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Vintage Tudor Submariner - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Wood’s Edna original rare magic poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Hamilton K475 wristwatch, 1960 - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Lindberg hour angle watch circa 1936 - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Wittnauer Futurama - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
vintage Elgin Zodiac day and night watches - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Milk bottle home delivery door - Bottlesin Bottles
Vintage Omega Chronos--which is the real "Jedi"? - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
1915 Pan Pacific International Expo Novagem(San Francisco) - Advertisingin Advertising
Hendrix Rock n Roll Movie Poster - Moviesin Movies


  1. Thanks, Scott!
  2. thanks, kwqd! Very interesting!
  3. yes, SpiritBear--bottle top says 1958!
  4. great information! Thanks! There was such interest in paranormal, that even some scientists were convinced that the "modern" technology would lead to a crossover, to communicate with the dead. ...
  5. Fantastic, iconic poster--with cross over from magic to auto subject matter! The $535.00 in 1928 is the equivalent of $7, 261 in today's dollars!
  6. Would it be possible for you to include me in your will for this poster?? :) Love it! One of my all time favorites.
  7. thanks for the nice comments. You are a good friend. And a great curator, conservator and guide for this amazing art form.
  8. Never even seen this in a book! As always, thanks for the continuing education!
  9. while not as lovely as Jewels and Virginia, I can say that ZGuy is awesome to hang out with and see the Castle. And such a teacher of this amazing and underappreciated art form.
  10. Very cool!!!
  11. thanks--makes sense its a Certina.
  12. thanks, ho2cultcha--I've heard the story, so it must be true! The version I heard was that it was at Mr. Johnson's home, also designed by Wright. One night, Johnson was giving a dinner party, and i...
  13. Exactly! This looks very much like the Henckels. Thanks for the post!
  14. Dude, you seriously need to write a book about magic posters!!! Please! Sign me up for buying a first edition printing!
  15. Thanks, Phil...very cool! I was fortunate to get almost all the barware as well, with only 1-2 missing pieces. The radio has been fully restored as well!
  16. Thanks, Phil. Such an amazing era, and so many amazing quality products.
  17. So cool--and thanks for the education--you need to write a book about each of the magicians and their great posters!
  18. Thanks, Geo26e!
  19. Very cool! Love the history you provide!
  20. Thanks for the comments!
  21. Beautiful! Great history!
  22. What a find! WHat you have is souvenirs from San Francisco's 1915 Pan Pacific Worlds Fair. Held in what is now the Marina district, the centerpiece of the Fair was the illuminated Tower of Jewels, ...
  23. Very cool!
  24. I will. Just had them framed, so will take pics, after I pick up! :)
  25. Thanks, ZGuy. Will do.
  26. beautiful!
  27. Very cool!
  28. Great poster!
  29. Thank you. I did have the framer use museum quality UV glass...expensive! Good to know about the Fast Frame store in Sherman Oaks. I grew up in Woodland Hills, so I know right where this is!
  30. thanks--I do want the name. I am in Sacto, and already have them going on this...but I'm afraid this one probably wont be my last, so good to have more contacts! thanks!
  31. thanks, Zguy. I took a good picture with digital camera when it went to the framer, that I uploaded above. You can contact me directly at hgreenblatt@dbbc.com, and I will try to send you a pic wit...
  32. Thanks, Zguy. You are right on. This is the size, and it was linen mounted. I paid $1200, so I think it was a good deal. It is now being framed with proper conservation methods.
  33. thanks for the comment! It will help me stay calm when they tell me how much for framing! :)
  34. no more glow left! As posted above, I understand these A11 models are older when they have the Air Corp reference, rather than later ones that say Air Force.
  35. very cool! Thanks for the replies! The video was awesome and really answers the question. Obviously same item, but I really think its interesting that they made this in hard plastic like mine, and...
  36. Thanks to all for the input! I agree, it is authentic to the period whoever the manufacturer was. The glass is amazing, and clearly old.
  37. Thanks for the info...I read about that as well, that it was a big watch producer in Russia, up to the revolution...out of business by the early 1920's, The brand was "re-born" in 2002 by Shaffhausen.
  38. it is very nice. Check web for Paul's watch repair in Sacramento. He is a great guy and does all my restorations. He does alot of mail in repairs. Certainly worth repairing for sentimental purpos...
  39. all Illinois are undervalued and underappreciated...high quality movements and great designs.
  40. Have since found out the pattern is called "modeled". Has a glass insert, but doubtful is original.
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