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Golden Coast of California

Betty Boop is taking a well deserved break while we move on to the New Year 2017!!! Wow, I feel like it's a dream. Time has flown by and I am so grateful that CW iBetty Boop is taking a well deserved break while we move on to the New Year 2017!!! Wow, I feel like it's a dream. Time has flown by and I am so grateful that CW is here & we can all get together, sharing what we love, laughing & learning. We're all a special breed & I have much love & appreciation for all of you here! (Read more)


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Sterling Silver Dragonfly w Pearls & Marcasite  - Animalsin Animals
Paua Shell / Abalone Earrings from Mexico 1950’s - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage Cobalt Blue Vases  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Native American Navajo Cluster Cuff Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Native American Necklace Made by Leonard Nez - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Native American Valentines Day Hearts and Love - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Japanese Bronze Vase - Asianin Asian
Large Spiderweb Turquoise / Sterling Silver Ring by Lela Platero  UPDATE!!!  ***UPDATE #2 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Early 1950's Navajo Bolo Tie - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Old Firemans Mug with a Cast Iron Red Hat - Firefightingin Firefighting


  1. Yep, for sure, he looks like he's foamin' at the mouth!!! Lol!!!
  2. I'm totally with you one the creepy thing, looks like a little kid painted it or someone that had one to may to drink!!! Lol. I would have definitely bought it too had I found it then headed straigh...
  3. Hey Malkey, so is a megadoobie bottle happen to be a "bong"? Dunno?!?
  4. Thank you Ted_Straub for stopping here and loving! ;)
  5. Thank you all for stopping in, a little love goes a long way! freiheit Watchsearcher Crazyguy aura Broochman Ted_Straub vetraio50 MALKEY fortapache iggy Much appreciated!
  6. Karen, I used to wear brooches all the time, and mostly more than one when i did wear them. I'd also wear them on a hat. But not anymore and it would have been a nice one too but much better this wa...
  7. Thanks Jenni, I was glad I could save it. A lot of times when trying this, the little silver piece is highly subject to snap off but not this time ;) Much appreciated!
  8. Dang Trey! I would have never guessed you for 6'3"!!! This is a great little gem!
  9. Yes it is well made, no doubt! And of course, I would just happen to have a ring in the same color and shape as these stones. I found it after our chat. That's what happens when you pile you jewelz...
  10. I am definitely on delay!!! Lol. I saw a guy shoot one on a program, they are insane! That thing would have probably taken me right off my feet!!!
  11. Jenni, oooohhh yeah, I did forget they were on there. I use that site quite a bit to find the Native American makers marks if I don't know the mark. Definitely the best of the Mexican makers are the...
  12. Gudrun, you are so welcome. Sometimes it's hard for me to leave a piece as is. I'm not as creative with it as Kyratango is and sometimes pieces do break. I changed the fourth pic to show the screw ...
  13. Thanks to all that stopped in, much appreciated!!! aura Watchsearcher kyratango MALKEY vetraio50 fortapache
  14. Mary! That's cute...extra too cute! No apologies necessary love. You do what you have to do. If I can be of any help, the distraction would be very cool, but I imagine your customers know you so w...
  15. Hi Jenni, thanks for the comment. These pics do not do these earrings any justice but on my own pc in my pic folder they sure look different! Strange. Yes, I just don't recall the initials in the m...
  16. You are very welcome! I think everyone will continue to hit the love button when these come by!!! How could you not? ;)
  17. LOL!!! Yeah buddy!!! hey, check out Pilot Mountain turquoise too!
  18. I believe the maker of this piece is Chris Charley! Very nice!!! Love your hunting!
  19. OMG I left the page for a moment and everything I have written for you is GONE!!! haha, Oh well, I don't have much else to do anyway! Ok, so what I was saying is that i believe this is a piece f...
  20. Lol!!! You are a damn genius!!! This came out beautifully. Excellent job my friend!!! I love dragonfly's. I just fixed one myself, no where near as extensive as this. I've got the pics right he...
  21. You are so welcome!!! Glad you enjoyed it!
  22. Thanks doll! Doin' my best ;)
  23. Just came to let you know I gave you some info on your lighters!
  24. Hi there. Okay, I used to collect lighters and have sold almost all of the ones I've had so I do have a little info for you. This is a super nice set, would have been better if it had been Zippo tho...
  25. I remember these! Jeez, didn't realize I've been around here that long!!! Still love them!
  26. Hey Lucas, love that Prince of Darkness! I just found out today that a blunderbuss is a rifle from the 1700's, isn't that correct? Something like that! I just started laughing pretty much at myse...
  27. Hi Jenni! Hope you are well! I suppose so since I see you are on tonite! I love swans, but only certain ones, and yours get a 10 from me. Say, did you see the story when you opened CW tonite abo...
  28. I did pull them out to take pics, didn't get to it and now they are in a big dish full of other pieces. It's a mixed mosh! Lol ;) I'll get to them.
  29. You have 2 user names and posted this dresser twice! Lol! It's a great dresser and if you look at the drawers, you can tell it's well made just by how the grain of wood lines up perfectly, made ...
  30. Pretty generic paintings for the 50's - 60's. Seemed like everyone had these or the velvet paintings... okay, not everyone but yes, they were in a lot of homes. I haven't seen one in a long time tho...
  31. If it has an antenna, try adding some foil to it & see what happens. You are making me want to get my radio down to post it but I'm not gonna tackle that right now. I may take a snap of it where it ...
  32. These are really great!!! Automobile folk art ;)
  33. These are called Kokeshi Dolls, and yes, from Japan. I love the 2 in the hut!!! So cute. These dolls are very collectible and most are signed by the maker since the 50's. You can find great videos...
  34. Hi there and welcome to CW. I wouldn't say they are "rare" because I believe since the internet came about, not many things can stand up to that title. But I would say they are original because many...
  35. I love these rich colors too! Very pretty!
  36. What an amazing piece!!! I know it's got to be so much more in person! You did really well as one of your first pieces in your collection. I just read some of the comments and would like to mention...
  37. Hi there all star! Welcome to CW. I hate to break the news to you but this is not sterling silver. It's 'silver plate', which means there is a coating of silver over mixed metal. And it's heavy be...
  38. I am not sure either, I would definitely say they were old, probably from the 50's - 60's? The coating on pearls is called Nacre, and the thicker it is, the more expensive the pearl is. There is a l...
  39. Hmmmm, could someone in your family decades ago have made this? At first glance I would agree with you. You did do a great job of showing detail! What puzzles me is the hinges have no anything on t...
  40. Ditto. It's got to be a repro. Bigfish, you will want to take out the flint to prevent any further corrosion. Many collectors even don't know that the flint is what causes all the damage in lighter...
  41. I suppose you could try to sell it online, but I know I wouldn't take that chance! Years ago I used to go to Tijuana to get switch blades, I don't recall them ever being marked "made in Mexico" or an...
  42. Gorgeous gorgeous!!! Great find too. And with all the devastation, as if that weren't enough... more ahead! I hope you are well my friend! Stay safe!
  43. I love this post! It's sad as well, but how very cool is it to have found a nest of "collector" birds, foraging things of blue and they come up with the blue clothespins! With all the devastation yo...
  44. Hi Ken, beautiful brooch! I hope you are staying well my friend!!!
  45. Thank you for the love Sean! I appreciate it. I do think this is one of my favorite pieces to wear now. Of course, I've acquired more since but still love this one.
  46. Thanks for the love hunter, much appreciated!
  47. Thanks for the love Thomas! Hope you and yours are all doing fine!
  48. I have a very special one quite similar to this, it's up on my window shelf. Mine is more of an "heirloom" piece, given to me by someone that knew I was very close to her pop, he sort of raised me to...
  49. This is absolutely gorgeous and I love the way you protected your photo! It's the right thing to do so nobody else will be able to steal your photo and use it as theirs!!!
  50. Happy Bday Lucas!!! I know what you been doin'! Nutin but da spliff man ;) Are you Aries too? Or is it still Pieces? Here ya go: (from Wiki) sorghum NOUN a widely cultivated cereal native...
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