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Curb find, P&S Slight Dome Top Steamer Trunk,Circa 1900 - Furniturein Furniture
Richard Rohac Native American Bronze Bust, circa 1950 - Fine Artin Fine Art
Fritz Heckert Siberband TH110, Circa 1900 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
LOETZ Candia Papillon Cookie Jar, Late 1890-1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
 Art Nouveau Loetz  "Silberiris" sea-shell, Circa 1896  - Art Glassin Art Glass
VINTAGE FILIGREE Sterling Brooch "Birk" Circa 20 Century - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Little tie brooch,Art Deco, Germany ?? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sarah Coventry Flowers Brooch, 20 Century  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
LOETZ Medici Spreading Chestnut with Silver Overlay, 1902 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sherman Brooch, 20 Century - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Thanks share, you just a pearl like no other, many thanks for the comments, and appreciation of this post. Truly
  2. I will love to add this one to my collection of jar Lucky you, sweet heart, I am envy, NOW, ;-(
  3. billretirecoll, you are most welcome, my pleasure here, for sure. Thank you for the compliment, I am getting there, always space for improvement. Many thanks also for the appreciation of this post, ...
  4. THANK YOU, IronLace vetraio50 aura valentino97 Vintagefran LOUMANAL VioletOrange EZa fortapache mikelv85 AdeleC Newfld, to all of you, for the appreciation of this post.
  5. THANK YOU, racer4four, Mrstyndall, Kivatinitz for the very nice comment and appreciation of this post, very much appreciated.
  6. Spectacular and very unique, love to see the color graduation from bottom to top, and the applied decoration is very special, i understand when you mention being happy with it, congratulation and 100 ...
  7. Glassie, Outstanding piece of Orpheus, and a Pitcher, WOW, Love to see the handle, prunts and the applied decoration in different tone color,.....;-)
  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH Ivonne, for this lovely comment and appreciation of this post. Always a real pleasure to hear your thoughts.
  9. THANK YOU, magdalenagirl philmac51 EZa kivatinitz, to all of you for the appreciation of this post.
  10. Thank you very much Sammyz, I think so too, there not very common to find, they most likely Rindskolf, Kralik and PK, this is my second one made by LOETZ Many thanks again for the very nice comment...
  11. Sorry i can't post my love before, i just crash my computer last week, it's a new one, when i post my comment, i can't click the love button, update my browser, everything is return normal now.
  12. OK, Sammys, you know I adore crete décor, I am the one freak out right now. Maybe small but wonderful. Stay online my friend, I have one coming out soon
  13. Olympia at the finest, the mount just outstanding. add this beauty to your collection .
  14. Hi Bob Jericho teach about this decor many months ago. I have one post here: Yours as a very nice base colour...
  15. Overhead from the second figure, the shortest, some kind of letter. I can't see very clearly, try to take a macro picture, close up
  16. I agree with Racer, look like Miller or Mitler. This look like more Figural Abstract than Cubist. Beautiful Painting, good grab here.
  17. THANK YOU, colori Vintagefran, to both of you for the appreciation and support over the year.
  18. Outstanding, WOW
  19. Well known Rindskopf shape, but I am not an expert, just my 2 cents. Who ever made this is beautiful piece of glass. If you don't mind would you kindly email me regarding a comments left on my Bowl,...
  20. Me ether phil what say is"look like ", not it is, don't get me wrong here, anyway.
  21. Phil, rick have a good thought here, really look like an steuben aurene decor
  22. THANK YOU, kyratango, for the comment and appreciation of this post. Yeah... this is my reaction when i unpacked, we have to remember this vase is 10 inches tall, impressive piece. Wait to see my ne...
  23. THANK YOU, Newfld, Ms.CrystalShip, pebble, for the nice comment and appreciation of this post.
  24. THANK YOU, racer4four for the very nice comment and appreciation of this post. I have few more to go from that lot, maybe tonight.
  25. THANK YOU, katherinescollections, Manikin, nutsabotas6, TassieDevil, for the very kind and nice comments from all of you, many thanks also for the appreciation of this post. My apology for the lat...
  26. THANK YOU, TimeTraveller melaniej, for the appreciation of this post.
  27. THANK YOU, blunderbuss2 feller55f aura SpiritBear Radegunder Hunter sweets30 welzebub Poire LesleyParish elanski EZa Sammyz mikelv85 sklo42 Ivonne vetraio50 Anik Wow22 Glassie LOUM...
  28. THANK YOU, Sammyz, for the nice comment and appreciation. Yes, and you know "lapierre" very good yourself for having fewer of them.
  29. THANK YOU, Wow22, for the nice comment and appreciation of this post. Yes, I am sure this world described very well.
  30. Thank YOU, shareurpassion, for the very nice comment and appreciation of this post. Yes I do realize myself when I unpacked and see the apparition of the pure beauty and workmanship, they are truly ...
  31. Yes, i guess, this is a work of patience, no rush with vintage thing, that's my Motto
  32. freiheit, this one was $3.99 on the Peg board, nice humm.
  33. Yes it's look like the same, look wonderful clean, I think i will clean it....
  34. THANK YOU very much, melaniej swfinluv1 SpiritBear jimtim Newfld aura Anik kivatinitz EZa artfoot mikelv85 sklo42 Ivonne fortapache courtenayantiques SEAN68 VioletOrange blunderbuss2 ...
  35. THANK YOU, courtenayantiques for the nice comment and appreciation of this post. Yes, the iridescent colours make it change on different angle, in addition it's lighter Gold oil spot.
  36. Another one well wrapped, except you not lucky, omg I feel the pain from here. You know what, ask for a refund !
  37. THANK YOU,GlueChip LovelyPat Vintagefran aura Sammyz EZa mikelv85 clockerman SEAN68 welzebub Lisa-lighting Ivonne sklo42 artfoot vetraio50 blunderbuss2 Glassie Timetraveler VioletOra...
  38. THANK YOU,Vintagefran, for the nice comment and appreciation of this post. My apologies for late response.
  39. Thank YOU, racer4four, for the nice comment and appreciation of this post. My apologies for late response.
  40. Beautiful one. Congratulations on this addition to your collection.
  41. YES, agreed nice froggie, sweet and shinny. Ha ha kyra, this stick to US as WE HAVE LOT OF FROG IN OUR BLOOD.
  42. welzebub, after all those years of hard work to research and study, very well done. And the good part of it, you have fun doing it. The crown to the king of welz. I do appreciate learning from you ...
  43. Not much to say,,as you mention, but lot's to look at. Just outstanding..piece of Kralik... philmac51
  44. Very nice Art Nouveau centre piece, the base with the cherub and reptile is just wonderful, now the glass make me think Bohemian, I could be wrong, this is my 2 cent. No marking on the metal part ??,...
  45. Lovely pair you have here...very delicate&fancy. Congrats.
  46. THANK YOU, racer4four, for the comment and appreciation of this post. I have to admit, this one is really simple decor, but the shape and size make the difference in this case, well for me.
  47. THANK YOU, EZa, Sammyz, vetraio50 for the comment and appreciation of this post. @EZa, definitely the shape is what get me in the first place, but having 2 more Crete decor, the colour attract me too...
  48. THANK YOU, officialfuel IanBrighton nutsabotas6 Manikin welzebub melaniej aura EZa philmac51 Ivonne mikelv85 sklo42 scottvez blunderbuss2 IronLace vetraio50 VioletOrange, to all of you...
  49. THANK YOU, philmac51, for the comment and appreciation of this post. I was almost certain you will love that one, wait to see the one on it's way, one of a kind.
  50. THANK YOU, Poire for the appreciation of this post, always a pleasure.
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