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Mount Airy North Carolina


  1. all looks cool got my eye on the pocket knife & Lighter or is both compacts
  2. be a cool wall piece if i can find room lol ty for info have a great night
  3. tyvm scott yeah the a 10 info helped me you have a great evening
  4. now that is a be there right place and right time bro nice collection
  5. my mom passed last month she loved sewing with singers she worked 40 + years as a streamtist ? a factory sew person
  6. At first glance i thought Mountain Oysters Be Cause of veins lol sorry but still a nice wait i just seen a comment snake killer that's cool but if a Bull lost his Family Jewels He be pissed off to lo...
  7. very very nice collection of vintage phones thank you for showing.
  8. great ads my dad owned a Plymouth Coronet ran good till he lost control took out 9 fence post yeah MOPAR is it now....
  9. Nice jars
  10. That sounds like a great show to go to never heard of one before.
  11. Very nice collection of Hit & Miss Oilers I have two one i dug up with a metal detector glass is missing then another one that's complete
  12. Very cool Dagger
  13. i have the trick dog bank i posted it on here 2 months ago does yours have straight screws or phillips head screws ?
  14. Cool honey comb looking rock at first before reading i thought fossilized kidney lol you never know what you will find in life or see in ( CW ).
  15. Salvation army store has one exactly like that but there's is green been on shelf two weeks tag says $ .99 wonder if it's worth a dollar ? think i will go buy it tomorrow they are cool looking vases.
  16. very nice vase first one i've seen with a woman on it
  17. Very cool never knew they made them i have several wooden nickles you could put in that wooden purse. Just a cool thought yeehaw.
  18. I'm pretty sure what i found on the web is what your showing it's very close or is the same. here is the web site. http://antique-scientific-instruments.com/bloodlettingphlebotomy-toolsobo-c-8...
  19. Aw very very nice Boysfarm Watson and Son also made guns A 4-BORE SINGLE-BARRELLED ROTARY-UNDERLEVER HAMMERGUN W. WATSON & SON, 308 & 313 HIGH HOLBORN, LONDON, SERIAL NO. 5398, CIRCA 1880-85
  20. The Mosler Safe Company was a manufacturer of security equipment, most notably safes and bank vaults, beginning in 1874 and ending with its bankruptcy in 2001. Founded in Cincinnati by Gustave Mosl...
  21. Cool deal Belltown, I was living in Las Vegas for 32 days in 1987, In the circus circus casino my girl friend said Willie behind you, I said out loud, Oh pot smoking Willie huh ? He tapped me on m...
  22. nice insulator collection i also have a green hemingway # 32 plus 14 clear different size one's salvation army store went up on there prices like goodwill i was buying the insulators for .50 to a 1.00...
  23. YeeHaw getting ready to do some Flat Footing but BEWARE if you hear me hollar " DUCK " then you know my boot flew off...BTW very nicely made banjo...
  24. very nice cabinet & sign plus other things around it
  25. Vintage Electra Frostaway Freezer Defroster Model 500,
  26. Wonder if it had a thing that was over top it and this item slipped inside underneath heating what ever up since the legs are welded on or are they ? just a idea.
  27. That was a great Combo LoL...
  28. Get directions Place du Lac 2, 1204 Genève, Switzerland I think magasin is a store in switzerland swis is for switzerland C. Goer i have no clue i think the sticker is the store that sold the ...
  29. Yall lucky i had rabbit ears with tin foil and i got 1 1/2 channels THOSE WHERE THE DAYS... lol and i have 2 of those clocks EJW-54, One is a WestClox the other a Seth Thomas.
  30. At first i thought that was a smoking pipe tool because my KLEEN REEM looks like that, and i rember my dad using one of those nose hair clippers,
  31. Nice Dune Buggy
  32. Now that's one cool hat just think walking around with that on your head these days lol and the coat looks like it be very warm, I'm taking a wild guess that its Silver Fox , far as the hat i tryed i...
  33. clmason456 didnt see your answer till i posted mine sorry
  34. Bahamas 15 Cents 1966-1970
  35. you can try mark twains museum contact them ask them if this trunk could be authentic and the glasses if you think they belong http://www.marktwainmuseum.org/
  36. your very welcome hope all this helps you
  37. can you post the spectacles in a case plz
  38. if it was me i would leave them be cause it probally distroy the cards but find out everything about the trunk and cards first then if some one could take cards off not destroying them in any way that...
  39. sorry typing so much but if the cards are 1901- 1902 then maybe the trunk is years before or during hope this will help your research
  40. this will show the women in the cards http://www.ebay.com/itm/1901-02-Sweet-Caporal-T176-American-Tobacco-near-complete-set-22-cards/201887249187?_trksid=p2047675.c100011.m1850...
  41. those are old cards on the other side of the domino side is old baseball players
  42. I typed in domino world flag cards
  43. Bulgaria, from the National Flag on Domino series (T177) issued by Kinney Brothers to promote Sweet Caporal Cigarettes Publisher:Issued by Kinney Brothers (American) Date:ca. 1901Medium:Commercial...
  44. Those cards look like Domino like cards if this will help any
  45. very nice bunch of locks & keys
  46. I love bottle dumps its like metal detecting no telling what's under the dirt. Nice collection of bottles.
  47. Now that's Country YeeHaw time to put up Hay, plant Tator's & Mator's , Nice photo PhilDMorris.
  48. My uncle was a Sears man many years he retired a sears man in west virginia he had lots of things from sears in his garage he said the same thing yall did about exchanges and so on, nice collection tt...
  49. I grounded up lots of pork, venison, beef, mostly venison, i think every body i knew back home in virginia had keen grinders, or grinders...
  50. Happy Easter Every Body And To You Valentino..
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