, the glaze indeed is gorgeous, like Jenny always something nice to say on my post, and this for very long time, dear friend, thank you for your unconditional appreciation and support. Alan
  7. Many thanks Jenny for your constant support, and your always very honest comment, trophy handles, so well say, your comment say something on your thought that make me always think, never seeing this w...
  8. Many thanks, kivatinitz ,RichmondLori, blunderbuss2, dlpetersen, Watchsearcher, MALKEY, Newfld, vetraio50 , kwqd, for the appreciation. Alan
  9. Kwqd, Many thanks for your comment and appreciation. I addition, You know Art and what I found...…….priceless. Alan
  10. Leah, it's quite amazing with all the add on to those two vase, foot, applied décor, that nothing is more broken since, wow they being take a really good care during this long time. Fascinating glass...
  11. Quite impressive Warren, Congratulation. Alan
  12. Hello MrsT, hope you are safe and well. Many thanks for your kind comment, I am glad you love it. Did you see my possibly D&E, brooch post tonight, would love your insight on …. Many thanks for the...
  13. Hello cokeman, hope you are safe and well. I believe you Lincoln is part of a pair for bookends this is manufactured by Austin product in 1962. Alan
  14. Ah Jenny alway I can Count on your vote On my find, you such a nice supporter, BTW I will need your expertise on one brooch that suspected to be D&E Juliana jewelry, hope you are safe and well dear fr...
  15. Wow great grouping of cameo, I have too, some I like more, top left the small Filigree box with the small cameo and The Harp player are my preferred, but like to be honest, they all Gorgeous. Alan
  16. Very Nice, again one trip only, the bus driver punch 2 little hole on the token, make it useless after, what about finding that punch, speculation ? but possible ! add to a piece like this it's the fu...
  17. No I didn't see it, I will take a look. Now what would be nice add to this ticket, it's a schedule from the Northwest Greyhound from the same era ! Alan
  18. Yeah, definitely not worth a lot of money, but just try to find another one or similar. Those old fashion transit ticket are like newspaper, after use it or read it, just land o the trash, I love too...
  19. This look similar to my personal toy when I was a little more than 1 years old in 1959, look the same fabrication and graphic too. Here is mine,
  20. Very nice terrestrial Globe, the base design look way much older than 1953-58 Anyway for $4,99 you did really good here, awesome find. Alan
  21. Hello, shareurpassion, many thanks for your comments and appreciation. Appreciated that you show me you’re, totally breathtaking, I do love very much. Alan
  22. Lovely piece Jenni, I love the way you took the first 3 picture, the bird look in motion flying. Gorgeous bird. Found a nice brooch today that depicted a bird, try to post later. Alan
  23. Everything to Crown a King, MrsT, Love them all, Welcome back, I just start last week, 1 month vacation, 3 more week to go, Yo Hooo Alan
  24. Karen, me too, and I knew she will come with something, has she know cloisonné more them many here. Yes Karen you right it's a special vase, the alder ladies that gave this to me, mention this was a ...
  25. LaurenRedmond, yes indeed, I totally agree with you, as you see in my glass collection, I love them BIG, LOL, and this beauty is no exception, but like I mention above, my picture of this vase are not...
  26. truthordare, many thanks for the link and research, much appreciated that you take some of your time doing it, Chapeau,,,,,;-) You do great work on the site, it's not Pink for you everyday, but latel...
  27. Many thanks Jenni for your wonderful comment and appreciation. Yes definitely a great addition to my collection, my picture didn't do justice to this great example of Workmanship, Labor, Patient and ...
  28. Wonderful Example&Research Ales.....Congratulation. Alan
  29. Many thanks six-o-one, I have another one similar with the mark Austria, I just don't want to say for that one because there no mark on it, but your absolutely right most likely Bohemian. Thank you f...
  30. Hi Gudrun. Here it is, but I mistake it, that's not the one mark Czechoslovakia. The brooch as no mark, but really close relative, front and back. Alan
  31. Hi Karen I love all 3 there are special and complete so well your collection, I enjoy even more your descriptions of the making of those small critter. Stay safe and well dear friend. Alan
  32. Gudrun I will look in my jewelry stock photo, I think I post some time ago a similar brooch and workmanship as you’re, mark Czechoslovakia . Alan
  33. You most welcome Leah anytime, I just keep it handy, we never Know when we need it. Alan
  34. What a cutie, at first I was thinking ceramic, but glass hum, this is very nice, go well with all your other critter collection, well done you.....;-) Alan
  35. Leah, this jar is a very nice example as mine is, they both rare, just smaller that's all, now I notice you have no lid on your piece, I had few spare here.... ;-), if you take the exact measurement i...
  36. Hi truthordare No marking at the first look, but I will investigate again, the alder lady that gave this to me, will come with the full story surrounding this vase, what I hear, this was a gift to t...
  37. Hello Gudrun Hope you are well and safe. This piece speak to me as WMF Art nouveau pewter candles holder, very beautiful find you did here. WMF Group (formerly known as "Württembergische Metallwa...
  39. Leah, this is Pallme-Konig from the Glasfabrik Elizabeth, Kosten bei Teplitz, I add one with exact flower decor, a cookie jar. Beautiful example is you’re. Alan
  40. shareurpassion, OMG, what a beauty, agreed close relative with mine. Alan
  41. Many thanks, Alleycat1 aura ho2cultcha SEAN68 valentino97 racer4four dlpetersen Watchsearcher truthordare fortapache MALKEY Brunswick Newfld mp.kunst vetraio50, for your appreciat...
  42. Malkey, so sorry I miss your comment, hope you are safe and well my dear friend. Many thanks for your comment and appreciation. Alan
  43. Outstanding glass Kevin, thank you for sharing this amazing video of this great glass maker, Nick Mount. Alan
  44. Many thanks, Roycroftbooksfromme1, Mrstyndall, kivatinitz, racer4four, Manikin , blunderbuss2 , Wow22, jimtim, aura, Michelleb007 , artfoot , IronLace ,vetraio50, Watchsearcher, Ivonne, Newfld , kwqd,...
  45. Many thanks, Bambus1920, aura ,truthordare, kivatinitz , jimtim , IronLace, artfoot, Ivonne, vetraio50, larksel , Wow22, kwqd, Newfld, blunderbuss2, Watchsearcher, for the appreciation. Alan
  46. truthordare, many thanks for your comment and appreciation. Thank you for the info, I appreciated your insight on this matter. Alan
  47. LaurenRedmond, many thanks for your comments and appreciation. I Have few water garden on my property, and they are just pack with dragon fly running around catching mosquito and others small insect...
  48. Daisy1000, many thanks for your comments and appreciation. When I find it, I was bless to be there at the right moment , just a lovely piece indeed in my collection, I am glad you love it. Alan
  49. Mrstyndall, many thanks for your comments and appreciation. Definitely lot of character in details and so delicate in the same time, I enjoy find it and add with my others dragonfly. Alan
  50. Jenny, many thanks for your comments and appreciation. Yes agree with you, just lovely piece and so much details involve, always nice to hear your insight on my jewellery. Alan
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