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West German vase - Potteryin Pottery
Amber glass bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Iznik/Armenian/Turkish?? Bird vase - Potteryin Pottery
Vintage Green Glass Bowl?? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Renault Headlights.. - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Murano ?? Gold flake vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Signed Mdina Art Glass pot - Art Glassin Art Glass
Stunning Cut glass vase - Glasswarein Glassware
Persian??  rug - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Glass moggy - Animalsin Animals


  1. Thank you Shareurpassion. I'll do that , :-)
  2. Thanks Jscott0363 for your cool comments.. Thanks all for the loves :-)
  3. Mp. Kunst Thank you for your cool comments and I-d of this vase.. Much appreciated. Sd
  4. Thanks all for your loves, & thanks NEWFLD JSCOTT0363 & racer4four for the cool comments :-)
  6. Thanks Jscott0363 Its a strange one, I found a ming Chinese vase the same shape (i know mines not old) but obviously influenced through time.. But can't find anything similar with the birds, sure it...
  7. Thanks Newfld
  8. Thanks for your loves Brunswick Recordmantime Newfid Fortapache & Vetraio ..;-)
  9. Hi jscott0363 .. Thanks ..:-)
  10. Renault Rinastella has been mentioned on the renault owners website.. Thanks racer4four for your cool comments Thanks all for your loves :-)
  11. Thanks Malkey
  12. Thanks for your loves Blunderbuss2 Aura & Kivatinitz :-)
  13. Thanks for your loves - Mikelv85 AdeleC Manikin Fortapache Vetraio50 & Ivonne ;-)
  14. Thanks Sklo42 for your love & AWSOME link !! Cheers m8
  15. Thanks Newfld for your love and cool comments
  16. Thanks Jscott0363.. For your love & cool comments ! Ive never seen anything like it .. bubbles & flakes of gold & the rainbow colours in the glass !! I thought it maybe whitefriars at 1st but the...
  17. Thankyou everyone for loves ! :-)
  18. Thanks Newfld for your love & cool comments :-) looks like a big marble !!
  19. Thankyou Vetraio50 for your i-d !! I thought it was Mdina but the mark wasnt as neat as ones on the web.. Thanks sd..
  20. Thanks Deano for your love & cool comments ;-)
  21. Thanks kivatinitz for your love
  22. Thanks for your loves - Adelec Trey Newfld Vetraio50 Aura Fortapache & mikelv85 ;-)
  23. Thanks for all your loves on this stunning rug ;-)
  24. Have you tried Dartington Crystal glass ?? Its my 1st place to look after whitefriars !
  25. Happy New Year Vetraio50!!
  26. Thankyou inky for your love & cool comments .. I like them too but dont know anything about them ! I always remember an old work colegue took a plain cream coloured rug from a skip , he had it clean...
  27. Thanks for your loves -vetraio50 & fortapache :-)
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  44. Thank you papavero ! I will & thanks for your info ;-) much appreciated.. Sd
  45. Hi janet !! You wouldn't believe I picked it up at a recycling centre !! I love it !! But if you would like it you would be very welcome ;-)
  46. Hi papavero (janet), Thank you for getting in touch on this cool site !! I think Your mother painted lovely as this is an awsome watercolour !! Is / was she local to Exmouth devon?? Sd;-)
  47. Thanks maryh1956 for your love and cool comments!! I'll have a look ! Many thanks sd .;-)
  48. Luvvvvvly!
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