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McKinney, Texas

19th century fencing. Barbed wire, patent models, and salesman samples. Additional information added to posts as it becomes available.


  1. Thanks Phil.
  2. Sorry I missed your comment. I learn everyday also.
  3. Thanks for the soup lesson. Guess my Grandpa was tuning his horses. Another myth busted. I souped up a lawnmower quite a few years ago. Polished the inside of the air intake, and ground the head...
  4. Ted, I have been a car-guy since the 1950s. The term “souped up” always puzzled me. What does it mean? I thought it was a misspell of the abbreviation “suped” or supercharged. Please set me on a...
  5. Hello down there!
  6. Thanks for the Concord info. I really got a laugh at your get around to it photo. We had a Model T that looked very similar.
  7. Thank You Damonways. Stagecoaches are a big part of our history.
  8. LazyBoy - Thanks for asking. No, I didn’t build the cabinet. I purchased it from John Weiss in Casa Grande, Arizona. I replaced the liner in the trays with “palomino” naugahyde. The contents are...
  9. I shall put an e-signature on my site that will suffice until the book is published.
  10. Maybe in 59 years.
  11. Thank You LazyBoy for your kind comments.
  12. That’s unfortunate. There are over 900 gate patents that I am aware of. Finding yours would be a crapshoot at best. It’s possible that a patent was denied because the gate is too much like an exist...
  13. Do you have the patent? Your title suggests knowledge of the patent files. Is there anything written on the gate? Name? Patent No? Date?
  14. Nice salesman demo. Is there a full size model still on a fence in your area?
  15. Don’t stop on my account. You are on a roll. I’m enjoying all the info you’ve come up with. Thank You.
  16. The kit came with 20 mules, no horses.
  17. Thank You all for the love and the kind comments.
  18. dav2no1 - found a brief bio for Wm. R. White. See Wm. R. White - Rags to Riches.
  19. Mr White's story is a rags to riches. Wish there was room to include his story.
  20. thanks for the loves everyone. dav2no1 - I haven't figured out the vibrating gate thing either. Clever advertising? It got our attention.
  21. Thank You Manikin!
  22. Thank You all for the love!
  23. Thanks everyone for the comments and the loves.
  24. Thanks Thomas. Glad you enjoy my collection. I lived in Mobile four years during the 80s. I remember the fences. What I remember most is the azaleas.
  26. Nice treasure. Full size painted ponies are found in many western cities. I particularly like the one in Great Falls, Montana.
  27. The Poet Laureate of CollectorsWeekly.
  28. Interesting map. Is there a date on it anywhere? Appears to show the different Native American tribes.
  29. Wearing a mask-----------
  30. If I'm not mistaken the logo near the rear says "SKY KING". Sky King was a very popular radio and television series that ran from 1951 through 1959.
  31. Thank You Manikin. And thanks to all the lovers.
  32. Do you have a Alamo tin litho playset? I bought one in a bundle of stuff. It was bent all out shape. I managed to carefully straighten it out and it looks amazingly good. The crest on the front of...
  33. This US patent with the same number is for a metal bending machine.
  34. Thanks for sharing. And we think we have it tough now.........................
  35. Wonderful, one of a kind, and an important part of our history! Thanks for sharing.
  36. Thanks TexasJack.
  37. Thanks Scot. I will update as soon as I am able to find more info. And thanks to all the other Lovers & Likers.
  38. Hello Tex, There are a few still around. I found this one on EBay. Click on my Cast Iron Collections for different ones in my collection. Welcome to CollectorsWeekly.
  39. There is a tremendous amount of barbed wire art. Thank You Thomas.
  40. Here is some info on the Cats.
  41. Thanks for listing. I grew up listening to KFJZ radio. Brings back lots of memories. My Dad took me to see the Fort Worth Cats play the Yankees. Best memory.
  42. Thanks Trey.
  43. Thank You Trey.
  44. Thank You Trey.
  45. Thank You Trey.
  46. Thank You Trey.
  47. With all that paper squirreled away we should be able to wipe the virus off the face of the earth.
  48. Could it be Butch Cassidy or the Sundance Kid?
  49. A smile a day keeps the virus away.
  50. Yes it is just a section of fence. This salesman sample was carried around by a salesman to demonstrate a completed fence. Two posts with rails attached was enough to get the idea across. In my fir...
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