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Colossal Fritz Heckert/Otto Thamm, Red Marmopal. 1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tiny Mystery Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
 Czech Vase on  Strutted Legs, Art Deco Era - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Sherman Crescent Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Cigarette Box - Animalsin Animals
Vintage Sterling Filigree Owl Pendant. - Animalsin Animals
Inuk Stone Carving Penguin By Peter Pitseolak, Mid Century - Fine Artin Fine Art
Lia Sophia Earing set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Sterling Bond Boyd brooch, Mid Century - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Partially Albinos( leucistic) Robin ( The American robin (Turdus migratorius)) - Animalsin Animals


  1. Daisy1000, look at the one that I found 10 days ago, again at my donation store. Often found Sherman, actually all my Sherman come from the donation. Many thanks for your comments. Alan
  2. I am not very lucky to find any Crown Trifafy here at my donation. I am looking forward to find some , this one is gorgeous. Alan
  3. Hey MrsT, great set you got there, I do love very much Coro jewelry. The workmanship on you’re is outstanding. Alan
  4. Great detectives work, Aleš, I admired your tenacity on your glass research and deserve this reward. Alan
  5. Great piece of long time gone, I agree for time range 50s-60s, i repurposed them as plant stand. There both beautiful. Alan
  6. Glad to Hear that Kim feeling better today, Positive wave and all my prayers is send in your direction. God bless all over you and you lovely families. Alan
  7. This vase look like the Norma decor from LOETZ. Alan
  8. Yes CanyonRoad, make sense puffin more than penguin. Yes it is sign, I show the base, but it’s hard to get a a good shot, as to be hold in certain angle to see it. I will use another way tonight to ...
  9. You may be interested to look at this post, I use to own this piece of glass, but it's long gone now, those or my pictures, this is made by the same Italian glass factory, but it look like different ...
  10. I love Butler Jewelry, they made lovely piece like this one, a little cutie. Alan
  11. I think the last name is Teller, is this S or J.Teller Alan
  12. Thank you Jenni, for the quick comment and appreciation, to tired to keep going post tonight, but more to come tomorrow. Alan
  13. Many thanks, LovelyPat, valentino97 , TreasureHunter-1, kwqd, RichmondLori, vetraio50, glassiegirl, aura, Newfld, fortapache , racer4four , Broochman for the appreciation. Alan
  14. Watchsearcher, I will love to see some squirrel albinos for change, in my yard I have dozen of them, Grey, Brown and Black, they are little demon, specially in flowers pot and hanging flower basket, ...
  15. Angus , yes I see it, but what’s make me back up, it’s being cheat like this on the shipping. Alan
  16. Angus, this is a beauty, within the decor and shape, I miss one the other day In this decor, definitely one in my bucket list. I add an Heckert one on it’s way, stuck in the mail for 14 day now...., ...
  17. Thank you Leah, totally agree, every time I see a filigree piece, I am blow away how they doing such precise work all by hand, they probably done by good fairy with magic fingers, lol. Many thanks ...
  18. Sammyz, what's gone be if we are busy here on CW, that's a killer for quiet time, lol Hope you safe and well. Alan
  19. Karen very nice find, you gone have way more fun coming for sure, great piece that survive, and the effort that someone put in it, just for you to find. Alan
  20. Thank you, Karen and Jenny for the lovely comments, always like you insight on my find. Agreed that we don’t see often this subject on a brooches. Many thanks also for the appreciation. Alan
  21. Hello Eza It’s an Eastern screech owl, look at this post, to know the full story. Alan
  22. Great piece of Sherman work, Gorgeous coloration. I love the way you take yours pictures that show the cut top part of every Blue Azure rhinestone, well done, and like others say welcome to the site,...
  23. Persistence, effort and time, this is all about, and you two prove here and on many occasion. Oh I love to read Karen comment and your reply, you are both great glass collector and researcher. I jus...
  24. BB2, never to late for your comment, always appreciated your thought on any of my post, you did for many, many years now and it's very kind of you. Thank you for your comment and appreciation. Alan
  25. kivatinitz, totally agree, I was blow away from the quality of this work, definitely a designer with great talent and precision in the details. Many thanks for your comment and appreciation. Alan
  26. Leah, thank you for your comment, from a glass lover to another. Yes, truth this will be easy to match with same dec 490, will have to find it now, no so much easy. Thank you for taking some of your...
  27. Many thanks, truthordare, Wow22, vetraio50, sklo42, Bambus1920, glassiegirl , EZa, Ms.CrystalShip, jimtim, IronLace, aura , RichmondLori, Newfld, larksel , blunderbuss2, fortapache, Watchsearcher for ...
  28. MrsT, many thanks for the comment, I appreciated, yes quite special presence with the others pieces of glass. Alan
  29. Hi Leah I have the same thoughts has you, I think it’s LOETZ also in there animal set, could be very rare. Do you think originality add a top part( like a lid) that depicted the ears Owl?? Who ever...
  30. IronLace, yes indeed beautiful Welz, I sold a few recently and I post one here 4 years ago, little darker, but same decor.
  31. Hi, Karen Yes I am well, thank you for asking. I found new info on this gorgeous lamp, I will update soon, yes indeed the base is out of this world, I considering Myself extremely lucky to find suc...
  32. kivatinitz, many thanks for the comment and appreciation. Yes indeed, I look forward to doing it, this lamp didn't come with the fabric for the ignition, but I found one on eBay, it's in order at the...
  33. I definitely not learn as much as I know today without your informative post and tip, keep them coming. Alan
  34. Sorry the link not working try to send it again tonight
  35. blob:null/6163b907-8dd5-44f3-a315-e60acfac5297
  36. Tumbler possibly made by Fritz Heckert, Dec number 490
  37. IronLace, I look forward too, believe me, but I am afraid a very dark period is on it's way, individual vanish in an astronomic rate at the moment, some country are touch more than other, just around ...
  38. I know, this will coming worse, way worse then we see right now, like you mention, those don't have,,, we look at the one that have,, and we know the rest, Gun's with no Rose if you know what I mean. ...
  39. Yes I do volunteer eventually, when you realize you have to many, lol. Alan Ps...... please discard 2310
  40. IronLace, I just found something very much similar few week back before they shut down non essential store( donation store), if you stay online, I will post it right now. Nice you have kind of set he...
  41. Penny, me too, I always love this décor, very cheerful and party time, I still don't understand why I get rid of my 2 other one. Hope you and beloved families are safe and well. Many thanks for your...
  42. Sammyz, this is a wonderful example of Diaspora, and the base hardware is such a great match with the shade. Btw here in Ontario electricity is cheaper, just for let you know, LOL Hope you and belov...
  43. Ha Ha, very funny Blunderbuss, you talk to someone that know about this. I am very vulnerable at that time and really don't know for how long. Maybe you have a short memory, I have COPD and asthma, ...
  44. Many thanks, Manikin, freiheit, racer4four, valentino97 , mtruthordare, Daisy1000 , dlpetersen, aura , Broochman , Newfld , fortapache , RichmondLori, MALKEY , vetraio50, for the appreciation and the ...
  45. Hello hello Kyratango, 10/4- 10/4, so glad that you found my little critter adorable, very a great find I guess, I didn't clean it, do you think I should ? Many thanks for your comment and appreciati...
  46. Broochman, so sorry to be so late on your comment, Thank you for your comment and appreciation. Alan
  47. Many thanks, inky, LovelyPat, artfoot, Wow22 , Michelleb007, aura . DuDa, sklo42, kairomalte, Ivonne, IronLace, Bambus1920, larksel, vetraio50, kwqd, fortapache, jimtim, for the appreciation and the ...
  48. dlpetersen, bohemianglassandmore, bracken3 , racer4four , Michelleb007, MALKEY, valentino97 , blunderbuss2 , VioletOrange, jscott0363 , vetraio50 , aura, fortapache , Wow22, Broochman, jimtim, artfoot...
  49. Many thanks, dlpetersen, kairomalte , racer4four, MALKEY, blunderbuss2, Anik aura, Bambus1920, sklo42, artfoot, Ivonne, IronLace, Newfld, vetraio50 ,, fortapache, Wow22, jimtim , ho2cultcha, kwqd, fo...
  50. Thank you MrsT, for the comment and appreciation, yes indeed very special piece, lot of presence in the showcase and my apology for the overdue reply. Alan
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