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West Michigan on the Lake-Shore

I'm a young adult writer and collector from Michigan. My main collecting interests are pre-WW1 labeled bottles, postcards, and plates. In my profile picture is RhoadI'm a young adult writer and collector from Michigan. My main collecting interests are pre-WW1 labeled bottles, postcards, and plates. In my profile picture is Rhoada, who was put down the day after the photo was taken. God blessed me greatly with her. (Read more)


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  1. I'd be afraid to change a light-bulb in the chandelier-- too fragile!
  2. Probably a way to send a letter without being charged for a letter. Postcards cost less to send (in America, 1 penny). I'd assume it worked the same in France.
  3. Newspaper can help date it!
  4. It looks a lot like a 'tester' paint bottle, but as there's no paint staining my next guess is it held something for the medicine cabinet. Any markings on the base?
  5. Looks like a nice piece of wood, too-- and six side drawers instead of only four!
  6. One week away!
  7. We used to plate coins in school during chemistry class.
  8. I don't think Americans used 4-point Phillips Head screws before the later 1930s and still not much till later than that. I'd think it rewired.
  9. You said "Made In" dates it to after 1931, but there are known examples of 1910s Made In items, best understood in Nippon, but seen also in porcelain makers that were out of business by 1930. I was ju...
  10. Huh. I have it clicked to send me messages about comments. But I've gotten no email updates. Sorry, all. Thank you, Ms. Crystal Ship. The opening plate is my favourite-- the fantasm one. Summer ...
  11. You know, I haven't gotten any email updates on people's comments today though I have the check-box hit to receive them. I still need to fill in the gap and paint the inner line to hide the ugly yel...
  12. They appear to be so.
  13. On the contrary, there is Made in Nippon stuff, and as most of us know... They couldn't call it Nippon after the early 1920s.
  14. Post by ho2cultcha: https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/242659-late-qing-i-think-narcissus-pot
  15. Here is my jar: https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/243501-small-ginger-jar Did you ever find out anything further on your pot?
  16. Roses are identical which suggests they're decals. I don't see decals, or appliques, till the 1880s or 1890s on porcelain .
  17. Not yet, ho2cultcha. I just repaired it a few days ago, as I bought it with broken lid. Someone had tried repairing it in the past, but that began to fall apart again.
  18. Thank you, jscott0363. ho2cultcha, thank you.
  19. I once said the same concept, and the user told me to keep searching. So, I expanded my territory and found two good ones that usually produce good stuff each week.
  20. I have the matching ginger jar. Color, pattern, material the same.
  21. Thank you, Valentino. Manikin, I knew most people would best like that one. Billretirecoll, thank you. There are quite a few different chromos!
  22. Thanks for all the votes. Political Pinbacks has a decent idea. Hah hah. Thank you, Tom Tucker. It is, Kyratango.
  23. The paint can be removed with gentle strippers targeted for paint but not stain. You'll want to do some research. Veneer can be bought at Menard's or online. I like the stained wood as is, but the pai...
  24. Preservation is fine, so long as the coating is UV resistant and crystal clear, but restoration is not needed. It looks great as it is.
  25. Usually I remove the old oil and relubricate them to maximise their span of existence (since I use my items regularly. ) If the old oil is left in, it acts as an abrasive and wears the motor out. ...
  26. I still have all the pieces from an event like that. I always meant to glue them back together, but there are just so many. :(
  27. The oldest I've ever found in change was almost ten years ago, and it was an 1893. As for the oldest coin I have, I'm not sure. I have 1 that cannot be newer than AD 75.
  28. PA = Plume & Atwood.
  29. How, then, did you clean it?
  30. Green felt was one of the most common colours put on the base of most metal items back in the day. It may have been original.
  31. I have a very similar one and cannot for the life of me separate the halves of the motor-housing. I removed the screws, but it's as if glued on. How was yours in getting it off?
  32. What does 'stranger than paradise ' mean?
  33. Thank you, Coopergirl.
  34. Next time you remove it from the glass, look at the white accents. I'm wondering if they're added in by hand.
  35. I hope you don't mean you put tape on the print??
  36. Good eye. LOL.
  37. In the final picture you see a folded tab sticking out. Pressing that opens one bin. Opposite corner, there's another one. It depends which way you're moving the sweeper-- forward or backward, as the ...
  38. Thank you, dlpetersen.
  39. Thank you, dlpetersen.
  40. McCoyNelson, just a piece of white 'lace' (but it wasn't made of lace) was inside one of the bins.
  41. No ampersand in the Whittal Tatum mark puts it at after 1901. I think they began using a different mark close to 1920 (but don't quote me on that part. ) Ground neck and stopper is normal in apotheca...
  42. Very good artist.
  43. There's a tool that punctures the top. This usually looks triangular.
  44. Bull dogs were one of the first novelty dogs people would have had in the modern era. They look ferocious but are really quite sweet. As for the derogatory card, this was a popular novelty as well. ...
  45. Buckethead, I enjoy it as is for now, but I'll probably end up replating it. They're not rare or valuable, so it won't lose anything to the world. Billretirecoll, I'm sure you can find one somewhe...
  46. Try a wide-tip painter's pen.
  47. I had the same thought about the lines. They're not any language I can identify. What a great mystery it is. I wish someone could at least figure the language.
  48. Give it time, Post-Card Collector. As more people see it, they'll view it. I myself only click on that which catches my eye. The first photo dictates whether I'll click on the post or not. As for th...
  49. There's a different style of one I've been thinking about getting, but my concern is the old sealants might have deteriorated with time.
  50. Looks like it was published from 1866 to 1902 as a popular text for its topic. Yours looks to fall into the earlier years.
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