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I'm a young adult writer and collector from Michigan. My main collecting interests are pre-WW1 labeled bottles, postcards, and plates. In my profile picture is RhoadI'm a young adult writer and collector from Michigan. My main collecting interests are pre-WW1 labeled bottles, postcards, and plates. In my profile picture is Rhoada, who was put down the day after the photo was taken. God blessed me greatly with her. (Read more)


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Vintage Industrial-Style Hanging Fan - Officein Office
Kansas City Flood, 1903 - Booksin Books
Wallbanger Drinking Poster 1972 - Politicsin Politics
Antique Japanese Clock??? - Clocksin Clocks
Pre-Pro Whiskey; $1!!! Disaster Strikes!!!! - Bottlesin Bottles
For PostCardCollector  - Postcardsin Postcards
Coloured Engravings: Pre-1830?? - Paperin Paper
1848-1922: Civil War, Disease, KIDNAPPING!!!  - Paperin Paper
C. 1925 Floor Lamp  - Lampsin Lamps
1913 MSU (MAC) Initiation Poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints


  1. Blue eyes they were. Always striking in greyscale photos.
  2. Another passing fad that ruins art-work. Leave antiques alone unless you intend to fix problems they have. You cannot get back what you destroy. If you must play with such, buy vintage or modern pri...
  3. It's lovely.
  4. S and F is Slow and Fast. If the clock runs too fast, you move the little bar above it toward the S, and vice versa.
  5. 1920s-1930s Maxfield Parrish print of a Native Maiden.
  6. Tooled crown (seam stops before top), before the national 1918 American Prohibition but after 1900. Machine-made crown (seam up to top or up to mouth where it goes around in a ring), after 1915 but be...
  7. Quite a bit of info. Thanks!
  8. It shouldn't chime as it has only one winding knob. The other knob is for adjusting the time itself. It had radium paint, though that appears to have fallen off. Maybe 1910s-1930s? Someone may chi...
  9. I see you edited your post but left in 'pontil'. It is NOT related to a pontil. A pontil forms when a glass-blower attaches a cool rod, often tipped in molten glass, to the bottom to grab the soli...
  10. Love the variety (and the bear).
  11. F and S, for Fast and Slow, to adjust speed for inaccuracies.
  12. UPC Barcode labels, seen on every box in stores now days to scan the price, came out in 1983 for normal store use. By the '90s, everything had them. If it has a UPC code, it is after 1983 (according t...
  13. The grounded two are real. The second is a cut-n-paste-n-photograph-again ideal. They did a lot of cut-n-pastes in old year-books.
  14. Check your Spam folder. Otherwise, underneath the comment box you have to check the box for it.
  15. I love it. <3
  16. How many beers before you tip.
  17. Not pontils. Suction scars from an Owens Automated Bottle Machine. I can see it on the left one.
  18. There were regulations back in the day on what could be sent, including the content of the messages. I remember reading something on it, where the postcard's content (including message on back) was sk...
  19. Can the original paint underneath be salvaged?
  20. Caper Kid, yes, they were laxative tonics that were around for many years and typically had only shoulder and base embossing with a paper label between them. I am unsure of the number 4 on it. It coul...
  21. I should post some of my vintage clothes. I wear it all the time. In one shirt right now, actually. LOL.
  22. If it were clear it should have cost more, so this feature makes it even all the better!!
  23. Looks better than most I've been to. LOL. I posted the postcard, if you have not yet seen it.
  24. Bottle mould may have been made in '39 for a standard bottle, which was still in use till the '40s.
  25. It's a Codd-style bottle (utilises that marble), most popular in England till the 1910s. Some were in use till the 1950s in some areas of Europe and Asia. Japan uses them today. The carbonated pressur...
  26. lzenglish, thanks for visiting-- but why don't you like those darlings? :P
  27. Meowman, though no one can say for sure, this card was published in multiple countries. It's part of a series.
  28. Internal-threaded screw-tops have been in use by the British since the 1870s. It is hard to date them, though, as traditional methods were used to manufacture bottles into the 1930s.
  29. billretirecoll, thank you. Almost lost most of it yesterday. LOL. Thanks for commenting. bottle-bud, plenty of dollar-bottles, but they're usually not worth that. This one is a very good dollar-bot...
  30. vetraio50, thank you.
  31. Seikosha? https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/seikosha-japanese-school-wall-clock-171331944
  32. A lovely photo.
  33. It's either a gas or alcohol blow torch.
  34. How very novel.
  35. The Southern/Western portions of the U.S. were behind the North East in glass manufacturing and retained traditional methods much longer. As such, you see applied blobs into the 1890s in the less adva...
  36. Tahiti1, thank you. Thought it has label damage, it was too good to pass up.
  37. How adorable.
  38. I recently saw a plate that went with them, same company, but it had lost too much enamel for me to pick it up. Nice to see what it would have looked like.
  39. I drove by the other day. The old building has been razed and the basement level has been filled in. A few bricks are all that remains.
  40. We go through 1 a year. I've thought about buying a vintage vacuum, but if something does go wrong with it, I'm not sure cheap parts could easily be found. The vacuum shop here went out when I was lit...
  41. The shape of the body didn't change much over the years, did it? LOL.
  42. Is this a tinted photograph or water-colour over picture or....?
  43. Brunswick, thank you. Billretirecoll, thanks for visiting. These were English prints that made it to Scotland where they were framed before they made it here to America.
  44. Vintage Lamp, thanks for commenting.
  45. VintageLamp, thank you.
  46. Shareurpassion, it may have been wired improperly. Watch a few YouTube videos and buy some fabric-wrapped cord from the Old Wiring Shoppe on e-Bay.
  47. Short life. :/ :P
  48. Blunderbuss, so as to show both the mark and the sticker, I took both together. They are unrelated. The sticker is Civil War. The mark is the postage paid mark for the letter from 1848. Politi...
  49. Thanks, all for your concerns and comments, but I've never had issues with fabric-wrapped cords and will keep this as it is unless it lets the smoke out. Lol. John, didn't I tell you to hush?:p...
  50. Political Pinbacks, lol. It's cute in a disturbing way. I'm sure he had less harsh posters in his school. ????
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