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the 3WEB CD ROM ... no connection charges then  :) - Advertisingin Advertising
1938 Australia - Stampsin Stamps
Amber 8" Glassware Bowl - Glasswarein Glassware
Divided Plate - Glasswarein Glassware
A 'Lot' of custom jewelries... - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
A 'Lot' of custom jewelries... - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
A 'Lot' of custom jewelries... - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Decor Plate, Season's Greetings - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Miriam Haskell Vintage Pearl Necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Beauceware Canada - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Hope he get well soon.
  2. That is a very nice insect pendant... great pics to them all too!
  3. Nice Post! His life and legacy will live on, RIP Glen Campbell.
  4. It is a very lovely brooch!
  5. 'kaudet4gx3' thank you so much for comment with info.
  6. wow great shape... I used to loved playing with this! great memory... thanks for posting.
  7. Cute!
  8. 'Printsid' ... that must of been an overwhelming thing to go thru. It's great to read about your husband's support in helping to clean out. You have some lovely Antique Items. All the best and take...
  9. What a lovely old picture of children having wonderful time...
  10. 'Steptoe1' hahaha - I looked it up and really would be nice for both of us to have it... http://canadianstampnews.com/auction-preview-australias-valuable-stamp-expected-bring-120k/
  11. don't get me wrong... I am not a stamp expect... just sharing I also have :) :) If it is a rare one, hope someone will share their knowledge on it!
  12. ' fortapache' greatly appreciated, thank you for this info/comment :)
  13. You have a lovely stones collection!
  14. I have maybe 3 of this one.
  15. I love this one!
  16. I like the color of this necklace, very nice.
  17. 'nutsabotas6' the faux jade bracelet is very nice and the best looking older piece ;) thank you for comment.
  18. 'Gillian' great info, thank you kindly for comment.
  19. 'TassieDevil' its a great looking necklace, thank you kindly for comment.
  20. Thanks everyone for the comments. "nutsabotas6" - "valentino97" - " blunderbuss2" - "fortapache" - "PoliticalPinbacks" - "Rick55" - "shareurpassion" - " jscott0363"
  21. 'shareurpassion' thank you for comment.
  22. 'Rick55" Nice memory of your sister. Thanks for comment.
  23. Thanks everyone for the comments. "Steptoe1" - "fhrjr2" - "Eli68" - "Gillian" - "Sunnybrook"
  24. Great set up!
  25. 'bobzerkcollector' thank you for comment, my pleasure.
  26. 'Rick55' yes a very cool white glass jar... thank you for comment.
  27. 'Mrstyndall' Thank you for comment. Yes it is in great shape and looks like it was never used :))
  28. 'blunderbuss2' hahaha - I to remember using these.... great trip down memory lane. Thank you all for comments.
  29. 'Rick55' Thank you for comment/interest. The tin canister doesn't mention the artist and I am thinking Thomas Kinkade. If 'PhilDMorris' gets to view this post again, could you kindly share the arti...
  30. You have a great collection of vases, Love them all!
  31. 'Mrstyndall' Thank you for comment/interest.
  32. 'PostCardCollector' thank you for comment. It seems like these days the tin cans attracts to me a lot lately ;) 'PhilDMorris' I agree, this artists paintings is just amazing! Thank you for comment.
  33. wow... that's great and it has a lot full of treasure Scouting Memorabilia, Love it!
  34. 'billretirecoll' thank you for interest/comment. Good you still have yours...
  35. 'jscotto363' and this box was never opened/used. Maybe I will look up for those holiday candies recipe and try it :) thank you for comment.
  36. 'racer4four' thank you for comment/interest. A great find/buy it was!
  37. 'TallCakes' much appreciated, thank you! 'Caperkid' great memory 'burried treasure'! Thank you both for comments and got a get some ice cream now, yum :)
  38. very nice!!!
  39. Happy Birthday!. Enjoy your special day.
  40. 'nutsabotas6' great info on the pipe lighter. 'jscotto363' refillable lighters was great then. Hope you find yours, a treasure. 'PhilDMorris' great info on the early 90s of making futuristic ligh...
  41. 'jscotto363' yes this one a great 8-track! Thank you for comment. Hope your brothers kept a few of there own. 'Manikin' then we didn't mind having to flip over... it was great fun playing those cass...
  42. Nice vase!
  43. Love those!
  44. 'sklo42' Thank you for comment and yes it was a very happy moment :)))
  45. 'Caperkid' lol... there is at least 6 Cnd Stamps out there of the Queen smiling :)) 'Rick55' Thank you for comment/info of the name Carmin Jovellanos. 'Kenny-Rodgers53' I think you got his name rig...
  46. Nice match box holder!!
  47. 'BettinaR' Thank you for comment/interest and looking forward to see the posting!
  48. you're welcome, found another link https://www.pinterest.com/pin/7318418125825953/
  49. She is gorgeous! Found this link https://www.pinterest.com/pin/474777985699922395/
  50. Great buy. Love it!
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