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  1. Awesome
  2. 1st concert I went to was the The Kinks, I was fourteen, and had found all this change in an old washing machine, when I took the back off.
  3. Sweet knife. Does it snap into place ? Thanks for showing. Do you carry it ?
  4. These are very nice, the one with the small spout/top I don't really recognize. The others seem to evoke names like Tang, Yuan, and Song. Don't tell me these are 19th cent. are they ?
  5. I found one of these today for $4.00 as well. Mine has a nice amount of wear on the bottom, but only signed T W. I have seen others with the full name etched. I don't think this is one of the annivers...
  6. Great map. I love maps. I have a bunch of war reports from the Mexican American war era that show where the battles were. I have a few from old atlases and geography books that show California and Tex...
  7. Does this have a ground pontil ?
  8. WOW, Very nice.
  9. Super nice pictures, Great display, and a novel way to celebrate Pride month. It occurred to me that pushed closer together, it would make a really insidious jigsaw puzzle.
  10. Nice stuff, I love collage. Great find.
  11. I remember these as Ker Bangers, not sure if that was a real name or not. I do remember seeing these at my Grandmothers house in the seventies, and they had belonged to my uncle who was much, much old...
  12. GREAT poster. Very nice score. I remember people thought you could get high from dried banana peel, or the scapings off the peel. I am pretty sure that is debunked by now though. The Anarchist cookboo...
  13. Really nice, great score. Great color and wear.
  14. Very Victorian. It would be nice to see, what kind of flowers this might have held. I picked a handful of Lupins for my mother this weekend. They are in a vintage glass vase on her hutch.
  15. Awesome collection
  16. Sweet. You could do such a great still life/window display/exhibit. You could do a whole display were all the different glass pieces were used, to look maybe like a seascape or something like it. Some...
  17. I am familiar with the word GeeGaw. It means something showy, or worthless.
  18. I liked Cat People, but I liked The Hunger much more.
  19. Please post more. Show us some of your books. Name a couple poets, maybe. Show some more art. I never really like Midnight oil, but I love The Split Enz.
  20. Nice, 87 was the Serious Moonlight tour ? I was a very jaded 16 or 17, and did not want to see any of the "old Timers" Not that I had the money them as we were dirt poor, and lived in the middle of no...
  21. Nice, like this. Good find.
  22. Is this a Rebus ?
  23. Try salt and white vinegar, along with a plastic scrubby. Lots of elbow grease. Its the condition of the tinning inside that really matters, as far as cooking.
  24. More pictures, Please.
  25. Nice, love the Crystal Daruma.
  26. What is your typical winter like, and how longish ?
  27. This must be a very early worm drive ? I do not think these are cheap.
  28. I do not know the material, but it is very colorful. I think this is a brush washer. Great color.
  29. I love these old Baedekers guides. Whole worlds contained in red wraps. I have 6-7 of them , and love to look at the maps, and read the descriptions. Nice find.
  30. Very cool, Great finds, and great saves. Imagine all these things wasted.
  31. This is really very nice, and very interesting. What a pleasant way to get some "cheap spills", Ha, ha, ha.
  32. WOW, Did you find this in a local thrift store ? Is ''Gobsmacked" a correct term for this kind of piece ? I would love to hold this for a while.
  33. Very nice, and great info.
  34. Nice. Does this have a little hint of pontil ? You would probably scream, but I have used a razor blade to scrap off decoration before.
  35. Awesome, I have spent a lot of time wandering around those streets myself, long ago.
  36. Very nice. Too bad about the damage. English pressed glass is really nice from what I have seen of it. American companies almost never put anything on their glass to identify. This reminds me more of ...
  37. Wow, Nice collection. I have a fondness for Wedgwood. Am I correct in thinking that this company no longer exists, except as a brand name ?
  38. I think it is sweet. I like seeing all the other items you have. Someday, I will get one of those cell phones, and take pictures of my stuff. I go to Goodwill every day after work. Thanks for showing.
  39. Very nice, but where is the Mountain Dew ?
  40. Very nice, you just gotta love Daruma.
  41. Nice, I would like it a lot more if it did not have that gig knob on top. I would love to visit you shops, jealous.
  42. Sweet plates. I love finding ones that have been repaired with staples.
  43. Nice, I love finding old transfer ware. Cool find.
  44. Very nice. A lot of times on match holders there would be a rough spot to strike your matches, but i do not see one on this, guess you use the wall, or your shoe.
  45. I was curious as to what Brautigan book you recomend I should start out with ? I have four or five I have picked up over the years, but have never sat down and read. I was waiting for the right moment.
  46. I remember drinking Mountain Dew out of a glass 1 quart bottle with paper labels.
  47. I think this is for canning ?
  48. Wow, Very nice, I love these pictures into the past.
  49. Nice, I love tumblers. Is the lip rounded or ground flat, looks rounded.
  50. Very cool, I really enjoy your posts. I wish I had collected these treasures years ago.
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