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I have a vintage and antique store on Etsy. My family and I travel through out the Washington DC area and find hidden treasures and try to bring them back to life. I have a vintage and antique store on Etsy. My family and I travel through out the Washington DC area and find hidden treasures and try to bring them back to life. You can check us out at (Read more)


  1. So I found a snack tray in with this puzzle, that was only available to Coca Cola employees, so I am wondering if my puzzle was an employee only item also, now that I have a clue, due to something els...
  2. That is exactly what I thought when I saw it. The I noticed the religious theme and became more interested.
  3. Yes that is how I knew the original currently resided at The Met. I guess I asked the wrong question. At some point did they make reproductions of the piece on the original medium?
  4. Thank you, I sort of love the research! We are trying to figure out if we can clean it now. I found an article that said to use crumpled Tin Foil and then a 3 to 1 mixture of baking soda to water. ...
  5. Oh I didn't redo the pictures for her to try again. I did it out of respect for the language and culture. :D I understand why nobody can know every Japanese character.
  6. I updated two of the pictures and fixed the upside down writing.
  7. I let him read your message, so he knows he was right and I was wrong. I just seems so pretty to be used as an ashtray.
  8. I think it is pretty cool. Oh what the stories this piece could tell if it could talk.
  9. Thank you. I will check out the post and yes I see the difference in your necklace.
  10. Thank you, I appreciate the help.
  11. OK, so my identification of Ivory is good. These pieces are lighter and don't feel right. Just being honest. Stone maybe?
  12. Stained Ivory I believe
  13. I am going to post a second set, that I believe to be Ivory. Lets see if my identification is good.
  14. What about Alabaster?
  15. I uploaded a close up of the bottom. I was looking for the basket weave pattern on the bottom but did not see it. Please take a look.
  16. I believe they are made of bone. They come in a silk cover box and no board. I was told they are a competition set.
  17. The M-1910 Condiment Can The condiment can was introduced by the Equipment Board of 1909. Its purpose was to hold coffee, sugar, and salt. The body of the can was five inches long and two and on...
  18. Is that a better picture of her face? I also retook a picture of the back of her head and her body.
  19. No there is a crack around her leg, I didn't feel anything around the neck.
  20. OK, I got the dress off as far as I could without destroying the dress. If you look at the collar, there is a leather strap all around the neckline, there is break so I cant remove the dress. Having...
  21. Thanks Zowie I just could couldn't let them feel unwanted.
  22. Thank you for the information and original photos. :)
  23. So from what I have learned, Thank you Manikin, two of the four dolls are original, High Brow Dolls and two are reproductions or have been repair.
  24. Yes her dress does have hook and eye closures on the inside lining of dress and yes it is definitely hand stitched.
  25. Thank you so much Manikin, I understand what I am looking for now, when I see these dolls. I appreciate the education.
  26. Thank you, I will be careful with her. So if there is material reattaching the head to the body, it is most likely a new body.
  27. OK, I appreciate your help, I am not questioning what you are saying, I just like to learn. I tend to say I have a feeling about that and buy it. I upload the new photos. My husband is laughing...
  28. I will be retaking pictures, my husband is going down to get the doll. How can you tell the body is a replacement?
  29. Thank you, so one was a good instinct. :D
  30. Tin??? I don't think she is made of tin. I uploaded better pictures.
  31. LOL, so somebody purchase the label and then placed on this bottle?
  32. This is the closest that I can find: I...
  33. OK, I got the bottom translated. It reads: Matryoshka "Masha" year 1994 Master Ivanovna Ira She is so beautiful!
  34. Thank you racer4four, I really try to learn the history behind everything that I find, it is an obsession!
  35. I found it!!!!!! statue of Boston Sea Captain that was carved by the Haida Indians of The Queen Charlotte Islands British Columbia!!!
  36. Thank you for the hint! I think they are a Maxima Clam shell or Small Giant Clam Shell. Great point in the right direction, thank you.
  37. Thank you Renewv, yes I saw that but all of those were over foot wide, which mine are not, so I wasn't sure if that still qualified as a Giant Clam shell.
  38. Jack the Ripper!!!! Maybe?
  39. Really! Interesting I would have never guessed.
  40. LOL its a boy???
  41. kyratango, Thank you for the comment. I am a bad person to send to auction. If an items is not getting any bids I feel sorry for it and bid. If it is unique and different I bid on it so I can le...
  42. It is made of wood. It is so beautiful!!
  43. Bottom of the pull says AH Andrews, in case that helps.
  44. I don't see a silver hallmark, do you see one that I missed?
  45. The back says RainTree not PainTree, sorry. :(
  46. Thanks for the information!
  47. LOL, I know a little something about Native American Jewelry, but I am with you Racer4Four, I think I qualify as an ignoramus!
  48. Yes it is beautiful, are you sure it is enamel? I found this: The auction hou...
  49. Thank you Manikin, I found her intriquing at the store and just wanted to learn more about her. I appreciated it.
  50. Any ideas???
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