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A pair of Cloisonné  - Asianin Asian
Small dish  - Potteryin Pottery
Marianne De Trey  - Potteryin Pottery
 Welz candle pedestals - Art Glassin Art Glass
Chinese charger  - Asianin Asian
Chinese unusual purple YONG QING  CHANG CHUN pot  - Asianin Asian
1880s triangle mark plates - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Caithness pebble - Art Glassin Art Glass
MARS VASE - Potteryin Pottery
Blue bottle/vase - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Thank you all for your loves ;-) sd
  2. Thanks kivatinitz that’s cool !
  3. thanks all for your loves& Newfld for your cool comments & Dgilmer110 im ok with English potters but that's about it ..
  4. sklo42 ill have a look on eBay , many thanks
  5. Thanks for your time sklo42 that's awesome !! the bloke said vases lol .. cost £3 so a good deal..
  6. ho2 cool, I think I've got a plate or couple saucers somewhere too!!
  7. Thanks again apostata, that’s awesome :-)
  8. Thank you - Ho2culcha Jscott0363 Kivatinitz Plein -air-painter Fortapache & dav2no1 ;-)
  9. Apostata, your knowledge is awesome , many thanks for your cool I’d /description of my plate ! :-)
  10. thank you Apostata for your comments , its one of my favourite pieces ;-]
  11. thanks apostata I agree..
  12. Bloody hell aposta !! That’s amazing , you said you’d find it and you did!! Many many thanks for your time & effort .. much appreciated sd
  13. Thanks apostata good luck!! I been looking for ages too ;-)
  14. Thanks for the info wma & apostata much appreciated;-)
  15. Yop , me too m8
  16. Cute but sounds ok t me ;-)
  17. Thank you yop !! Much appreciated;-)
  18. Awesome Rene ;-) Many many thanks I thought it’d be more than the £3. I paid for it ! Lol
  19. Thank you ho2culcha for your love :-)
  20. Thanks kivatinitz for your love & cool comments ;-)
  21. Thanks aura & truthordare for your loves;-)
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  28. Thank you Aly
  29. Thanks StJoan
  30. StJoan, Many thanks for that bit of history , do you remember him ever doing any pottery?? He possibly may have done pottery as a hobby.. again many thanks sd
  31. Thanks all for your loves :-)
  32. Thanks all for your loves :-)
  33. Valentino!! What can I say? What a story , lol keep travelling my friend :-)
  34. Thanks racer4four for your kind comments :-)
  35. Thankyou Elisabethan for the cool comments :-)
  36. Thankyou all for your loves :-) 3
  37. Thankyou all for your loves, :-)
  38. Thanks all for your loves & thankyou Brunswick for that comment :-)
  39. Thankyou all for your loves :-) Art_pottery - I know what you mean, it is a bit like that I suppose, definatly metallic like glaze..
  40. Thanks Vetraio50. I thought so too .. This oriental stuff throws me all the time :-)
  41. Hi Miss_ Ladybug.. I havn't researched them at all. Yes they're all the same marks.. I don't normally collect buttons but thought they were cool.. Thanks
  42. Thanks Brunswick u too :-) & a Happy New year..
  43. Thanks ho2cultcha & fortapachi for your loves Merry Christmas
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  45. Keramikos, that's interesting.. Many thanks for your cool write up & your love.. :-) merry Christmas
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  47. Awsome beastie love it..
  48. Merry Christmas ho2
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  50. Thanks Keramikos for your love and kind comments, it's supprising what people throw away but I'm glad that they do! Merry Christmas.. Sd
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