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I buy and sell vintage fishing lures. I mostly buy for my collection and sell the items I dont want. It's my hobby and sometimes I many a buck or two. It's all for I buy and sell vintage fishing lures. I mostly buy for my collection and sell the items I dont want. It's my hobby and sometimes I many a buck or two. It's all for fun. (Read more)


Fishing lure Man Cave - Fishingin Fishing
Rapala Original Giant Lure - Fishingin Fishing
The Big Bobber Floating Cooler - Fishingin Fishing
Fishing Lure - Fishingin Fishing
New to my collection - Fishingin Fishing
New to my collection - Fishingin Fishing
My up graded fishing collection - Fishingin Fishing


  1. Just a little info on your box and lure. The Flatfish was made by the Helin Tackle co. Detroit, Michigan. The first patented date was Sept. 12, 1933. The lure was advertised as the worlds bestselling...
  2. What you have is a A.C. Plug. (Allan Cole). Allen Cole invented what would be one of the last new lures for Fred Arbogast co. in 1995. The A.C. plug was a jointed wooden lure with a replaceable soft ...
  3. Baitman69..Thanks to your help, I found a lure on ebay with the same propeller. The add read..Pocono minnow. Again, many thanks. Tom
  4. That's great. All the books I have show nothing on this lure. I'll try to find out more now that I have something to go on. Thanks again Tom
  5. It's a very cool lure. If you could add a few photo's of the hardware.The front and underside this would help to find the maker. Hardware tells alot about the age.
  6. Sorry, tko1538@hotmail.com
  7. You have a fine collection of lures. One of the best I've seen. I can and would like to help you out on the makes and models. I have been collecting for years. If you'd like contact me at Tko1538@hot...
  8. What I beleave you have is a Heddon Crazy Crawler mouse #2120. The reason I say "beleave" is Heddon made many types of crazy crawlers. The one you have has the old style surface hardware, the one pie...
  9. Very,very cool. Nice display.
  10. I'd like to try and help you out. I have a old Sears motor that likes a bit like yours. If you would, post more info on it. Few few close up photo's, overall lenght. The hp if you know. I'll do my be...
  11. Beside old fishing lures, I dig old toys. Nice collection. I still have my 1960's electric foodball game.
  12. Thanks to All for your feedback and making my collection #4 out of 288 in the most popular collection. This is a great site, great people. Thanks for the love. Tom
  13. Thanks for the comments Bellin68 and Triker. It going to fit nicly on my bar.
  14. Could you tell me a little more about the lure? The lure likes to have the old hardware. If you can post a photo of the hardware, state if it has glass eye's and if it is plastic or wood. This will he...
  15. Thanks to all for looking. Tom
  16. That's very,very cool. I have my first tool box made by the same company. Jr. Ace Tool set. My father give it to me in the early 60's.
  17. What you have is a Dirtybird #1404. It was made by the Whopper Stopper company, Texas.
  18. From the book I have, the number 73 is the only one with the metal brace at the end of the body. If you post the size of the lure, I can check again. I would think the #73 is the more collectible of...
  19. What you have is a Paw Paw "Senior Wotta Frog" #73. Date: C 1960. The lure is a rare lure and highly collectible.
  20. Thanks for looking, Lundy
  21. If your 1st lure does not have the heart shaped bill it is a Martin's Lizzard. Made by the Jack Martins co. Drumright, Oklahoma. Dated 1955. The other 2 are Hellbenders made by the Whopper Stopper I...
  22. I have been buying and selling vintage fishing lures on Ebay for years. Most of the pinback fishing licenses go from $5.00 to $15.00 depending on condition. Old creels start around $20.00 but most go...
  23. What a great idea. I use old printers trays to hold my lures. I hope you dont mind, but I may copy your case. Excellent display!
  24. The lure was made by the W.J. Jamison company. The lure is a "Jamison Quiverlure". The lure contains twisted pieces of flat wire that quivered when the lure moved, this lure was made in three sizes a...
  25. This is a Heddon "Super Surface" #210 Date: c. 1949 Length: 3 3/8". This version of the wood #210 represents its final stages of the evolution from the early slope nose lures. Book value $15.00 and...
  26. What you have is a Heddon "Reinforced Zara Spook" #9260 silver flash. Date: c. 1974 Length: 4 1/4" Book value, $6.00 and up.
  27. I have a lure similar to your lure. The lure is a McGinty spinner. The lure was made in the 1950,s by Aitken-Warner in Ohio. Hope this helps.
  28. Very, very cool.
  29. Could you post photo's of the back side of the pieces? That may help.
  30. Very nice collection. Thanks for showing it.
  31. I did some looking around for you and this is what I found. The lure is a "Bomber-No Eye" Date: c. 1944-1946...3 sizes, #400,#500,#600. The box was made in Texas 1940's. Hope this helps.
  32. What you have is a saleman ring. "Dealers ring". The salesman would carry the ring to show to lure dealers. Thats why the lures have no hooks. Very collectible.
  33. In the book I have it's listed as a Sail Shark, Kautzky Lazy co. Date c. 1960..1 3/8".. The sail shark was called the Shark Ike when it was first marked. value: $5.00..$10.00 Fishing Lure Collecti...
  34. Thats a great find. I say $25.00 to $50.00 on ebay.
  35. I beleave this is for retrieving snaged lures. You slid this down you line and it hooks to your lure, you then put up on the rope and you free the lure. I sold one years ago, it was called a Waterdog.
  36. 1st lure a Tiny Runt #350..date C. 1952-1993 Value about $5.00 2nd lure if this lure has glass eye's most likely Marin's Lizzard. Value $10.00 #3rd..unknown #4th Jointed Jitterbug..Date C. 1960's.....
  37. Your lure is Bagley Bait company "Deep Killer Bill". Date C. 1976-1980. You can find this in Fishing Lure Collectibles vol. 2 book.
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