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I'm mad, but love collecting just about anything which deserves to be collected. I first got interested in antiques when I was about 13 and given my first walking caI'm mad, but love collecting just about anything which deserves to be collected. I first got interested in antiques when I was about 13 and given my first walking cane. I used to collect only canes and had hundreds, but as I got older I started to collect everything. I got rid of nearly all the canes but still have a few. (Read more)


  1. Thank you everyone for your help
  2. thank you for the comments and likes
  3. Gillian 1891 - 1899 is probably the length of his art career. Or may just be approx time of painting
  4. John-bold thank you for taking the time to respond to me and I would be over the moon to know anymore about this painting. It is a superb painting and the only one I can find where the travellers have...
  5. Thank u Tessie devil & p w collector
  6. Thank you vetraio, fort apache, aura, manakin for the likes
  7. Thanx everyone for great compliments
  8. Thank you everyone for your help and likes
  9. Yes he is hollow all help would be grateful
  10. Thank you to everyone for their liking the item
  11. Thank you everyone for liking the item
  12. Thank you postcardcollector
  13. Sorry I did not answer Nevadablades Q earlier but I have been away due to family stuff. Thank you to Nevadablades and uncle Ron and everyone else for their helpful comments, I will be looking for a si...
  14. That would make the fishing box of all fishing boxes, love it and could be practical Lee
  15. Thank you everyone for liking the item Lee
  16. Thank you rockbat, I will look into them further Lee
  17. Thank you kyratango for your knowledge and thank you to everyone for liking the item. Lee
  18. Very stylish Lee
  19. Really lovely item
  20. Not my taste but a nice collection and I can see why you collect them Regards Lee
  21. Very nice watch bonnie Regards Lee
  22. Lovely knocker and I am glad I live in England as we don't have any poisonous creatures.
  23. Thanks for all the love and I am really grateful for the help given, it has been really beneficial to me
  24. Spirit bear I like the sense of humour, I never seem to make sense of my words when I have had a few. you can really make bad alcohol with marmite and I definately like it.
  25. I prefer the emerald but the diamond nice as well
  26. Show some of the postcards, I have one of these drawers I fill mine with jewellery and personal things.
  27. Nice info I am a Star Wars kid as well born 1975
  28. Sorry I did not get back to you about this but I went away due to a family deathand my son took the figure to art pottery specialist, who ended up buying the figure as he loved it as well. It made a v...
  29. What a collection the fella has who you got the sign from.
  30. I have to ask did you paint the portrait on your profile, as if you did your a very good artist. Also if it is a self portrait you are very beautiful, don't worry I am happily married and it's not a c...
  31. Ivan thank you for your nice comments I will upload the bottom for you later Thank you
  32. Vetraio I like to dream as well, anyway it does kind of look like there are marks to the base. But as the air hole has cracked under firing the bottom is sunken and hard to read. I will upload the pic...
  33. No marks or painted or impressed I will look over it again today and see if I can spot something.
  34. Thanks efesgirl, pops & blunderbuss
  35. Thanks Valentino, blunderbuss & pops. I like this site but when I get on here I never do any work lol.
  36. Thanks pops and valentino
  37. Looked under the eyepiece definately England, I never noticed it even had a line under imperial until it was mentioned on here. Now please can anyone tell me if the factory make good knives or are the...
  38. put japanese satsuma into eBay and you will see lots of the pattern, I believe they call it Japanese Satsuma Moriage, I only know it as satsuma myself but believe that is the correct name even google ...
  39. Looking at your pictures item does have age if you can unscrew that wooden base do so but you may find that there's a hole where the seal (markings) should be.
  40. This pattern has been made from the Meiji period right up to today, if it looks old it usually is that is why I like to see age. I don't believe that was ever a lamp I would bet it was made into a lam...
  41. Probably 1880 - 1930 approx Meiji or taisho period due to no markings (newer items are usually marked or sometimes they have been made recently. I bet it's marked under that wooden base at the bottom ...
  42. Japanese satsuma
  43. if I was you I would get the enamel cut level evenly on both sides so it matched (just under that first opal) and then you would never be able to tell it had lost any enamel. But that's me and that wo...
  44. Don't bother restoring it as it costs more than the item is worth, all enamel is expensive to get done again as its really hard work and only worthy of doing if you can do it yourself. Anyway that is ...
  45. Nice picture really nicely painted
  46. Thank you buckethead, vetraio and tassiedevil
  47. Your knowledge on certain things is immense, I have seen that cactus like mark before and didn't have a clue but I love to learn something new. Thank you for making me feel welcome when new to the sit...
  48. Thanks buckethead
  49. Thanks to blunderbuss, pops, uncle Ron I will have to get my eye piece out and take a closer look as my eyes ain't the best. Thank you everyone
  50. Thanks vetraio and aura
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Japanese early 20c see no evil Ivory statue & wooden base Letter A 1895 Singer 39-2


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