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Golden Coast of California

Betty Boop is taking a well deserved break while we move on to the New Year 2017!!! Wow, I feel like it's a dream. Time has flown by and I am so grateful that CW iBetty Boop is taking a well deserved break while we move on to the New Year 2017!!! Wow, I feel like it's a dream. Time has flown by and I am so grateful that CW is here & we can all get together, sharing what we love, laughing & learning. We're all a special breed & I have much love & appreciation for all of you here! (Read more)


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Native American Turquoise and Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Clear Lucite Cuff Bracelet, Sea Glass, Sterling Silver Infinity and Ankh - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Native American Sandcast Cuff and earrings from Ms Valentino97 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Art Deco Lady Socialite Pen & Pencil - Art Decoin Art Deco
Crystal Sugar, Creamer and Oil and Vinegar Thing (sorry brain's not connecting) - Glasswarein Glassware
Native American Zuni Turquoise and Sterling Jewlery - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Native American Black Onyx Jewelry - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Native American Navajo Agate Cuff and Zuni Necklace and earrings - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Continued Post w/new pics Owl Earrings Turq/Carnelian & Turq Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage Epi Brush - Accessoriesin Accessories


  1. Nice piece for sure. TOD has is correct I believe. The only thing I see a little different might be what's called a trumpet clasp. I could be wrong. And the dark green may be jadeite, the other da...
  2. I bet the original clasp to this is just like the one on your bracelet then. A lot of the time the thing that makes the clasp stick to a magnet is the spring inside, but I agree, this has been replac...
  3. Native American, yes. Looks to me like a Peyote Bird. They are very similar. Dave's got the year about right too, and the place probably. I believe this was meant to be a button, may have original...
  4. The plate on the front doesn't have a name? I know the name is on there somewhere but google antique wedgewood stoves. If it's not a Wedgewood, just leave that word out and you will find lots of old...
  5. I love this. It's very sad for what it represents, but I still love it. I've only seen them in Bronze. My grandmother had one. I have an actual sand painting by Florence Yazzie.
  6. The empty spaces on the splash back are for the old glass salt, pepper, flour and sugar shakers.
  7. I believe it's from the 30's or 40's. There are lots of sites with old stoves. Just google Antique Okeefe and merritt, a bunch will come up.
  8. Wow! I think this is a great find. I bet you're right and it's older than the 70's. Excellent work and love the pattern!
  9. nice find as always!!!
  10. Yessss, that's always the fun part...pass it on! So much really does come back to you when you do that! That's just a side plus to it!
  11. Double star sapphire is what I meant to say.
  12. I've gotta say, this ring can go two ways. Extra special because of the two stars, or the stone is not an actual stone. To me, it absolutely looks like a double star sapphire on white gold. The 'di...
  13. I think my fav must have been Black Water!!!
  14. Wow, this is super cool!!!
  15. I love this! I would have thought Art Deco but that's just what I think all the good stuff should be called! haha It's just beautiful!
  16. We keep missing each other!!!
  17. Oh I see now, that's one piece not just her! And forgot to mention the yellow contacts really threw me! That was a great idea with the background!
  18. Hi Phil!!! You just love your Judge Judy don't you! lol. I've not seen it in a long time and don't recall a Mr. Bird! I might have to check that out. No, this is not a repair, just a flipped o...
  19. Hi kyra! So now I see where I got the idea of foil. But... I was foiled. haha it didn't work for me on my bracelet. My fingers don't work like they used to! Do you know they can lazer that now?!?
  20. I'm guessing here too, I believe Karen is right with the longer pin. I wonder if there may have been 3 chains leading to another and used as a sweater clip. Okay, that may have just answered with a ...
  21. Oh yea, I see you have some pretty crystal clusters too! My niece sells all kinds of those, some are very large!
  22. Well hello Ms Mani!!! Miss you and do love this brooch. Very colorful!
  23. Over the top??? Okay, I'd have taken it too! Nice find.
  24. Looks like it to me! I've got one that's probably from 1900-1920's maybe. Not positive. the top of the stone is smooth and underneath is faceted. Is that what's goin' on here?
  25. Popped in to say hey!!! Nice piece you found there. The smoke didn't disappear to fast, you just too spliffin slow!!! hahaha irie
  26. Gorgeous mirror! I see the etchings perfectly and that mirror is in excellent condition for it's age. The bevels are super wide, very unique. Now, talk to me about the lady statue in the middle!!! ;)
  27. Hiya Rose! How you Bean??? Canyon Road is exactly right on that. There's a gazillion Yazzie's, like Smith and Jones or Morales and Gonzales. I love this anyway and I'm not positive what era it was ...
  28. HAHAHA He's mad at you because you must be out of food for him/her!!! That is just too funny. People here pay a lot of money for the #3's Great post!
  29. Hey woman!!! how you be??? Here's my dragonfly again. Love it to pieces, oooo, not so sure I should have said that with it being glass... careful now ;)
  30. Orange Calcite! A great sample of it too!
  31. Mary! This is gorgeous and yes, definitely the right person got it. I know you can fix this one... easy breezy for you! if you don't have the beads, I do... you can pick them up at Thanksgiving whe...
  32. Hieeee!!! This is so you! And so THAT'S what happened to cousin it!?! haha I miss being on here!
  33. I can't believe Mary hasn't caught this one yet!!! It's just awesome.
  34. I figured Mary would know what this stone is but then again there are soooo many different stones and crystals and omg turquoise mines that everything gets blurry sometimes! I have a question sent to...
  35. Hi there! This is so unique! You know, I just found out that when the bezel is not serrated (or sawtooth as I've always called it) that the piece such as this may have been made before the 30's! Th...
  36. Very cool post. (I use a wooden butterfly napkin holder for my mail holder) haha So can you tell me a little more about Jugenstill? I have a pair of wrought iron candlestick holders and have been ...
  37. Hi Alan! I came on here with you in mind. I am so glad to see that you are back at it with this beyond gorgeous piece and knowing you, I don't think you need to wish, I'm sure you will find more of ...
  38. Oh Alan, I am so sorry to hear this news! If I had a magic remedy to make all this go away for you both I would give it to you. And not to lighten anything but it certainly seems a lot of bad things...
  39. Thanks for the love worthit2! I appreciate it.
  40. Wow! Very nice piece. Definitely hand carved, Scot probably has the age right, may even be older. I would think it would be along the lines of a secretary desk. Does it appear that a seat may have...
  41. Ok, I give...what are we guessing? That the one on the far left is a bank from the 50's in pretty rough condition??? OR are we guessing that the one on the right is a gum ball machine??? Oh wait, ...
  42. Were you able to find it??? I didn't find your exact one, the one I found just like yours was cobalt blue! Why that came up I have no idea but most the rest were red.
  43. YES!!! And Thomas, you crack me up! That was a good one ;) "eying little girls with bad intent:!!!
  44. Hmmm, I thought the same thing you did. Still possible if it were for the ladies of the Victorian era as they seemed to be much smaller than the women of today, so it would actually make some sense t...
  45. What a nice collection, very unique! I have bottles from the 50's mostly, some earlier, some a little later but not much. I had no idea the tops were not made with the bottoms! That's new news to m...
  46. Hey that was some genius thinking to figure that out! I would have never guessed that. The knife may not fit so well maybe because at the time they made it, most knives were basically a different si...
  47. What a great memory to have!!! That compact is cool. Looks like it could be one of these 3 possibly... Max Factor, Pygmalion or most likely because of the mesh Whiting and Davis but I'm guessing you...
  48. These are gorgeous. Yours must be made by them, they look exact to me. Here is what I found: I hope that helps yo...
  49. Thanks all for stopping and loving! I know I'm late again, I don't mean to be and would be here 24/7 if I could!!! Miss you all so much! nutsabotas6 AnnaB Mrstyndall vetraio50 PhilDMorris ...
  50. Well Hey my far away friend! Hi Karen, it has been way to long!!! I had to come back to report here that what I thought would work did not BUT... I have another idea and we'll see how that one pans ...
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