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KYRA......I finally found a mystery maker brooch!! So excited:)) - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Re The Parisian Diamond Company.................fOR KYRATANGO.......... - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Very special ww2 pictures with a sweetheart brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Old family pictures - Photographsin Photographs
Ww2 sweetheart pieces - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Uranium  Glass - Glasswarein Glassware
Australian Rose Noble Souvenir Pottery  - Advertisingin Advertising
Miniature Solid Bronze Cast Peregrine Falcon on a Gloved Hand - Animalsin Animals
ANTIQUE Miniature Sterling Silver Swan Pin Cushion  - Sewingin Sewing
Unusual brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Many thanks AnnaB for taking the time to look and love:)
  2. Thank you ttomtucker, happy you liked seeing my family photos :)
  3. Many thanks Officialfuel for the love, sincerely appreciated:)
  4. Sincerely appreciate the love Officialfuel and Yougottahavestuff, thankyou:)
  5. Thanks so very much Officialfuel and Yougottahavestuff for taking the time to look and love:)
  6. Put me down for scream and run too!! I hate spiders........
  7. Very nice post Karen and really good photos too! Well done:))
  8. Now this Jenni is one stunning piece of glass! I love polar bears and carnival glass, so combined this is just wonderful:)))
  9. Gosh Jenni, your bird is so pretty, I love it:))
  10. Wow, these are amazing cameos! Just so beautiful:)
  11. Many thanks Zilla and Jenni for the love, glad you enjoyed seeing these Australian pieces:))
  12. Thanks Jenni for taking the time to look and love, it is pretty unusual!!:))
  13. Wow! You did really well grabbing this lot! I think I would have a heart attack if I saw this many great pieces all in the same shop here lol:)
  14. Just might have to try this recipe Thomas! It looks great to have such wonderful big old trees in your yard:) Judy.
  15. Hello Elisabethan, thank you for the lovely comment, glad you enjoyed seeing this brooch:) This would have to be the most frustrating and complicated piece I have ever researched!.....driving me craz...
  16. Thanks for taking the time to look and love Sean, Elizabethan, Aura and Manikin, it is sincerely appreciated :))
  17. Great post Bill, love the frogs:))
  18. Thank you Roycroft for your lovely comment, it is always nice to have you visit:)
  19. Many thanks extra lovers Kakki, Caperkid and Roycroft, very much appreciated :)
  20. Aw Jenni, he is a gorgeous little skunk! Oh yes I loved Pepe LePew too lol:))
  21. Both great Jenni, but that bracelet is just amazing!! Love it:))
  22. Hi Karen, thank you! Was lucky to get it from one of my favourite sellers in Victoria at a fraction of the price that they sell for overseas. Yep, happy to just have one of these now:))
  23. They look beautiful and the vase is perfect for them, well done:))
  24. Oh! Many thanks to all 21 friends for loving this brooch, very kind of you and very sincerely appreciated :))
  25. Thanks Pascale:) Hi Tigra, thanks very much for your comment, much appreciated :)
  26. Jenni, thanks for the love and bumping this old post up, really very much appreciated :))
  27. Hi Gillian and Poire, thanks to you both for the comments, I did notice those etched letters and I don't know what if anything they might mean......perhaps just reference letters for the style of the ...
  28. This link shows the relationship between Barrios and the Parisian diamond company in Australia.
  29. https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/197481638?searchTerm=Barrios diamond co &searchLimits=
  30. Wow, this is so pretty:)
  31. Hi Jean, lovely to have you visit, thank you:))
  32. Yayy Pascale!! Thank you! I'm still smiling!! It is the dearest little brooch.......only measures 3.5cm x 2cm approx. Have to love wrong descriptions lol. I have still been researching and came acro...
  33. Aw, thank you Thomas, it really is a lovely surprise when it happens:))
  34. Thanks so much Phil for the wonderful comment, so great of you to take the time to visit which is very much appreciated :)
  35. Hi Jenni, thank you, glad you enjoyed seeing this brooch:) I am very happy:)))
  36. Gorgeous set Jenni, love the green:)
  37. Aw, these are lovely Jenni:))
  38. This vase is so pretty Karen! Love the dragonfly:)
  39. Thanks for the love Sean, always appreciated :)
  40. Hi Sean, thanks for the love:)
  41. Thanks Jenni for the love and constant support, I really do appreciate it :))
  42. Oh! Very nice Bill.......I have only recently discovered carnival glass! It's rather nice isn't it. Only have one marigold piece. Would love an Amethyst piece now:))
  43. Many thanks Lauren and kwqd for taking the time to look and love, sincerely appreciated :))
  44. Brightened up my day for sure Ken, this is beautiful! Love it:))
  45. I didn't know that Goebel made religious figurines. ....very nice!
  46. Thank you for loving Bambi Thomas, always nice to see you here:)
  47. Hi Thomas, thank you, appreciate the love:)
  48. SummerBlues, thanks very much for taking the time to look and love,sincerely appreciated :)
  49. Really appreciate the love SummerBlues, thank you:)
  50. Many thanks for the love SummerBlues:)
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