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McKinney, Texas

19th century fencing. Barbed wire, patent models, and salesman samples. Additional information added to posts as it becomes available.


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AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME - Advertisingin Advertising
SKY KING - Advertisingin Advertising
SALESMAN SAMPLE  WOOD & WIRE RAIL FENCE - Advertisingin Advertising
SALESMAN SAMPLE GATE  - Advertisingin Advertising
KIEVSKIY CAKE - Advertisingin Advertising
SALESMAN SAMPLE GATE  - Advertisingin Advertising
2019 STATE FAIR OF TEXAS - Advertisingin Advertising
MEMORIES - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
OFFICERS TABLE SIGN - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. With all that paper squirreled away we should be able to wipe the virus off the face of the earth.
  2. Could it be Butch Cassidy or the Sundance Kid?
  3. A smile a day keeps the virus away.
  4. Yes it is just a section of fence. This salesman sample was carried around by a salesman to demonstrate a completed fence. Two posts with rails attached was enough to get the idea across. In my fir...
  5. Thanks Guys. Brings back great memories.
  6. Love your tie-in with the Volkswagens. Clever!! Allows you to post 5 pictures.
  7. All the young at heart love trains. These are exceptionally nice. Thank you for the lesson on La Rapide. You've done your homework and I am very thankful to learn something new today.
  8. Thanks Manikin. "Searching for gates in all the right places" is my theme song. Would love to recognize each lover and liker separately but my arthritis tells me I shouldn't, so here is a blanket t...
  9. Thanks guys. Funny how one thing can lead to another.
  10. Thanks Iptools, Most happy to share.
  11. You gotta love Peanuts yougottahavestuff!
  12. I can't topt that one!
  13. It''s a small world and I am glad to be a part of it. I only speak Texan and Topt means "topped" as in "they topt the hill".
  14. Some say tomato and some say tomatoe. Torte or cake ---- it is delicious. Not my thing to play with the Cyrillic keyboard. The English keyboard is more than I can handle. Thank you keramikos for t...
  15. Thanks for the info Thomas. Just adds to the flavor.
  16. Glad to see you are a law-abiding citizen! I grew up on Log Cabin syrup and cornbread. Thanks for the memories.
  17. Iptools - Thanks. Never heard of DATAMP. Will give it a try. I use Google Patents because it is easier than the Patent Office. I have collector friends who send me links to a myriad of tool and...
  18. Yes it is Nicefice. Thank You.
  19. Pleased to see the 20 team borax wagon on your wall. I bought one many years ago when Death Valley Days was on TV. Still in box. Never got around to putting it together. I love it.
  20. Hi John, Thanks for your interest in my fence stay salesman sample. I won it on a EBay auction. I'm afraid that this is the extent of my knowledge about the Cinch stay. You are certainly welcome t...
  21. Thanks OLECODY. Farmers are a tidy lot as a rule. If it's not still on a fence it is stored away in a barn or buried. The latter seems to have been the demise of a large amount of it. Have never ...
  22. Thanks Watchsearcher for the kind words. And thanks to all the lovers.
  23. Thank you everyone for your support.
  24. That was fast Nicefice! Thank You!
  25. Thanks Irishcollector.
  26. Thank you ho2cultcha.
  27. Nailed it gotwire.
  28. Thank you Roy. Very much appreciated.
  29. Thanks buckethead.
  30. Thank You for the nice compliment Wirefence.
  31. Manikin. You were not alone. Growing up my clothes were in tatters from encounters with fences. Some styles of wire were more more vicious than others. It looks like jeans that were torn asunder s...
  32. Thanks Manikin.
  34. Sorry for the tardiness. Check the post I made today. It includes another salesman demo and advertising for Anchor Fence Company.
  35. Thank You Ms.CrystalShip and Brunswick. I enjoy your posts as well. Keep'um coming.
  36. Good eye! Yes, this is salesman's sample or if you prefer, salesman's demonstrator for fence stays. I will get back to you with more information.
  37. Interesting. How was it used?
  38. Thanks for your praise Brunswick. Would love to see photos of the old visible wire still up in your area.
  39. Care to share the first one?
  40. Do you know the Fresian dialect of Cowese?
  41. Good idea blunderbuss2 - The trick is figuring out which language to put on the signs.
  42. Thanks buckethead. I really enjoy your posts.
  43. Thanks fortapache. Really love that you list a new one almost every day.
  44. Manikin - on the farm we seemed to always have baby chicks around. My uncle raised chicks commercially. Our hens would hide a nest and show up with a litter of babies. Ours didn't "run away". They...
  45. I hope I can change your thinking about hogs or preferably - pigs. They are one of the cleanest animals. They will not use the bathroom where they eat or sleep if they have enough space. They will ...
  46. Thanks Manikin, Chicken was our prime beef. I loved the baby animals, but I had no problem eating them when they grew up. Did have a cow named Pet. Stopped drinking milk after we sold her. It was...
  47. Thanks TimeTraveller. Great reminders of simpler times.
  48. Great piece! Once upon a time when MASH was at its heyday I bought a neat promotional IV drip bag filled with Vodka. Must have been lost in one of my moves.
  49. Sawmill log clamp?
  50. Not sure how I missed your comments trunkman & epson233. Thanks for the kind words.
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