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Butterfly wing earrings and brooch to add to the collection - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
KYRA......I finally found a mystery maker brooch!! So excited:)) - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Re The Parisian Diamond Company.................fOR KYRATANGO.......... - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Very special ww2 pictures with a sweetheart brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Old family pictures - Photographsin Photographs
Ww2 sweetheart pieces - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Uranium  Glass - Glasswarein Glassware
Australian Rose Noble Souvenir Pottery  - Advertisingin Advertising
Miniature Solid Bronze Cast Peregrine Falcon on a Gloved Hand - Animalsin Animals
ANTIQUE Miniature Sterling Silver Swan Pin Cushion  - Sewingin Sewing


  1. A lovely little sake cup Karen! A trip away......nice! Merry Christmas to you and the family and all the very best for a great New Year too:)) Jude x
  2. Hello Scott, hope you are well, look forward to seeing your rabbits again. Hope you and the family have a wonderful and safe Christmas and all the best for the New Year too:))
  3. Jenni!!! This set is sooo beautiful! Love, love very much:)))
  4. "Kyra made opal" is just amazing and I can't even imagine being able to think of doing something like this Pascale......well done:))) Gorgeous earrings!!
  5. Hi Pascale, I finally have time tonight to comment here, this is a gorgeous pendant, so unusual. Has to be arts and crafts I would say, Jewels1900 will know the maker I am sure! I hope you, family, r...
  6. Thanks very much Mrstyndall and Phil for the love, always appreciated :)
  7. GeodeJem, glad you enjoyed seeing these earrings, thank you:)
  8. Hi Jewels 1900, thanks for stopping by to look and love, much appreciated! Hope you and the family are well:)
  9. Such a beautiful picture and I love Victorian fashion and jewellery! :)
  10. This is great Hel1!!:))
  11. Wow! How nice is this, I love it
  12. Hello Worthit, thanks very much for taking the time to look and love:)
  13. Appreciate the love Thomas, Vynil and AnythingObscure, thank you:)
  14. Hi Vynil, thanks for the comment, does look like a good party game doesn't it:))
  15. Thomas raven and Phil, thank you for taking the time to look and love, much appreciated :)
  16. Appreciate the love Sean, thank you:)
  17. Thank you for the love Sean, it's always great to see you here:)
  18. Many thanks for the love Vynil:)
  19. Very nice clocks Rose, well done:)
  20. Thank you mrstyndall,appreciate your comment and the love:) They really are special pieces aren't they! Have you posted yours? I will have a look:))
  21. Many thanks raven and AnnaB for the love:)
  22. Appreciate the love Jenni, thank you:)
  23. How lovely Jenni , classy and ladylike:))
  24. Ho2, thanks for taking the time to look and love:))
  25. Hi Vynil, thanks very much for the love:)
  26. Thanks so very much Sheluvesjewelry for your wonderful comment, very kind of you to take the time:)) Sincerely appreciate the love Poire and Sheluvesjewelry, thanks to you both:)
  27. Hi Jenni, thanks for loving this poor little brooch, I still think it is pretty cute:))
  28. Thanks very much Aura, your support is always very much appreciated:)
  29. Zilla and Jenni, really appreciate you taking the time to look and love, thank you both:))
  30. Hi Eileen, thank you, only just spotted your comment here.....it is so hard to keep up with comments and loves as much as I try to stay on top of it lol! Glad you got to see this brooch, it truly is...
  31. Jenni, Eileen and Roycroft the love is very much appreciated :))
  32. Hi Eileen, thank you:) It is fun isn't it! and kitty is a very hefty one too!!
  33. Sincerely appreciate the love Kwqd, Vetraio, Jenni, Rose, Phil, Hel1, Mary, Fortapatche, Roycroft and Thomas:)
  34. Phil, appreciate your comment thank you:)
  35. Many thanks Rose and Hunterqlee)
  36. Hello Vetraio, thank you for the link, very interesting magazine! I am more than happy for you to share my photos:)) I hope your fb friends enjoy them. Regards Judy
  37. A lovely post Jenni for your dad, thank you for sharing:)
  38. He is just adorable Jenni:)))
  39. Hi Pascale, thank you, the kingfisher is really lovely:) PeeJay was a bit out of sorts for a couple of days and she was due for yearly injections and a check up so the vet took some blood to do a t...
  40. Hi Jenni, thank you! The wings are from the Morpho butterfly and Thomas l Mott (TLM) in England started making jewellery in the 1920s. Then Shipton & Co were given the patent for there reverse painted...
  41. Thanks very much foseatme, appreciate your comment and the love:)
  42. Hi Buckethead, thanks very much for the love,always nice to have you visit:)
  43. Shelovesjewelry, many thanks for taking the time to look and love:)
  44. Lovely brooches mrstyndall, you look after yourself and I hope you will heal quickly:)
  45. Thanks so very much Mariecollector for the love, it is very much appreciated :)
  46. Many thanks for the love Re-In-Vintage, Phil and AnnaB, it is sincerely appreciated:)
  47. Sincerely appreciate the love AnnaB, thank you:)
  48. AnnaB, thanks very much for the love:)
  49. A very beautiful ring Neil, I love this style:)
  50. Appreciate the love OldeAsDirt, many thanks:)
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