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  1. Hello there it just says Swiss under sterling silver mark
  2. Thank you all so much. It does in fact come apart. Makes sense it would be party ash trays lol
  3. Wow Olofz thank you so much!
  4. Does anyone know what it does ?
  5. Why because there older? Do you know what kind of ducks they are?
  6. Thank you
  7. Thank you, sorry I forgot it lol
  8. Thank you so much, do you know what it says off hand or what it means lol
  9. Wow y'all just blew me out of the water! Thank you all so much, yous are very wise! Bless you
  10. Thank you both so much! Can you make out the word in the center of the movement ?
  11. I searched high and low and can't find a name or mark anywhere! And sorry yes the items inside are chrome
  12. The box is made of wood with an aluminum like pattern over top. I'm looking for a name. The clock only says made in USA. I took the pictures out and they both are postcards from Gaskin Studio Philadel...
  13. Thank you Bruce99! Does it look like the company changed the model number on the paper or the person who owned it
  14. Thank you so much racer4four!
  15. Thank you Valentino97 do you guys think it could be purple malachite because it looks extanctly like the usual green version ?
  16. Thank you Gillian, what a delight (:
  17. Ok cool
  18. Thank you Celiene! Thank you Gillian!
  19. Thanks a ton! You're the best!
  20. No thank you & You're welcome I just posted another listing of them in order
  21. Haha really, thank you! I use a white pizza box lol the two bottoms have designs on them no marks. One of them has a copper bottom with a shape on it but it's hard to make out
  22. Wow interesting! thank you I really appreciate it
  23. Thank you so much! Doesn't that look like an F in the name as well?
  24. Thank you! It says 167 on the back of case
  25. Anyone?
  26. Wow I got it to work, the moon phase shifted. Thank you so much dizzydave!
  27. So I've changed the month with a pin on the left side and the moondial has not changed or moved. So do you think it means it's broken or might there be another way to tell
  28. It is very important I see if the moon phase dial is working because I have this item up for auction this week! Someone please help
  29. Any ideas when it was made. Waltham watch co signature on the movement is very small idk when they did that
  30. Do you know how to change the moon phase on this watch?
  31. DizzyDave do you know if the moon phase dial is supposed to turn from stars to moons ?
  32. Oh Kerry you decided the "mystery solved" what's more to be said.. Are ya really that bored
  33. Awesome! Thank you. Do you know what Medco is?
  34. Oh I suppose that's why I canno get it off I figured I could unscrew but no luck. Do you think it has any jewels?
  35. The last is a backwards P
  36. Oh okay cool so the middle dial shouldn't be moving quickly bec its 12 hrs. Now valjoux 88 is the model or is 88 referring to the date
  37. Yes sir, they do!
  38. Anyone know it could be JCM but it looks like JGM
  39. Do you know what the little dial in the middle measures? Because it doesn't seem like it's moving
  40. Dizzydave what do you mean 1888 - 1950s?
  41. Yes you're right it's to hold calligraphy pens. Unfortunately the bottom is worn away so no markings do you know who could of made it
  42. Yes thank you . You are helpful!
  43. I'm not sure what the second letter is in the signature. Does anyone have any clue on if it's Mexican Native American ?
  44. Unfortunately all they said was... "Regrettably, we are not accepting Tourneau brand watches through the “Sell Us Your Watch” program at this time. This feature on Tourneau.com is only for the outrigh...
  45. No but I just did now thank you! Hopefully they answer
  46. So what year do ya think it is?
  47. I am unable to upload another pic. But it says "Sterling German" not Germany just saying lol Idk if there's a diff
  48. Who knows what ATI stands for
  49. Would anyone know the name of these pens
  50. Thank you sir!
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