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Orange, Ca

From Southern Calif, I love anything Art Deco and Mid Century and have been collecting since I was younger


  2. Wow she is a beaut. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Sorry, previous comment posted in wrong location; You can delete it.
  4. Thanks all; Happy, Merry, Feliz everything.
  5. Can we see the back?
  6. Looks quite Art Deco; I found several similar designs made by the Lusterware Company. In Google, type in 'Lusterware Art deco Geometric'
  7. I don't know if it's the same meteor featured in a segment of 'Mysteries at the Museum' on the Travel Channel.....
  8. Looks like Sherlock Holmes from 'Elementary' cleaned out his drawers
  9. Thanks Shawn and Kerry
  10. WOW; they don't make them like this anymore.
  11. A while back I posted a lamp on my site and someone was able to help me identify mine as a Rick DeRico design. Check some of the comments on my section where you see a lamp for more info on him; ...
  12. Try typing in "antique Saturn lamp" in Google and there are many similar lamps there. If I had to guess the shade was not original to the base due to their two different styles.
  13. I found this similar one at:
  14. Very nice bookends; I found these similar ones on the internet:
  15. Thanks Phil; I will take a look.
  17. Thanks toolate2, miKKoChristmas11, Sean 68 and Phil
  18. Thanks Geo 26e; Can anyone ID this bridge?
  19. Wow what a find! Congratulations!
  20. Thanks Phil
  21. Thanks Phil; Can anyone I.D. the bridge?
  22. Thanks Sean.
  23. Thanks Phil and Manikin.
  24. Awesome. The picture camera made the mirror look grayish-blue but it is a true cobalt color. Do you have pictures of your mirror.
  25. Lets do it at the World's Largest: The Rose Bowl in Pasadena!!!!!!
  26. Beautiful.
  27. Will do.
  28. "Approaches" refers to the access roads leading up to the bridge itself; I love bridges and think you have a lovely postcard.
  29. Looks like it says "This bridge and approaches....
  30. No, it's actually printed on a glass mirror about 8" x 10"
  31. It was back when they used to have the Art Deco show and Sale in Glendale
  32. Decopong: Sorry it took so long to get back to you; I bought it about 20 years ago for $100. It is probably $200 now and more if I get it restored. Let me know what becomes of yours.
  33. One of the best mid-century wall clocks I've seen. Looks in great condition. You are so lucky
  34. Glad to do it. Keep us posted on what you find out.
  35. I found info on the internet saying it's from the Chesapaeke & Ohio Railroad and they are selling between $35 and 50 dollars. Here's one of the websites I found:
  36. I know, huh? It came beautifully framed and everything.
  37. hee hee hee....he said hollyWOOD.
  38. It's hard to tell from the picture....can you tell us the approximate dimensions. I'm leaning towards a sink perhaps due to the mirror. Anyone else have a guess?
  39. Phil: I was away from the computer all this wekend and I came back and saw your comments. You have given me alot of good info for me to follow up on
  40. Thanks, that's a big help!
  41. Under a the frame, I found signed and numbered signature of Jennifer (last name illegible) and numbered 175/350. No copyright date but says it is "Number 5 in the Mercury Typography 'What's your Fac...
  42. Wow it looks awesome and I have never seen anything like it. Even if it's a reproduction it's a beautiful piece. What's it made of? Is the lighted area made from bakelite, plastic or glass? You ...
  43. Nice! Bet it's built to last
  44. It's a lovely phone. I'll call you on it to tell you where to send it.
  45. Christine: Let me know if you find anything out about yours as I have a Saturn Floor lamp I am looking for info on also
  46. OK I will check them out; Thanks upstatenycollector!
  47. As toolate says....It is better to give than to hang on to collecting dust.
  48. Thanks Phil for the info.
  49. Phil: I have added a close up of the saturn area; Anything you can tell me would be appreciated
  50. I understand it was designed by Wolfgang Hoffman for the Howell company. If anyone knows more, please share. They look lovely restored and rechromed (though this one is not).
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