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Art Nouveau Egyptian Revival Sash Pin, Late 1800-Early 1900 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Coro "Austrian Crystal" Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Loetz Candia//Silberiris Tubular Vase, Circa 1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Gargantuan Fritz Heckert, Petersdorf In Silesia, Germany, Otto Thamm 1905 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau LOETZ Crete Papillon, Rosewater Sprinkler Vase with Silver Overlay, PN II-77 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ferdinand von Poschinger (Buchenau), Art Nouveau Vase , Helios Decor with DEK number. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Czech Brooch, Circa 1950-60 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
 Vintage, "Hattie Carnegie" Brooch, Circa 1950 	 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
My first Heckert Marmopal, PN 555/1, 1902, Otto Thamm - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I appreciated both your expertise on this matter, not claiming to be an expert either. But this pin was damage on the swivel side, not so sure about this date of 1920-30. I have to compare with othe...
  2. I think your brooch represent a Mistletoe Leaf, very lovely. "feuille de gui" in French Alan
  3. Many thanks Jenni, Karen, Thomas and Ms.CrystalShip for the visit, comment and appreciation. Much appreciated your unconditional support. Jenni, definitely a great add to the Coro Gang, LOL. Kare...
  4. Mrstyndall, those one are call "Sash Pin Brooch", you have a wonderful example here, i didn't know the term Sash pin, until i found a few last year, even recently i found a couple online, on there wa...
  5. Jenni, many thanks for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. On the peg board, this brooch pop out beside the other one, that's right, the color and open design get me sold too. Mrstynd...
  6. Many thanks Jenny for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. Yes definitely one on my list now. Mrstyndall, many thanks for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. I step back ...
  7. Many thanks, for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post, Scott, bracken, Sammyz, Poire, MALKEY, same as well, to you all and your beloved families, plenty of good find over the new year. ...
  8. Roy, same as well for you and your beloved families, 2019 fill with love, joy, prosperity and Health. Alan
  9. welzebub, wish you more of those unusual find for 2019, you say it all, that’s why we keep looking, over and over, and one day BANG. Alan
  10. Hello Bambus, Merçi sincèrement pour le souhait de bonne année, toi pareillement chère amie. I discover that this vase is UV reactive, i will post a picture later today. I know I didn’t post my last...
  11. Jenni, same as well to you and your beloved families. Alan
  12. Many thanks, larksel And Bambus1920 for the help to clarify this ID. Happy holiday to both of you and your beloved families. Alan
  13. Jenni, same to you dear friend, hope you surrounded by Health, Joy, Love and prosperity on this special time of the year, many thanks for your unconditional support over the past year. Alan
  14. Thank you Kevin my friend, same as well for you, a very happy holiday season to you and your beloved family. Alan
  15. kyratango, toi aussi chère amie, et bien des trouvailles pour 2019, et bien sure quelques Restoration, que tu adore éfectuée et que tu réusie a merveille. Respectueusement Alain
  16. Bambus, good news, the Heckert bowl is Th 104. Very good piece. One of the rarer Changeant versions. Regards Alan
  17. Almost look like a real IRIS Hybrid. Nice find
  18. I love very much your third picture, background little darker than the brooch make the decoration surrounding the stone pup out, nice find !! Alan
  19. larksel, much appreciated the info and link. Many thanks for the visit coment and appreciation of this post. Alan
  20. Sure, blunderbuss2, i didn't know that you Glass expertise, it's good to know a second opinion. Many thanks for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. Alan
  21. Hi Maureen I’ve being to jewelry myself few years ago and keep buying, it’s the time to post that don’t have. Here is one Maltese Cross in my collection, I love it, but not close to the beauty of ...
  22. Beautiful Maltese Cross. Here what you can find on this manufacturer. Offering high quality jewelry with an emphasis on medieval & renaissance styles, Arthur Pepper was in business from the late 1...
  23. Bambus, I think it has produced more UV reactive than we can imagine. Alan
  24. Ivonne, yes I primary buy it because I love the general look, color, mounted brass decoration, but also because this could FH, disappointed, sure I am. Many thanks for your visit, comment and appreci...
  25. I have more light to add on this matter, this is from opinion of Volkmar. This vase is not Fritz Heckert a right attribution for now. Open Quote « you are right with the current attribution in Pas...
  26. truthordare, yes they are great, in this decor even more. Many thanks for your visit, comments and appreciation. Alan
  27. sklo42, i post this one a month ago. Alan
  28. Bambus, Estoy buscando uno de esos por mucho tiempo y feliz de encontrar este buen precio.
  29. MALKEY, thank you kindly for the visit, comments and appreciation of this post, always a pleasure to hear from you. Alan
  30. Volkmar told me, this vase decor is in the Kralik case at the Passau museum. I mention they as being changing of case and put in the Fritz Heckert one. I annexed the card picture that you kindly pro...
  31. Ivonne, I am very please that to love this piece, it's a coronation or a completion of a heckert collection. Many thanks for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. Alan
  32. Bambus, right on, highly UV reactive, no pontil. Many thanks. Alan
  33. Bambus , thanks a million, awesome Very much appreciated. PS, i will post tonight my very first Marmopal, I think you should enjoy seeing this piece. Regards Alan
  34. Agree with inky, always will come in your direction as someone dedicated and passionate in there field, I know that, it's happen to me lately twice, LOL Alan
  35. Mrstyndall, yes agree and the presence with others pieces of FH are just outstanding, they just meet to be together Always very kind in your comment, very much appreciated, many thanks for the visit...
  36. Bambus, i have the exactly same one in my Heckert colletion, part of the very first piece acquire from Heckert, i didn't know at that time how addicted i will come to this glass house, today i have a ...
  37. Agree with Bambus, the last picture with all the pieces together it's quite and achievement. You could at least use one adjective, in your OK comment, you know you what i mean, :-( Alan
  38. I can easily understand why you crazy about the shape, it's just outstanding. Alan
  39. I love the 2 decor(Bottom/Top) on this PK, wow 16" tall, a Monumental piece of glass, great addition. Alan
  40. philmac51, you are more than welcome, after all, you and few others I've being an inspiration for me, over many year, an i thank you for that. Yes it is a nice show, i just warm up, LOL, I love to st...
  41. Bambus1920, coming from such a connoisseur of Heckert, I take it, and you probably seeing what's missing in my family picture, believe me, i am working on, but there not easy to find, as you know, i w...
  42. MALKEY, my pleasure ,my friend, i hope and wish you doing well those day's. Many thanks for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. Alan
  43. Sammyz, i am glad you love it, i am still working on, definitely addicted to FH. Many thanks for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. Alan
  44. AnythingObscure, I totally understand your point, and your welcome, I put this way "we love his accomplishment". This genius, didn't have enough time to see is final Masterpiece, Infinity War part I...
  45. bb2, yes agree,,, definitely goes to is Plane with confident to blow a few enemy's ?ss. Many thanks for the visit, comment and appreciation, nice to hear from you. Alan
  46. Golgatha, taste of anyone is personal, I personally like really much the Abstract look of this figure, if don’t love this you don’t have to be rude, really, it’s your comment it’s Bad
  47. I agree with Graig, they look gorgeous together and the shape is outstanding, i really love the medium Papillon Blue Cobalt, i miss few at auction recently, i have not so much luck with this decor. A...
  48. Overdue, Sammyz, many thanks for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. I do realize in smaller vase lot going on, yes indeed beautiful iridescent to the base. Alan
  49. artfoot on #5, ???????????
  50. Ivonne, timing I guess Artfoot, yes it is Kevin, yes indeed mate IronLace, yes I am glad you do, for sure great buy. Many thanks for the visit, comments and appreciation of this post. Alan
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