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Newark Ohio

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I'm a "professional" dumpster diver from Ahia. I'm not above climbing in and digging. If I didn't dig for it, it's no fun! My Mother had an antique store when I was I'm a "professional" dumpster diver from Ahia. I'm not above climbing in and digging. If I didn't dig for it, it's no fun! My Mother had an antique store when I was little. I not only helped run it, my Mother and I would travel the country-side for that next treasure to keep, or sell. This is why I'm a Jack of all trades and master of some. I settled on collecting the less breakable things as I was surrounded by Heisey, depression glass, and other fragile glassware all my life. I guess it's easier to ask what I don't collect! My largest collections are dolls, books, (ancient culture, religion, politics and classics) pottery, movie memorabilia, prints and art, kitchen gadgets, Photography, Victrola records, toys and games, and anything advertising. I like to refinish antique furniture. I do not like perfect pieces, I like my things to feel like they have a history, and character. Nice perfect pieces belong in a museum or with more serious folks. I just finished my first fiction book, so when I'm not writing, I'm working in Logistics, and picking and digging! (Read more)


  1. I have looked all over. I'm great at figuring out worth, but not if I can't find another like it
  2. Phil, I'm sure you are right, but I like their faces. They fit exactly what I like
  3. shareurpassion, such a lovely introduction. Thank you
  4. I just found a set of the book ends. They are so fabulous. I had seen pictures, but they are much more impressive in person
  5. It is amazing. The photographs alone make this a find
  6. That is a repo of a much older bike looks like to me. I know this much see we didn't buy this so we were not "scammed" it was a gift for a favor for a friend. There were two bikes under the porch, thi...
  7. Any idea what it might be? I posted to a "bike" forum, only reply I got was rusted 1970's and I had to laugh. I know those type forums start out helpful and turn somewhat paranoid of new posters eithe...
  8. Hi Sean, good to see you too. All work and no play ya know :)
  9. I am still a bit of a tomboy. Comes in handy because now I have three boys :)
  10. Thanks guys!! Good to see you too Michael!!
  11. Sorry you addressed me that is why I asked. No matter who made it, it is a modern doll. When she says someone was trying to identify a head that nearly always means a bisque doll, not a modern porcela...
  12. Never heard of her. Couldn't find her on google or ebay. Not really sure what your point is
  13. I've been great, and busy. Working like crazy and editing when I have a day off. It's almost yard sale time. I dare say you will see lots of me then!! Thanks so much for asking :)
  14. I guess some would argue about the sex of the doll, but he reminds me of Johnny Playpal and a Bobby doll I remember.
  15. This is one of the more common of the D&C dolls. He is a charmer and the ladies love to dress him up in baby clothes. I would guess late 50's early 60's. D&C was a Canadian company from 1938 to 1964 a...
  16. They are wonderful dolls and only second to my Terry Lee's!
  17. They are not cheap thus making it a sweet find. Fun stuff was putting this babe up for auction and watching it sell.
  18. Everyone has a story I think
  19. Looks like 1983 or newer. Here is a site that talks all about Jesco.
  20. We had this exact one growing up. My sister has it now. We used the heck out of that thing, I still remember trying to find the lost glove in the corners. I think you made an excellent trade. Rarely d...
  21. I know when my parents put in their pool they got this as a gift too, only that was in the mid 60's
  22. Great stuff right?
  23. Thanks I love it. I think I like it better than the color ones. I found out it is dated 1899-1900 Newer than some of my prints, but one of my favorites. I got it because it reminded me of some of my o...
  24. I have a set of four of these. I love the silver overlay, and think they are wonderful, but i haven't found anything about mine either
  25. Morning - Dance of the Nymphs Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot :)
  26. I found it hahaha how weird is that. I was right (sorta) Dance of Nymphs & Satyrs ~ Corot Antique Print!!!!! I guess I just had to ask out loud to come up with the right key words!
  27. Ha ha ha never heard it but live it. The Nehi tray is special. It was my grandfather's. I even have an old picture with it in it.
  28. These are by far my favorite dolls. My dream doll is a Gene Autry.
  29. It matches your watch fob, Teddy Roosevelt.
  30. You have a happy holiday too!
  31. Oh she is all original I'm sure, and a real stunner. I found that Blythe doll for a buck, at the bottom of a box at a yearly flea market. She was missing a leg but had her outfit, and lucky enough no ...
  32. She does, and the original ribbon around her wrist :)
  33. Here is mine. My Grandmother gave her to me when I was little. For years my Aunt said "You have my doll" and teased me about her forever. I presented her back to her some years ago. When she passed aw...
  34. Yes I did! She is great.
  35. How exciting. I have that Southern Girl, left to me by my aunt.
  36. Totally could be..So close to Christmas and I have sworn off buying dolls for awhile. I love this kind of sale. Clearly the seller is not a doll collector and left the cleaning up to the buyer. Love it.
  37. I had all my kids hooked at a young age, and my middle one when he was in grade school was disturbing the class with whispering. The teacher addressed him to let him know he was being heard by saying,...
  38. That was my cousin. I think she always looked like that haha. We were at my Grandmothers so I'm not sure why she didn't have her present there.
  39. Are you kidding me of course I did! Look at that thing, it's a Coke truck! Merry Christmas to you too Vansky!
  40. Thanks packrat!
  41. It looks like a desk or a secretary to me. Have you looked for any kind of markings?
  42. Hmm interesting. Okay so it's open on the side?
  43. I remember the year I got my Mrs Beasley. I still have her but she doesn't talk anymore and missing her glasses. You got a good one she has all her stuff and she is really clean.
  44. Looks like it could be Tiki wood. What ever it is it's cool
  45. This is called a sewing chair or Deck Chair, very popular in the late 1880-90's. You can find them in the rocker form as well. What it is worth depends on what condition the fabric is in. Do a google ...
  46. I can't see the writing on the bottom at all. What does it say?
  47. Thanks everyone. I just moved all my 28" dolls in a cabinet I just acquired, so I now have a place to hang it!
  48. Thanks toolate and everyone!
  49. Fine I guess. Treasure hunting has become part time as I work all the time now
  50. Oh and I do not put polyurethane on the surface, the reason being is because these are functional Ouija's, I finely sand the surface before I wood burn. One person that I made one for had glass cut to...
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