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We look back to look forward. Loves: God. Likes: Vintage currency, jewelry, purses, old timepieces. Interested to know more about: Pottery, coins,stamps,glassWe look back to look forward. Loves: God. Likes: Vintage currency, jewelry, purses, old timepieces. Interested to know more about: Pottery, coins,stamps,glassware. (Read more)


  1. Just curious whats that chicken looking thing below the white fire extinguisher in the first pic?
  2. Wow bruce
  3. Oh cool!din know we have a facebook page!i ve liked it!
  4. @watchsearcher:treasures or junk! @roy: im one so many times over!
  5. The guy owner of the place was one eccentric guy!(glares when you snoop around too long or asks too many question).wife is jolly,welcoming and nice though; usually this kinda couple combo lol
  6. Thanks guys, glad to see all the collectorsweekly veterans here! Life is the same over at my side of the world. But temperatures been burning here- over 35-36 degree celcius at times; i had to stay in...
  7. Gasps ur house must be a museum!
  8. Yay first to love it!solid goodness!
  9. Happy Canada day!
  10. http://gotheborg.com/qa/oj.shtml Can check here. Its from 1942-1945. Apparently the "occupied japan" mark is an insultive term
  11. Yea it looks roman!saw in a movie one of the soldier wearing such a helmet type while piercing Jesus!
  12. Hi roy n thomas! Thanks for popping by pleasure as usual to see u great guys around P.s tassie australia gave a pretty gd fight this time round.was rooting for them!
  13. Yea that's true! Giving that like are-you-done-already look:)
  14. What a strange vase. Its hard to figure!
  15. Wow your stuff are always one of a kind-those ive never seen in my life. *rubs eyes*
  16. Fantastic find adele! Wish i could go hunting with you some day
  17. Hi all thanks for the wholesome loves. I think ive found some clues to what is this but probably it will need some verification with a mineralist/stonelogist/gematologist :p I think this is a minera...
  18. Great info guys. Ive learnt much! More specifically nice pot doesnt usually means old pot!
  19. Very interesting stone. Have never see a stone as such before!
  20. I once turned a rusty stove sparkling with lemon and baking soda.mayb u can try it out:)
  21. Stay strong dear malkey.you re a blessing no matter whay.
  22. Hi Aura Pascale Thomas Scott Mike Roy (Hope my memory lasts) thanks for the loves
  23. Hi karen!
  24. Was searching arabic but alas..
  25. Ah thanks phil! That right! im always doin some painting all over the house. Will try that !its so helpful knowledge:)))
  26. Lovely and unique i thought i saw many euro s$$igns( ka ching !) on it but on closer look its the design.
  27. Yep life sure can be one heck of a distractor but ill always be here!:)))thanks for loving this!!
  28. I think your cup and saucer is under the bentick pattern c.1905.try googling that!
  29. Ahhhh i see...but thats so hard!!i do some watercolor painting myself on paper, i do get what u mean about the slap dash part. It never appears so!
  30. Hi my dear tassie im good.miss u too!
  31. Hi adelec just for interest, how do u identify if it is transfer printed then painted over?
  32. Amazing color combo!
  33. Hey thanks scott. Great to hear from you!!!
  34. Yes yes indeed time goes by like a speedy rocket. So glad to see familiar people like u around.more uploads to come!!
  35. Oh sharks not again. I found more info here https://www.hunker.com/13415286/how-to-identify-old-ironstone
  36. It says Kangxi emperor periodThe Kangxi Emperor (4 May 1654 – 20 December 1722)
  37. happy rooster year pascale!!!!you go girrrl:)))
  38. love the one with the ivy leaves especially
  39. cool!you have royal bloodline!
  40. hope to see it for real!
  41. very interesting catch!!!
  42. thanks and deep appreciation to: bruns byrd phil kerry nicefice tassie mike bijou caper racer aura val master antique mani efes!!!!
  43. thanks to: bey phil jil bruns bijou efes aura mike racer tassie val mani antique caper nicefice!!
  44. thanks and good luck and blessings to: efes mani aura caper tassie mike scott phil bruns!!!
  45. qing is 1644-1912 so probs late 1800s to early 1900s:))
  46. http://www.cang.com/trade/show-9434336-2.html dear mary above is a similar plate similar period as yours. It is not japanese definitely chinese. It is written da qing guang xun meaning late qing...
  47. thanks to you master!if not i would have long forgotten abt this old man.Gave him a good polish and placed him at a new place to fish
  48. @ manikin thank you much manikin, he 's out during spring cleaning and ive put him near a plant @thank you master. @tassie thank much here. he's a jolly old looker with a legend that dates back 300...
  49. i wish there are more of such stuff where i am! very hard to find where i am
  50. cool nice these are sold are very high prices where i am!
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Antique shopkeepers desk Chinese/Japanese? 10" plate,Handpainted with lots of gold trim Upright porcelain cow statues Can someone tel me about this rock Australian Braemore Pottery Vases


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