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Very special ww2 pictures with a sweetheart brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Old family pictures - Photographsin Photographs
Ww2 sweetheart pieces - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Uranium  Glass - Glasswarein Glassware
Australian Rose Noble Souvenir Pottery  - Advertisingin Advertising
Miniature Solid Bronze Cast Peregrine Falcon on a Gloved Hand - Animalsin Animals
ANTIQUE Miniature Sterling Silver Swan Pin Cushion  - Sewingin Sewing
Unusual brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Nubian/Blackamoor Brooch and Clip On Earrings Set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Forget Me Not Sterling Silver Inscription Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Really lovely brooch Jenni, Peridot is such a great colour isn't it :-)
  2. Hi Jenni, I have taken a real liking to amber glass lately for some reason but all I have seen are boring plates etc lol!! Your camel is so beautiful, I love it very much:-)
  3. Soo cute Jenni, love him:-) )
  4. Such a cute puppy Bonnie, love it:-)
  5. Hi Thomas, thank you for the love, always very much appreciated :-)
  6. Many thanks for the love Roycroft, Keramikos and Pascale, it is always very much appreciated :-)
  7. How funny Buckethead!!:-) )
  8. It's lovely Freiheit, love that style and colour:-)
  9. Lol Freiheit, I'm sure we have all done this at some point in our collecting careers!! I know I have:-) )
  10. Many thanks for the love Roycroft:-)
  11. Hello Roycroft, thanks for taking the time to look and love :-)
  12. Thanks for the love Jenni and for digging up these old posts......this one is still pretty cute:-)
  13. Thanks for taking the time to look and love Jenni, always appreciated :-)
  14. Thanks for the love Phil, it is always very much appreciated :-)
  15. Many thanks for the love Phil, thank you:-)
  16. Oh Thomas, how lovely!! Thank you very much for being so kind and supportive:-) )
  17. Gosh Jenni, your cheetahs are fabulous! The little glass one is adorable and the smile on the trinket box cheetah made me laugh:-) )
  18. A very pretty little dish Fortapache :-)
  19. A gorgeous seagull Jenni, love it very much:-) )
  20. I would say Victorian, especially with the long pin extending past the end of the brooch........
  21. Certainly is interesting Buckethead!!:-) )
  22. Wow Bill, they are all really lovely, well done:-)
  23. Thank you Vynil for taking the time to look and love :-)
  24. Appreciate the love Phil, thank you:-)
  25. Thanks for taking the time to look and love Pascale:-) )
  26. Hi Pascale, thank you for your lovely comment and yes, a lot of memories in these pictures! Happy you loved them too:-) Hope you and the twins are well, I miss you not being here very often:-(
  27. Hi Neil, from memory the scales are a control mark so that pieces made in other countries with this scales mark stamped, can be sold in the UK with out going through the Birmingham assay office as wel...
  28. This is really beautiful Neil, and yes the 9.375 is for 9ct gold. I can't make out the other hallmarks or the maker's mark, hopefully someone else will be able to help:-)
  29. Pascale and Jenni, many thanks for the love, sincerely appreciated :-)
  30. Many thanks Windwalker and Jenni for the love:-)
  31. Hi Ken, really appreciate the love, thank you:-)
  32. Wow Jean, this compact is so lovely!!:-)
  33. Many thanks Buckethead for taking the time to look and love, very much appreciated:-)
  34. Thanks so very much Buckethead for the love:-)
  35. Thanks very much for the love Buckethead :-)
  36. Gosh Lauren, isn't he wonderful! Love him very much:-)
  37. How wonderful Courtenay! Just so lovely:-)
  38. I love seahorses too Jenni and this one is stunning:-)
  39. You do have the most unusual glass pieces Jenni! I love this lot:-)
  40. It's lovely Raven flaws and all! I would have given it a home too:-)
  41. No worries Jenni, I still don't get email notifications either!! Lol hubby, I can imagine:-) )
  42. Thank you AnythingObscure for taking the time to look and love:-)
  43. Pretty sure we still have one of these green ashtrays tucked away somwhere here Roy, love that colour:-)
  44. Sincere thanks for the love Fortapache, Karen, Vetraio, Eileen, Bob, Jean, Mary, Thomas and Mike:-)
  45. Thanks so much Mary for your very kind comment, I do sincerely appreciate it :-)
  46. Thank you Eileen, I'm glad your father and Karen's survived, and one can only imagine the horrors that stayed with them for the rest of their lives.......
  47. Hi Karen, so sad that so many young men lost their lives, and those who returned could not speak of it...... I'm glad you liked the photo and frame too and yes, it was Mum's treasure:-) Thank you.
  48. Thanks Jenni, he was so handsome wasn't he, and this is a gorgeous photo of Mum, and yes I am looking more and more like her when she was older, and I can hear myself sounding like her too lol:-) I lo...
  49. Thanks Roy, appreciate your kind comment:-)
  50. Many thanks Jean, Mrstyndall and Mike for the love, it is sincerely appreciated :-)
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