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Founded in 1701 by Antoine de La Mothe Cadillac in a settlement called Fort Ponchartrain. Known as the Paris of the West, City of Champions, Arsenal of Democracy, Motown, Rock City, and The Motor City at one time or another in its storied history.

Mainly I collect old beer/soda related items like cans, bottles, signs, corked bottle caps, and everything in between. I also have a great appreciation for old war Mainly I collect old beer/soda related items like cans, bottles, signs, corked bottle caps, and everything in between. I also have a great appreciation for old war relics and an affinity for Petroliana collectibles. Antique advertising typically fits the bill as well. Old toys across all spectrums also rock!! : ) If I think it is cool though I will get my hands on it regardless of what it may be or what timeframe it is from. As long as it would be considered vintage, antique, or old. In addition, I imagine what stories the items I find could tell if only they were able to project the most significant historical experience they were a part of in their existence! Kind of like how R2D2 would project stuff in Star Wars... : ) Also, if the mood strikes me I will choose to thin out certain aspects of my collection to obtain other items that I would like to include in it at that time. Lastly, at times I may utilize this site as a collectable diary documenting some of my finds and the history I have learned about them along the way.... In conclusion, how exactly did I get my moniker you may ask when it doesn't relate to the main items I collect? Probably not, but just in case. ; ) Well when I first found the site on Show and Tell I posted an electric lighter and came up with a name that related to it. I don't even smoke! I didn't plan on staying long. The rest is history as they say.... : ) I also appreciate and am thankful for you taking the time to read this as well as looking at my items. The same applies to those of you that have chosen to follow me on this Collectors Weekly journey we are on together. Thank you all so much! : ) ANY REPRODUCTION OF THE IMAGES TAKEN BY ME IN MY PROFILE AND COLLECTION IN ANY FORM IS NOT AUTHORIZED AND STRICTLY PROHIBITED FROM THIS SITE WITHOUT MY CONSENT. P.S. See if you can find me in a picture throughout the items I have listed on here. Kinda like find Waldo. But in this case it is find electobacco. If you find me leave a comment on the specific item that you did and you win a prize.... ; ) Well maybe not. But isn't it worth a shot anyway just in case... ; ) Guess what city all the items mentioned in my location (under electobacco on this page above) relate to and the same applies. : ) (Read more)


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1977 Caedmon The Map of Beleriand and the Lands to the North The Silmarillion J.R.R. Tolkien Poster Map - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Hand Drawn Limited Edition Babe Ruth Art Work Lithograph - Baseballin Baseball
1967 Original Planet of the Apes Mattel Tommy Burst Gun - Toysin Toys
Late 1800's All Original Double Barreled Hammer Breech-Loading W. Richards Shotgun - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
1920-1940 Old Antique Working Durand Slag Crackle Glass Art Nouveau Tulip Table Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
1930's American Character Sally Patsy Type Composition Doll - Dollsin Dolls
1890's Sterling Silver Swan Emerald Eyes Antique Parasol Cane Walking Stick Handle - Accessoriesin Accessories
Old 1950's Young Davy Crockett Gold Trimmed Brush Cookie Jar - Kitchenin Kitchen
Old Reproduction Nipponese Japanese Matchlock Muzzleloading Blackpowder Pistol Rifle - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
1954 Original Osvaldo Salas Mickey Mantle Photograph - Baseballin Baseball


  1. BwayEl thank you so much for sharing your story related to this. I am glad it made a positive impact on you. Wishing you and your family all the best.
  2. Thank you so much my friend. mp have an awesome day!
  3. Thanks for the suggestion Richmond. Terry Harsh. Jerry Hash. Were ones I was thinking. Must of been someone not very well known. Not able to find anything in my research with any of these names.
  4. Thank you for your professionalism and asking my friend. You sure can. Please share the information related to the book and the page the photo will be included on when you can. Have a great day!
  5. Awesome mutantear! I appreciate the message and you stopping by. You are welcome as well. Have an awesome day my friend! :)
  6. I appreciate the post and love for the item Manikin! Thank you all for loving this item as well my friends. Wishing each and everyone of you an amazing day! :)
  7. With this gun, and the comments it inspired, it really felt like we stepped back in time to the days of the Wild Wild West!! :)
  8. Yeah it breeches igotta. Pushing down on the lever on the left releases the barrels allowing them to swing down.
  9. The firepins seem functional to me from what I can tell. Also there is a large crack in the stock behind the hammers as you noticed pw.
  10. Okay. Thanks again blunder. I will be very careful with this item and continue my research on it. All of you have been a tremendous help and once again I am grateful and appreciative for what you've...
  11. scottvez. Blunder. I commend you both for the information provided. It is greatly appreciated. I have great respect and appreciation for both of you.
  12. The lever on the left does make the breech open.
  13. Thank you for the comments and feedback igottaold. Have an awesome evening my friend!
  14. Thank you for the comments blunder and pw. So you guys are saying this was never made with the intention of being able to be fired? Is it even that old? It seems to be. With my limited knowledge...
  15. Thank you so much pw. So if it ain't flintlock what is it blunder?!??!
  16. I thank all of you for the love as well my friends! :)
  17. Thank you for the information fhrjr2. I did some research on the item and yes. W. Richards is a name used on replicas of this sort of item. It would explain a great deal if I were able to connect the ...
  18. Awesome. Thank you once again my friend. Have a blessed remainder of the day! :)
  19. I really appreciate the information moonhill. You are awesome. Thank you. One more question. Do you have any idea around what year this would be from? Early 1900's? I guess the top and bottom may ...
  20. Thank you so much for loving this lamp agh, walk, try, and moonhill. It is greatly appreciated! :)
  21. Manikin you are awesome. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this information. Have an awesome day and upcoming week! :)
  22. Thanks Sean. I really appreciate you enjoying so many of my posts during the time I have been on here. Have a great day and upcoming weekend my friend! :)
  23. Thank you for the additional information kyra. I am so glad you like it so much!! :)
  24. Yes I did look thoroughly for any marking(s). I could not find any. May they have worn off over time or did it possibly not have any from the start? What would be the reason behind it having markings ...
  25. I thank all of you for the love my friends and feedback. I guess it does seem to be a parasol handle kyra. Yes indeed vetrai. It is unmarked. Nothing to be found anywhere on it.
  26. Thank you for passing by and showing Davy some love vetraio! Have an awesome remainder of the week my friend! :)
  27. I agree. Personalities and ideas are important to share as well tora. We are all unique in our own way similar to all the various items people share on here. Have an awesome day my friend! :)
  28. Great work everyone. All of you that chimed in. Once again it is greatly appreciated.
  29. It still amazes me how reproductions/replicas/forgeries of both guns and paintings can still be worth so much money. Among other items as well I am sure.
  30. Thanks Tube for the research as well. So you guys are all in agreement now that this is a reproduction? This one is different in many ways than the one in the auction. Maybe I should still get a thi...
  31. Thanks for stopping by and the love fort, Cind, and daddy.
  32. I respect you and what you have shared regardless of what I find out related to this item my friend. You gain nothing by sharing your knowledge with me, except respect and that you are a person of cha...
  33. I am grateful for your input blunderbuss. You rock my friend! May you and your family, as well as those closest to you, attain all that you seek and have the ultimate in success! I have some work to...
  34. There is patina which may not show up much in the pictures. Also the wood staining you mention is apparent throughout the item as well.
  35. blunder. Amazing information that you shared. Thank you so much. This thing is crazy old! I know it has been well taken care of from one generation to the next and kept indoors. I have no doubt it ...
  36. Thanks for the love blunder, ttom, and agh!
  37. fhrjr2 it does have age and wear to it. In addition, what appears to be very old, as well as skilled, workmanship.
  38. Thanks for the love as well Jewels.
  39. Thanks filmnet. It may be a naval gun. But I am not sure. Thanks for the love and comment related to this item my friend. :)
  40. Thanks goes out to you as well nuts. You guys are awesome!! :)
  41. Thanks so much for the comment, as well as the information you shared, and love Az for these items. Always wishing you nothing but the best! :)
  42. Really cool. Thanks for sharing Ted.
  43. I appreciate all of you stopping by and loving this item jewels, agh, Manikin, and CindB. Have an awesome day everyone! :)
  44. Vintage Fanon T-600 Walkie-Talkies It is cool what this WW2 technology led to in the private sector. :) http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/146885-vintage-fanon-t-600-walkie-talkies?in=activity
  45. Looks like they are multipurpose and can also be used as a hammer. ;) Thanks for sharing kanukster.
  46. Thank you ttom, lzenglish, CindB, surf, walk, fort, agh, Jewels, blunder, and packrat for loving the item in this post! I appreciate all of you taking the time to take a look at this. Have a blessed ...
  47. Thank you once again aghcollect. Have a blessed remainder of the day! :)
  48. Thank you my friend aghcollect. Once again what you shared is greatly appreciated. One more question. Would they have made a picture this big in the early 1900's? If not then there is no way this wou...
  49. Thank you for the comment and love of this item as well aghcollect. So if the picture is by Charles M. Conlon is there anything else you can tell by just looking at the pictures I posted my friend? Th...
  50. Thank you for your input scottvez. It is greatly appreciated.
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