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Golden Coast of California

Betty Boop is taking a well deserved break while we move on to the New Year 2017!!! Wow, I feel like it's a dream. Time has flown by and I am so grateful that CW iBetty Boop is taking a well deserved break while we move on to the New Year 2017!!! Wow, I feel like it's a dream. Time has flown by and I am so grateful that CW is here & we can all get together, sharing what we love, laughing & learning. We're all a special breed & I have much love & appreciation for all of you here! (Read more)


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Gold Circle Line Playing Cards “Trump” as the Joker - Cardsin Cards
Vintage Fam Pic - Photographsin Photographs
Sterling Silver Dragonfly w Pearls & Marcasite  - Animalsin Animals
Paua Shell / Abalone Earrings from Mexico 1950’s - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage Cobalt Blue Vases  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Native American Navajo Cluster Cuff Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Native American Necklace Made by Leonard Nez - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Native American Valentines Day Hearts and Love - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Japanese Bronze Vase - Asianin Asian
Large Spiderweb Turquoise / Sterling Silver Ring by Lela Platero  UPDATE!!!  ***UPDATE #2 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Ha ha, it absolutely should have a WTF floating letters on it too!!! Love this! And still wonder myself WTF were they thinking when they did that to the window. Aren't you supposed to measure twice...
  2. Almost like moonstone but I believe these are... oh great, the crs just got me again! You do know about that right? "Can't remember sh*t" It happens! It starts with an "M" and I believe they are g...
  3. Thanks to all that loved these cufflinks! I do appreciate it even if my thank yous are only 5 years late!!!
  4. Karen, late response eh? haha you know it's not on purpose!!! I guess I did do a pretty good job on this one except Ken corrected me on the name thankfully! Maybe that's why mine didn't sell?!? W...
  5. Ken, I hope you get this message, it's been awhile... Oh yes, you are under "Broochman" now, that's it. Thanks so much for your comment here and then the second one! I never did know the name of th...
  6. Thanks for the love Jenni, I'm glad you brought this to my attention! So many things always going on in my life for a while now and I haven't been able to get back to people like I'd like to! I've g...
  7. And btw Mary, I am so close to the Christmas mplete end of party bring!!! And mg my cell is acting up can mletely !!! I said d maybe a couple words that came out correctly! Ok now wtf is going back...
  8. Holy crap!!! That cuff is worth that much!!! Lol!!! It’s clean as a whistle if I recall correctly too!!! And it feels so great on, but I just wouldn’t wear it besides, I did buy it for you in the fi...
  9. This is absolutely in your zone! When I saw it on the page I just had a hunch it belonged to you!!! It's very, very pretty!
  10. Hi Phil! Hope all is well with you! I came to your page and picked this gorgeous piece...again! It's just beautiful and I always love it when you have the box as well. I think that just makes it t...
  11. Pure insanity over here, no doubt. It's hard to comprehend when you watch TV. Yesterday, we got an alarm on all cell phones that curfew is now 6pm to 6am. Five minutes later, or not even that long,...
  12. Just wanted to add, I have more picks of the garden with unbelievable aromatic scents and the most beautiful roses with some thick bases, you know they are just super old, also the size of the thorns ...
  13. Karen, you are too cute! This wooks wike a wittle wabbit to me!!! haha. I love it. I think they just know how much joy the little things like this bring such huge joy to all and I'm so grateful to...
  14. Awe yes and our Karen! We want you to come visit too!!! We would all have such a blast! I always enjoy spending time with Mary. We are alike, yet different which compliments each other so well! A...
  15. These are so pretty, but I just can't wear the clip ons. Even tho I have a couple dresses that clip-ons would go perfect with, I just can't do it! I feel like they are either going to fall off my ea...
  16. P.S. You know why I am unable to locate the ring atm. I will tho very soon!
  17. haha I do!!! I'm horrible at being cautious with my jewels but I've gotta say, I've never had a problem from it. In fact, that's how I learned about jewelry in the first place! At about age 12 I ha...
  18. I'd love to see a clearer photo of this ring. It's a beauty. Did you get a loupe yet? If you are collecting jewelry, it's a must have. For me it is anyway, I basically don't leave home without one...
  19. Hate to burst any bubbles here but not Alexandrite. Highly unlikely it would be set in sterling. RichmondLori is correct that the stone does have color change but not like this at all. And if it is...
  20. Try Bon-Bon. I'm pretty sure that's it, why I have no clue. lol
  21. I have one exactly like this and it's not from China. If you could state what the label says it would help. I do see "issue 1880"? I can't read the rest. And by the way, you have your shade upside...
  22. LOL! I'll ditto that too!
  23. Mary, my thought too!!! Restore what? Glyniss, this is called a jewelry casket. Many are silver plated, some are sterling silver. What do you mean by restore it??? You mean shine it? Get a j...
  24. This is a very unique piece. I think I love it. And apparently, like you, with all the blue and white, must be why! I'm no good at all those marks anymore but someone that is, I'm sure will be alon...
  25. Beautiful piece Jenni! I first thought for sure this was gold, glad you finally scored it! It's so much fun to finally find something you're searching for at a great price, isn't it?! And then ther...
  26. Iggy, I know the Euchre game has been said but I don't think I've ever even seen that game!
  27. Bruce, thanks for the love! Appreciated!
  28. So by the above comment, you were correct on the time frame and we do have some expert photo folks here so hang in there. This is really a great one!!!
  29. The Sonic Burger here sucks and I'll never go there again!!! But I wanna know is that's the new vet you're driving???
  30. bb2, fort and stuff! Thanks for the love!
  31. Watchsearcher, ditto!!! Glad you stopped in and watched that vid.
  32. Bill, OMG! Who would have known? That's like jet fuel or race car fuel, you can't always see the flames. That's pretty important to know, thanks for sharing that! As far as the games go, yes, I ha...
  33. Thanks for stopping in Vet and Collectables59! Appreciated!
  34. keramikos, I agree 70's. I thought about when I remember most seeing the Norman Rockwell posters and the like come out. That was my conclusion too! Thanks for stopping in with your thought ;)
  35. fhrjr2 The only game I personally know of that trumps cards is Spades. Don't play any other games myself that would trump a card. Thanks for stopping in!
  36. Thanks iggy for stopping in. So far been lucky there's been no political bantering. I thought it was pretty funny when I saw these unexpectedly.
  37. Right?!? Well, maybe his hair really is black instead of orange! Was my reply worse than yours??? hahaha Thanks, I love it!!!
  38. That's funny!!! It's a push mower with out the bracket and handles. These were about the only choice one had back until the 70's for homeowners. Maybe they came out with motorized ones just before ...
  39. My guess is Eastlake era. It's a very nice piece. The only thing I can think of is to find or ask a furniture dealer in your area. Maybe you could even go to an auction house or antique dealer in y...
  40. As soon as I saw this post, I knew Phil worked the photo for you. He, as always, did a great job! This brooch is so very Atomic!!!
  41. Gorgeous combo of colors and theme!
  42. Hi Mani! Isn't this just ...ironic??? Thanks so much for the comment. Excellent to see you!!! xoxo
  43. Could not have found a better spot for this!!! Amazing!
  44. Oh I totally believe this was made for a very respectable woman w a grip of old money attached to her name! If you’ve ever watched “Tombstone”, you will see a dress very similar to this. I know it’s...
  45. hahahahaha!!!
  46. I have to tell you, I saw this pic on the front page here and I looked at it for a moment and I just knew it was yours!!! I love some black jewelry too. My fav is onyx or jet. I do have some glass ...
  47. Thank you so much Phil! Everyone does look sincerely happy, I just adore how my daughter is looking at me ;) That alone make me smile with so much joy and 30 yrs later, she still looks at me like th...
  48. Yes, your image drew me in also! Just Fabulous!!!
  49. I love that dragonfly too and I'm surprised, it's actually 18 k gold instead of 14k!!! Very nice pen! Wow!
  50. This could be something that held a sewing kit. At least some thread and a needle, right?!? IDK??? It could have also been meant to carry a cotton ball with perfume or something like that as well.
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