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West Michigan on the Lake-Shore

I'm a young adult writer and collector from Michigan. My main collecting interests are pre-WW1 labeled bottles, porcelain, postcards, and empherma.


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Ansonia Case Clock with Peacock  - Clocksin Clocks
C. 1st Century B.C.E. or C.E. Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
C. 4th Century C.E. Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
C. 2nd Century C.E. Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Vintage Chase-brand Buggy/Car Blanket with Bear - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Antique "Doctor's Bag" - Bagsin Bags
French Wash Basin? - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
War Bonds Poster?? - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Secret Note in Nippon Set! - Asianin Asian
Roman Bottle from 100 B.C. to 70 A.D.!!! - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. LOL, this type of rock cannot hold fossils. This was formed underground far from life.
  2. The top doesn't look like a WW1 bottle. A clear picture of the top and base of the glass itself would reveal more.
  3. The mechanism is very similar to an early 20th century German alarm clock I have.
  4. Might it hold matches and tinder?
  5. Thanks for stopping by to help!
  6. I only went forward with it to gain more info on the bottle, because originally I wasn't sure what to make of it: the who, what, when, where side of things. One of our fellow collectors told me on ano...
  7. Advertising is rarely true. Look at food-commercials: shellacked bread. beefed up sandwiches, and drinks with alka-seltzers in them! At the store for which I work, they broadcast, "11% off everythin...
  8. That's definitely a unique door-stop! One lady I used to know used pottery as a door-stop. I'm sure she has lost many pieces-- Or, rather, gained many more!
  9. Mrstyndall, thank you. Bruce99, thank you for taking the time to look this up! Lauren Redmond, I do love carriage clocks: especially the musical ones!
  10. Blunderbuss, thank you; and, yes, they should have fixed what was broken rather than break more on here. Another user had a positive, though I question it, experience with them. I was hoping to have t...
  11. Antique Rose, thank you. It's my latest collectible. Dropping other collections for now. Blunderbuss, no, I use an 1880s and 1900s brick for that. lol. Thanks.
  12. I would disagree. They WERE meant to be saved. 1905-1920 was a golden age for postals, and people would have "postcard showers", as one of mine talks about, and keep several books of them to look thro...
  13. They all look to date to the first twenty years of the 1900s, though the far right Brazilian Oil may be the oldest and could date from the 1890s based on general characteristics.
  14. "Love token."
  15. Looks like an ice skater's lantern?
  16. Language suggests it is WW2.
  17. The door looks like the door on my circa. 1895 New Haven "Dandy Line". Case is very different, though.
  18. Yes, mortars and pestle and some sort of tray, possibly for the crushed herbs. Typically these small ones were for crushing pills into powder but can also be used for small batches of other things. ...
  19. Thank you. 1920s Italian boater hat.
  20. Oh boy, how did you even find this post? LOL. Thanks for visiting.
  21. Thank you, Vintage Lamp. I ordered two more bottles. LOL. You can get them rather cheap if you buy from England. Thankfully, if you spent under 100 dollars total on only one shipped item without int...
  22. Thank you, Vintage Lamp. I might even keep them simply for the double story! LOL.
  23. Vintage lamp, thank you. Welcome back. (:
  24. Either Arabic or Persian.
  25. They're all fairly modern. I don't think any of them go back before the 1940s. Most of them are newer.
  26. Thank you, Sean. (:
  27. Thank you, Meowman.
  28. Yup, but that doesn't give any truly trustworthy info.
  29. All pretty modern and common. 1940s-1960s bottles. To be worth selling, it needs to be well-embossed or have its label and NOT be a screw-top
  30. Far left bottle on far left picture (pic one, bottle one) is a grape juice from the '10s or '20s. Probably '20s as most of the '10s ones are SCA (Sun-coloured Amethyst) to some extent from the mangane...
  31. I wonder if they're supposed to be characters in a play.
  32. Vetraio, interesting. Thank you. Artfoot, I wasn't sure if those were words in his antlers or not. Thank you. :)
  33. It just seems entirely unrelated in subject matter. Then the question is, what exactly was this from? Thanks for commenting.
  34. Only hook it up in a fire place after again "doping" all the connections. Those things in the front are fire bricks. I'm guessing that fire will come from them.
  35. Oh, and it says as the caption at the bottom, "A Photo Finish".
  36. I did, but it was dim and looked like a block of dirtiness. I didn't think a note wrapped around a cork would have been corked inside of it. LOL. I found a letter to my family in a book that had been...
  37. All I know is from reading, so I myself am not terribly sure on its pronunciation, but I'm guessing: un-junt-air-ee-um.
  38. Nagoya Nippon, Hand-Painted Nippon, Schuman Bavaria (with sugar bowl, too!), and plain Germany.
  39. Yes, the rainbow is iridescence or patination. Real patination is often flaky. Some patination is faked, but it looks oily more than as part of the glass.
  40. Southern Comfort is a whiskey brand, if I recall.
  41. Looks to have been mold-blown, putting it at the late first century A.D. and into the third. This began to become popular around 70 A.D., and light coloured glasses (seeking clear) became popular arou...
  42. It's not oxidation. That would be from the air. I call it mineralisation. Essentially, glass rots in the ground and becomes fossilised. Certain properties are leached out into the surrounding environm...
  43. Just mould info on the back. Little to nothing will ever be known about such info as such records are highly unlikely to still exist. Nice enameled-face piece.
  44. Thank you for commenting, keramikos. Last year I took an extreme interest in Judaism and got involved with the Hebrew Roots movement for Christianity. It's amazing how that has transformed my understa...
  45. You have good taste. I think these ones have some age to them. Most of the "Chinese plates" sold as antiques are actually mid-century to 1980s reproductions. The mark on the back of these, and how the...
  46. It might be a shell or rose petal??
  47. Does the printed info say anything about being made in Germany? These look to have adopted German studio methods.
  48. I wasn't taught and can read them.
  49. The funny touchy-feely business of ushy-gushy young "love".
  50. Un beso? (One kiss)? LOL.
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