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Golden Coast of California

Betty Boop is taking a well deserved break while we move on to the New Year 2017!!! Wow, I feel like it's a dream. Time has flown by and I am so grateful that CW iBetty Boop is taking a well deserved break while we move on to the New Year 2017!!! Wow, I feel like it's a dream. Time has flown by and I am so grateful that CW is here & we can all get together, sharing what we love, laughing & learning. We're all a special breed & I have much love & appreciation for all of you here! (Read more)


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Old Copper Basket Vase - Furniturein Furniture
Fenton Cranberry Opal Essence Swirl Lamps - Glasswarein Glassware
Sterling Silver Navajo Rings, New Mexico - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Gold Circle Line Playing Cards “Trump” as the Joker - Cardsin Cards
Vintage Fam Pic - Photographsin Photographs
Sterling Silver Dragonfly w Pearls & Marcasite  - Animalsin Animals
Paua Shell / Abalone Earrings from Mexico 1950’s - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage Cobalt Blue Vases  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Native American Navajo Cluster Cuff Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Native American Necklace Made by Leonard Nez - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Hi Trey!!! So good to see you! You use bkf to clean your signs? Wow, I'm surprised at that. I'd have thought it would remove the paint. This stuff is the best. It even removes scratches made by ...
  2. Thanks to all that stopped by and loved. Much appreciated!
  3. Richmond Lori, I've always loved Fenton too. It's easy to spot yet suprising to find!!! Thank you.
  4. Hiya sweet Phil!!! Glad to see you and thanks for your admiration. Miss you much!!!
  5. IronLace, long time and great compliment from you, thanks so much! See ya soon!
  6. Found my profile! Hi Jenni! Thanks for the love and compliment. I got super lucky with this find. ;). Good to see you too!
  7. Hey, I have that Mr Peanut too!
  8. Okay, so now I know not to try and add emogies, they show up as question marks!!!
  9. Awe, thank you so much kyra kyratango I'm at my last few months of my crazy mess happenings and so looking forward to being able to relax, breathe in the new air and ce back here for some fun and alwa...
  10. Thank you ladies for your comments! I thought I could sneak in a visit everyday, but not yet it seems. Just getting back to respond has proven to be more than expected. Things will slow down soon.....
  11. Hello Lovely! Great to see you are still here! Love this brooch and when I opened it up, I see Sherman, so no wonder!
  12. Thanks for the love Cisum! I appreciate it.
  13. Awe, this is so cute! I thought it was one of those teddy bears (that I can't remember the name of atm) but it sure looks like the same maker. Good to see you !!!
  14. And just to add, I believe we have all made mistakes like this or sometimes worse but that's how we all learned! Try try again!!!
  15. I have to agree with Phil. It looks as if someone painted the "Patina" more than it being natural patina. Sorry.
  16. Love Valetino97 's thought! I thought it was a hair clip with a part missing. It could also be used on a thin belt, right after the holes and those may just clip on there.
  17. I remember these guys! Didn't they also sing, I'm Henery the 8th? that may not be the name of the song but I think it was them??? Now I'll have that song in my head for days!!!
  18. Hi Karen!!! I got tears in my eyes when I saw this notification. You have honestly been on my mind so much lately. I just haven't had time to share here and didn't like the fact that I kept coming ...
  19. Hey Vynil33rpm I actually looked it up today and what it is, is a Disney story of Peter and the Wolf that Bowie narrated. My pic is awful, I'll have to snap another shot for you. A couple friends of...
  20. Such cute puppers!!!!! I have a blue nose, she was a rescue! Sweet as can be, if she likes you of course!
  21. Love them! I think "she's gone" is one of my favs from them! I've got a Bowie lp I'll post soon that I've never seen before the other day! Coming soon!
  22. Lol!!! Lucas, you're always good for one of those belly laughs!!! Hey ho2, how you be???
  23. Hi there, I made a mistake here and it's been on my mind! I agree with you, it's Zuni. I stand corrected!
  24. Gorgeous piece Phil! As always. Personally, I can't bare the long wait after I purchase something.
  25. Of course this post would fall right into place for me as the first one I comment on in a long time! This is a great find and I do see a makers mark, but not positive what it is. Possibly a piec...
  26. Oh wow! I LOVE this piece because it's just so raw and natural... I agree with Mary, and although because it's not signed, we aren't supposed to say it's made by any tribe, but I can to you because ...
  27. You are very welcome! Hope it helped!
  28. Thanks FreshAir, this one isn't mine, but I've got lots more that are!!! I'll be posting soon!
  29. Ms.CrystalShip,I totally agree with you on that. It never was mine, much to large and would have just fallen off, so yes, made for a large wrist. I could have gotten it for a steal of a deal but pas...
  30. WOW!!! That's amazing! I was going to say, be careful cuz it may be another one of those fertility things goin' on there! haha!
  31. I'm not a clock expert by any means but #1. It's a beautiful clock and I bet the chime sounds amazing! #2. The screws in the last pic appear to be old, but not as old as the clock #3. I don't think...
  32. Here's a start for you. It's not exactly how I recall it as told to me but hey! ya know!?! Peltogyne purpurea, commonly known as nazareno, or purpleheart, is a species of Peltog… Wikipedia ...
  33. Aries???
  34. Nice collection!!!
  35. Ugh! I just recently heard about this purple wood! And you know how that goes at this age and stage of the game. I got the ICRS!!! Hopefully I'll remember and come back to let you know! It's rare.
  36. Ahhh, sooo good to see TallCakes!!! The resident walking encyclopedia of glass... Lol! Beautiful goblet!
  37. As far as I know, it's a real stone. Perhaps a banded agate but I'm not positive on that. I have 2 pieces that are similar, one is on a cuff and the other is a large bead and so far, no one can iden...
  38. kwqd...Ditto!!! lol
  39. What a fab piece!!! I love it! Your other pieces are awesome too. I love all tango glass, my collection is still out there waiting for me to grab it! xoxo
  40. OMG it is St Patties Day!!! I totally forgot! Good thing I got my green turquoise on! ;)
  41. You sure did find one...Exactly like yours!!! Nice research. I love it when it happens like that. So do you still have it? Bet it fetched a bit more than the other smaller one!!!
  42. This is very pretty Phil! I forgot, not all Sherman pieces are signed, are they? I've gotten some unsigned pieces and feel they are something, I'm just not sure yet! Knowing you, you will find that...
  43. Hi there! I do have a suggestion for you. Keep your posts separate. That way, when you remember that one piece you posted here, you will be sure to find it without going thru a bunch of them like I...
  44. Hi Kyra!!! This is spectacular!!! I sure wish I knew how to solder! Now it's just too hard to see. Although I don't mind so much the head piece you can wear, it's just a bit difficult to wear for ...
  45. Well hello stranger! Soooo, 8 years later and a wee bit more experience (hee hee) tells me this is LMB for Larry Moses Begay Navajo. Lucky girl, I love this cuff. And I'm thinking the turquoise is ...
  46. Oh wow! A post from 9 years ago and it's loved just as much! Lots of pink out there today. This reminds me of being in grade school where we would place a shiny oblong paper in a tub and then add ...
  47. These are adorable! And I love the color!
  48. LOL!!! I have a cuff like this am selling and it's not stamped at all but I know it's a Tahe, so I looked it up to see around what year it may have been made and lo and behold... I see and choose you...
  49. Happy holidays to you way over yonder! I definitely plan to be here more often this coming year! xoxo
  50. Hiya Karen! I'm good! It's so strange wearing masks everywhere. I'd be in heaven if I were a thief! Lol. Whenever I see someone turn around heading back to their car I just chuckle cuz you know t...
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Trifari double fish brooch Cattails, Lilypads and a Bronze Frog Sculpture Attributed to Curtis Jere Custom Built Trunk For Fun


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