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I am an avid collector. I mainly collect Chinese carvings, but also scrolls, seals, and teapots. I'm also an aspiring portrait artist.


  1. Thanks Master! And thanks too to Canberraman for the compliment!
  2. Thank you for the offer Canberraman. I have stopped posting here and have many more wonderful bottles but still none as lovely as this one. It is still my favorite jade and so I imagine it will be som...
  3. Thanks Glassgaga!
  4. Thanks Glassgaga!
  5. Thanks racer4four and bijoucaillouvintage!
  6. Thanks Master - it's so old and worn out - but still a beauty. Wish I could say the same! haha
  7. thanks Master!
  8. thanks bijoucaillouvintage!
  9. Thanks racer4four and Master!
  10. Thanks Master - was just looking at your collection. You have some beautiful cloisonne vases!
  11. Thanks grendel67! I look forward to seeing yours
  12. Thanks very much bijoucaillouvintage!
  13. Thanks racer4four! Yes, apparently in China the rutilated quartz supply mainly consisted of black needles, and so this was either a rare find or imported. ;)
  14. Thanks kyratango! I agree!
  15. Oh wonderful! So glad you guys like it!! You have very good taste!
  16. Wow thanks very much racer4four, Master, and bijoucaillouvintage! Because you like this one so much I will post another one that is similar. ;)
  17. thanks for your help indentifying the bottle kyratango! You made me question and look further
  18. Kyratango - take a look at this page. It's quartzite which was once sandstone, but heat and pressure changed it by fusing the grains of sand to each other, making it much harder. http://thehappyscien...
  19. Well, it is soapstone! The specific gravity is 2.72. Soapstone is comprised mainly of talc which has a specific gravity of 2.75 so that plus the way the carving of the stone is so worn make me come to...
  20. kyratango that had not occurred to me! I will do a specific gravity test and be more inquisitive because I just assumed it was soapstone.
  21. Thanks Shareurpassion and Racer4four! You make my day!
  22. Thanks for the info racer4four - I agree - I think mid-century on this. It's my understanding that Hong Kong continues to produce some high quality carvings even today. And yes, Shareurpassion, I do ...
  23. thanks Master- it is really cool!
  24. Oh great! Perhaps you could tell me when they were made? It doesn't seem like they are made much anymore.
  25. This is a meiping shape and looks like soft paste porcelain - can't make out the mark because it's fuzzy. Getting Lilla Perry's Chinese Snuff Bottles book will help you identify it.
  26. I see you have caught the fever!
  27. thanks master!!
  28. Thanks racer4four! I agree! This one has some lovely blue and gold chatoyancy that make it special.
  29. thanks you guys! Racer4four when I first started collecting I bought a lot of junk that I now regret buying and can't get rid of, so I would recommend your first purchase be a book. A good one to star...
  30. Yes master, they are really uncommon.
  31. Haha! No worries oldbodie! I am kind of a fanatic about this bottles because it's getting a little ridiculous to have three of the same kind! ;)
  32. Oh I do have the other one posted. It's here: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/205976-amygdaloidal-basalt-snuff-bottle?in=all
  33. Hi oldbodie - I have three like this, but it looks like I've only posted two on here. See this reference to see a similar one: https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/20309/lot/24/
  34. Thanks Loumanal!
  35. Thanks very much master
  36. Thanks!
  37. thank you valentino97! I am an eccentric collector - I collect what appeals to me regardless of whether or not it's "old" or valuable.
  38. kyratango this is a lovely bottle! If you ever want to sell it let me know! You can email me at cathyshapiro@gmail.com
  39. thanks Master
  40. You should post them - would love to see them
  41. thanks martika!
  42. thanks Master
  43. Hi Master - it's my understanding they made molds - pressed the clay into the design on each side and then put the two sides together with slip and then touched up the design. After firing once, they ...
  44. Thanks kyratango - will do that!
  45. Thanks kyratango!! I agree!!
  46. Yes kyratango - the artistry and skill that went into these bottles never ceases to amaze me
  47. Yes kyratango - it's such a beautiful combination of colors! I never tire of looking at it
  48. Yes! The bottles are so small!!
  49. Thanks racer4four! I think so too!!!
  50. Thanks oldbodie will check it out
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