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Goose Creek, South Carolina

I Love antiques Of all Kinds! I Collect Anything Old! I mostly Collect Depression Glass! I love all The Different Colors,Patterns and styles!


  1. Thank you Tallcakes !
  2. Wonder how much it's worth ?
  3. Cool ! Thank you so much !
  4. Very nice!
  5. Too funny! That you saw those today! When I just ed commented today on your red one!
  6. I have a milk glass one and a clear one! I love your red!
  7. I think I have one of these in my parents attic that me and my little brother use to play with growing up!
  8. There beautiful!
  9. love to find someone to go digging old bottles with!
  10. I have one of these to! I need a key for mine!
  11. This Piece is beautiful.
  12. Thank you both! Appreciate the help!
  13. will do later when I get home from work.
  14. I have one like your first picture. mine is orange and green and heavy. I don't know who made it or anything about it. I may post it later.
  15. I have one just like this! Mine is blue!
  16. Thanks for the love Cormoran1925, Aghcollect, nutsacotas6.
  17. I know you haven't forgotten me!! I have not forgot your ice trays ! Still only have one for you! Trying to find you another one!
  18. Hey I have a few of these aimathena!!! Also Wondered what they were used for!
  19. no sir! I did not see a diamond shape on the bottom! i will have to take a picture of the bottom and post it for you when i get home from work!
  20. The numbers on the bottom of the Pepsi bottle say des.pat.178917 Low B59 1 815. Can you tell me what these numbers mean? Thank you! Packrat-place!
  21. Thank you for the love AmberRose, Moonstonelover21, tom61375, Aghcollect and nutsabotas6.
  22. Thanks for the love Trey!! appreciate it very much!!
  23. very Nice! I have A concrete one in front of my house! its not painted!
  24. Yes i will consider! have to get my lazy butt in the attic and pull the down to take a picture for you!
  25. Cool aimathena I don't have any North Carolina ones!! Still searching for your ice trays to! Haven't forgotten you! Is there anything else you collect!!
  26. Thank you Tom61375 and aycockonixonfor the Loves!
  27. Thank You Tom61375!!
  28. Great Job Aimathena!!
  29. Yes it was a great price! Thank You for the Love Aimathena!! Have Not forgot about your ice trays. Still Looking!!
  30. Very nice I would do the same amberrose! I have a green chrome Formica table in my dinning room with different color chrome chairs. And I love it!
  31. I think MAybe the 70's!!! I remember growing up with a set of chairs similar to this style. Very Nice!
  32. Thank Aeon For the Love!!
  33. Thank You Drfluffy and bratjdd for the love!!!
  34. Thank You heatherlovemonkey12 for the love!!
  35. Thanks valentino97 but I am older than I look!! I am 44 years old!
  36. Thank you aghcollect for the love!!!
  37. Thank you aghcollect and Valentine97!!!
  38. Very Nice! I Work At A Ford Dealership In South Carolina!!
  39. Thank You Moonstonelover21!!
  40. Thank you Manikin!! Hope he comes back too!!
  41. Are you able do go inside any of these old places and do you find anything! I sure enjoy your pics!
  42. Thank you ttomtucker and aghcollect for the love!!!
  43. I Agree to! The marble does not match. I have one myself and the corners are rounded on the edges. my top is cracked. so i had to find another top piece for mine also. very nice table.
  44. Your welcome!! You mite just have to keep on in the garage or storage shed!!
  45. O no!! No dead body's in there! Lol!! Have to put some charcoal in there to absorb the smell!!
  46. very nice!!
  47. or you could just leave it like it is. It gives it a lot character!! You could store your favorite quilts or bed spreads in it.
  48. Thank you hedgewalker and Aimathena!!!
  49. Thank you for the Love geo26e!
  50. Very nice!! I still have to find me one of these!
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