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  1. Thank you! They look amazing indeed!
  2. Oh cool! thank you so much!!
  3. Hello, it has nothing to do with the mollusk, it says "Óleo Canforado a 10% / Kevel - Porto", old Camphor Oil vial.
  4. The stick is 90cms long, the ferrule is 8cms :D
  5. Exactly :) I think so!
  6. Cool :D nice info, thanks!
  7. Thank you :D :D
  8. Want me to measure it? The ferrule it the part for the "hand" or that touches the ground?
  9. The only mark is that R and I (or L, or J) on the 2nd photo :) Any ideas?
  10. Yes, I think only those letters.
  11. Yeah, a bit creepy! I'm really curious about the mark on the back :D any ideas?
  12. My grandfather told me it was bought there, but I don't know how old it is! :)
  13. Oh, thank you for the info :D
  14. :D they are quite beautiful
  15. Oh cool :D thanks for the info!
  16. Yes, tomorrow I'll try to take a better photo of the mark :D thanks!
  17. Thanks :D check the other vintage set, I've put some photos there for you :)
  18. no, they are just really antique :D
  19. Oh wow Thank you :D
  20. Thanks :D any idea of the value of this piece?
  21. Oh wow :D
  22. They aren't very perceptible - http://imgur.com/a/MyS2P here they are :)
  23. Yeah probably :) at least is seems like it!
  24. Oh, here's one similar: http://catalog.lighthouseuniform.com/images/phsbuttonandchainset.jpg Thanks PAT :D
  25. Oh, the link doesnt work! But I'll search it :D
  26. Yes :D but I would love to know exactly what it was used for! I'm curious hehe
  27. Oh thank you :D
  28. Not long, the buttons are like average coin size! Seems like it could be something like a shoulder strap, army, military thing.. no idea :D
  29. Yeah no idea! :D
  30. Altough mine is really antique, and what I love about it is that the glass pieces are actually from a laboraty material brand! I've actually used this kind of material when I was working at the microb...
  31. Oh :) Thank you Kyra :D !!
  32. Oh cool :) thank you very much for the info!!
  33. Oh cool :O !! Thanks thanks :D !!!
  34. Hehe yeah I know that :D hehe Thank you Phil!
  35. Ohhhh such a cool info :D Thanks!
  36. Yes, indeed. Mine looks better and I believe it has silver :)
  37. I believe it must be "berber", from morocco yes :) :) !! thank you
  38. Jewels, let me check! Aprox. 12,5x13x23,5 cms
  39. Uhhh..I've found one similar: http://www.arabiafelixjewels.com/moroccan-antique-brass-and-silver-bag.html Altough I believe mine is more antique..and beautiful hehe :D
  40. Thank you Virginia :D
  41. Anyone? :)
  42. Thank you very much :D
  43. I've searched for Santini Angels but nothing even similar to mine! :) Are you sure it was made by Santini?
  44. Thank you very much :D :D !!!
  45. Obrigado :D *
  46. 925 --- and --- (symbol of a star) 127 AN
  47. Oh thanks Riply ;) !!
  48. Thanks :D !!!
  49. Ok thank you :D the mark if from the EAST INDIA COMPANY :)
  50. Yes Indeed! :D Btw, how did you remove the metal cap without damaging the piece? :)
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