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Old Doll with Primitive Wood Rocking Bed

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Posted 6 years ago


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This is really cool- I bought this for 20 dollars and the doll has a head injury- I think it is made out of wood ( his head ) ,,,, But don't know anything esle about the baby or the rocking bed .. Please help me identify..- The doll has no markings --Top Drawer Treaures is my future treasure Store ......

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  1. Mrj303 Mrj303, 6 years ago
    Very scary....
  2. hotkitties, 6 years ago
    Scarey is right, MrJ.
    Also, no offense songwriter, but if you are opening your own shop, you should learn to research your items so you know what you have...... just saying.
  3. Mrj303 Mrj303, 6 years ago
    Agreed, there is nothing worse than going to an antique store and the owner knows nothing for their items.
  4. Songwriter53 Songwriter53, 6 years ago
    Well this is why I am asking what the item is .... so before I do open my treasure store I will know does this make sense to ya'll? Besides knowing the what I have doesn't matter to the them- if they like it they will buy it and do their own research.... I myself would like to know some info about this ....... All I know is this - this doll is haunted and I know it is because I am a paranormal investigator (Girls Ain't SkeerD Paranormal ) I just wanted to know about the head part thats all cork wood ??? ..... This is why I am here on this site to find out informationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  5. Vestaswind Vestaswind, 6 years ago
    Song writer I apologize for the unwanted comments. We are but guests here and should abide by the rules.

    The doll head is made out of composition. From the looks of the body it was ordered through a catalog by parts, the body is homemade. Back then that is how they did many dolls. You buy the parts and put it together. The clothes are worth more than the doll. You paid about what it's worth I'm betting, because I doubt he is marked.
  6. Vestaswind Vestaswind, 6 years ago
    I didn't say anything about the rocker sorry. I can't tell how old that is, showing the bottom might help
  7. Mrj303 Mrj303, 6 years ago
    We weren't being rude, sorry if it came off that way... Some things you can't find through searching the web. Believe me, that is what I do ALL DAY LONG....

    I knew I didn't like the vibe of that doll... I'd like to know more about the haunted doll. How is it haunted...
  8. Songwriter53 Songwriter53, 6 years ago
    Thanks ya'll .. for all the comments it's ok about the earlier comments i guess i was being rude myself lol ... I have had offers on this doll , believe it or not 3 times or 4 than I paid for it .. I love dolls, and I can't let Douglas go ( that's his name)....... Some people who are new to collecting spirit dolls seem to think that once you buy the doll that it will automatically start doing paranormal things, that is not so .......... I know I have so many... I know that most of my spirit dolls hate when there are alo tof people here in the house example - for instance when we have a party ... the dolls start acting up- turning the tv on and off and lights flickering - things like that- light bulbs burn out all the time.... and at night late at night you can hear them laughing or running down the hall ... I will be posting other spirit dolls that I have ... I had Douglas in the bedroom but I had to move him to the living room for now, the baby cradle kept rocking at night and i couldnt take it anymore so off to the living room he went ... Douglas belonged to an elderly woman who loved dolls and he was her favorite- when she passed away her family sold alot of her dolls and I got alot of them .... I know the feeling of getting seperated from siblings so I wanted to keep as many in his family as i could .. sounds silly but its true..... The doll itself is not haunted it is just a host to the spirit that was his previous owner .
  9. Vestaswind Vestaswind, 6 years ago
    At least I'm glad you have no plans to sell it. I have my own opinion on these types of things I see on eBay.
  10. Songwriter53 Songwriter53, 6 years ago
    I never buy dolls from e-bay .... and I would love to know what your opinon is really tell me
  11. Mrj303 Mrj303, 6 years ago
    Wow that is VERY interesting, too spooky for me. So they take on the spirits of their previous owner? Have you ever had a 'mean' one?
  12. Vestaswind Vestaswind, 6 years ago
    Here are some examples of what I think. These dolls on their own are worthless.

    Then you have this seller.

  13. Songwriter53 Songwriter53, 6 years ago
    Vestaswind- you are so right these dolls are just well they are pretty and all but they ain't worth a dime really - and some of those ebay sellers are liars when it comes to haunted dolls ..... I am posting some of my spirit dolls sometime today I was the other day but been real busy .... Thanks for comming
  14. Songwriter53 Songwriter53, 6 years ago
    MrJ- yes sometimes they do take on the previous owner's spirit .. I did have a mean one, I gave her to my sister .... I had the doll in the garage for a bout a year then I brought her inside and all heck broke loose . thats when I shipped her butt off to Arkansas
  15. Mrj303 Mrj303, 6 years ago
    Haha that's funny. She was probably mad you left her in the garage for so long. I spend about 2 hours this morning reading about this ladies haunted dolls. Very interesting subject.
  16. Vestaswind Vestaswind, 6 years ago
    Well I've been jipped because I have hundreds of dolls and not one is haunted. What is up with that?
  17. hotkitties, 6 years ago
    Me, too. Not hundreds of dolls, but many, not a one will move anything around the room. Not one doll will cast a spell on anything. ;)
  18. Mrj303 Mrj303, 6 years ago
    And I will never buy a used doll now lol
  19. hotkitties, 6 years ago
    My daughter has a phobia about antique mirrors.
  20. Songwriter53 Songwriter53, 6 years ago
    Vesta you got ripped off
  21. Songwriter53 Songwriter53, 6 years ago
    Hotkitties i can understand some mirrors are really scarey ...... I have a lot of stories about mirrors ......
  22. Songwriter53 Songwriter53, 6 years ago
    Mr J come on buy a doll lol
  23. Mrj303 Mrj303, 6 years ago
    I wish I lived close to you Singwriter, I'd love to hear all your stories!
  24. Songwriter53 Songwriter53, 6 years ago
    Thanks Mr J I can tell you some as I post my other dolls for show n tell- been trying to for 3 days now .. I've been sick.
  25. Mrj303 Mrj303, 6 years ago
    I feel for you, I've been sick as well. And my three small girls have been sick too, with hand foot and mouth disease. Mouth covered with soars and high temperatures. It's really hard having a two year old and a 9 month old with it, thy cry all day and night and won't eat or drink. Having a husband who doesn't lift a finger to help and barely 'works' during the day is making me really consider trading him in for a new one....
  26. Songwriter53 Songwriter53, 6 years ago
    Sorry to hear about your children being sick - foot and motuh disease? what is that? never heard of that before.... About your husband- not lifting a finger- i've been there and done that and got rid of the problem ..... I even wrote a song about it .....I wouldn't trade him for a new one I'd tell him to hit the road , then find myself again my self worth- then when I started to love myself then I would maybe find another- til then I wouldnt want to be with anyone until i got myself together ... No one should settle .. No One.
  27. Songwriter53 Songwriter53, 6 years ago
    Mouth I meant .... not motuh
  28. Mrj303 Mrj303, 6 years ago
    I totally agree with everything you said. It will happen one day. Hand foot and mouth disease is horrible! They only have the mouth part, bad canker soars all over their mouths (6 of them is average). They last from 3-6 days, nothing helps. You just have to let it run it's coarse. Everyone's better except for my 2 year old, hopefully she'll be better tomorrow. Thanks for your advice, it's great to hear it from someone who's not in my family and I have no friends (wow, I sound like a loser! haha).
  29. Songwriter53 Songwriter53, 6 years ago
    Well I am here for you .. and don't feel bad I have no friends either - and well that i can trust put it that way ..... get in touch with me and you can vent - I am a good listener- reader - lol but not good spellar
  30. Songwriter53 Songwriter53, 6 years ago
    all this time I thought I was wriitng to a male funny huh?
  31. Mrj303 Mrj303, 6 years ago
    I know haha
  32. toolate2 toolate2, 5 years ago
    I love the paranormal! Love the show Ghosthunters... My daughter and I have even done a few investigations locally.

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