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Collector of unique and interesting historic items. My largest collection is vinyl records and music memorabilia. I have been a union fire sprinkler fitter for 20 yeCollector of unique and interesting historic items. My largest collection is vinyl records and music memorabilia. I have been a union fire sprinkler fitter for 20 years, but currently work for a live auction service as a picker, so I get first look into estates and barns that have been untouched for years. I like Collector's Weekly, all the members, their posts and the staff, but excuse my occasional absences as I am extremely busy most of the time, so I would like to thank everyone for the loves, like and nice comments, that I truly appreciate !! (Read more)


  1. looks like number 5 : The post-concert 2nd printing is on vellum and has "26(2)" in the lower left corner. While the Bindweed credit still appears, "(c) Family Dog Productions 1966 1725 Washington Str...
  2. Thanks for the love and compliment Sean
  3. Thanks for the loves Phil and aghcollect.
  5. This one is only marked "Germany" Phil, I did see hers and actually inspired me to post and "liked" it before posting this. She stated it was 1931, but I found a similar one on a specialty site that c...
  6. You must have a big kitchen with 307 + cool items, very tempting to a recovering cookie addict like myself : )
  7. Thanks waxhead, I always look for yard sales and fleas while out of town too, never know when your going to get that lotto pick. btw, that Newcleus "push the button" I bought the 12" when it first cam...
  8. Thanks for the loves musikchoo, sean, vetraio and tony !
  9. Thanks for the love Mani
  10. Wow blunderbuss, 53lbs of coins should keep you busy for a while looking for key dates. I think my best finds were 3 old bank advertising coin banks for $5 at a flea market we passed on the way. I wou...
  11. Thank you very much Nadia, Lee, Tony, czechman and toolate2.
  12. Thank you Lee, hit'n the hay have a busy day tomorrow and on a bad wheel too
  13. thank you petey, tony, inky, aeon, pw-collector, walksoftly, Sean, ttomtucker and blunderbuss !!
  14. Thank you Lee
  15. my favorite growing up, Pete Rose, Mike Schmidt and all the 1980 Phillies team. I started collection Topps and Fleer that year and collection grew for years but all those were lost, but been buying a ...
  16. all together nautical did close to 24k
  17. The lamps did 100 - 180 each, the wood half section boat with the engineering writing on it went around 400, the brass looking anchors around 160 each, the harpoons surprisingly did 80-130 each, I tho...
  18. the green one went for 600 I think and it said US navy department 1942 by lionel corp. and the one with the balls may have been a lionel also. Telegraphs were in 140 range, the foot horn did around 35...
  19. Thank for the love Tony
  20. You never know when your done, so I do need to get something official because I think my estate auction would do ok. I flushed with peroxide and have been putting large gauze pads with tons of Neospor...
  21. Thanks for loving Sean !
  22. I'm back, been on the road blunderbluss, just returned late last night. I bought a ships clock, u.s. navy buships telescopic alidale and a few other things but they were bidding hard, the big pieces d...
  23. Cool, I saw that photo on my Facebook feed earlier today
  24. Thanks for the love softailgarage
  25. Thank you Lee
  26. Thanks for all the loves pw-collector, walksoftly, Phil, vetraio50 and Sean. Just came home from auction and won coins, 45's, baseball cards and WWII stuff : ))
  27. Thanks for the love Sean
  28. Thank for the love walksoftly
  29. Thank you Sean
  30. Thanks for the love blunderbuss2.
  31. I have none either, lol, and don't think i'm picking on you or being a meanie, we just happen to have a difference of opinion twice in a week. I apologize in advance if I was taken wrong. By law I hav...
  32. I put my money on 925
  33. Thank you and good morning Sean
  34. Thank you all the loves czechman, vetraio50, Tony and Sean =D
  35. interesting
  36. Thanks for the love'n bratjdd
  37. Thank you MoonstoneLee ; }
  38. Thank you very much tony and bratjdd
  39. wow super clean for plastic toy that old !
  40. Great save and 1st pressing debut Zeppelin LP Steve !!
  41. Thanks vetraio50, If there's a Rock n' Roll Heaven, you know they've got a Hell of a Band !
  42. Thanks for loving Sean
  43. Thanks for the love BHock45 ~ aka SilverHawk, lol
  44. Thank you very much Mani. I saw some old dolls at the auction last Thursday night and instantly thought of you.
  45. Thank you very much Lee, the auctions make up for bad GW's around here. xoxo
  46. Thanks AzTom
  47. Great deal for $2 Lee, I never find anything good on the shelves of my Goodwill, although I found some pretty good stuff in their dumpster. They have no idea what they are doing.
  48. Thank you vetraio50 ~
  49. Thanks for the love and compliment vetraio50 : )
  50. thanks for the love mustangTony
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33-45-76-78 PLAYER Our good ok cooker anyone know what tribe and what this might be? cast iron coin bank Two Regulator wall clocks.  One on left is 35" tall...The Waterbury on the right is about 31" tall...Both run. 1957 MLB Allstar Game Pinback Button Smoking Pipes Very Old Primitive Buggy or Small Wagon Jack Sandman's Stories of Twinkle-Eyes by Abbie Phillips Walker 1942 MAGAZINE Old Turner Microphone


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