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Savannah, Georgia

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Have been in Media for over 30 years- retired now-now V.P- publist for southernstar music shows. My story of news of reaching out and making Brains more saver. PleasHave been in Media for over 30 years- retired now-now V.P- publist for southernstar music shows. My story of news of reaching out and making Brains more saver. Please see my story!!! It will save your life. Would love to come on this show Pickers Show and show these guys how to get some prices down and bring back a full van..Then I could push "Brain" Anuersym victims have a 100% chance of Not dying with a BA. (Read more)


  1. Wow that's all Esther !!! lol Let me know when your coming, and it will be I will even cook it in the "machine" up
  2. Your right Bonnie, this one is great it stills wiggles....
  3. Love that
  4. Hey Tallcakes, wish you would...Go to Riverstreet Bernies....Ever been to Kellers Flee mkt here off hwy 17 south....right off of 204 exit....Sat and Sundays good.
  5. Thanks Hedgewalker also for the LOVE Thanks Tallcakes looked at them "mine has yellow handle" lol what if this makes a difference too. Thanks Stonefans for the likes...dont you love it?? lol Give ...
  6. Tallcakes very interesting what you sent he even has lets have a cookout...and you bring
  7. Hey invited anytime, Savannah Ga...please bring meat
  8. Tallcakes, tip or 7.99 ??? lol THANKS
  9. Thanks Esther110 you get a tip or 7.99 for answer?? lol
  10. Thanks for the Love Officialfuel !!
  11. Wow, they are alike This one shows up so clear and ready for that I love this !!! I am fixing to put up something, interesting and old that you use to help make cakes...this was my grann...
  12. Thanks Tallcakes will do right now.........
  13. Thanks Chrisnp- I will check out-not a seller on ebay just cleaning out my storage buildings....The cadum, is very interesting, would love to find someone on here to really look at
  14. Oh for got Love ya guys....what would I do without you both looking at my
  15. Thanks Paul, My aunt - is a trip- I call her a nickname...Miss she shopped all the time, but she never she loved shopping.... Thanks Tallcakes- Afraid to get a black ...
  16. Thanks Paul, this might be something she purchased in that year 50's It will be interesting if this is from the old....Not a glass person to figure this out, can search the world over...I still see no...
  17. Thanks Tallcakes, ccan't wait to see the one in milk glass
  18. Thanks Chrisnp, who saves and collects money like this? also did you see CADUM I put up that was brought home in world war 2. Still trying to find out what this is worth with the company out of Europe...
  19. Thank you Crisnp, boy your know your history too. Very exciting as I am not of history like I would like to be. But am of ...Hey does Germany owe us for our loss...??? lol.....
  20. Thank you Scottvez very exciting to know this. Need more ???
  21. Yea, Paul and Scothomas good luck on your piece....
  22. Thanks Chevy59
  23. Very different Chevy !!! on the white dishes with animals, I have found a small one with a chicken on it what are these worth.
  24. Hang it up high, then it will be heard....what a nice kid you
  25. Wymani, maybe this will help you
  26. Wymani, maybe this will help you
  27. Interesting, Paul71 Nice piece Deanteaks....
  28. Nice ride, great that your caring of what your father left you. May he RIP and know he is blessed and You too.
  29. Excuse me, Nice Mrj303, Nice to see you Fenton on early for me had a late late nite...........politics this week....
  30. Nice Fenton- be sure to find that top, but it is beautiful without it. Love your finds
  31. I have 12 of them, yes, thank you Scandinavian, they are lovely.....appreciate this...
  32. Nice piece, like that Mrj303 "where's my glass people" that is what I use to find you this...
  33. That is beautiful, I want a black light now...just to see a few things I have....not as much as you
  34. Nice and I love this color....
  35. Thanks Paul, this week has been a week I will never up is hard sometimes when you ony have a few email me your phone number to put on Fedex...they require a numb...
  36. It is a soap container that cadum made sometimes in world war 2 or translate to say...yes it opens....and it holds a bar of soap from Savon Cadum is the man that invented these soaps and c...
  37. Hey Paul, sorry missed this, what does this mean, they are different then??? I am sending that box to you this week, finally getting a few days coming up of rest.
  38. Thanks Hedg Hobnailewalker, Thanks Fenton, been off a little that give the lady some love, had to think here!!! the big black box in left corner...that was so
  39. Nice, did you buy them??? I hope you have a large storage area, for all you could open up shop....
  40. Ar8Jason, the company in Europe has contacted me about it, of showing them a pic and where did I get this.....from their facebook page...but haven't heard anything yet, was asking them, when they made...
  41. Thanks Pickergirl10, I just love them, and they look very nice in my glass china cabinet....these are memories here .....
  42. No, not is my for your records
  43. Wow, I just love green and golds....good catch.
  44. I just love this, nice trade
  45. Thanks Fenton, I was told this by a antique friend that comes over and has a shop but he doesn't mess with Fenton...let me know....anything else what it might be worth if you can.
  46. Nice ship, I was collecting due to living on water, but all packed up . I miss my
  47. Nice ship, I was collecting due to living on water, but all packed up . I miss my
  48. Wow, Chevy, I have only one piece of Milk , no I have 3 in storage. Can't wait til I get to them, and check what they are...I don't collect these.but they are very nice ..great collections...
  49. I really like these...good catch....
  50. Nice, Tallcakes and Paul thanks for showing me this...
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