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Murano faceted uranium geode bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Darlington Flame Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano Geode Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Whitefriars bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Whitefriars controlled bubble molar bowl  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Whitefriars  green/clear cased glass bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Chinese wine pot - Asianin Asian
A pair of Cloisonné  - Asianin Asian
Small dish  - Potteryin Pottery
Marianne De Trey  - Potteryin Pottery


  1. AuntAnnasAttic - that’s interesting! If you find out please let me know , this one was found in south west UK.. many thanks sd
  2. Apostata.. William 111 of orange aged 8 .. was born in 1650 of Dutch origins then bacame king of England but didn’t live long , I thought it was a proper period piece , someone valued it as they ha...
  3. Thanks again apostata , it’s an interesting one for sure , I thought maybe the numbers on the base may have been the date or poss william111 birthdate I’ll have to look now !! Lol
  4. mp.kunst Thankyou for your info and link , that’s amazing ..
  5. Apostata , what don’t you know !! Many thanks for your knowledge & I’m pretty sure your right , I’ve had a few people say similar now , all late 19th c early 20th c so definitely I would say .. T...
  6. thank you all for your loves. ;-]
  7. lol , hi shareurpassion hope ur well, I do pop back from time to time but finding good things is getting harder these days ! this one was a nice find though , some on the bay for lots of money this on...
  8. Bloody hell apostata!! You did say you’d find out one day !! That’s amazing , Thankyou for your time and effort & we’ll done!! Many thanks sd.
  9. Thanks all for your loves
  10. thankyou all for your loves ;-]
  11. Thanks all for your loves
  12. Thanks jscott0363 for your cool comments , it’s a great shape & good condition luckily ! The A on the base confuses me unless it’s a sort of Chinese mark that looks like an A ?
  13. Many thanks again apostata !
  14. I can only wish to find something so valuable !! many thanks apostata for your knowledgable comments & your time .. sd
  15. Thanks again apostata I didn’t think it was old & even thought it may have been French as they have cockerels on lots of pottery !!
  16. apostata!! many thanks for your time & knowledge .. its great to know these things .. much appreciated sd
  17. Only going by what others have said ! I thought it was Chinese but changed the wording accordingly after the info
  18. apostata , aparently its Japanese 1900s ish seems all the comments have been taken down!
  19. Thank you all for your loves ;-) sd
  20. Thanks kivatinitz that’s cool !
  21. thanks all for your loves& Newfld for your cool comments & Dgilmer110 im ok with English potters but that's about it ..
  22. sklo42 ill have a look on eBay , many thanks
  23. Thanks for your time sklo42 that's awesome !! the bloke said vases lol .. cost £3 so a good deal..
  24. ho2 cool, I think I've got a plate or couple saucers somewhere too!!
  25. Thanks again apostata, that’s awesome :-)
  26. Thank you - Ho2culcha Jscott0363 Kivatinitz Plein -air-painter Fortapache & dav2no1 ;-)
  27. Apostata, your knowledge is awesome , many thanks for your cool I’d /description of my plate ! :-)
  28. thank you Apostata for your comments , its one of my favourite pieces ;-]
  29. thanks apostata I agree..
  30. Bloody hell aposta !! That’s amazing , you said you’d find it and you did!! Many many thanks for your time & effort .. much appreciated sd
  31. Thanks apostata good luck!! I been looking for ages too ;-)
  32. Thanks for the info wma & apostata much appreciated;-)
  33. Yop , me too m8
  34. Cute but sounds ok t me ;-)
  35. Thank you yop !! Much appreciated;-)
  36. Awesome Rene ;-) Many many thanks I thought it’d be more than the £3. I paid for it ! Lol
  37. Thank you ho2culcha for your love :-)
  38. Thanks kivatinitz for your love & cool comments ;-)
  39. Thanks aura & truthordare for your loves;-)
  40. Thanks richmondLori & kivatinitz for your loves
  41. I see , thanks renedijkstra
  42. Thank Brunswick for your love
  43. Thanks Fortapache for your love
  44. Thank you Watchsearcher for your love
  45. Thank you vetraio50 & kwqd for your loves
  46. Thank you Aly
  47. Thanks StJoan
  48. StJoan, Many thanks for that bit of history , do you remember him ever doing any pottery?? He possibly may have done pottery as a hobby.. again many thanks sd
  49. Thanks all for your loves :-)
  50. Valentino!! What can I say? What a story , lol keep travelling my friend :-)
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