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Art Nouveau, Sash Pin Brooch with amethyst stone.Late 1800 early 1900 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Vintage Cookie or Chocolate Tin Box, England, Circa 40s-50s - Advertisingin Advertising
Art Nouveau Sash Pin Brooch from the Late 1800, early 1900 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Mid Century Modern Swirl Brooch, Marcel Boucher, #2147, 1950-60 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Sterling Silver and Genuine Turquoise Cuff, Late 60s-70s - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
French Art Nouveau Bronze Sash Pin, Rhodonite, Night Butterflies, Late 1800 - Animalsin Animals
Post 3 of 20--Etching by MAX VOLKHART"The Hearing before the Burgomaster"1880 - Booksin Books
Vintage Sterling Art Nouveau Floral Brooch, 60s-70s - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. The silver overlay is amazing,,, Wow, Great find, nutsabotas6.
  2. THANK YOU, Jenni for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. I am always glad that you enjoy, you are very kind.
  3. THANK YOU, colori, for the visit and appreciation of this post. Long time no see, hope you are very well.
  4. Ho la la Bonnie, what a beautiful filigree butterfly. I found yesterday 2 filigree silver brooch at the thrift, hope tonight having time to post it.
  5. Beautiful letter holder. I found one similar but different style 3 years ago, in Rococo style, also found at the thrift store not for a $1, but still cheap price.
  6. WOW, This is Breathtaking. Congratulation, Warren......Outstanding LOETZ
  7. THANK YOU, dlpetersen, for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. Yes a lovely little couple, I just hope it’s not a new collection starting, for now just one but who knows what’s the futu...
  8. Hi truthordare Here is 2 vase from my collection, I do believe to be part of the same family. Both are the same shape as yours, what do you think??
  9. Beautiful picture Scott. Regards Alan
  10. THANK YOU, Mrstyndall, for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. Yes agree, quite unique.
  11. Look like Yin&Yan sign, awesome basket.
  12. Eyes candy, nice grouping.
  13. I could feel the Art Nouveau vibe. Beautiful find
  14. Very special piece
  15. Very Mid century modern, very exceptional design, love it
  16. Lovely all together.
  17. Thank you Karen for this very educative post, the vase is really nice, I love green glass too, you know already that, LOL
  18. THANK YOU,valentino97, for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. I am not sure what do you mean by that, other or, where i found this, what surround this acquisition ?
  19. THANK YOU, Mrstyndall, for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. Yes it is neat, and i believe it's more Bronze then Brass, i wait for my friend in vacation now, is up to metal specialist.
  20. THANK YOU, valentino97, for the visit, comment and appreciation. Yes, this is what i am thinking about being a child bracelet, very small for an adult.
  21. When you time email me Alan
  22. THANK YOU, Poire for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. Stay tune I post another one shortly, even more beautiful, but hey I love them all equally, no jalousie, ????
  23. THANK YOU, IronLace for the visit and appreciation of this post.
  24. Same as well to you papa
  25. THANK YOU, Bonnie for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. As you know more when you hold such pieces in your hands.
  26. THANK YOU, Mrstyndall, for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post. Yes I am very please to discover that one, good timing at thrift store.
  27. Your vase have originally a flower frog around the rim like this one. Sometimes they go missing. I love ...
  28. They are from the Art Deco era 1920-30, extremely good site for research and learn, I still use it all the time
  29. You a nice vase made by Kralik, a bohemian glass factory.
  30. ditto Roy, fabulous
  31. I was looking for one of these for long time to put my archive collection, very nice find.
  32. Karen, yes indeed, I was lucky and fortunate to get it. Many thanks for the visit, comment and appreciation of this post.
  33. I wish you some Gillian, many thanks for the visit and comment.
  34. I was thinking to be alone with this feeling, I think you got it too. Nice intuition and glass of course.
  35. You are most welcome... When it was out focus, this did't look like 925, i was thinking of some English Hallmark, anyway, will see.
  36. Here is one in my collection post here 3 years ago, similar look, accepted mine as a brass lid, yours look like sterling, if you can fix the out focus picture, someone here could be able to help with ...
  37. The V in circle mark is that of Summit Art Glass Co. V is the first letter of the last name of founders Russell and Joanne Vogelsong. Summit has reissued many pieces in original, modified and new look...
  38. dlpetersen, that's why i written "I WANT MORE", it's an amazing piece, the size is enormous at 3.25 inches, it's almost like the real Night Butterfly, LOL I am glad that you enjoy this beauty.... ...
  39. Justanovice, oh yeah, definitely a Big Mama, i am working on building a bigger booth for taking an update picture of the Heckert family, IT"S GROWING, and it's not WEED, LOL Many thanks for the vis...
  40. Thank you MALKEY, i am glad that you enjoy this one, I wish you doing good my jolly good friend, i am still thinking of you in my words, take a good care. Many thanks for the visit, comment and app...
  41. Hello Gillian, here it is picture #4 show the back, hope this help, sorry, always put some back picture of my pieces, oh well, i think it's the sparkling color, make me want to share in all picture fr...
  42. Jenny, yes agree, wonderful, not old but very nice quality Gillian, sure you can...;-) Mrstyndall, totally in accord, i have another one exactly the same shape different color Karen, yes that's at...
  43. Jenny, i am glad that it bring some good memory, at the thrift, I could't believe that i holding this piece in my hands,, for $2.99, it's a complete steal, i research online, the last one sold at auct...
  44. Karen, you always very kind in your comment, very much appreciated my friend. At the good place at the right moment I guess, very tiny and delicate, i love it. Many thanks for the visit and apprec...
  45. THANK YOU, dlpetersen VioletOrange vetraio50 blunderbuss2 Brunswick mikelv85 Newfld fortapache, to all of you for the visit and appreciation of this post. Very grateful for your constant suppo...
  46. THANK YOU, ho2cultcha kivatinitz MALKEY SEAN68 aura Poire mikelv85 valentino97 Peasejean55 dlpetersen vetraio50 Caperkid Radegunder freiheit Mrstyndall Ms.CrystalShip jscott0363 Adele...
  47. Very imaginative and clever, well done task...... again.
  48. Jenny I don’t have any favourite design when we talk about Sherman, they all gorgeous, including this one. Did you see the one I found at the thrift store a while ago , I get it for $7.99
  49. Johnsmith, it does, Thank you, but this condition, began when i am born, i believe will be ending when i will died, and all my stuff will laid to the Thrift store, its that funny, like a circle, rofl ...
  50. Agree with fortapache, take them out of this moistly condition, don't clean them, just superficial and bring them a conservatory museum for carbon analyses, they gone be more than happy to take a look.
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