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  1. I'm afraid that the information is incorrect. This is a 20th century set.
  2. The design is later Art Nouveau bordering on Art Deco. I'd posit late 1920s.
  3. While today the modern example is considered a large wallet, these were considered pocket purses or hand-books.
  4. Some look ancient or from late antiquity.
  5. As you may know, in 1921, the US mandated that all imports must be marked with the English equivalent of the origin country's name. While Nippon was the original translation, in 1921 everything had to...
  6. The design looks quite old. If it wasn't made in an injection mould (basically, a deep dimple/pocket will be present on the opposite (interior) side from the knob on the lid and the place the handle ...
  7. fhrjr, the majority of people today are getting rid of personal computers in favor of handheld devices. People like me who have a desk-top, and even laptops now, are becoming uncommon unless they're v...
  8. fhrjr, posts made by, or photos taken with, certain brands of cell-phone and other digital cameras end up side-ways regardless of what editing program the user attempts to straighten them by. AKA, the...
  9. I'm afraid that my concerns are those of the group. To me, it looks like something a jeweler, skilled in fine metal-working as they are supposed to be, would make to sell to tourists out of whatever h...
  10. Often I wonder if they drew inspiration from early Roman bottles shaped so similarly.
  11. Telling you value is forbidden here, but the dates are patent dates for various aspects of the camera-- such as the roll-film advance mechanism, the lenses, the autographic metal stylus (it lets you w...
  12. Camph sapon is camphor (usually a solid, sometimes suspended in oils) of whatever sapon is from in the Latin. Most of these look to be fairly new in the bottle world by comparison: after 1910. The D...
  13. Looks like the 1840s-1850s.
  14. This isn't much help, but.... It's something like an 1840s plate I have with a pattern of Chapoo. Ironstone transferware. Date-range of my piece 1830s-1850s. By the U.S. Civil War, this sort of flow b...
  15. Wow, that's really neat.
  16. Just what I need! I'd love to cut my grass with this!
  17. My own town! I'm surprised that Elmer didn't get it!
  18. Not much help, but, yes, I have seen many cups in the same pattern and colour/shade which seem to be a product of the 1970s. Are we sure it's a pontil and not a suction scar from an Owens-type machine?
  19. I have a similar one. You can make it run backwards too. The motor goes whichever way you spin it. Great way to confuzzle people. *Giggles.*
  20. 1980s-1990s. Not antique. The black ink above the embossing from the factory stamp for product quality control may also contain a date.
  21. Ugh, they shot down father Christmas's sleigh!
  22. Commemorating 121 years since the inception of the Spanish-American War today.
  23. Today commemorates 121 years.
  24. Well, the stamp says, Made in China, so.... I'd think it 1970s-1980s.
  25. I've never had a problem with these. They seem to be entirely safe. It's just a cord leading to a porcelain socket with an element in it. The only danger is the dust and grime on it!
  26. It is machine-made, putting it after 1900. Looks like a type of stem vase, probably made after 1970.
  27. Could it be a D in square, for Square D electronics? It does look like the 1930s, maybe early side.
  28. Hello, Anna. I have been unsuccessful in verifying this faustina art gallery person as having a physical location, and I have been unsuccessful in getting him to provide me any details on his busines...
  29. Hello, Anna; yes, I bought this one only for the purposes of my experiment and have bought two more bottles under that same purpose. One is fake, and I'll post at a later date, and the other has not y...
  30. I see Canada in there, too! Diamond!
  31. I gutted a pair of 1920s head-phones I had and updated them with modern sound. I used them for quite a while till the jack broke. Need to replace that now.
  32. Opening line says one-thousand eight hundred and three. 1803.
  33. Welp, I fixed it up to good structural integrity, moisturized the heck outta the leather to make it supple again, and am gonna use it as a carry-on for my 9-day trip to Washington state where I'm prob...
  34. Would you believe that no one has figured that out in the local collector group, keramikos? We all thought it was simply a spelling error. I never even tried looking it up as a quote!
  35. I couldn't be anymore thrilled with a similar Paki knife I have. I lost it for one year. In that one year, I broke 2 American and 1 Chinese knives at the tang. The Paki knife I lost and refound? Pry, ...
  36. Huh? What do you mean?
  37. I found it surprising as well when I was digging up SCA glass 5 feet down. Even bottles sitting in dark attics or at the bottom of shallow lakes have it happen at times. The UVC of the sun often penet...
  38. Sadly, no, the main association of American bottle collectors decided against a official colour guide due to the differences in pigments of ink on the pages and lighting. They can be had, but they all...
  39. Nice "whittle" and colour. It has the graduations, though? How very odd. It looks either pre-1890s or non-American, neither of which usually have graduated markings.
  40. Correct. Natural radiation doesn't leave them so dark. If it was dug up like this, and not put through a hospital-grade steriliser, then it was likely the other chemical additions of the glass itself....
  41. This one looks like "honey yellow".
  42. It would have started out as clear, but the manganese in the glass reacts under the sun's UV-- even 5 feet under ground in some areas, as UV penetrates the soil-- and causes it to turn pink/lavender o...
  43. Is it heavily irradiated?
  44. I see no reason to believe them not 1840s. Boards are right. Paper's right (using a cotton-blend). Printing and engraving looks right. Spines may(?) have been redone professionally but look fine too.
  45. Oh, also, the sand seems to be glued on.
  46. This letter is now 100 years old.
  47. Update. It ceased to exist at about 12:50 AM on 12/23/18. Kitty decided to knock it off the counter.
  48. Well, it began as transferware, with metallic salts added to bleed the ink. Just to clarify.... 1840s-1850s?
  49. Ah, thank you for the updates. Happy holidays to you all as well, and a very joyful new year, too.
  50. LOL, this type of rock cannot hold fossils. This was formed underground far from life.
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