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  1. Well, I think they are nice, and if you like them they are cheap enough to collect. I do not think anyone really uses them any more, except for maybe some real formal dinner, etc. Unless they are actu...
  2. SWEEEEEET ! Looks like you need a lot more room. Some huge antique table to display these gems on. I dont have any myself, but I always have liked this style, actually I might have one in Parian somew...
  3. Wow, Nice score, the flower is very naive, and charming, but the little girl is fantastic, in my opinion. I wonder who she was. Lost in time.
  4. Classic, Great score.
  5. I have seen a lot of these. I think they are some version of remembrance/mourning jewelry. Popular in late Victorian, and a little later, I have a few, and have seen later ones that are much bigger. S...
  6. I cannot read the words, but it looks like one of the mascots for a Japanese candy, but not 100 percent sure, very cool, and I would have picked it up too.
  7. maybe not pressed on base, but pinched ?
  8. It looks like a pressed glass base, with handwork on top and bottom ? Its very nice. Maybe it is a salt of some sort. Nouveauish.
  9. Nice color combo. I would like to see one of these twice the size. Great score.
  10. Sweet, Great finds. Its one of the best feeling to walk into a place and spot treasure. I go out everyday after work.
  11. Very nice. Frit feels interesting. I have some old Sandwich glass like this, but not colored, and I think it may be called overshot, here. Some times the love button does not work, otherwise I would h...
  12. This is awesome. I love this style of woodcut, classic. I can see the vibe you get from this, and it probably does as well.
  13. Very nice plate. I love the design and color. Is this a sixties or seventies piece ? It kind of reminds me of some of the Bennington pottery from the sixties.
  14. Very nice. I love compotes. Looks nice and old to me, but I do not know the pattern, or if it had a lid, but it might have, and I would not be bothered by a few old marks, that were probably made in m...
  15. Very nicely done.
  16. When I was younger. I was such a music snob. I never wanted to see those old guys perform. Dylan, Bowie, so many missed chances to see something good.But, I have seen Billy Bragg, 3-4 times, so I am h...
  17. AAAAaaaHHhhh. If I did not already have a thousand collections.I would collect these. I did think i was going to collect those Palmer monsters, but, no. Awesome pictures. Thanks for posting.
  18. Sweet collection. That is a nice bunch of color, and shapes, very nice.
  19. Very nice, its hard to believe he has been gone two years. I know I have some Bowie badges in my collection somewhere.
  20. You have to love incense boxes, what a variety to collect, very nice.
  21. mmmmM, this is yummy. Very nice. I think I see elements of Chinese Tang, and Yuan in the glaze.
  22. Awesome, Please post more. A collection shot of all your stuff would be great.
  23. Nice, I do love a nice ink stick, now where are the brushes, waterpots and all the rest of the stuff ?
  24. Great collection, very cool to see.Thanks for posting
  25. Nice. Are a couple ready to use ?
  26. Wow, What an incredible collection.Please show more. This must be a fun passion, when you go to thrift stores.
  27. Awesome stuff.
  28. Wow, Great shovel, nice piece. Early grain or gunpowder shovel ?also, I cannot seem to get my love it button to work. Wow, that doesn't sound good.
  29. It looks like a pomegranate, or tomato of a different hue. Very nice.
  30. I believe its Daruma, and I think its Buddhist, with maybe some Shinto. I cannot read Japanese, but it might express a prayer or a wish/desire of some sort.
  31. Very nice. I buy things with chips depending on how much the piece speaks to me. Is it Wabi Sabi ? You could probably have the tops ground down, if it bothers you though. Very nice, and a pair to boot...
  32. Wow, What a score. These were cheap as chips a few years ago, and I still do not think they are appreciated enough. I have a ton myself, so they look real good to me. Is that a Yuan or Ming Cizou ? Ma...
  33. Is your moniker a Thatheresque one ?
  34. Very nice. It looks like it was plucked from the bottom of the ocean.Now, that would be an interesting display, all sorts of glass in a huge glass tank, looking like sea creatures.
  35. I think these are fantastic, love them both, now I want some.
  36. Its really nice, compotes are a favorite of mine. Is there no wear on the bottom ? I love finding that nice wear ring on the foot.
  37. I wish that I could push the "love it" button more than once. Super collection. It must make you very happy. Just curious is there a lot of Fenton there ? Its pretty common here, but still very nice.
  38. Wow, What a find, such nice items.
  39. Wow, it sure looks good from here, nice base as well. Good find.
  40. WOW, Imagine the table setting that had these on it.
  41. I know, i was directing my question at anyone else looking. it really does look like a ledger of some sort though. Hopefully someone else will chime in.
  42. Is this Chinese or Japanese ? It looks like old Japanese business ledger type thing, but i could be wrong.
  43. It could be a votive offering of some sort.
  44. Without having it in my hand, I would say its nice and old, no marks on bottom, and some wear.
  45. It looks like a sea creature, very nice.
  46. Sweet tune.
  47. Very cool. My father has a Fairmont motor car, not enclosed but it has a nice canopy. He belongs to a group, and once in a while they have outings where they drive along on old tacks.
  48. I think they are great, nice find.
  49. Nice. I love compotes. I use to see them all the time in thrift stores, but not so much anymore.
  50. Sweet salts, Ha Ha. Another nice score. Could these be Bohemian ? I only say that, because the feet look a little chunky, but I dont know what Victorian salt feet, should look like. I do know that I w...
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