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Since my Granddad gave me a box of things he loved...I have been a collector of history in all forms of art Such as, bottles... coins... stamps... old rusty parts & Since my Granddad gave me a box of things he loved...I have been a collector of history in all forms of art Such as, bottles... coins... stamps... old rusty parts & pieces.... (Read more)


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A couple of old Machete's I love - Asianin Asian
My 105 yr old well used...1911 Threepence  - World Coinsin World Coins
My Nanna's Brass Thimble - Sewingin Sewing
My most heaviest Glazed Vintage Pot?  - Potteryin Pottery
My very old Laying Egg - Asianin Asian
My Favourie Little Unknown Ink Bottle from DRALA BERLIN - Bottlesin Bottles
My Vintage House Bits n Pieces - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
A Cup With A Difference - Glasswarein Glassware
Marbles Anyone - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lincoln Super A.1. 12 DWTS Fork...One of? - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. No I haven't AddisonPascal...I wouldn't even know where to start doing those things...I don't give a lot of time to is simply a pastime & I will probably eventually give it all to a museum t...
  2. Very Beautiful..though I know nothing of its origin...
  3. Yes sorry Racer4four...I didn't mention thank you
  4. Wow awesome Tassiedevil...Kewl Jug ????
  5. Thanks maryh1956 It does look like a shoe print...cheers
  6. Thanks Efsgirl...I've been also told it is very old & my nana used them for the hens lol laying eggs...I also have one with no hole but no print on it...Hmmm interesting cheers
  7. Me too TassieDevil....That's what I Found also....thanks for your research
  8. lol forapache…I wouldn't know what to do with any of it…cheers
  9. Hey racer4four…sorry I didnt see your comment…thanks for your comments…they are very heavy sturdy ashtrays and quite beautiful…I have a few different theme ashtrays…cheers
  10. Thks Efesgirl…I have a few smaller tortoises…It is a very beautiful piece cheers
  11. lol how cool…what do you mean Rockbat…do you need certain wiring or something to use them again…interesting
  12. What an interesting doll...I kind of remember dolls being really big but that is the biggest Muscley doll I've ever seen but what I find interesting is the face...It has such character & has such a pr...
  13. Thanks Rockbat...ok so they did ha...that's good to know...I think you are right...they are ceramic cheers
  14. Sorry 4 all the ?Q marks...they were smileys :-)
  15. Gorgeous Idea...Love to see it glow in the dark...????????????????
  16. Wow...I was just looking at all my candle holders...but none near as beautiful as these...beautttifful
  17. Gorgeous
  18. Beautiful
  19. Cheers TassieDevil....that's interesting & you explained it very well...I couldn't understand other explanations though they practically said basically that...The Makers another i...
  20. She is very tall like my granddad who was over 7 ft tall & had to bend over everytime he walked through a door...the big old umbrellas would not even reach to the top of his legs and he had to bend ov...
  21. Thankyu Celiene :)
  22. Years n Years Ago on 'The Little Rascal' lol....Very Cool
  23. This TassieDevil...It is quite beautiful....I may have smaller ones with turtle/ have a look & put them up cheers
  24. Beautiful....sorry I know nothing about it but it is very beautiful
  25. Absolutely....TassieDevil....I am very grateful to all the comments...they put me onto the right track....many blessings
  26. Yes antiquerose ....they are just so beautiful faults n all...I don't have a lot either...maybe 50 or so thank you for your input.... Cheers
  27. It's a very beautiful it...
  28. Thanks OlofZ & racer4four…they are part of a paint palette… thankyou
  29. Thankyou PostCardCollector…thats very interesting…I have been told similar but had no luck researching its origin and I think they are Chinese characters...
  30. I'm thinking they are moulds for something but I can't imagine what...the star is embedded but is not that deep
  31. Cool...what do you you know what they were used for? The larger ones are 5cm in width & the smaller ones 3.8 cm's
  32. Thanks Efesgirl I've not heard of a trivet but I will check that out It is quite beautiful yes... Thanks again
  33. No it sort of looks ceramic underneath and it has bits of something hard stuck on it....thats probably why it looks like Iron maybe cheers
  34. Thankyou Uncle Ron...I did try a magnet but no stick
  35. Thanks Valentino97...
  36. Thanks are right...I've found a few crucibles from looking....though not sure if it was used to melt Gold....hmm maybe that is what is stuck all over Thanks heaps
  37. Very very it
  38. thanks for the love everyone...awesome info
  39. Omg how gorgeous...
  40. The hole is big enough & yes it is small enough to fit in a purse
  41. Oh yes Katherine....they are similar however, I think that one is pure Ivory....I don't think these elephants have more than 7oz's of Ivory all up...very informative piece...thank you so much
  42. Postcard collector....thank you so much...I love it...funny how adverts used so many children characters in their cheers....Wish I had the lid...
  43. I'm not sure it is from an Arabic Navy Tassiedevil, because of the crown and the intitials HMQ...N but I did look that up & found no mention of a ship or navy...I'm thinking the N stands for Navy some...
  44. Thanks all...I have researched all the above and find very little results but I will keep researching...something might come up...cheers
  45. Hi Postcardcollector...I'm not sure if that is where this little man comes from but I do know it was made for some specific reason...not sure if it was a program or a promo thing like you say but I am...
  46. Lol...that's my name for them mini-bots...antique/vintage perfumes/colognes...but I wonder what kind of lid this Scottie had?
  47. Thank you Efesgirl...It probably is brass...It just looks goldy underneath lol but yes I will take it to a Jeweller one day...Kind Regards
  48. Thank you...I will...cheers
  49. Thanks Katherine....I do know of new regulations around Ivory...however, I haven't really examined it closely as I inherited this from my granddad but I'll have to check it out more thoroughly....not ...
  50. Hmm yep...that's obvious I would say with the crown & HMQN but I cannot find any info on HMQN & maybe it is not a button as such....maybe it came from some other piece of clothing...cheers.
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U. S. POULTRY FENCE COMPANY SALESMAN SAMPLE seeing St. Louis Lapis Silver Ring Antique scissors?


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