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vintage hand crank meat slicer - Kitchenin Kitchen
Happy Halloween - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Vintage pickle jar - Bottlesin Bottles
Old Pepsi crate - Advertisingin Advertising
Vintage toy lamb - Toysin Toys
Vintage toy lamb  - Toysin Toys
Horse painting - Fine Artin Fine Art
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies out there. :) - Shoesin Shoes
Old Toy Tractor or Folk Art - Toysin Toys
Old picture frame - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. Congrats on winning and beautiful truck. Very special and love the name :)
  2. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Very cool, what a nice way to ring in the season. ;)
  4. It's not bad fortapache, I am amazed by the blade because it is still very sharp.
  5. Thank you nutsabotas6 and kyratango for the comments and thanks to Caperkid and fortapache for the love also.
  6. Thanks so much vintagegirl66,Longings,Shughs, MountainGirl,lisa,trukn20,gargoylecollector, EJW-54,SpiritBear, and blunderbuss2.
  7. I am so happy to see you really truly enjoying the truck. It's a fabulous truck. I hope you enjoy it for many years and the next caretaker loves it as much as you.
  8. Thanks for the love Caperkid.
  9. Yes indeed Caperkid. The squeaky creaky floors and the old coke coolers with the small bottles of coke, the good old days.
  10. Thank you Caperkid, buckethead, officialfuel, pw-collector,nutsabotas6,Roycroftbooksfromme1, and MacDaddyRico. You're welcome and Happy Halloween to you all too.
  11. Very cool truck. You are very lucky to be caretaker of that sweet gem, congrats on your purchase. ;)
  12. Thanks iggy.
  13. That's a great collection, very nice, glad you shared with us.
  14. Thank you iggy, may I ask what makes it special ? Thank you TimeTraveller, fortapache, nutsabota6 and Manikin.
  15. Thanks so much nutsabotas6, TassieDevil and fortapache for the love. ;)
  16. Thank you nutsabotas6, TassieDevil and fortapache.
  17. Thank you AnythingObscure and fortapache.
  18. Yes, long gone Manikin. I just can't believe it is in such good shape for it's age.
  19. Thank you dooney62. They are very handy for many things.
  20. Thank you Manikin.
  21. Thank you AnythingObscure and Manikin.
  22. Thank you Manikin. Terrible thing is I remember these back in the 60's.
  23. brunswick love The Stones too, lol. Thank you Caperkid.
  24. Thank you Caperkid. Thank you all very much for the love : Zilla, TassieDevil, fortapache,brunswick,blunderbuss2,nutsabotas6 and aura.
  25. Thanks for the love freon and nutsabotas6.
  26. Great find.
  27. That's what I thought too nutsabotas6. It is old and really cool so that works for me. Thank you.
  28. Thanks for the love blunderbuss2, brunswick and fortapache.
  29. OMG, I love this .What a nice display.
  30. Thanks for the love fortapache, Caperkid and brunswick.
  31. Very pretty. Thanks for sharing.
  32. I could spend a few hours just looking around in that room. Very cool place.
  33. Drinking from one of those would make a person feel special every time. Very nice collection. Thanks for sharing and the story. Often the hunt is the most fun.
  34. Thank you fhrjr2 for the information. It's the perfect size for a small cabin which is where it is going now. It may still see a load of laundry or two yet. It's like new but it will be used n...
  35. Thank you Jlmam.
  36. Very nice collection. I have two myself and use one of them all the time. I get a lot of comments on it. Thank you for sharing.
  37. Thank you antiquerose, blunderbuss2 and fortapache for the love. ;)
  38. Thank you Nicefice we love her too she's part of the family.
  39. It is very small Caperkid, that's why I wanted it and I always have to much coffee, lol. I've been looking for months for a small stove. For some reason they are hard to find in this area. I wa...
  40. Thank you brunswick for the love.
  41. Thank you Caperkid, jscott0363 and freon. I can almost smell and taste the food and coffee prepared on this stove and it's going to continue to make some.
  42. Thank you Jlmam.
  43. Thank you TassieDevil and kerry10456.
  44. Very nice I'm green too.
  45. Thank you bijoucaillouvintage and jscott0363 for the nice comments and thank you Kyratango, aura, nutsabotas6 and caperkid for the love too.
  46. Thank you brunswick and Manikin.
  47. Very cool and great history.
  48. Thank you for the love officialfuel, bijoucaillouvintage and Jlmam much appreciated.
  49. What a wonderful collection and your display is amazing, love it and oh feel free to keep sharing your pics, lol. :)
  50. Old barns are the greatest places to pick. Love them.
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Fredricksburg Pottery Pink fan vase FAPCO art deco scroll vase. :)


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