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CoroCraft Abtract Rose Brooch & Earring Set. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Oval Gold Art Deco Brooch. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Aquamarine Azure Austrian Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Gold Setting Austrian Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Harrach Victorian Opaque Uranium Glass Vase with Applied Leave & Fruits  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unusual Color Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
WWII German MineSweeper Badges - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
Ingridglas 1970's Clear Glass Vase 3078 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Native American Basket ?? - Furniturein Furniture
Vintage Marcel Boucher Brooch, 8092P - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. MALKEY, I know very well how you feel at this time, I am currently very affected by several symptoms that affect me at this time I am also hospitalized, my friend courage, my prayers will find you. T...
  2. LaurenRedmond, thank so much for your visit and your support on my post on all those years, blessings to know you here, indeed yes truly a wonderfull set, I am totally in love with it. Alan
  3. You sure do remember this little one, this will nicely fit in this gorgeous grouping. Alan
  4. Jenni, thank you so much for your always nice comment and the appreciation. Nice one humm, I like it very much, I am glad you did too. Alan
  5. MrsT thank you so much for your visit, comment and appreciation. Me ether, I never seeing one like this. Very much appreciated your insight on this set. Alan
  6. I post the exact same one many years ago. I have still the marking under »Germany » Alan
  7. MrsT, Nice catch here...;-D Alan
  8. Gillian, Thank you for the clarification, very much appreciated your time here, doing it. Alan
  9. Sammyz, I know exactly how you feel now, I experience the same some time back when found my first Marmopal. Congratulations. Alan
  10. Thank you Scott to share with us your visit to this fabulous museum, your daughter is lucky to be 1.5 hours from the museum. I notice on your third picture a loetz Texas decor(second from the right b...
  11. Thank you, larksel, Vintagefran, IronLace, hunterqlee, Jenni, for the visit and appreciation. Alan
  12. IVAN49, my apologize for the delay, health issue, my old body don't follow my life pace, i have to slow down. When i purchase this bracelet i buy many other brooch's and pendants, the piece with the...
  13. keramikos, yes indeed quite impressive bracelet, I love it very much, I am glad that you did too. Many thanks for your visit, comment and appreciation. Alan
  14. Dear IVAN49 yes it does have mark , 800 silver mark and something else. I am at work now, later I will add picture of it for you. Many thanks for your visit and comments. Alan
  15. By looking the back, i do believe it's very nice quality piece of Jewelry, very well made, and the front it's just gorgeous, setting stones are beautiful, nice catch. Alan
  16. AdeleC, what a beautiful lot of envelopes you got, start to be rare full cover like this, make sure no one remove stamp from it, really love the variety of mark and cancellation, very, very nice. Alan
  17. Good catch Kevin, nice style brooch, look like a Music Key note. Alan
  18. Happy Easter Jenni, lovely set. Alan
  19. Hi MrsT I believe what you have here call Duette brooch, it’s appear that one identical missing, I use to have one post here, but my post was gone, I will look later today to find my brooch and repo...
  20. All deserve individual post, great find. Alan
  21. Oh la la,just gorgeous. Alan
  22. Great catch Dino, nice one here. Alan
  23. Sammyz, YES, this one have a special meaning to me before larksel comments. Always add, great expectation to be LOETZ and now even more, i move to a different showcase that i name "The Untouchable" RO...
  24. Thank you, valentino97, for the visit, comment and appreciation. I discover more sterling inlaid pieces, post soon. Alan
  25. Share, you to kind, as always, i could be more descriptive, like mention chaton and Tear drop, but hey i just begin to discover. Many thanks for the visit, comment and appreciation. Alan
  26. Mrst, for the Sherman, yes they all coming from the Value Village(Savers)in the state. For my others pieces they mix, Salvation Army and the Mission thrift. Many thanks again for the visit, comment ...
  27. courtenayantiques, yes i agree and thank you for your visit, comment and appreciation. Alan
  28. Oh dear lucky you... as Valentino say, they don't wait for me either, but i have to mention i visit my thrift shop 4 time a day, lol Congratulation they all beautiful. Alan
  29. Your most welcome Gudrun, my pleasure. Alan
  30. Amazing Japanese Koi, i have many Japanese print that this stylist Koi is depicted. Very nice catch and repair as always. Alan
  31. Thank you for the reply, yes it is, very surprise it's not sign nowhere.
  32. Jenni, is this more, Starburst then Pinwheel. Many thanks for the visit and quick comment(as usual), much appreciated your input. Alan
  33. Thank you, highlander56, mikelv85, Roycroftbooksfromme1, valentino97, aura, plein-air-painter, LaurenRedmond, dlpetersen, Newfld, Hel1, fortapache, vetraio50, Watchsearcher, Mrstyndall, hunterqlee, to...
  34. Mrst, i think so too, i really love the design and overall look, this is very small, but so much presence. Many thanks for the visit, comment and appreciation. Alan
  35. Thank you, valentino97, Re-In-Vintage, aura, pebble, Manikin, dlpetersen, Newfld, Hel1, kwqd, fortapache, vetraio50, hunterqlee, to all of you for the visit and appreciation. Alan
  36. Thank you MrsT, yes totally agree, the center is quite nice, go so well with the entire frame, many thanks for the visit, comment and appreciation. Alan
  37. Thank you, mikelv85, bracken3, Michelleb007, aura, Manikin, jimtim, sklo42, philmac51, IronLace, larksel, artfoot, catteann, Newfld, ho2cultcha, Bambus1920, AdeleC, fortapache, vetraio50, bb2, hunterq...
  38. Thank you, Radegunder, Vintagefran, Nizam1525, for the visit and appreciation. Alan
  39. Thank you, kwqd ,Vintagefran, for the visit and appreciation. Alan
  40. I am with MrsT, very nice spider brooch, and your pictures show the piece here marvellously, well done. Alan
  41. I do like him, BTW, your shoot fire tonight, LOL Good catch. Alan
  42. Wow very sparkling bird, love it. I see, the possibility.....,that some number on jewelry brooch could be by Boucher. Alan
  43. They all lovely pendant, but holly cow, I love the one on the last picture far right, lovely Art Nouveau style. Alan
  44. MrsT, thank you again for such support over many time on my post, much appreciated. I was tired the other night to keep posting, I have more from the same day, maybe tonight, will find some time. Ma...
  45. Thank you so much larksel for your insight on this vase, very much appreciated that you take some time to looking and express your thoughts. Great info to look. Alan
  46. Happy 700 post, sir, very interesting brooch for sure. Alan
  47. My comment as no intent to be funny. Just honest has all the time when commenting on any post. I have no ideals why you use my regular CW name, as we know each other for quite some time. Oh well. A...
  48. Thank you, AdeleC, vetraio50, Newfld, fortapache, valentino97, bb2, aura, hunterqlee, Mrstyndall, for the visit and appreciation. Alan
  49. valentino97, many thanks for your visit, comment and appreciation. I just started to have fun with this thematic collection, I love them very much, I do appreciated that you love them too. Alan
  50. MrsT, many thanks for the visit , comment and appreciation. It is indeed a very nice one here. Alan
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