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West Michigan on the Lake-Shore

I'm a young adult writer and collector from Michigan. My main collecting interests are pre-WW1 labeled bottles, postcards, and plates. In my profile picture is RhoadI'm a young adult writer and collector from Michigan. My main collecting interests are pre-WW1 labeled bottles, postcards, and plates. In my profile picture is Rhoada, who was put down the day after the photo was taken. God blessed me greatly with her. (Read more)


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  1. Gillian, thank you for the tip. I ended up using little dots of super- and tacky-glues. I don't suppose anyone here remembers T.V. lamps for backlighting? This was back when tube T.V.s were still in...
  2. Assuming that the seams on the bottle don't go up to the very top of the lip, it's probably pre-1920. Also assuming that citronella was known to repel mosquitoes, the following is my guess: When cars...
  3. How do you store it?
  4. They're really hard to date but usually, in this thick red brick type, date between the 1890s and 1920s, though they were made before and after that like this-- just not as often. By the '20s, they we...
  5. Looks like the 1940s, though I've seen that plug style from the 1930s to 1970s.
  6. Whomever painted it did a splendid job. The interior can give clues. If it's all one piece and there are dimples inside where the handles are, it's not likely from before the 1910s, and can usually ...
  7. Is it Dutch?
  8. Does the cone spin off?
  9. Vynil33rpm, it's more like a snake, now! Purvis, thank you.
  10. I cannot be terribly sure on that, AdeleC. The handleless cups were common in the 1700s, but I've seen them in contexts as new as the early 1870s.
  11. Oh, boy: glad to see everyone's amused. I only posted it to get a link for the photo to paste elsewhere! Hah hah.
  12. I'd think it a blank planter someone purchased and glazed at a ceramics shop for fun (used to be a popular pastime) back in the '70s or '80s.
  13. Very sharp!
  14. I feel like the reproducer is at the wrong angle-- on mine, the needle doesn't point straight down. It points at a goodly angle, thus putting less pressure on the record.
  15. Welp, they've not sent a reply. We shall only be left wondering, Valentino.
  16. Certainly a unique design.
  17. Root began in 1901 and ended in like 1928, but their mark was seen on bottles by the glass-house that bought them out until some time in the early 1930s. In the 1910s-1920s, Root began putting date-co...
  18. Such a beauty!
  19. The dragon appears to say "puff" by it. "Puff" the "magic dragon" is a drug reference. Most likely a hippie-era ornament.
  20. Yes, I've seen one dated to 1941, but I'd like to think their hey-day was mostly 1900-1920s. Nice collection!
  21. For a long time, I admired something nearly identical in an antique store-- except it was like a frosted white, not gold. Too bad I never picked it up, because it always drew my attention. Great piece!
  22. The backing looks new, so it was probably re-lined. Re-lining often hides clues.
  23. Ms.CrystalShip, the thrill of digging is always a joy even in adverse conditions (if you find something neat). A few days ago, I dug up most of an antique crock. The Caterpillar is now in a green an...
  24. Looks like you also have some artists in the family. (:
  25. I emailed a few days ago-- asking them to give us an update, or at least me, on various problems with the new site that did not exist on the old. I'm hoping for a response on Monday. Sadly, it will p...
  26. Reminds me of my attic! Wasp nests every-where!
  27. Wasn't working yesterday for me or Valentino, either. CW is still becoming less and less efficient and functional, I'm afraid. I REALLY like the old CW before the take-over. This new one hardly works....
  28. Hello, Valentino. I really do wish they'd go back to the old C.W.
  29. Fascinating piece!
  30. I found the books to be a bit odd, but I did like both them and the movie(s?); been a long time since I read or saw them.
  31. I cannot add things to collections anymore?
  32. Yeah, they have the fraternities imagery right. Hazing kills. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/233237-1913-msu-mac-initiation-poster
  33. They also come in other colours and hand-painted as well, though the moonstone look to this one looks great. I'd relocate that top sticker to the bottom, myself.
  34. Nice photos and letter! Welcome to Collector's Weekly. :)
  35. I'd take off the face and see if it says anything on the back or if anything is marked on the mechanism.
  36. It needs cleaned and probably re-varnished. Then it should be quite vibrant. :) You can find many products available for such things at craft stores, but look online at professional sites-- not Youtu...
  37. Newfld, thank you. Windwalker, hah hah, I do think the artist could have done a better job on her face and house-- and I almost feel like the house was an after-thought. Gillian, yes, I though...
  38. Anything Obscure, I thought it was "On the He...??"
  39. I think it was an antique gas lamp, though it's missing a few parts. They were popular in the first quarter of the 1900s. https://i.pinimg.com/236x/b5/fa/e3/b5fae3d3e72fe9ae86e7dd92fa963fef--antique-...
  40. Windwalker, I like it. Mrstyndall, thank you. I think it's my favourite phone now.
  41. Seth Thomas ceased to exist in the 1930s, having been bought out by General Time Corps. I thought they discontinued the name by the mid 1960s. Where does it say Seth Thomas? It would have to be someon...
  42. Toyrebel, thank you. Fort Apache, yes, I picked up two cans of it and was very happy with the results.
  43. (And after seeing what great difference the restore-a-finish product made on the telephone/intercom, I went on a finish-restoring rampage throughout the house).
  44. A gentle stripper might get it off to see what's underneath, but do some more research: they reproduced these in the 1960s.
  45. Well, the plug at the end of the cord they were on would likely have given us a 10-20 year period for make, since people didn't usually rewire things.
  46. I think the colours are perfect.
  47. I've heard of all sorts of things being found in walls-- bottles, light-bulbs, books, coins, dead animals (yes, purposely put in-- to ward off evil spirits), letters, and photographs.... but never a d...
  48. Yeah, looks like a Seikosha.
  49. 1970s Wheaten Glass Co reproduction of a historic calabash flask.
  50. Let us not forget this side to Fourth of July.
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