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Adelaide South Australia

Born London 1939 lived in since Adelaide 1969 . Collect Anything Interesting


  1. Yes all cards present nice to have.
  2. I just wonder if its E O C behind the E C looks like a key hole shape Or a O.
  3. Hate to follow on a sunny day need good sun glasses I am really green with envy.
  4. Out standing.
  5. World War Two. Art .Jewelry. everything you could want wow.
  6. i have added a fourth picture showing drams engraving ,Blunderbuss thanks for comment.
  7. more art than watch.
  8. Also used for holding ink i have two nice find .
  9. Thank you all for comments.
  10. Must give more details. the Fort is Fort Glanville, South Australia Coastal fort to protect Semaphore bay Anchorage. Two 10 inch 34 ton guns and two six ton 64 pdr guns , All cannon Armstrong...
  11. Yes it stands out, thanks for comment
  12. They are amazing not just cars more art.
  13. Yes Scottvez . Brain burn out .Grandfather died 12th /11/ 18
  14. Louise Brooks Quoits. If i ever bore you it will be with a knife. I never give anything away without wishing i kept it Nor kept anything without wishing i had give it away. in my dreams i am not c...
  15. Yes Manikan They do look scared maybe first time had photo taken and told sternly not to move may have taken long time to arrange them.
  16. Love both lamp and kids
  17. I love feet on stool i would have bought it just for them.
  18. I love feet on stool i would have bought it just for them.
  19. Thanks Virginia and all for Love.
  20. Alan 2310 Im pretty sure i remember this photo was taken by a canadian soldier.
  21. Thanks Alan.
  22. Made to last Great clock
  23. sorry a little. that it is out of focus
  24. Thanks Daddy & Blunderbuss2.
  25. Just a tin that looks like a bottle top. like me just there for its looks.
  26. Always marry a woman or man that is a collector life a lot more tranquil and stress free .
  27. Looked on fire back sites i found a fire back plate like the one you have it had lion and unicorn not exactly like your one but it did have C R it said it possibly means Charles the second it...
  28. Sorry Sfdub66 Sent information to Cindb meant for you.
  29. Hi Cindb I have found some kuthing pewter on line it appears they were made in 1800 to 1900 found tea pots spice caddy and tankards Swatow is now called Shantou. Dragons on most of them. you...
  30. All you need is a happy healthy life with the good weekly collector friends Love the top,
  31. Thanks Elisabethan found lots of information have a great new year and happy collecting .
  32. Hi kydur No afraid not
  33. thanks for information loumanal have a great year.
  34. i love that it has my surname on it . [Ronald Stanley]
  35. Thanke virginia. vintage have a good holiday. hope you find great new collections next year.
  36. Thank you have a great new year and a lovely christmas.
  37. Thanks and the same to you and keep well
  38. Thanks chrisnp Always loved that poem.
  39. If you do I am in Adelaide and willing to share in any finds. Thanks ozmarty.
  40. Thanks ozmarty. The Duke and Duchess after his Brother Edward Abdicates become. George sixth and Elizabeth. Are Present Queen's Elizabeth 2nd Parents.
  41. Thanks for looking aghcollect funny you should say that. Two had chemicals in them and i was a little uncertain what to clean them with. All turned out ok still here.
  42. A funny thing happened, Because of my age i am asked if i was in the war i always answered no i was to young But one time i thought you don't have to fight or be a adult , You just have to be...
  43. Thanks for comments. We do not any analog channels Left in Australia .
  44. I only bought it today believe it is black and white have to get set top box to find out , Thanks for love.
  45. All ways wanted one dream unfulfilled
  46. Thanks aghcollect.
  47. Please find a way to keep it. its family.
  48. Looked up your suggested site ,Elizabethan does look like a 1930 Paul Ysart Scottish glass weight will make inquiries Thank You .
  49. Unusal What is the Head of Queen Victoria doing on on 1930 coin As she died in 1901 it should be king George fifth.
  50. Can i help you,finders keepers
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