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I'm a preservationist and a lover of all things mid-century modern. I get excited about thrift stores and estate sales. I'm always on the lookout for new pieces to aI'm a preservationist and a lover of all things mid-century modern. I get excited about thrift stores and estate sales. I'm always on the lookout for new pieces to accessorize my 1957 ranch with, and quite frankly I am running out of room. I opened up a vintage shop about a year ago with my sister because I don't see myself ever quitting the hunt. (Read more)


  1. The bank was owned by oil tycoon Michael T. Halbouty. I'd say he had plenty of money to get it all started on his own. lol.
  2. Thanks Vetraio50. I also love love love the color.
  3. So comfy! Just about anything is more comfy than my old sofa though. lol. I couldn't stretch out on the old sofa, but this one is 7 feet long so I finally can!
  4. Thanks Phil! I found out this is called "First Edition"
  5. Also AmberRose, I got some Caterinholm I've been meaning to post!
  6. It's going pretty good! Going to be opening another "branch" soon. Do y'all know how to edit your profile information on here? I can't figure it out for the life of me.
  7. This is what the king sized bed looks like:
  8. Also there is no indication bed mounts were cut off and a king sized bed is several inches wider than the length of this piece so it might look a little weird with a king sized bed.
  9. I still think it was a door because you can see there were hinges along one entire side of the length of the door and the other side has a flat metal chip just like you would see on many other types o...
  10. Yes I knew it was oceanic, but I still think it is a door. I can tell there used to be hinges on it.
  11. Yeah I had seen that link, but haven't been able to find the particular cabinet this huge panel came off of. I posted this to the Madstyle Vintage Instagram last night and have had people all over the...
  12. Merry Christmas Sean! Merry Christmas to all my Collectors Weekly friends!
  13. Merry Christmas Vetraio50!
  14. The dog is lucky it wasn't MY hat.
  15. Thanks BigTex!
  16. The Catherinholm Lotus pattern was introduced in the 60s I believe Vintagefran. Bratjdd there is always room for friends with good taste in the club.
  17. Gorgeous wood grain!
  18. Thanks Good information. I'm not really sure how to remove the cushions, but honestly I don't want to. I'll let Herman Miller do that if and when I have it redone in 30 years or so. Haha.
  19. I've added some more pictures guys. Enjoy!
  20. Thanks! That is in my sisters house. I took it over there because I thought she might want this piece but it looks like we will not be keeping this one.
  21. Thanks vetraio and bratjdd
  22. I saw that DrFluffy! Was pretty exciting but I sure didn't like the comment someone left. lol. Oh well not everyone can have good taste like we do right? =P
  23. Thanks! Yes I love ashtrays even though I do not smoke and orange is my favorite color. You can also see the edge of my Adrian Pearsall boomerang coffee table. I haven't seen the ashtrays on the wall,...
  24. LOL Thanks AmberRose
  25. Gorgeous! Interesting that this one isn't upholstered like most others I have seen.
  26. Haha yeah that was pretty exciting! lol
  27. Does anybody have suggestions for a good place to get upholstery fabric? I really want something shaggy or textured like the original fabric and I really want a vibrant color like orange. I've ordered...
  28. The store is doing great! Can't quit my day job yet so I am working a lot but that's what I get with this type of business in a small west Texas town. Oh well I love doing it. Love the fondue pot. Ora...
  29. Absolutely not!
  30. Me too! I wish it was mine!
  31. These are awesome. I have a black one and a green one. Mine have no markings either. :/
  32. Haha thank you AmberRose! You are not a dork. You are just passionate and I love your comments! I will certainly give the cleaning tip a try. Your bowls are awesome!
  33. Thanks for the warning AmberRose. I purchased this one from a reputable dealer in Austin. It is stamped with Nissen Langaa. I know anyone could have stamped it with that but I'm going to hope for the ...
  34. Thanks!
  35. So jealous Dizzydave. I have a coffee table and am desperately seeking a sofa. I'd love to pinpoint these whether they are Pearsall or not.
  36. Sounds good and thanks!
  37. The legs there certainly look similar
  38. Yes thanks Eye4Beauty. I looked there but even that isn't a complete catalogue. :/
  39. Yeah I know that Vieux had some and I'm going to try and make it by if time permits. Is that the place you were thinking of? You should check us out at or
  40. Thanks guys. I notice you are from Texas BigTex. I'm in San Angelo. Make frequent trips to the Dallas area. Would love it if you could keep your eyes peeled for some Brasilia dining chairs and a Gentl...
  41. Thanks Sean! I thought they were pretty cool.
  42. Thanks! It was definitely a wreck when I first found it. Knew it was worth saving though. :)
  43. This is definitely not a valet chair. The top is angled the wrong direction. The connection with tapiovaara is that I have seen others online sold as such. Especially the black wood version Sean spoke...
  44. I saw that one on eBay. It's my understanding that Nakashima is the name of the style. Not the designer.
  45. That's a big help! Looks Exactly like the Allen Gould Compass chair! Thanks Eye4Beauty! That first one that you posted that had been painted makes me a little sick.... :(
  46. Thanks!
  47. It's going very well! Can't quit my day job yet but it is good. Having a lot of fun with it.
  48. Further research has led me to believe this is by Ilmari Tapiovaara? Your thoughts?
  49. Thanks for all the loves!
  50. Thanks DrFluffy! I'm actually 23 now but have been collecting since I was a child. I've also opened up my own store like I was talking about in my "about me" section but I can't figure out how to edit...
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