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I have a big collector of anything and everything, there is nothing that I wouldn't like to know more about. I am particularly interested in items before the 1970s, I have a big collector of anything and everything, there is nothing that I wouldn't like to know more about. I am particularly interested in items before the 1970s, but will not dismiss others. I have recently been really into collecting glass, particularly Fenton items. Feel free to e-mail me (Read more)


  1. Nice bike! I just acquired a triumph T120R frame and a custom orange painted dual gas tank, already had a larger custom painted faded orange to red tank from the 50s.
  2. agreed...
  3. Very nice. What'd you get it for?
  4. Looks very similar
  5. Still love it haha
  6. Fenton ruby overlay pitcher dot optic
  7. Hello... very interesting pieces that your friend has found. E-mail me
  8. Horrible pieces for what they are but what nice pieces of history. Are these things rare? How much do they run? I recently received a reproduction of a Hitler youth flag, since it was only a reproduct...
  9. Thank you TomKat, OfficialFuel, and PackRat
  10. Just got an emerald one similar to the plum on in the last picture on the right
  11. Thank you Kerry10456
  12. I've gotten used to being a one finger typer with a newborn in my one arm for basically 5 years. It's nice that they're getting older now. Have a 5, 3, and 1 now and won't have more :).
  13. I just got rid of some Silver Age comics, Hulk, Thor, etc. It was nice having them pass through my hands. Nice collection!
  14. History should be embraced not discarded because it makes us uncomfortable. Many many things in history have the potential of being controversial but it doesn't mean we should not educate others about...
  15. Is it an original? Worth? Do you have an answer?
  16. Around $500 is right
  17. Great thing to have around when you first have your inlaws over hahaha. I don't think I'd advise giving your baby cocaine for teething, you'd be up all night!
  18. Either bronze or brass I think
  19. I've seen some if the dam trolls go for hundreds a piece on e-bay recently. I don't have any larger dam one though. Love the maternity one in the back, her shirt says mommy to be. Thanks everyone!
  20. Fenton hobnail colonial green.
  21. The vases with the bumpy look are Anchor Hocking hobnail.
  22. Check them for Dam trolls, some of them are worth hundreds.
  23. What a beautiful mother you have! Like a movie star! What a lucky man...
  24. Thank you Nancy!
  25. Do you think this could sew leather?
  26. Wow, Ester! Thank you so much! That is interesting that the woman keep their family's last names in Spain. Maybe this photo was taken after they immigrated to the US? Since we take our husband's name....
  27. Thank you Scandinavian Pieces!
  28. Wow! You are a life saver! Thank you so much!
  29. Thank you everyone! The doggy wouldn't stop barking the whole time! It's actually my cousin, 2 of my daughters. and my mom.
  30. Thank you StefDesign
  31. No worries!
  32. Thanks for the help! The sticker says Southampton, New York.
  33. I used to do so much research on that site but my time is up on there. I'd love to knwo what kind of man he was. Interesting enough, he lived right in the area that my grandparents grew up. Same time ...
  34. Wow! What a fancy toy!
  35. Yes, but that one is in more than excellent condition and full set. Mine is more like a teenage girl had her favorites tapped to her wall and saved then
  36. It was an arranged marriage tallcakes. I bought them separate and put them together. Thanks for the info. I bought this bottom specifically to fit, and match, many different shades that I will get ove...
  37. This is newer, 1970s. Not too much value... $20 at most.
  38. Look at the neck covers, was exposing necks risque?
  39. Hahahaha
  40. Personally I like damask designs best for these chairs.
  41. Wow, thank you so much for your help!
  42. That dang brother pestering her! Would have loved to see her face. Love the photo. Her dad kind of looks like my dad in the 70s...
  43. Yes, I mean not like a buried treasure.
  44. I bought a hand carved statue that looks just like that one from Mexico. I love mine. I think that yours might be recent. They make lots of those down there.
  45. Very beautiful. She looks so familiar to me....
  46. I know haha
  47. I totally agree with everything you said. It will happen one day. Hand foot and mouth disease is horrible! They only have the mouth part, bad canker soars all over their mouths (6 of them is average)....
  48. At first it looks like a mug shot. Very cool piece of your family's history.
  49. I feel for you, I've been sick as well. And my three small girls have been sick too, with hand foot and mouth disease. Mouth covered with soars and high temperatures. It's really hard having a two yea...
  50. I wish I lived close to you Singwriter, I'd love to hear all your stories!
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