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Silver? and Crystal? drop pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Sterling Silver Blue Paste Pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Australian Arts and Crafts Sterling Silver Onyx Ring  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Victorian Bookchain and Locket - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Bavarian Charivari with trophy elks teeth......not what I thought I was buying!! - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Unusual gilt and paste snake chain bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
New Zealand? Paua Shell Arts and Crafts Sterling Silver Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
18ct gold Greyhound Cravat Pin/stickpin  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Australian Arts and Crafts Stone set Sterling Silver ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Unmarked sterling silver green stone ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Happy Birthday Pcc:-) Have a wonderful day with your family!
  2. Roddy! Thanks so much for the love :-) )
  3. Appreciate the love Roddy and Celiene, thank you both very much:-)
  4. This is gorgeous Bill, love the colour and the rabbits!!
  5. Wow Pascale, this is so beautiful.....I need one of these too!!! Amazing isn't it to be so old but in such wonderful condition!! Don't you just love buying locally :-))
  6. Radegunder and Lauren, thanks very much to you both for the love!!
  7. Appreciate the love Bonnie and Aura, thank you!
  8. Thanks Jenni, first time it has happened to me using android tablet! So annoying, ebay as well keeps dropping out tonight for some reason! Technology is great when it's working but when it isn't!! Gr...
  9. And working now!!
  10. Just got the love button to work !!
  11. And still can't get the love button to work!!
  12. Aww, just gorgeous Jenni, love your kangaroo :-) I think something is wrong with the love button ?? It just isn't working, For me anyway!!
  13. This is really, really lovely Eileen:-)
  14. Really lovely brooch Ken! Sparrows are pretty cute aren't they:-) Ours are around every morning for crumbs from Peejay's breakfast! I am partial to peanut butter sandwich too!
  15. Appreciate the love Pascale and Jenni, thanks to you both:-)
  16. Thanks Jenni :-) :-)
  17. Appreciate the love Mary, thank you:-)
  18. Thanks to all 14 lovers:-) ) Pascale, Caperkid, PhilD, Jenni, Mike, Karen, JImam, Hel1, Manikin, Eileen, Sean, Ken, Fortapache and Roycroft for taking the time to look and love :-) :-)
  19. Eileen! Thank you so very much for such a wonderful comment!! Lol, I don't know anything about it either as you can probably guess and I am useless with identifying stones let alone this piece!:-) ...
  20. Hi Karen, thank you! Glad you think it is gorgeous :-) I have been so frustrated with this one, have looked at so many rock crystal pieces online but none with that silver setting......that is the "...
  21. Aww, thank you Jenni , as always a lovely comment which is very much appreciated :-) )
  22. Really appreciate your visit and the love Rick, thank you:-)
  23. Thanks for the love Rick, very much appreciated :-)
  24. This is great! Love the detail:-)
  25. Lol Karen, thanks:-) I am happy just to have you love it!!
  26. Sounds like a plan Karen:-) ) As soon as we win lotto!!
  27. And thanks for the love too!
  28. Thank you Sean, always nice to have you visit :-)
  29. Fabulous diamond ring Bonnie.....I would be wearing it too:-) )
  30. Aww, what a sweetie Jenni :-) )
  31. After seeing all your fabulous Trifari pieces Ken I thought I should have a look through ebay Australia and see if many are here. They are here alright but the prices they want for them are really h...
  32. Absolutely stunning PhilD!!
  33. PhilD, Jenni, Caperkid, Ken, Mike, Pascale, Eileen, Fortapache, Vetraio, Aura and Bonnie, thank very much everyone fot the love :-)
  34. Thanks Mike for taking the time to look and love, really appreciated :-)
  35. If I take a while to reply to anyone here it is because my email notifications have stopped working again!!Grrrrrr
  36. https://www.lifetimesterling.com/Characteristics-of-Sterling/CHARACTERISTICS_OF_STERLING,default,pg.html This is the only link I could find that mentions (2nd paragraph) that they specifically use ...
  37. Hi Bonnie, Thanks for looking! Hmm Italy! I will check it out. Yes really odd isn't it, unless of course 927 is a model number!! I will keep looking:-)
  38. Thanks Eileen,925 sterling silver is normally fairly easy to identify with a country of origin, 927 does not appear to be one of the many recognised standards of purity for silver, wherein lies the my...
  39. Haha Pascale thanks, it is a bit weird isn't it.....and I thought it would be a piece of cake to identify lol:-) )
  40. I am a brooch lover too Gibsongirl and wear mine as well:-) This one of yours is beautiful! I Love Agate :-)
  41. Reminds me of Christmas Eileen!! Very sparkly!! :-) )
  42. Oh, green is beautiful Eileen, love this set! :-)
  43. Very pretty Freiheit, love it:-)
  44. Oh Ken, this is just spectacular!! :-) )
  45. Thanks very much Jenni for your lovely comment, always appreciated :-) It is a spectacular blue isn't it!!
  46. Really appreciate the love Eileen, thank you very much:-) )
  47. Thanks very much Eileen for the visit and love:-)
  48. Thanks so much Eileen for the lovely compliment, very kind of you to say:-) ) I haven't been collecting for very long, but I started with costume jewellery, mainly brooches and now have boxes and b...
  49. You are very welcome Gibsongirl & welcome to CW:-) I look forward to seeing more from you as well!
  50. This one is a beauty!! I love it :-)
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