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I'm a young adult writer and collector from Michigan. My main collecting interests are pre-WW1 labeled bottles, postcards, and plates. In my profile picture is RhoadI'm a young adult writer and collector from Michigan. My main collecting interests are pre-WW1 labeled bottles, postcards, and plates. In my profile picture is Rhoada, who was put down the day after the photo was taken. God blessed me greatly with her. (Read more)


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Wells, Fargo & Co. Postcard Date???? - Postcardsin Postcards
C. WW1 Men's Wrist-Watch  - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
C. 1853 Pain Killer - Bottlesin Bottles
C. 1910 Crystal Springs Round-Bottom - Bottlesin Bottles
Fascinating Loree's Ohio Liniment  - Bottlesin Bottles
Unknown Liniment, C. 1850-1860 - Bottlesin Bottles
1/4 Pint Milks/Creams? Gill - Bottlesin Bottles
Lightning Rod Insulator and Two-Patent Hemingray  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Victorian Lithograph?  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Art Nouveau Lamp - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Nice 'in-situ' picture.
  2. Not a lot to say? But it has so much going on!
  3. They look like the same CD.
  4. I had a similar issue, Meowman. But, I did find an 1880s reference to some man working for them for 20 years before moving on to some other company, so the possibility remains.
  5. They'd be a hard restoration. The surface rust looks fairly deep. Doable, but financially, with consideration to time, not likely worth doing much but some Rustoleum and a nice spot in the garden.
  6. Virginia.vintage, thank you.
  7. I think the rim-dome difference on the 162 is more defined and tapered, versus the more abrupt sight on the 162.1 (so there's less of a rim jutting out and it's more flat on top). There shouldn't be...
  8. Go to a health store. You'll find edible versions of carbon. ;) We do our own home food gardening for some things. I've also just began making my own medicinal preparations from herbs as not long a...
  9. No, this differs from transferware. Transferware is where you engrave a copper or steel plate and ink it, lay a special paper over it, and apply that whole sheet (sometimes needing two+ sheets on one ...
  10. Don't worry. No one who has any idea why this site is here, is gonna think you're a Nazi for showing it. On this site it's a conversation-starting piece of history, not a sign that you're supporting g...
  11. So that's where your name came from.
  12. C T Germany is Carl Tielsch, that mark dating to about 1890-1900ish. Likely stenciled in America by Mrs. Crane, who must have acquired imported blanks from some China shop. Country of origin becomes ...
  13. RoycroftBooksFromMe1, thank you very much. LOL. Racer4Four, it captured my interest upon seeing it.
  14. Though I don't make a study of them, "Produce Of ...." I have often seen on 1950s-1960s crates.
  15. Well-dressed people in a small pond (I see water-lillies)? Likely a baptism.
  16. Carbon was added, hence its colour.
  17. To be honest, I have both ironstone and porcelain sat atop each other on an exposed table in the basement. To prevent scratching the decals, I put a napkin on each piece and store the most frail at th...
  18. Oh, some pieces weren't decorated at the place of manufacture, but were decorated by people who bought the blanks on the retail market. That might be Mrs. Crane.
  19. The top mark in pic 3 is late 1880s-1890s, but I'm unsure of the bottom mark. Could be newer. Could be older. What's nice about two distinct marks is that sometimes it helps to better narrow down the ...
  20. Be happy they didn't glue on a real bug!
  21. Interesting Zane Grey reference on the back of it.
  22. Looks like it could have been an Art Nouveau lamp, but the socket and cord have been replaced.
  23. Thank you, elanski. Labeled pre-1920 bottles are my interest. This grouping is all 1840s/1850s.
  24. I see two recently sold on eBay. The lighter one is a far better shade than the other ones. With green, you want a yellow green over an emerald green. Remember that damage drives down value-- even 'in...
  25. By a few shades darker than this', I mean the bottle in my link. Yours has been artificially coloured.
  26. The person's info is almost correct. You see sun-coloured-amethyst (SCA-- what we call it in the bottle world) glass in the Continental U.S. until about 1920. Most of the Manganese came from Germany, ...
  27. Happy late birthday.
  28. Two pair of glasses? ;P
  29. Very nice. Usually the enameling begins to deteriorate and fall off. Looks to be still pretty much all there?
  30. Your wall looks grey today, not brown, BPG, or green. :P
  31. Gonna use it?
  32. Useful, too.
  33. OKTreeDude, no. e-Bay. Thank you. Meowman, thank you. I only looked into when they began and what kind of facility they had at the time this product was bottled. I saw 1 1950s spring water ACL bot...
  34. How it was moulded and the quality of glass look like Brookfield. I agree with 1890s on it. Though glasshouses tried making the same things, each has its own characteristics.
  35. How cute. <3
  36. Can't be terribly old if it has a magnet. It wasn't till the '50s that watches began to be produced with antimagnetic materials. With older watches, you speed them up quite a big with magnetism. Damag...
  37. Would love to have helped, had I seen it 5 months ago. Yes, it is a CD 102, and CDs were a modern invention to catalog the different styles produced by manufacturers as their catalog numbers didn't m...
  38. Vintage Lamp, before this one they had another Art Nouveau lamp with a bust decaled on it from the same era, but they wanted 45 USD for it. I'm like, nope! I think I got this one down from 15 USD on h...
  39. Thrift-Store Addict, there are only two sites I use. One is a bottle forum on which is a small section for insulators. The other is the Hemingray site, which is good to explore and has helped me pin d...
  40. They both look totally alive and fine to me.
  41. Huh, link failed. But type into their search just: Weller & Sons and you'll see what I mean.
  42. Somewhere's an error, because this link from the same site shows W. L. Weller & Sons still under that name in 1906, and they get this info from directories and newspapers: http://www.pre-pro.com/mida...
  43. LOL, how funny it is.
  44. "I think I may give this up--Very few are interesed my postcards." Is your self-worth determined by how many loves and likes your posts get? It's not you they're hitting love and like on. It's jus...
  45. Funny that you're mentionining a chime problem. Mine's going off as I type this, as it has been for 10 minutes. LOL.
  46. Thanks, racer4four. The second photo was from months ago, when I had finished the first phone. I didn't do as much work to this one (repainted and tried polishing the Bakelite), as I wasn't sure I'd f...
  47. It's a reproduction. Limited Edition, and the screws attest to a reproduction; everyone always gets the screws wrong.
  48. Egg-cept (except) and anyway (henny-way). LOL, funny. All nice earlier postals. The two written on the front are the oldest.
  49. Area 41, no seam appears to go over the lip. As such, it was not machine-made (barring milk-bottles that lack the lip-seam). Damage drives down value. The stepped lip is common in 1910s druggist bott...
  50. With a lightly damp napkin, wipe that mold off. Not too damp, but not too dry. Not too much pressure, but not too light. After letting it dry, maybe frame it after putting a dry napkin behind it to ab...
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