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  1. Wow, What a find, such nice items.
  2. Wow, it sure looks good from here, nice base as well. Good find.
  3. WOW, Imagine the table setting that had these on it.
  4. I know, i was directing my question at anyone else looking. it really does look like a ledger of some sort though. Hopefully someone else will chime in.
  5. Is this Chinese or Japanese ? It looks like old Japanese business ledger type thing, but i could be wrong.
  6. It could be a votive offering of some sort.
  7. Without having it in my hand, I would say its nice and old, no marks on bottom, and some wear.
  8. It looks like a sea creature, very nice.
  9. Sweet tune.
  10. Very cool. My father has a Fairmont motor car, not enclosed but it has a nice canopy. He belongs to a group, and once in a while they have outings where they drive along on old tacks.
  11. I think they are great, nice find.
  12. Nice. I love compotes. I use to see them all the time in thrift stores, but not so much anymore.
  13. Sweet salts, Ha Ha. Another nice score. Could these be Bohemian ? I only say that, because the feet look a little chunky, but I dont know what Victorian salt feet, should look like. I do know that I w...
  14. Wow, this sure has a lot going on, very nice. Nice score.
  15. It looks like a Japanese Buddha.
  16. maybe Greek
  17. It looks Roman to me.
  18. It is some sort of candle holder, I have one, but not next to me. Scandinavianish company, It was meant to fit into another candle holder to hold a pillar candle.
  19. I think they are nice and could be the start of a collection.
  20. Great images, thanks much, makes me think back.Good times.
  21. Great collection, now I want them all.
  22. Fantastic, You have such a great eye, and must have an A+ collection of these artifacts. I am jealous.
  23. I like it, nice texture and depth.
  24. Nice collection.
  25. sorry, galleries
  26. I remember seeing pages like this, in antique malls ten years ago or more. I think some one was tearing books up for the nice artwork, and framing them to sell in gallerys.
  27. very nice, you must like The Cure ?
  28. It looks great, very wabi sabi
  29. Have you ever heard of MoonDog ? he was way, way ahead of his time. great music, look for him on YouTube.
  31. Very nice, good score.
  32. Sweet stand, very nice.
  33. Great graphics, very cool.
  34. Very cool, I have one just a few years newer than yours, in my bathroom, next to the Colgate shaving soap
  35. It looks like a delicious piece of candy, mmmmm. Nice find.
  36. I dont, but real nice "shabby chic" feel from it.
  37. Nice cup, some of the "damage" might be in the making, and is cool, at least to me.
  38. Must be even nicer in person, great find.
  39. Fantastic. I love these.
  40. So, He painted this in a woodcut style ?
  41. It is 1946
  42. Can you post some pictures of your displayed stuff ?
  43. Sweet stuff. What a great collection.
  44. Awesome.
  45. This is fantastic. I bet they would sell here in America.
  46. A long time ago, when I really, really, needed some money. I remembered hearing some change rattling around in our old washing machine. I opened up the back and found more that $20.00 in change, a lar...
  47. Wow, I like this very much, seems Japanese, English ?, maybe late Victorian, early 1900's, just my opinion. I know I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat.
  48. I think its great. It might fit into the Kitchen Qing area, very hard to say for me. It does have a Japanese feel to it as well.
  49. Very cool. Do you have any room left in your place ?
  50. AWESOME.
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