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Cobalt Blue, A & Co B, Sugar Castor, for IronLace. - Art Glassin Art Glass
LOETZ-Ausfuehrung 237 - 1925 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Huichol Art,  Yarn Paintings, Nayarit Mexico, Ramiro Lopez Gonzalez, 20 Century - Fine Artin Fine Art
Great Blue Heron Painted on a 4 Shoulder Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Early 30s-40s Dress Clips/Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Yellow onyx & Jade Lizard, Sterling Pendant. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Interesting little Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
WHEN I WAS HUNGRY & THIRSTY. Timothy.P.Schmalz, Sculpture, 2012 - Fine Artin Fine Art
Brazilian Marajoara Terracotta Pot, South American Pottery  - Potteryin Pottery
Fritz Heckert/Otto Thamm, TH134, Gold Gild and Poppy Flowers Vase, Max Rade ? or Ludwig Sütterin ?, Designer,1900  - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. IronLace, I look forward too, believe me, but I am afraid a very dark period is on it's way, individual vanish in an astronomic rate at the moment, some country are touch more than other, just around ...
  2. I know, this will coming worse, way worse then we see right now, like you mention, those don't have,,, we look at the one that have,, and we know the rest, Gun's with no Rose if you know what I mean. ...
  3. Yes I do volunteer eventually, when you realize you have to many, lol. Alan Ps...... please discard 2310
  4. IronLace, I just found something very much similar few week back before they shut down non essential store( donation store), if you stay online, I will post it right now. Nice you have kind of set he...
  5. Penny, me too, I always love this décor, very cheerful and party time, I still don't understand why I get rid of my 2 other one. Hope you and beloved families are safe and well. Many thanks for your...
  6. Sammyz, this is a wonderful example of Diaspora, and the base hardware is such a great match with the shade. Btw here in Ontario electricity is cheaper, just for let you know, LOL Hope you and belov...
  7. Ha Ha, very funny Blunderbuss, you talk to someone that know about this. I am very vulnerable at that time and really don't know for how long. Maybe you have a short memory, I have COPD and asthma, ...
  8. Many thanks, Manikin, freiheit, racer4four, valentino97 , mtruthordare, Daisy1000 , dlpetersen, aura , Broochman , Newfld , fortapache , RichmondLori, MALKEY , vetraio50, for the appreciation and the ...
  9. Hello hello Kyratango, 10/4- 10/4, so glad that you found my little critter adorable, very a great find I guess, I didn't clean it, do you think I should ? Many thanks for your comment and appreciati...
  10. Broochman, so sorry to be so late on your comment, Thank you for your comment and appreciation. Alan
  11. Many thanks, inky, LovelyPat, artfoot, Wow22 , Michelleb007, aura . DuDa, sklo42, kairomalte, Ivonne, IronLace, Bambus1920, larksel, vetraio50, kwqd, fortapache, jimtim, for the appreciation and the ...
  12. dlpetersen, bohemianglassandmore, bracken3 , racer4four , Michelleb007, MALKEY, valentino97 , blunderbuss2 , VioletOrange, jscott0363 , vetraio50 , aura, fortapache , Wow22, Broochman, jimtim, artfoot...
  13. Many thanks, dlpetersen, kairomalte , racer4four, MALKEY, blunderbuss2, Anik aura, Bambus1920, sklo42, artfoot, Ivonne, IronLace, Newfld, vetraio50 ,, fortapache, Wow22, jimtim , ho2cultcha, kwqd, fo...
  14. Thank you MrsT, for the comment and appreciation, yes indeed very special piece, lot of presence in the showcase and my apology for the overdue reply. Alan
  15. you mean late 19 Century, C1878. Alan
  16. I would love to seeing at making, such complexes design, congratulations warren, truly a masterpiece. Alan
  17. MrsT, nice work to clean that mess, outstanding & beautiful design from Marcel Boucher, Congratulation. Alan
  18. Congratulations on adding this exceptional piece in your collection. Alan
  19. sammyz, I will love to be stuck with it, lol Alan
  20. Sammyz, nice job on this lamp, love it. I love poppy flowers too, but what I see here is your shape is in the Campanula form.
  21. Gudrun, thank you, I am a little crazy, I guess. I found a nice cookies Jar today at the donation, what a coincidence humm,- I research a bit, but I didn’t find who made it yet, I will post tomorrow,...
  22. Yes Watchsearcher, very nice pendant, At my amazements and very surprised that none of my jewellery friends say anything. I am very glad you did. Many thanks for your kind comments and appreciation....
  23. Artfoot, good thought, never think about that, has mine as the same handle. I guess it’s for carrying around. Alan
  24. Here is one in my collection, you’re missing the pestle Alan
  25. Mortar and pestle are implements used since ancient times to prepare ingredients or substances by crushing and grinding them into a fine paste or powder in the kitchen, laboratory, and pharmacy. The m...
  26. The hardware is most likely made by another firm this is frequently seeing’s, like silver overlay or bronze mounts, the glass maker didn’t do that, specially utilitarian, like cookie Jar and Ewer. Th...
  27. Gudrun very lovely cookies Jar, the glass seem to be from Kralik. The hexagon Shape remind me some in my collection, definitely Bohemian. Alan
  28. Brilliant ideal, love it. Alan
  29. Ditto jenny-----;-) I love Coro, they do some fabulous piece of Jewelry, specially the older piece. Alan
  30. Very nice piece of ceramics, lucky you..... I will just go on FB--Art Nouveau Céramiques Group, you should find all you need to know on your vase, the base shot is perfect to get answer. Alan
  31. Many thanks,Michelleb007 blunderbuss2 Alleycat1 racer4four Violetorange Elisabethan kwqd DuDa dlpetersen EZa IronLace Ivonne MALKEY LaurenRedmond Newfld larksel vetraio50 fortapache ...
  32. Many thanks Vynil33rpm for your appreciation. Alan
  33. Yes Aleš TH69, a very nice example in a wonderful colours, definitely on my wish list. Alan
  34. Thank you Canyon Road, for the info, I will look at this. Do you see the same name as me, "A.Marquess" Alan
  35. Show the ledge of the stretcher and the back, this will fix it. Alan
  36. May we see the ledge of the stretcher and back Of it, this will be helpful. Alan
  37. Many thanks for your kind comments Mrst, Trey, Alleycat1, much appreciated. Alan
  38. Long Overdue, so sorry, Jenny, MrsT, Ms.CrystalShip, for the very late reply, but it's never to late. When they come close to me, it's to bad, i can't resist, yes indeed my trusty friends, bring in i...
  39. Ms.CrystalShip, yes indeed, not bad at all and i didn't mention any price, don't want any thunder in the crowd, ROFL I love too this BLUE from Sherman, very special color. Many thanks for your const...
  40. Many thanks to all, Alleycat1, DuDa, dlpetersen, ho2cultcha, TimeTraveller, Watchsearcher, kwqd, Vynil33rpm, fortapache, AdeleC, Ivonne, Broochman, aura, Newfld, MALKEY, vetraio50, for the appreciatio...
  41. Hello Thomas. No apologies need it, my friend. Unfortunately, my wife has no relative left alive, except for an aunt, she is very old and sick, my wife has mixing blood with North Inuit from Inuktit...
  42. An absolute BEAUTY, Congratulation. Alan
  43. Lovely colors & Shape. Alan
  44. Ms.CrystalShip, thank so so much for your insight, I think you nail it. I research Baroque Pearl, it’s look like the same, with the little diamonds and being 18k, the Baroque Pearl couldn’t be less q...
  45. keramikos, totally agree, i am fortunate to be raise in that building, sometime, I just wonder if i was born somewhere else, if i add turn that way with my collecting field. Many thanks for the comme...
  46. Watchsearcher, thank you for your comment, agree on that, wonderful workmanship can't be accomplish without those ingredients. Many thanks also for the appreciation. Alan
  47. Many thanks, Brunswick kairomalte famatta127 glassiegirl, for the appreciation. Alan
  48. Thank you, KeenSuzanna, for your kind words, very much appreciated. We just need one bad apple for ruin a pie, yes i guess you right, not so many. Just for let you know, that none of them as being f...
  49. Thank you, sklo42, for the lovely comment, some of those pieces, i am lucky to get it, timing maybe...... Yes i agree, not a so big collection, i am working on it, lol, i made a lot of room for newcom...
  50. Thank you, Marc, for your support on this site and the others one, very much appreciated. Sorry for the late reply. Alan
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