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Collector of original stone lithographs and rare posters consisting mostly of the Golden Age of Magic. Contact: producercoutroulis@gmail.com


  1. Thanks reytrowe, much appreciated. Would be nice to see a photo of the poster you have, I am very much interested.
  2. Nice pieces, do you have any other Dante, Thurston, or Magic collectibles?
  3. Doubtful. They most likely never displayed them. There were hundreds.
  4. Thank you very much Trey. Glad you enjoy it.
  5. The rest of them are stored away in the "Miami Vice" Property Department, along with Crocket's and Tubb's wardrobe!
  6. GREAT piece!
  7. Thanks SEAN68, glad you like it. Be well buddy.
  8. Kind of like "Kraftwerk"? Love that band! Thanks for the comment buddy.
  9. GREAT lock!
  10. Thank you PostCardCollector, much appreciated.
  11. Yes, Rock was very smart as we both know. This is one of the more scarce Will Rock/Thurston posters to find. Glad I have one in my collection.
  12. Thanks again circusposters, this is a GREAT poster! Glad you appreciate it.
  13. Thanks for the love buddy! This is the super rare Brush poster, very hard to find. Glad you enjoy it.
  14. So cool you are from the same hometown. My father worked with Skrebneski back in the 70's and 80's so Skrebneski actually printed a silver gelatin of the Orson Welles portrait out of his own darkroom...
  15. paulmartin, I couldn't agree with you more. If only we could travel back in time! Not only would I see all the Magic shows, but I would help myself to all the posters in the dumpster around back!
  16. Paulmartin, thanks for the compliment and message, I am glad you enjoy my growing collection. As far as Orson is concerned, I have a different love for the man as he was THE MASTER OF FILM in my ...
  17. Well written my friend and very informative! EXCELLENT poster of course!! .....Now if we could only get the "Tampa" and "Dante" version of the Devil Panel.
  18. GREAT drawers!
  19. Allvintage40, thanks for the comment. Please email if you are willing to part with your poster. My email address is on my profile. Thank you.
  20. Looks like the colors are faded pretty bad on this poster, but if you are looking to sell or trade it, you can always email me. Thanks.
  21. Thanks SEAN68, much appreciated! Be well buddy.
  22. Thanks buddy, and even $7,261. today would be a STEAL!
  23. Hey girl, GREAT find! Looks beautiful the way it is, I wouldn't touch it. EXCELLENT eye!
  24. Very true buddy and a great addition to my collection.
  25. Thanks again buddy, LOVE this one myself!
  26. Thanks buddy.
  27. Just FANTASTIC! What an amazing piece of Magic history!!
  28. Very cool poster!
  29. They look familiar, LOVE them!
  30. Mystery Solved: This Poster was Available Only at the 1999 Toyfest in East Aurora, New York...Heavy Weight Poster Paper...Poster Measures 25 1/2 Inches Wide x 18 Inches Tall...Printed Area Measures 2...
  31. I agree my friend. So many GREAT lithographs, but this is one of the best for sure.
  32. Thanks buddy! And thanks for the opportunity!!
  33. Hands down....the BEST Caddy they ever designed and built! Pure ART!!! Take good care of this baby, she's GORGEOUS!
  34. Ha, Ha! Yes, this poster is one the great ones!! A keeper for sure. I will keep my eyes open at the Castle on Saturday for you buddy, you never know, one might surface there. Be well.
  35. wrightarchitecture, Thanks again buddy, you are the best friend one can have! racer4four and valentino97, thank you for the love and I'm glad you enjoy looking at my posters, I am happy to share th...
  36. valentino97 thank you for your kind thoughts, glad you enjoy this poster. Be well.
  37. GREAT find!
  38. Nice poster! Great find!!
  39. Yeah, this is a KEEPER! Thanks Circusposters.
  40. Thanks for the history buddy! Always appreciated and certainly interesting.
  41. Exactly!
  42. GREAT Luger, Always loved this firearm; especially if Nazi issued. Important piece of both war and firearm history!
  43. GREAT cars! Excellent eye and restoration!! Love them.
  44. Virginia.vintage is correct with what she has stated and I will chime in on what I know as well being BOTH an original lithograph collector and working in the TV/Film industry. First of all it ve...
  45. Yeah, this is a keeper if you can find one! They have one of these in the vault at the Peterson Automotive Museum here in Los Angeles (Unless this is the same one on loan) if you ever make it to L.A....
  46. Thanks jscotto363, I need to start collecting BMWs next!
  47. I'm going to go with Evil dentist instrument!.....Open WIDE!!
  48. Thank you guys, your comments are always appreciated. This is an EXCELLENT poster for my collection, couldn't be happier with the find! Be well guys.
  49. LOL, guess I was an angry child:(
  50. Just had this BEAUTY framed and now hangs in my living room. Took 3 guys to lift it and secure it on the wall, but well worth it as it makes the entire room!
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