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Murano ?? Gold flake vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Signed Art Glass pot - Art Glassin Art Glass
Stunning Cut glass vase - Glasswarein Glassware
Persian??  rug - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Glass moggy - Animalsin Animals
Repost of ivory carving including a possible carvers mark  - Asianin Asian
Ivory/bone carving - Asianin Asian
Unusual Tortoise glass paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano Geode bowl  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bubble glass paperweight  - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks for your loves Blunderbuss2 Aura & Kivatinitz :-)
  2. Thanks for your loves - Mikelv85 AdeleC Manikin Fortapache Vetraio50 & Ivonne ;-)
  3. Thanks Sklo42 for your love & AWSOME link !! Cheers m8
  4. Thanks Newfld for your love and cool comments
  5. Thanks Jscott0363.. For your love & cool comments ! Ive never seen anything like it .. bubbles & flakes of gold & the rainbow colours in the glass !! I thought it maybe whitefriars at 1st but the...
  6. Thankyou everyone for loves ! :-)
  7. Thanks Newfld for your love & cool comments :-) looks like a big marble !!
  8. Thankyou Vetraio50 for your i-d !! I thought it was Mdina but the mark wasnt as neat as ones on the web.. Thanks sd..
  9. Thanks Deano for your love & cool comments ;-)
  10. Thanks kivatinitz for your love
  11. Thanks for your loves - Adelec Trey Newfld Vetraio50 Aura Fortapache & mikelv85 ;-)
  12. Thanks for all your loves on this stunning rug ;-)
  13. Have you tried Dartington Crystal glass ?? Its my 1st place to look after whitefriars !
  14. Happy New Year Vetraio50!!
  15. Thankyou inky for your love & cool comments .. I like them too but dont know anything about them ! I always remember an old work colegue took a plain cream coloured rug from a skip , he had it clean...
  16. Thanks for your loves -vetraio50 & fortapache :-)
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  27. Many thanks racer4four for your cool comments .. I didn't think about a receipt.. I'll ask when I next go back !! Thanks
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  33. Thank you papavero ! I will & thanks for your info ;-) much appreciated.. Sd
  34. Hi janet !! You wouldn't believe I picked it up at a recycling centre !! I love it !! But if you would like it you would be very welcome ;-)
  35. Hi papavero (janet), Thank you for getting in touch on this cool site !! I think Your mother painted lovely as this is an awsome watercolour !! Is / was she local to Exmouth devon?? Sd;-)
  36. Thanks maryh1956 for your love and cool comments!! I'll have a look ! Many thanks sd .;-)
  37. Luvvvvvly!
  38. Thanks pickaboo I'll have a look ;-)
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  42. Shareurpassion!! Lol many thanks for your love and cool comments.. Think u may break ur teeth on it !! :-))
  43. Thanks manikin for your love and cool comments:-) I've never seen patterning like it !!
  44. Thanks Malkey for your love & much appreciated comments ;-)
  45. Thanks Gillian . I won't be putting candles in it don't worry !! Thanks cushmanh for your love ;-)
  46. Thanks vikingGirl for your love ;-))
  47. Gingerbread cowboy. ?
  48. Honeycombs weathering??
  49. Thanks VikingGirl for your love and cool comments !! Definatly gotta have light behind to see it in its true glory !! :-)
  50. Thanks aghcollect for your love:-)
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