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 Aesthetic Mouvement Soaring Bird & Amethyst Cut Glass Crystal, Sash Pin Brooch  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage Merrifield Canada Hand Made Copper Pin " CAT " 1960s - Animalsin Animals
Miracle Celtic Brooch, Mid 20 century - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Victoria  Diamond Jubelee Button. 1900s - Politicsin Politics
BOBS The Nations Hero, Victoria Souvenir medal, Mid 20 Century - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
Vintage Marcel Boucher Penguin family pin brooch #3279, 1950s - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Unusual Brooch. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Sterling Necklace "Turtle" Made in Italy - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Antique Chinese Stone Vase - Asianin Asian
Vintage Sherman Brooch and Earring set. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Hi AdeleC If you look my post of 4 years ago, you discover that you are on a mission to find a plate to complete you set, once you find the plate, watch out the effect that you achieve. Alan htt...
  2. Radegunder, Thank you for the visit and appreciation. Alan
  3. I hope, that you can pass on this collection to someone in your family’s, because there so much time and effort to accumulate such wonderful collection of glass, thank you for sharing your passion. A...
  4. MrsT, of course I enjoy looking at it, but man you lucky to hold it, lol, ;-) Great catching this beauty. Alan
  5. Very cute piece Jenni, love it. Happy st-patrick day to you. Alan
  6. Lovely piece Broochman, and this ad is very nice to see. I have a big collection of magazine from 1920-30-40-50-60- i will have a different look to them shortly. Alan
  7. I agree with you, look Rindskopf, shape and pull decor. Beautiful example. Alan
  8. This is such a wonderful micro mosaic piece and the condition is museum quality. Congratulations on this new addition to your collection that is already outstanding. Happy to hear that you feel bet...
  9. Very colorful pieces of pottery, and your collection is spectacular, you gone start to have some fun to documented all of them with shape, size, color and mark, here is where your investment grow, wel...
  10. Passion4Cameos, is this your web site » » at the bottom first image ?, may I ask you some info on a cameo I just recently bought. Alan
  11. In the home page, when I see this vase and click to see it, I expect seeing Fritz Heckert in your description, this my 2 cents. Alan
  12. I see you add some accessory's to your pic that make Pop the focal point as always they do.... Wonderful brooch, well done you again. Alan
  13. I agree with valentino97, jenni i will pay you a visit one day(or 2)and go shopping with you, LOL. Lovely design, Flipper at the Apogee of is Glory. Alan
  14. I think the letters that we see beside 925 it say "PAT" for Patented, so that say you should have some other mark somewhere, on the edge, pin & clasp. I agree with pebble for the silver marking, but ...
  15. Thank you, yougottahavestuff, hunterqlee, Recordmantime, dlpetersen, alain, SEAN68, kyratango, aura, bracken3, mikelv85, for the visit and appreciation. Alan
  16. Thank you, DanSpirito, Sinnomore, Watchsearcher, aurathis., vetraio50, Brunswick, fortapache, hunterqlee, Vynil33rpm for the visit and appreciation. Alan
  17. Thank you, Jenni and Malkey for your always very kind comment, much appreciated your support and appreciation. Alan
  18. Thank you, keramikos, hunterqlee, bracken3, larksel, Recordmantime, and long overdue to-- IVAN49, GeodeJem, Vintagefran, Gruff, SpiritBear, for the visit and appreciation. I take this occasion to upg...
  19. Great picture of your collection Scott, great to see all together. Alan
  20. I never seeing Neptun with Candia papillon, what a nice piece you got there. Alan
  21. Long Overdue, my apologies, Thank you, Vynil33rpm, Sammyz, Parkerhouse, Roycroftbooksfromme1, Funkystuff, Justanovice, Radegunder, dlpetersen, freiheit, for the visit and appreciation. Alan
  22. Google "Japanese crane wood carving" in image search. Alan
  23. Complex piece of jewelry, wonderful pictures, lucky you, ;-) Alan
  24. Oh, la, la, this Blue is wonderful, such a beautiful find. Alan
  25. Totally agree with the 2 above statement. At the beginning of collecting Art every one go there, 70 to 80 % of painting you find at donation are mass produced for decorative purpose, most likely pai...
  26. Good Evening Gudrun. Sorry for the late reply, -;( I am in the GTA, but more in 20 km radius from the Simcoe Lake, surrounding by Sutton, Keswick, Newmarket and Aurora, sometime i go to Richmond Hil...
  27. Beautiful Flower brooch from Hattie Carnegie and huge. I have the pleasure to own one piece from her, quality piece for sure, like you I've being attracted too, congratulation. Alan https://www.c...
  28. Thank you, kivatinitz, Mrstyndall, worthit2, Watchsearcher, IronLace, jscott0363, aura, MALKEY, blunderbuss2, jimtim, Bambus1920, sklo42, Anik, artfoot, Ivonne Newfld, larksel, fortapache, VioletOra...
  29. Thank you Bambus for the visit, comment and appreciation. Yes it is TH50, just receive the Zelasko book, very nice book, found it inside. Alan
  30. Thank you, bracken3, dlpetersen, artfoot, subi450, for the visit and appreciation. Alan
  31. Thanks you, Radegunder for the visit and appreciation. Alan
  32. Hi Gudrun. You are most welcome...... Kind of agree with you, but i will better use the term "Not Known ", it's up to us(Canadian Jewelry collectors) to make them known, we have a good start, i gue...
  33. Hi I know exactly what you found here, as I found one from the same designer very nice quality brooch, I am still looking for some more. Beautiful example you post here, very nice. Alan https://...
  34. As usual great write up, fantastic pedestal piece and this circular mark is fabulous. Alan
  35. THANK YOU, aura, ho2cultcha, maryh1956, Sinnomore, valentino97, hunterqlee, themuse, lisa, vetraio50, MALKEY, plein-air-painter, AdeleC, Hel1, fortapache, Jenni, Mrstyndall, for the visit and apprecia...
  36. valentino97, you are most welcome my friend, i am more than happy that you like it, i am surprise that some of my good friends here didn't see that one, , :-( Many thanks to be such a supporter on my...
  37. Never earn about this Maker, nice to see there not only Jonasson make great piece, it's happen that I only find Jonasson, wish to find some different one day. Thanks for sharing and Congrats on your ...
  38. plein-air-painter, many thanks for the visit and appreciation. Me too, I love them very much, here is a few more from my collection. Alan
  39. Jenni, many thanks for the visit and appreciation. Image are easy to take when is such a beautiful subject, agree the bird seems want to fly away. Alan
  40. Mrst, many thanks for the visit and appreciation. Yes, just outstanding piece of Artwork. Alan
  41. Wow, I love all them, but a little more the filigree one on pic 3 Alan
  42. AnythingObscure, your post make me remember one similar in my Quebec Bank Collection, the difference on my scale, is the dial is graduated for postal price, as the scale coming from the first floor wh...
  43. we can't look at this one to long, you became dizzy, amazing design. Alan
  44. Scott, is this the name of this man at the bottom second picture. This one is in amazing condition. Alan
  45. Very example of this decor Alan
  46. Impasto style, beautiful painting, I will look in my database later and get back to you. Alan
  47. You are most welcome friends ;-) Alan
  48. Nice grouping, I love particularly the birds cage, very nice. Alan
  49. I am with Gillian, hope you will recover, and get better soon, nice find here at unbeatable price. Alan
  50. Lol bb2, you offer a good deal for it, I can’t do better. Maybe the poster can show us the back side of this piece and the side of a drawer to the assembly dovetails. Alan
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