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I collect a little bit of everything. My main interest is in the strange. I love toys as well (especially creepy dolls). I collect any kind of controversial itemsI collect a little bit of everything. My main interest is in the strange. I love toys as well (especially creepy dolls). I collect any kind of controversial items. (Read more)


  1. Ms Mattie we're related!! George's brother Charles (or Charley like everyone called him) was my great grandpa.
  2. Oh I definitely won’t. It’s a good heirloom for my nephew. There aren’t many people left in my family, so he'll be glad to have it.
  3. LOVE IT!
  4. Just got two more. :)
  5. I've never been able to find a value, as until a couple of days ago the only black doll I saw was mine and the original response to this post.
  6. Um haha prostate warmer? Lol you may have to go to a "special page"
  7. And thank you!
  8. No, I wasn't on it. Don't I wish though. I'm friends with them on Facebook, and have traded many things with them
  9. Lol! A quick web search shows many brand new ones. ;)
  10. LOL! That's why I said it was interesting...lol. If. It's any consolation, it looks unused. No wonder their life expectancy was so low. ;)
  11. Well, the black thing went up ones....rectum. It would heat up. The light bulb was a fail safe. If there was a power surge the bulb would burn out and break the circuit...so you didn't um...get ele...
  12. it says Thomas Y. Crowell Company
  13. Thanks Manikin!! The note is so cute..it's the reason I bought the doll. It reminds me of why I collect the old dolls. I always think of how loved the doll must have been, then one day becomes forg...
  14. Lol happy Halloween to you too!
  15. I wasn't going to buy it, at first, then I got to thinking...it's not every day you see a 109 year old version of yourself in an antique store.
  16. Edited: Posted a pic of the jeweler's handiwork. And guess what? Found a sixth lock of hair. I've been counting different pieces of thread.
  17. Thanks Scott! My mother in law has one other, she's not ready to part with it yet. Crossing fingers...
  18. Had the dent repaired by a jeweler due to recommendation. There are 5 locks of hair in it.
  19. There was a rumor that when my Great Grandpa Jim died, all of the kids started fighting over his old tools. My grandfather buried them. Wonder if this is part of them?
  20. Thanks crabbykins
  21. Thanks for the info epson. The ring also has a lot of red in it and a few other colors. I could only pick up the blue in the picture. I do periodically oil my opals. My mother gave me her opal she...
  22. Thanks Manikin! I was in love with it the second I saw it. =)
  23. Thanks Davyd286!
  24. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well, Bellin68!
  25. Ok, got the doll today in the post. Her head appears to be wood, and yes Manikin, I believe she's a wax over. She's so sweet looking. Already got a special place for her. =)
  26. Go home, Santa, you're drunk! That's NOT a reindeer!
  27. See, I thought the same thing! My husband deemed her ugly though. =( The seller wanted whoever bought her to restore her. Um...no. She's perfect how she is.
  28. Swankykitty says she believes her to be a Madame Hendren doll. So I think mystery solved off site.
  29. Thanks again, Manikin! I, too, was thinking carnival doll. There's no markings on her anywhere so I can't tie her back to Canada Dry. The only link is the Aunt worked there.
  30. That is the greatest comment *ever*. I love freakin people out with my toys!
  31. Thanks kerry. It's almost as though he may have been washed and dried, so it may work...may not. We'll see!
  32. I found one of the keeneye dolls on ebay. Their's have compo feet! Mine is just cloth. She's unique looking for sure.
  33. I didn't mention the raised lettering cause I couldn't figure it out. Yet again you amaze me lol. So she is compo?? She feels so weird...like really light.
  34. Thanks Bellin68! I wish there was enough of her tag left to find out more about her...even an approximate age. She's in a lot better shape than most of my dolls.
  35. I'm not used to people calling my stuff beautiful! =) Thank you! I think what got me was her arms are melted so they have a really odd look to them. And I didn't know about her eyes moving independe...
  36. I suppose she's not as bad as most of my dolls lol
  37. Manikin, you're amazing!
  38. I have this same one!
  39. LOL @ CAD1949
  40. And before anyone guesses which one, it's a normal looking doll.
  41. Very easily. Although there has been some *interesting* stuff happening with a certain item in my collection...and yes, I'm freaked out now.
  42. LOL! Every doll is scary in my collection. ;)
  43. Manikin, yes she does have a curl. I'll email you some pictures, I don't think you'll be able to see it though..we'll see.
  44. Manikin, she has molded hair. It's really hard to see it though, due to her being in such a state. I can't find any restoration places around her to get my doll fixed. The ones I can find don't dea...
  45. Thanks, swankykitty! I can't tell, are your doll's legs cloth?? Or has mine been modified?
  46. LOL! Thanks guys! I thought it was ol' Zip. Amber, the lady I bought it from told me to "Get that creepy monkey outta here."
  47. Alas, no info. I notice there's a little clasp on one side. There was a second framed tin type there, I bet they went together. Seems I'll have to go back!
  48. Oh I see now...duh. It's the size of the matting. I don't see anything other than the metal of the tin type
  49. Um pardon my silliness, but I don't see a way to get it out of the case?? It's like totally enclosed.
  50. Thanks Bellin68! He kinda just called to me. Had to get it.
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