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Kralik Blue Wave on Gold, Early 20 century - Art Glassin Art Glass
Troy Denton, American, 20 century - Fine Artin Fine Art
Promotional Advertising Steel Bank"State Bank Of Randolph, New-York"Circa 1891 - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
Erkki Jalava, Finnish/Canadian artist, oil on masonite board, Mid 20 Century - Fine Artin Fine Art
Sarah Coventry Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Small travel trunk, Circa 1940-50 - Furniturein Furniture
EARLY LOETZ OLYMPIA GLATT, Enameled flowers(Poppy’s) EWER, Series 1, PN 6649, Circa 1890-98 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Deco Multicolour ZIPPERED COBALT BLUE YELLOW CZECH ART GLASS VASE, Circa 1920-30 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Joyce Betts, Canadian, " Dog "Pastel, 1984. - Fine Artin Fine Art
2 of 2, Robert Vere "Robin" Darwin, Oil on Masonite, Impressionist, Cityscape, Circa 1950 - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. @ fortapache, even if i am not a trunk specialist, totally agree, after researching online, not so many to be found, many thanks for the comment and appreciation of this post. @trunkman, yeah you rig...
  2. THANK YOU, Lamplover78 SpiritBear SteveS JImam LovelyPat aura Lisa-lighting Caperkid IronLace VioletOrange Gillian vetraio50 kivatinitz Ivonne mikelv85 AdeleC sklo42 MacArt blunderb...
  3. THANK YOU, JImam brunswick LovelyPat kivatinitz IanBrighton aura fortapache VioletOrange artfoot blunderbuss2 jimtimj philmac Ivonne mikelv85 racer4four sklo42 IronLace, for the appre...
  4. THANK YOU, JImam brunswick gargoylecollector melaniej Manikin VioletOrange Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse. vetraio50v SpiritBear aura kivatinitz Ivonne kyratango mikelv85 TassieDevil, to all of...
  5. @kyratango, I think so too, absolute beauty..... @kivatinitz, less we can say, you should see my face when I found it, ;-D @Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse, Oui bien sure, d'accord a 100% @Manikin, better...
  6. THANK YOU, swfinluv1 SpiritBear Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse kivatinitz colori VioletOrange vetraio50 welzebub IanBrighton EZa jimtim sklo42 philmac51 mikelv85 Ivonne, to all of you for the a...
  7. THANK YOU, IanBrighton, for your comment and appreciation of this post. I am very happy that you love it, as you know, always very interesting to add a new decor to a growing collection.
  8. THANK YOU, IronLace for the appreciation of this post.
  9. THANK YOU, Jerico for commenting, me too, I really enjoy the brightness of this piece, very interesting shape too. Much appreciated to hear from you.
  10. LovelyPat, this is very nice shape and colour, love it, and the size is just perfect, i am wondering how wide is it, 3.75, 4 inches
  11. @kivatinitz, yes very exquisite colour, if you have time look at the link Graig provided, many others shape are found. Many thanks for your comment and appreciation.
  12. kyratango, yes dear a pair, humm what about that, LOL Yes you right, french City, most likely Paris. Many thanks for your comment and appreciation of this post, very much appreciated the visit, ;-)
  13. buckethead, yes i believe so, those day or behind, they look everything on the Internet today, one only remaining, The Salvation Army........ Many thanks, for your comment and appreciation of this po...
  14. well, i wish to have more time, this will come, few more years. You are most welcome.
  15. No, no share, no Etsy, that's a description mistake. Many thanks for the comment friend.
  16. Glassie, very nice shape,, and lamp. Congrats
  17. Not a problem, Like you, always happy to help in certain way. Thanks for the compliment, I am getting there, I guess. Take care.
  18. Hi Graig Good morning. Sure, I am more than happy to do some contribution to your web site. Is the black background is ok for you, I can retake it with White if you like better. I see on the page...
  19. @racer4four, yes indeed, very juicy and smiling vase for sure. Many thanks for your comment and appreciation on this post.
  20. @rob3rt, I will be more than surprise that this was Murano art glass, but hey appreciated your insight on this post.
  21. Thank you, IanBrighton Valentino97 Kralik1928, for the comment and the appreciation of this post. Also THANK YOU TO, welzebub, for the comment.
  22. THANK YOU, LovelyPat SpiritBear aura, to all of you, for the appreciation of this post.
  23. THANK YOU, kivatinitz, for you very nice comment, much appreciated.
  24. I almost get one few months back, I love this decor.
  25. Fabulous pieces, and great post.
  26. THANK YOU, philmac51 Vintagefran jscott0363 swfinluv1 LOUMANAL , to all of you for the appreciation of this post.
  27. THANK YOU, jscott0363 Wow22 kralik1928 fishiowa IanBrighton iggy, to all of you for the appreciation on this post.
  28. @buckethead, Oh yes, big time on this one, go from, $9.99 to $$$$, not CND, but US Money, excuse ME,,,,,,,,, LMAO. Hang in one of my wall, already, look really great, but you have to love Art, that's...
  29. THANK YOU, sklo42 racer4four mikelv85 MacArt Ivonne IanBrighton fortapache valentino97 jericho Wow22 jimtim artfoot Manikin VioletOrange vetraio50 SpiritBear, to all of you....... for t...
  30. @philmac51, I hope you have nice vacation, welcome back. Many thanks for stopping by and commented, i am glad you enjoy it.
  31. @Wow22, we figure it will be easy, but it's not, my head spin too @IanBrighton, I think so too @Ivonne, yes indeed, I love it very much. Many thanks to all of you for commenting and appreciation.
  32. Really great grouping you got there Ivonne, love it. Thanks for sharing.
  33. Jerico, first i am very sorry to bid again you, my apologize for this, we never know, ;-( So do I call this one Bambus ? Many thanks for the complete statement on this piece much appreciated.
  34. Kinda agree with Moonhill, Matt glass and usual shape and the marking could be it, this is my 2cent on this, who ever made it, they lovely vase.
  35. Kevin, I think we can use Bambus also, as marquetry too, Jericho will light up this for sure.
  36. Deano, thank you so much for your insight on this piece, I will take some time tonight to look at that.
  37. kralik1928, yes totally agree, without contributions from all, will be at the same point, every glass pieces being LOETZ. I hope you could have some time tonight, I just received a stunning piece fro...
  38. sklo42, I still love regular Art Glass( My first Love), even if it's not Bohemian, the cheap price(of the Thrift) and the beauty of an unbroken piece like that just justified, I guess, LOL
  39. I am green of envy, congrats.
  40. @getthatmonkeyoutofme, yes, I was suspicious this could have significant indications on , shape , style, same as Western Germany pottery, have number under for shape and decor, height, etc. Many than...
  41. Zorro29, some of my thrift store find its just good timing, that's all. And they don't know Welz, and Kralik and Murano. You so funny to mention I was marked as a liar in past, really, who are you t...
  42. Yes indeed IronLace, in Victorian context, nice sideboard, even nice small table, this will be glorious, congrats, beautiful piece. Yesterday, I found a nice table mirror from the Victorian era, this...
  43. THANK YOU, LovelyPat kivatinitz Ivonne swfinluv1 LOUMANAL vetraio50 aura mikelv85 artfoot jscott0363 Sklo42 racer4four fortapache IronLace SpiritBear Parkerhouse for the appreciation of...
  44. @Scott, thank you for stopping by and commented, much appreciated. @IronLace, I am very emotional on writing your comment, and than you are notice my long break, this is not surprise me at all, comin...
  45. @Ivonne, dear friend, thank you kindly for your comment, always being very nice of you to be such a great supporter, since my begin here, I want to say.....I do really appreciated it.
  46. Have fun, definitely a keeper, I will contact the Museum of civilization, downtown Quebec for excact value for assurance. GREAT FIND. Regards ...
  47. Wow, small vase and so much presence. Thanks for sharing this wonderful example. Regards Alan
  48. Warren, As your photo demonstrates very well, iridescence of this vase is wonderful and the shape lovely, how big is it ?. Regards Alan
  49. I double your investment, lol, do we have deal !! Gorgeous design. Regards Alan
  50. THANK YOU, Scott, for commenting and the appréciation, always a pleasure to see your enthusiasm on my post. Many to stop by and your support. Regards Alan
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