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You have to ask? TEXAS, of course

Hello from Dallas! Have been collecting "junk" since I was a little boy. I've pared down my collecting due to size restrictions but I still love looking. I like Hello from Dallas! Have been collecting "junk" since I was a little boy. I've pared down my collecting due to size restrictions but I still love looking. I like a wide variety of things: American Brilliant Cut Glass, Coin Silver, Mid Century Modern designs, paintings. I love to haunt my favorite thrift store, & have found great things there. It amazes me what people give away. Also I like to check out Canton Flea Market in East Texas. Highly recommended, it is HUGE. I look forward to learning things from everyone on here. What a great website (Read more)


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Lyman Byxbe (American 1886-1980) Etchings  - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Art Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pair of Coralene Art Glass Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
American Brilliant Cut Glass  - Glasswarein Glassware
Disco Era Ceramic Watering Container - Potteryin Pottery
Tacky Bicentennial Cocktail glasses - Glasswarein Glassware
Antique handpainted Imari teacups and saucers - Asianin Asian
Blown glass Victorian "Remember Me" mug - Glasswarein Glassware
Japanese Kutani Bowl - Asianin Asian
Early Pressed glass scent bottle  - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Stunning
  2. very cool
  3. How do you get her to balance on her head like that?
  4. Nice piece. I have a similar piece (Swan) but could never read the signature completely. Thanks for helping to identify, Sean.
  5. Thanks so much Inky for the links. It certainly looks like Kralik. I would have never found that link on my own. I apologize for the crummy photos. I took them in the pre-dawn hours as I was gettin...
  6. Austro, it is pretty small. I added another pic to give a better prospective of the size.
  7. Fabu!
  8. LOL. I thought "burble" was a typo and you were posting from a Happy Hour somewhere.
  9. Thanks ICG. I guess it is not as great as I thought. Back to "Glassology 101" for me. That is why I enjoy CW, I love the sharing of info. I always learn something new. Think how smart I am going to...
  10. Wow, thanks icollectglass. that saved me a lot of time. (I think it looks better in frosted glass than clear).
  11. I learn much by finding similar items on Ebay, but in this case I don't know how to describe it well enough to do a search. Are those bubbles?
  12. Beautiful. I agree, it drives me nuts to see them slinging glassware around in the backroom of the local thrift store
  13. No, I don't usually check Bonhams. The base is different on this one. I think I saw it at Sothby's. (I wasn't sure if I was allowed to mention a specific name of a company on here at the time )
  14. Congrats on the 400th item. Beautiful frame. Nice find
  15. It is as gorgeous as the Texas sunshine on this 70 degree day.
  16. I have never had access to a UV so I don't know
  17. Nice. What is the bold cut called which is used on the ends? I am trying to learn the types of cuts so I don't sound like an idiot.
  18. I used to see these in the Lillian Vernon catalogues back in the 70's. Mom used to always keep on of those catalogues around
  19. Thanks for asking. Career change has kept me busy. Am back with new items to post
  20. very cool
  21. My life's ambition is to outlive him. I can't wait to go to his estate sale! LOL!
  22. cigarette case?
  23. Agreed. I get an English feel from them
  24. Love it. I posted a very similar lamp here.
  25. Love this. Have always wanted one. Lucky you!
  26. It does not look like Tuthill to me. Compare the cutting of the leaves of a signed Tuthill to your piece. See link:
  27. Nice. Glad to hear Momma V is doing well.
  28. Will look for you on facebook. You've encouraged me to post more of my cut glass pieces . I have about 45 more in storage, nothing really surprising. Love cut glass but it was taking over my small...
  29. beautiful
  30. Love that red
  31. Very pretty
  32. Stunning. great find!
  33. I should have known better when I posted these. What was I thinking? I guess it is just because who in 2014 uses a muffineer? My 21st century bias was showing. Ha.
  34. Beautiful . Looks very heavy. Is it signed, or do you just know the pattern? There is so much I don't know about American Brilliant Cut Glass, but try to learn when I can.
  35. Interesting. Have never seen this shape before.
  36. Beautiful. I have this in blue with the console bowl.
  37. Beautiful, but I would never have guessed this was Dorflinger. Good eye!
  38. It is seeing finds like this @ St Vinnies that I haven't give up on them completely. My St Vinnie only gets the worst chipped pottery and mismatched plastic ware imaginable. I have thrown out nicer ...
  39. What a great Mother-in-Law gift. (I used to get Precious Moment figurines! Yuck. LOL. )
  40. Beautiful chair and footrest. LOVE it!
  41. Thanks for the input, Paper. I had never looked at this item in that way. Interesting idea.
  42. look what I found. Scroll to the bottom:
  43. Looks like Mary Gregory type glass
  44. Fag comment was not written by me, nor did I delete it.
  45. Fag comment in it's entirety was as follows: Can't imagine 2 fags letting themselves be photographed like that in those days & would probably have trouble finding a photographer to take it. Maybe r...
  46. For record, the "fag" comment made by Blunderbuss2 has been deleted.
  47. The one on the right has his arm around the one on the left. His hand is visible resting on the left one's shoulder. Not conjoined twins. Blunderbuss2, your comment speaks much more about you ...
  48. Interesting info, guys. Thanks. The back of the newspaper scrap has more info. Would you care to see the backside? I can change out the photo.
  49. Hunter, actually the image of the woman is very faded and did not photograph very well. The original was hand tinted on her cheeks, earrings, jewelry and chatelaine.
  50. The handsome guy is my Father, BigTexSenior. I didn't want to disturb the old metal work by removing his pic for this posting.
  51. See more


Huyler Pattern American Brilliant Cut Glass Nappy Clark Cut Glass Nappy


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