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Arthur Pequegnat Mantle Clock, Tokio Model, Mission Style, C1910,Berlin,Ontario - Clocksin Clocks
Art Nouveau, Pottery, 1900-10 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Fritz Heckert TH 134, Siberband(Cheangant) Otto Thamm, 1905 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Scrolling 14K Gold over Silver Symmetallic Brooch with Enamel Flower, W.E. Richards, Circa 1940 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Palmee Konig, Gold papillon with Cobalt Tadpole, 1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Sherman Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Italian Micro Mosaic Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Art Nouveau Antique C-clasp Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Fritz Heckert/Otto Thamm, Gold Siberband (Changeant), 1900-05  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fritz Heckert/Otto Thamm"THE 3 M" - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Rare Welz, Tulip form, well know decor, but shape not so much.... Congratulation. Alan
  2. Hi Michelle. Yes this piece is very beautiful, in certain angle with a fine light the glass as a wonderful iridescence in Purple, Violet and Blue, on other hand expose to normal light, the vase beco...
  3. Ales, i have look at that, and i do appreciated the link Thank you, make more confuse in all this, do you believe this one could be Rindskolf's ?????? I didn't see this decor on any Rindskolf's yet !...
  4. Hello MrsT, yes not bad i guess, make change of big ticket $$$ item from online auction house. Many thanks for your comment and appreciation. Alan
  5. truthordare, Canadian collector has no complaint if buy in Canada, or dollar is cheap, but what about if WE buy in USA or Europe, well well, WE suffer. Many thanks for your comment and appreciation. ...
  6. Ironlace, thank you, much appreciated. Many thanks for your comment and appreciation. Alan
  7. Ivonne, I think so too, i was shock to find this at the donation store. Your little baby will be ship soon, don't desperate, i have one word. Many thanks for your comment and appreciation. Alan
  8. kwqd, please don't lol, i will not found anything if do you do so. Many thanks for your comment and appreciation. Alan
  9. Palmee Konig as made the flowers decor is irrefutable trade mark for is glasshouse. Even without flower this vase is a masterpiece of workmanship, with this decor add to it, is just outstanding. Mic...
  10. sklo42, you should do remember this one, already 4 years, dam time fly.........
  11. Ales, what great example, this vase as the shape of Rindskopf with a decor that remind me Kralik Bacillus, but without excluding PK. Deep fog here, what’s new in the glass universe. Alan
  12. Hi Laura I believe your vase as being cut down, that explain why you couldn't find a part number, i think originally this vase was a double gourd. Here see an example in Crete papillon. Alan
  13. Same decor as this one. Alan
  14. plein-air-painter, this lovely vase look Welz to me, Graig will shed some light on this.. Alan
  15. The Backdrop is clever for your picture, well done you, WOW for the pieces. Ditto MrsT Alan
  16. WOW, wonderful example Sash pin brooch. Alan
  17. Happy halloween to all
  18. Happy halloween to all
  19. Karen, yes indeed a Big Bang,lol Many thanks for you kind comments and appreciation too. Alan
  20. bb2, lol, many thanks for the bis comments, yes very happy to be back. Many thanks for the appreciation too. Alan
  21. I have a second look of your basket and it’s Roseville, the decor name is Imperial I, Circa 1921. Here is one in my collection post here 4 years ago. Congratulations. Alan https://www.collectors...
  22. Roseville pottery. Google Roseville basket and selected image, many show up, similar to your, in different shape and decor, some look pretty close....
  23. Thank you very much Scott, dear friend for the kind words. Without all the help that I got here, I will not be that far, very grateful for all the tips and advices receive over many years. Many than...
  24. Thank you Scott for the kind comments, always nice to see several pieces of the same glass house together. Many thanks my friend for the comments and appreciation. Alan
  25. Share, thank you for the compliment, totally agree, look really great clean. Now I am looking at some of my other’s piece to clean up also. Many thanks for the comment and appreciation. Alan
  26. Jenny, yes I believe they are beauty. Having them in such a short period time, make me have more time left to find more, lol Many thanks again for your kind work and appreciation. Alan
  27. Peggy, yes indeed, worth time and effort, many thanks for your thoughts. Alan
  28. Thank you kindly Jenny for the compliments and appreciation. I have plenty of time to do it, since I am still in recovery mode. No merit here, I am patient by nature, it take me hours and half with...
  29. Great Loetz piece. Facebook Jail ?? Alan
  30. Thank you Ivonne, I was speechless too when I finish cleaning up. They all have a little something, but this one I’ve it all. I appreciated the comments and love, dear friend. Alan
  31. Hi Ivonne, what a lovely Welz ;-), like you say hope it's start a family. What about you email me your address, i will send you another one, no charge. Please accept this present, you make me happy ...
  32. Hi Michelle, thank you for the good words, much appreciated, like I mention I am not 100% for now , but I see some improvements since, i am encouraged. Alan
  33. You are most welcome, many members help me here when I start collecting glass, I return what learn. Wow, you got a very awesome deal for $60, congratulations. I have a nice collection of Fritz Hecke...
  34. Your vase is made by Fritz Heckert, Germany, designer Otto Thamm 1901, very nice example call changeant(Silberband) Alan
  35. Well say and show, Ales Alan
  36. Many thanks to all of you, welzebub, truthordare, Vynil33rpm, kwqd, Sammyz, artfoot, Bambus1920, vetraio50, philmac51, Anik, jscott0363, blunderbuss2, Ben DuDa, MALKEY, bracken3, Wow22, kairomalte, I...
  37. Malkey I know I can count on your support, my good friend. Alan
  38. You welcome, Sammyz. Alan
  39. Sammyz, many thanks dear friend for the kind comment, yes not bad i guess, a very beautiful piece from Heckert. I see something even better, i see a beautiful Swan flying in your direction, LOL. Here...
  40. Bambus1920, thank you, definitely happy to be back, with that one. Yes i look for an Amethyst color, there not coming often, few years ago i miss one from Germany, the vase was 32 inches tall, the sh...
  41. Scott, thank you for the kind word, was not easy to go through this, but i never gave up, with my family doctor and nurse and follow there recommendation to get through this. Of coarse selling my gl...
  42. Dave me too i wish this will stay the way it is, i just having little control on it, but day past and thing seem to coming better. Many thanks for your kind comment and appreciation of this post. Alan
  43. Graig, thank you so much for your concern and wish, of coarse i see thing differently, we use to take everything for granted, well this change in my mind. Many thanks for all your great work, and you...
  44. Ivonne, believe or not, i know you are wonder about it, coming from a very kind member that follow me from the beginning, many thanks for the good wish and appreciation of this post. Alan
  45. Thank you Jenny for the kind comment and wish for felling better, sure i do feel better at this time, my living change a bit. Yes beautiful vase for sure. Many thanks also for the appreciation of th...
  46. MALKEY, I know very well how you feel at this time, I am currently very affected by several symptoms that affect me at this time I am also hospitalized, my friend courage, my prayers will find you. T...
  47. LaurenRedmond, thank so much for your visit and your support on my post on all those years, blessings to know you here, indeed yes truly a wonderfull set, I am totally in love with it. Alan
  48. You sure do remember this little one, this will nicely fit in this gorgeous grouping. Alan
  49. Jenni, thank you so much for your always nice comment and the appreciation. Nice one humm, I like it very much, I am glad you did too. Alan
  50. MrsT thank you so much for your visit, comment and appreciation. Me ether, I never seeing one like this. Very much appreciated your insight on this set. Alan
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