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Glencoe MN.

I have many collections of mostly 1960's -1980's toys, antique vintage cameras, some glassware, a little jewelry, and others as well.


  1. So many scenarios where this would be invaluable.
  2. I'm slowly assembling a collection, one old magazine at a time.
  3. All the classics in there, very nice!
  4. Great advice everyone! Thank you all very much!!
  5. AnythingObscure, no luck on almost everything. Although isopropyl alcohol made them slightly lighter. Not enough to notice really.
  6. Thanks Gillian, I think you are correct.
  7. Thank you racer4four, great info! Appreciate it!
  8. AdeleC, that's what I was thinking also. The similarities are too close to Jasperware to not be. Wedgewood perhaps? But the made in Japan thing throws me off.
  9. Thanks nutsabotas6, a nice addition to the collection.
  10. Awesome.
  11. Thanks vetraio50, have a great holiday season.
  12. Wheels and axles look like Tootsie Toy maybe?
  13. That's pretty funny froggymorton. Next thing you know you'll be at the vatican looking for clues.
  14. Great songs. Mom used to clean with the 8 track playing back in the day. I have the cd and still give it a play every now and then.
  15. I'm going to guess hand warmer.
  16. Never thought of it as a way to get two potential sweethearts to sit nice and close with fingers almost touching. It's like spin the bottle, but with the dead.
  17. Hello. My grandparents had a farm here in Minnesota. One day, a few years after they had passed, my brother and I walked the whole grove and gathered bottles dating back to probably 1920-1930's. Blue,...
  18. Nice! You're a sexy leg lamp and a bunny suit away from a truly memorable Christmas.
  19. Conversation piece for sure.
  20. Very nice. Excellent find.
  21. Just saw a review guide on ebay and they had a long list of all the different perfumes made by Solon Palmer. All were 1878-1947. Does it still smell pretty?
  22. Definitely pretty cool, though I wouldn't want any part of it propelled at me. Felt strange to click "love it" considering the back story.
  23. It looks Masonic to me. Intriguing indeed.
  24. Very cool. Never saw one like that.
  25. I figured as much. The build process looked pretty cool, turned out great.
  26. Excellent work!
  27. As a collector at first I cringed, but it turned out excellent. Customs done right are awesome. Nice one.
  28. Cool car, I'd say Duesenburg, Cadillac, or Rolls maybe?
  29. rniederman, everything worked as described. How unbelievably cool. I had no idea it would be so beautiful inside, much less still function. Thanks again, again. Your website is definitely bookmarked. ...
  30. Wow, my mother has one that is very similar. Goes well with her old upright pump organ. I will look and see if the marks are the same.
  31. Thanks again rniederman, a couple more questions if you would be so kind, is the glass on the back supposed to be frosted? And would you clean the cameras exterior in any way?
  32. If anyone knows a 100% safe way to keep the wheels from yellowing further or turning back time please let me know. And some day, I will buy a smokestack on ebay to complete it.
  33. Have never seen one of these, love it. Thanks for sharing.
  34. Thanks BELLIN68.
  35. You have an interesting eye for objects. You're two for two on freakin' me out, with this one and that clown. I love it. Left pic itself is great, the dark background is kind of insidious and the shad...
  36. What is up with your brother? :) May I come dig through his garbage for a week or two. Reminds me of the original Transformers Optimus Prime I bought at a garage sale for a buck. Can beat the old toys...
  37. Very cool, have one in the box. Saw a blue one on ebay, went for a bundle.
  38. Looking forward to the pics, thanks for checking it out. I'll have to look up the Czech insects, sounds interesting.
  39. Awesome. My collection is large, spanning 1982-1987 but i don't have that...yet. Always wanted it when I was a kid.
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Super Cute! Have you ever seen this one?


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