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Marvel Drawing Sketch, Circa Late 2000 - Comic Booksin Comic Books
Update of my Fritz Heckert Family - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tribute to Stan Lee, Creator of Marvel Universe"Dead at 95"1922-2018 - Comic Booksin Comic Books
Scramble, Metal cast wwII Pilot,by J.A.Hagan, 20 Century - Fine Artin Fine Art
Joshephine-Heckert- or Kralik, Monumental look alike Loetz 7624 decor vase, Late 1800, Early 1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Art Deco Welz hexagonal glass spatter vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Nouveau"Jugenstill" Brass Letter Holder, Circa 1890-1900 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau Harrach Formos Vase, Early 1900 - Art Glassin Art Glass
LOETZ-Ausfuehrung 237 - 1925 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Friedrich (Fritz) Wilhelm Heckert-OTTO THAMM, CENTRE PIECE BOWL,  Circa 1902 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. AnythingObscure, I totally understand your point, and your welcome, I put this way "we love his accomplishment". This genius, didn't have enough time to see is final Masterpiece, Infinity War part I...
  2. bb2, yes agree,,, definitely goes to is Plane with confident to blow a few enemy's ?ss. Many thanks for the visit, comment and appreciation, nice to hear from you. Alan
  3. Golgatha, taste of anyone is personal, I personally like really much the Abstract look of this figure, if don’t love this you don’t have to be rude, really, it’s your comment it’s Bad
  4. I agree with Graig, they look gorgeous together and the shape is outstanding, i really love the medium Papillon Blue Cobalt, i miss few at auction recently, i have not so much luck with this decor. A...
  5. Overdue, Sammyz, many thanks for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. I do realize in smaller vase lot going on, yes indeed beautiful iridescent to the base. Alan
  6. artfoot on #5, ???????????
  7. Ivonne, timing I guess Artfoot, yes it is Kevin, yes indeed mate IronLace, yes I am glad you do, for sure great buy. Many thanks for the visit, comments and appreciation of this post. Alan
  8. Impressive work..........I wish you to found the missing link.
  9. I am sorry but, if is the way it was painted, how come the frame is out of focus too and everything on the picture ??
  10. artfoot, I have to admit, i will definitely visit your garage and have a peek on your advertising pieces, outstanding..... Alan
  11. AmphoraPottery, impressive work of Art, and what a monumental size, love it. Many thanks for sharing and for the write up on the artist. Alan
  12. Sammyz, thank you for the visit and comment, much appreciated. It's not a collection yet, but i am looking for the third piece, Formosa not coming often available, i was lucky to find that one, hope ...
  13. Jenny, MALKEY and Ivonne, sorry for the long overdue reply, was very busy lately to get my roof done, finally it's finish on Wednesday, the next day raining and still raining everyday, god bless me. ...
  14. JenniferH, totally agree on both statement, this bowl was number 12 of my Heckert family and definitely gain some attraction even more when put beside the others one and vice versa for the others piec...
  15. dlpetersen, this is exactly what i think the first time i see it online, week's before auction start, now my Brain dictated what i have to do,,,,;-D Long overdue, but really appreciated the visit, co...
  16. Happy halloween to all
  17. cornhusker, In my opinion, both are interested, hunting and finding, we could't have one without the other, LOL Great find. Alan
  18. raven3766, it's nice that you found the earring, wish you found the necklace, ;-) Beautiful set for now. Alan
  19. Roycroftbooksfromme1, Yes agree, I just adore piece with bronze mount, and the design of this one is fabulous, way better seeing with your eyes, picture not gave justice. Many thanks for your visit, ...
  20. Bambus1920, i know you are a fan of OT, like me, I have many books since start collecting glass, but I still don’t have the S.Zelasko’s book, it’s become a priority now with 11 pieces of FH. Many th...
  21. Eza, Thank you kindly for your comment and appreciation of this post. Always a real pleasure to see you enjoy my glass. Alan
  22. MALKEY, Thank you kindly for your comment and constant support on my post, very much appreciated my friend. Alan
  23. stsebastius, thank you kindly for your comment and appreciation of this post. No merit here everything is on the internet, but I know what you mean, always interesting to read info on glass maker fr...
  24. This vase is made by Kralik on Drapery decor. A good article here for viewing and reading from good friend glass collector « Alfredo Villanueva Collado »This is beautiful example you got here, thanks...
  25. Bambus, I always admire this Streifen und Flecken, maybe one day I will go it. Beautiful shape and color.
  26. I see, i read a moment ago, and that\s explain everything, this little fellow are in the family of Flycatcher, when i see your picture i was amaze about is very small beak and legs. Here in Canada, R...
  27. AdeleC, lovely tray, perfect for the thanksgiving coming. You little bird is not a Robin, but a kind of Warbler, I am not home now, but I will comeback to you later today, with the kind of warbler it...
  28. Yeah, I want to say this taboo word “RUCKL”, but restrict my excitement.;-)
  29. Very nice vase Bambus, I have a similar of satin glass pair few years ago, I sold at auction, I was quite amaze they bring so much interest and a very fair amount of cash, maybe someone know somethin...
  30. Michael, thank you so much for your prayer, they reach me in my heart, bring some tear in my eyes. Very much appreciated my friend. Alan
  31. keramikos, yes, and every spring when is blooming I will think about them and yes life continues. Many thanks for your good words on this hard time. Alan
  32. Purvis, yes that’s the only thing I can do for now, one day and one day only at the time. Appreciate you take some time for the good thought on this, very much appreciated. Alan
  33. artfoot, I hear about monthly at HomeDepot, older house with old wiring (most likely aluminum wire), till you don’t a reloading the circuit, everything should be fine. Many thanks for the good wish, ...
  34. Karen, I can see the truth friendship here. You very kind as always. Alan
  35. ho2cultcha, you are right, for now it’s very hard to not think about them on a dayly based. I want to say thank you for your recomforted word , I do really appreciate. Alan
  36. Mrstyndall, you are very kind thank you. Yes indeed fire are not fun, even this week after investigation finish, they start to rid appart the house, make lot of ashes dust, very inconvenient, we have...
  37. fortapache, appreciate the good words here. Yes, start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Alan
  38. Merçi bien Bob pour ses mots de réconfort, bien apprécié. Vraie qu’une journée toute est rose et soudainement tous apparais noir. Et bien oui j’entrevois la lumière à l’autre bout du tunnel. Sincer...
  39. Ah Jenny you bring tear in my eyes, you such a kind member here, I do appreciate to know you, you know how to say the right thing. For sure I hope the worsts is in the back trunk, thing start to str...
  40. It’s take me quite a while and guts to talk about that here, but i have to get this done for my good fellowships with collector weekly, it’s like my other family here. Many thanks for your supporting...
  41. Thank you very much for your clarification Welzebub on the pontil, absolutely correct I notice now the difference. Oh well still learning as you can see, many thanks for taking the time to comment, v...
  42. Yes pretty vase for sure, look Harrach to me. Alan
  43. THANK YOU, ho2cultcha, for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. Yes indeed, very cool, even better in person, the workmanship is enormous. Alan
  44. THANK YOU, Karen, for the visit, kind comment and appreciation of this post. Well, when you visit 4 store per day, 3 time a day, you I’ve no choice that find great stuffs, I am not alone, so I have b...
  45. THANK YOU, Ken for the visit, comments and appreciation of this post. Yes very happy with this set, and when I spot the earrings even better, agree fabulous shining effects. Alan
  46. THANK YOU, Mrstyndall, for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. Always love to hear your opinion. Alan
  47. THANK YOU, Karen for the visit, you very kind comments and appreciation of this post. Good timing is the key, I notice lot of yard going on in my area the last week, just to wake up early that’s all....
  48. THANK YOU, Ken, for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. Actually this come from a yard sale last week end, even better, I pay a very little amount for that one, good investment. Alan
  49. What about this one. Or this one.
  50. Look at PG 1-104, this is the closer from the one with tadpole
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