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Vintage Cherry Pitter Olive - Accessoriesin Accessories
Yatming Toy Cars & others... - Model Carsin Model Cars
Majorette Toy Cars - Model Carsin Model Cars
Matchbox Toy Cars - Model Carsin Model Cars
Hot Wheels - Model Carsin Model Cars
Holders? for a Bottle or/ Candle and a Suncatcher - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Triple Glass Condiment Server - Glasswarein Glassware
Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers - Kitchenin Kitchen
Vintage Milk Glass Jars - Glasswarein Glassware
Marx Dinosaurs /small lot - Animalsin Animals


  1. 'Newfld' thank you for comment/looking.
  2. 'shareurpassion' I agree, best to ask CW ;) thank you for looking/comment.
  3. 'Trey' :) this was an amazing learning... I would of never guess/found it. Thank you for looking/comment.
  4. 'slackjack' Thank you, very much appreciated. Did further search and this could be 1930-40s.
  5. 'mareredware' nice memories... thank you for looking/comment.
  6. 'Newfld' the tank is cool and still in good shape! Thanks for looking/comment!
  7. 'Trey' Aww... so sweet. Thank you for looking/comment! :)
  8. 'Trey' yes good memories... thanks for comment/looking.
  9. too cute.... Happy New Year!
  10. 'Newfld' Thank you for kind word/comment.
  11. 'AdeleC' Candle Holders would make sense with light reflections on the glass :)
  12. 'PhilDMorris' Thank you for comment/info. :) A great topic for discussion around the dinner table... most children these days no nothing of good restaurant manners of those days.
  13. 'AdeleC' Thank you much appreciated. I removed one last pic and added for the bottom of the holders. I could find the Suncatcher searching on google Kitras Glass, Canada, Ontario. Just now wonder...
  14. 'PhilDMorris' Thank you for sharing information, very much appreciated. I did wonder why they were so small :) It must of been a treasure then and much of the same now! :) ;)
  15. 'PhilDMorris' Thank you for comment/looking and loving it.
  16. This is a vintage silver plate carving dish serving tray. Hope this helps.
  17. 'AnythingObscure' Thank you for comment and I like it very much too. I did found on 'Etsy' same set but with a tray, very cool. It's 1940s, Metal is brass. Below is the etsy website link; htt...
  18. Thank you 'Manikin' It is very unique lovely vase novelty, I would agree.
  19. Thank you 'billretirecoll' It was so long since I posted... so enjoyed doing the little fun setting and was winning with the battles too! 'fortapache' has inpired me :) I have a lot of catching up...
  20. Hope he get well soon.
  21. That is a very nice insect pendant... great pics to them all too!
  22. It is a very lovely brooch!
  23. wow great shape... I used to loved playing with this! great memory... thanks for posting.
  24. Cute!
  25. 'Printsid' ... that must of been an overwhelming thing to go thru. It's great to read about your husband's support in helping to clean out. You have some lovely Antique Items. All the best and take...
  26. 'Steptoe1' hahaha - I looked it up and really would be nice for both of us to have it... http://canadianstampnews.com/auction-preview-australias-valuable-stamp-expected-bring-120k/
  27. don't get me wrong... I am not a stamp expect... just sharing I also have :) :) If it is a rare one, hope someone will share their knowledge on it!
  28. ' fortapache' greatly appreciated, thank you for this info/comment :)
  29. You have a lovely stones collection!
  30. I have maybe 3 of this one.
  31. I love this one!
  32. I like the color of this necklace, very nice.
  33. 'nutsabotas6' the faux jade bracelet is very nice and the best looking older piece ;) thank you for comment.
  34. 'Gillian' great info, thank you kindly for comment.
  35. 'TassieDevil' its a great looking necklace, thank you kindly for comment.
  36. Thanks everyone for the comments. "nutsabotas6" - "valentino97" - " blunderbuss2" - "fortapache" - "PoliticalPinbacks" - "Rick55" - "shareurpassion" - " jscott0363"
  37. 'shareurpassion' thank you for comment.
  38. 'Rick55" Nice memory of your sister. Thanks for comment.
  39. Thanks everyone for the comments. "Steptoe1" - "fhrjr2" - "Eli68" - "Gillian" - "Sunnybrook"
  40. 'bobzerkcollector' thank you for comment, my pleasure.
  41. 'Rick55' yes a very cool white glass jar... thank you for comment.
  42. 'Mrstyndall' Thank you for comment. Yes it is in great shape and looks like it was never used :))
  43. 'blunderbuss2' hahaha - I to remember using these.... great trip down memory lane. Thank you all for comments.
  44. 'Rick55' Thank you for comment/interest. The tin canister doesn't mention the artist and I am thinking Thomas Kinkade. If 'PhilDMorris' gets to view this post again, could you kindly share the arti...
  45. You have a great collection of vases, Love them all!
  46. 'Mrstyndall' Thank you for comment/interest.
  47. 'PostCardCollector' thank you for comment. It seems like these days the tin cans attracts to me a lot lately ;) 'PhilDMorris' I agree, this artists paintings is just amazing! Thank you for comment.
  48. wow... that's great and it has a lot full of treasure Scouting Memorabilia, Love it!
  49. 'billretirecoll' thank you for interest/comment. Good you still have yours...
  50. 'jscotto363' and this box was never opened/used. Maybe I will look up for those holiday candies recipe and try it :) thank you for comment.
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