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Antique Overlock Singer Sewing Machine 81-5 from 1925. Updated 6/2017 - Sewingin Sewing
R&W Berries Co. 1976  Plastic Figurine "Worlds Greatest Student" - Figurinesin Figurines
Sweda Cash Machine Model M - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
Godfrey Keeler Boiler Cast Iron Plaque - Signsin Signs
Toledo Tool Machine Bronze Plaque - Signsin Signs


  1. Thanks.
  2. Thanks...
  3. Nice radio!!!!
  4. I have old meters and testers but I have to tell you that this is a nice one....
  5. I'm going to have nightmares looking at this doll over and over again...
  6. Awesome...
  7. I like the blue color too... Like the "Brother" emblem.
  8. Two of them are smiling.....
  9. This is a beauty..
  10. Beautiful machine...
  11. I remember fixing one of this when I worked for Sears 30 years ago. Remember some of the colors used it back then.... Avocado(green), Golden wheat(yellow) and like yours, coffee (light brown). Beautif...
  12. Thanks brunswick and Celiene.
  13. I write calligraphy so I like the writing in the sticker... Nice flourishing
  14. Six years since this post and is my first time seeing this. Beautiful. I wonder where could be Dottie after 5 years.... Love this
  15. Thanks aura and Caperkid.
  16. Thanks for the loves nutsabotas6, kyratango and JImam.
  17. Thanks SpiritBear, blunderbuss2, fortapache and PoliticalPinbacks for the loves and comments. Appreciated
  18. Thanks SpiritBear for the love. I submerge the completed machine in a large bucket with water and Arm and Hammer Washing Soda and use a car battery charger following with caution the instructions in ...
  19. Do you have photos of the front of the machine? Also try to look for a number in a nameplate or base of the machine, not the motor.
  20. Love your sew machine. I'm restoring one myself. Is nice to see a beautiful machine like this. Thanks for sharing
  21. For cleaning heavy rusted items I use electrolysis. I used for a rusted 1925 Singer sew machine and works perfectly. Go to YouTube under "Electrolysis for rust removal". You are going to need a batter...
  22. Look here in goggle: "AH Serial Numbers - Comprehensive Singer Sewing Machine Serial" in site. According to this is a Singer model 15 dated Nov 29 1948
  23. Looking for some information I found that it could be Singer model 7 series. Look like Singer 7-33 or 7-34. Look for more information in this series. I'm restoring one myself the Singer 81-5 from 1925...
  24. Still searching for a model number.
  25. Beautiful sewing machine. Singer identification number here:
  26. Nice calligraphy.
  27. I have one exact lamp than your. A friend of mine gave it to me years ago and told me that the lamp was over 70 years old. Mine open clockwise. Like you I don't know much about it. But is a beautiful ...
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