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Arts and Crafts blue stone ring PART 2 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Australian Arts and Crafts blue stone Silver Ring PART 1 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Victorian miniature Pen/Nib Wiper - Officein Office
Uranium glass plate and bowl - Glasswarein Glassware
1900 Birmingham Sterling Silver Scent Cylinder - Silverin Silver
1930s Sterling gem set Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Australian Sterling Silver Marcasite Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Australian 9ct Rose Gold Garnet set Buckle Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Collection of 9ct gold rings - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Edwardian Gold & Opal Crescent Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Amazing Pascale the things you find!! Fabulous prawn, I love it:-) Thank goodness it isn't your mystery urn mark lol!!
  2. It is stunning Jean and that enamel is just lovely!
  3. Gosh these are lovely Pascale and what a fabulous collection of long ones you have! "Daggers of Fashion" I have seen them called lol. I only have 2 of the very long ones:-)
  4. Haha Pascale, how exciting!!! Well done, an absolutely gorgeous a & c ring!! Good for you getting such a bargain:-) I love moonstones but none have come my way yet.
  5. Oh good KJane, will be interested to know:-) If you google "star sapphire and diamond gold halo ring" you might find one like yours, if you haven't already done so of course:-)
  6. Beautiful ring! Are you sure your jeweller said star quartz? Might it be a star sapphire?
  7. Bill, these pictures are just great! You and your family look fantastic, well done! It would have been such a fun day I am sure:-)
  8. Hello Virginia, thanks for the love, very much appreciated :-)
  9. Very nice Karen, I love crystal!!
  10. Yes of course you do Pascale:-) great video of them thanks, it really is nice that they have each other as a friend to play with! They are lovely looking rascals......sorry can't remember which is wh...
  11. Hello Nsn, thank you very much for the love, much appreciated :-)
  12. What cheeky monkeys they are Pascale!! They sure keep you on your toes don't they but I bet they look like angels when they are asleep and all is forgiven :))
  13. Love these frosted pieces and yes, it does glow beautifully :-)
  14. Hi Pascale, thank you for stopping by for another love for PeeJay.....she is doing so well and of course is spoilt rotten......she has trained us well lol:-) How are your twins going? Still getting ...
  15. Thanks for taking the time to look and love Wandless :-)
  16. Appreciate the love Wandless, thank you :-)
  17. How wonderful to find this Hel1, well done!
  18. The cutest little snails I have ever seen Bonnie! 33cents!! Good heavens lol:-) )
  19. It's really beautiful Mary:-)
  20. Hi Moonhill, thank you! Wow, would love some of those enameled pieces!! Found your pendant....omg it is so beautiful:)) I had looked briefly at that web site when I was researching my ring but don'...
  21. This is great news Rose, very happy to hear that Simba is doing well:-)
  22. Thanks for the love Ho2, much appreciated :-)
  23. Hi Jan, thanks so much for loving my gorgeous girl:))
  24. Moonhill, thank you so much for the love, really appreciated :-)
  25. Thank you Jan and Rose for both taking the time to look and love, it is very much appreciated :-)
  26. Jan and Rose, really appreciate the love, thanks to you both :-)
  27. Appreciate the love Jan and Rose, thanks very much to you both:-)
  28. Oh Jan, so glad that you wear the ring and keep those wonderful memories alive:-)
  29. No worries Bonnie! I forgot to say that I couldn't find any information about that store either!! Not even from old newspapers. ....very strange!
  30. http://queenslandplaces.com.au/category/genre/souvenir Maybe this one will open.....scroll down
  31. Not going to open, so scrap that lol!
  32. file:///storage/emulated/0/Download.html Try this link Bonnie, hope it will work. 4th picture is a 1965 souvenir jewellery box similar to yours
  33. Pretty little cherub Jan, and such a special gorgeous ring! You are very lucky to have it with the inscription and original box. Family heirlooms are priceless aren't they:-) Judy
  34. This is just gorgeous Jancal and such a lovely gift to treasure:-)
  35. Thanks for the love Lentilka, always appreciated :-)
  36. MacDaddyRico and Share, thanks both for the love, appreciated :-)
  37. Thanks Share, I like to have a name to go with these war related pieces if for no other reason than I am at least remembering them and their war service. I can get Australian service records on line t...
  38. ORoy and Cindyjune, thank you both for taking the time to look and love:-)
  39. Thanks for the love Aura, always very much appreciated :-)
  40. Thanks very much for the love Stuffweloved:-)
  41. Well these are so cute Jancal!! I love them:-)
  42. Love them all Share, such a pretty group!
  43. Thanks Jancal for the love, always great to have you visit:-)
  44. Lol Share, you do make me smile:-) )) Thanks for coming back for another look and love!
  45. Appreciate the love Roddy, thank you:-)
  46. So very pretty Ken, love them both!:-)
  47. If you google retro red bull figurine you will see lots of them, sometimes with a matador......made in Japan 1960s I think.
  48. Jancal, thanks so much for the love:-) Always appreciated!
  49. ThriftStoreAddict and Radegunder, appreciate the love thank you :-)
  50. WPJ, thanks for the love, it is really appreciated :-)
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