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West Michigan on the Lake-Shore

I'm a young adult writer and collector from Michigan. My main collecting interests are pre-WW1 labeled bottles, postcards, and plates. In my profile picture is RhoadI'm a young adult writer and collector from Michigan. My main collecting interests are pre-WW1 labeled bottles, postcards, and plates. In my profile picture is Rhoada, who was put down the day after the photo was taken. God blessed me greatly with her. (Read more)


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C. 1909 Western Electric  - Telephonesin Telephones
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  1. A romantic bit of Scandinavia. Neat.
  2. Sometimes I think grime helps preserve such things: it keeps water from expanding in cracks and the light from fading the dyes in the tiles. It also keeps people's shoes and rocks from direct contact ...
  3. I don't think it's before the '40s if the handle is plastic and the body is aluminium. Golf seems to be most popular in the mid-century to 1990s era.
  4. It appears that it might be enamel-painted, but the urn body needs some clear filler to prevent it from further cracking. The cord, of course, needs replaced. It makes me wonder why those earlier rubb...
  5. Hey, when I need to get a period-correct cat for my house, I know exactly what kind to get!
  6. Hello. Does it say anything on the face of the dial, or on the back?
  7. This item is still my favourite toy. The first time I used one, I knew I had to have one.
  8. For the time, that was a bold and modern style.
  9. I really like this one.
  10. Adorable and patriotic for the heritage.
  11. It was made in a mould, which would be almost impossible for the average person to make at home. Blowing at home is harder than it sounds, too, trust me. The glass-blowers at the shops blew them by ...
  12. Hey, I could use one of those when I re-do boards and binding on antique books. Currently, I just use more books and heavy weights. Hah hah.
  13. Hello, Malkey. Yes, the Lord has blessed me all my life. May He continue blessing you.
  14. Brockway Glass Co: https://www.glassbottlemarks.com/b-in-a-circle-brockway-glass-company/ Well, if you want to be exact: Screw-tops were pioneered for common production on utility glass (bottles ...
  15. Here's a typical glass pocket-flask: https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/215103-pre-prohibition-brandy-labeled?in=collection-6128 Here's a typical 1910s-1920s Ammonia bottle: https://i.ebayi...
  16. Yeah, it looks right for the 1880s.
  17. The ball was clear originally. It has manganese in the glass, which turns pink and, later, purple due to UVC from the sun. It takes a few decades at least to get that shade. 1890s-1900s, I should thi...
  18. Owen-Illinois glass mark <(I)> on base suggests it's from 1934, 1944, or 1954. There is going to be a period or not a period next to that number on the right of the mark. That period will tell you mor...
  19. Looks like an earlier machine-made one. The ejection scar on the base suggests mid 00s-1920s.
  20. Clear pictures of the lamp in day-light would help. Particularly, the burner and knob.
  21. As far as I know, Brockway Glass Co. didn't put date-codes on their bottles. It is probably just a mould number. The only big manufacturers that put reliable date-codes on their bottles were Owen-Illi...
  22. The first one has the qualities of both a pocket whiskey flask and a ammonia bottle.Interesting mix. The second one probably held baby gherkins, olives, or similar. The staining cannot come off unle...
  23. Is it real Mother of Pearl? Assuming that the central nut is functional, I wouldn't expect it to hold up to use.
  24. I'm not sure that bulbous-head screws go back to the early 1800s. As far as I'm aware, they were always flat-headed until sometime after the 1830s came about. Wouldn't the normal English pennies used ...
  25. The symbol you have described: [27] <(I)> 51. Making sense of it: Plant-number (I think 27 or 21 was Streator, Ill.) Owen-Illinois mark. Year. So, your bottle's mould was made in 1951, meaning ...
  26. Daddy_Nobucks, thank you. I'm half tempted to remove one label and cut it to fit the opposing side, thus nearly completing one whole label. But, I am likely to leave it as is.
  27. jscott0363, I liked it too. Thanks for commenting.
  28. Hey, I could use one of those.
  29. Slackjack is correct. The wall-bracket is hard to find, though, than the arm itself. Don't lose that part. It's upside down, by the way.
  30. Thank you. There was another auction a few nights ago, but I missed most of it. Oh well.
  31. It cannot be a central draft lamp. There would have to be a hollow tube running from the base to the top, which lets air in from around a perforated foot. Without a distinguishable mark, it is very u...
  32. Thank you, Windwalker.
  33. We can narrow it down to 1917 or 1927. I found a penciled in "inspection date" inside the phone, though I could not quite make out the "1" or "2" very well. I assume that's a Q.C. Inspection.
  34. Thank you, Windwalker. Though I didn't dismantle it, I removed the face and cleaned out the mechanism a bit. I think gunk is why it stopped, as it will run for several minutes now.
  35. Yes, today I removed the red-rotted leather on the case. I hand-sanded it all off, and, man, that was a big pile of dark brown-coloured powder!
  36. Thank you, Cindy June. I hadn't seen a steel wall-phone before, either. I thought it was quite novel.
  37. jscott0363, thank you.
  38. I don't think so. I think it is just an intercom. But, hopefully one of the phone collectors will chime in.
  39. Hello, Fort Apache, thank you. Hello, rniederman, thank you. I was wondering where they got "Cyko" from since their example looked identical to mind (though in better shape). Thanks for the additi...
  40. No, it's not Blue Willow; it is from the Currier and Ives collection of the 1940s-1970s, (I think that's the right period). The only pieces marked in our set (we have a mixed set of everything one cou...
  41. Though I cannot read the number to the right of the Maker's Mark, usually that number is a date code for the year; but, Illinois glass company, which made that bottle, did not go back before the late...
  42. World's first 'car', invented in China several hundred years ago, looked like that.
  43. I have the same saucer unmarked. I always loved it, though even now I do admit that it is quite gaudy. LOL.
  44. How neat.
  45. Nice collection and great information. Is the middle Ogee-looking one in picture 3 also one of his? Did he reuse old cases?
  46. Looks like a good one to maybe get fixed for daily use, if you want to put money into it. 17 jewels is good.
  47. A very beautiful cup. I'm so glad it survived intact.
  48. Remember, patents only give a "no earlier than" date. They do not tell you when an item was made. It could be 125 years old, or it could be 90 years old. They are used on many items well past their ...
  49. If the lamp is old and not a reproduction, it's been rewired very recently (polarised plugs don't pop up till the 1970s?) I would look into buying an old-fashion-style fabric-wrapped cord and acorn pl...
  50. Going off of what Jscott said, someone here (I think) posted an article on a guy who was released from prison after, like, 5o years. He was deemed innocent, hence his release. In the meantime, though,...
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