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The Crossroads of America

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  1. Wondering if you ever found out anything about this sign? My email Thanks
  2. Looks incredible with the whole collection!
  3. Thanks nutsabotas6!
  4. If you would like to find out more about the sign my email address is I have a book that dates these signs.
  5. Thanks AzTom for the info. I had a guy want to buy these a few months ago, but didn't know what they were worth, I have never seen any sell. Do you have any idea of the value? Thx
  6. Great looking sign!
  7. Thanks geo26e for the love!
  8. Thanks tom and vansky for the love!
  9. Thank you lovevintage!
  10. Condition is awesome! What a great pick, looks great in your collection!
  11. Looks great in your collection, that's a pump you don't see too often. Great Pick!
  12. Looks incredible Michael, very nice pick!
  13. Sweet pump!
  14. Nice pick, you got the most important side of the sign! Looks good in the mancave!
  15. Very cool sign, never seen it before! Thanks for sharing!
  16. gargoyle, let it go. let it go. Nobody cares! Breath in.... Breath out...
  17. gargoyle you watch too many CSI movies...Really
  18. I would have to agree with you Manikan, that is a very cool link! I love it!
  19. Gargoyle you must be a rocket scientist? Just guessing...
  20. Pretty nice sign. Probably had different lubrication guns attached to it. Would love to find one for myself. Thanks for sharing!
  21. Thanks MMM and tommy1002 for the love and comments!
  22. Thank you Manikin, sorry the late response, but it's been crazy around here. I can breathe a little bit now. I hope you have the same, A very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!
  23. Thank you Aimathena and same to you as well!
  24. What an awesome pump! It looks great in the mancave with the rest of your collectibles! I love the theme and the chrome top. Great pick and trade!
  25. Thank you mtg75!
  26. Thank you TinyMagPie!
  27. Thanks everyone for all the loves and comments!
  28. Thanks EJW-54 for the love!
  29. Thanks Daddy Nobucks for the nice comment, I feel honored to own this piece.
  30. Thanks AntiqueToys!
  31. Thank you Trey, No I did not know the guy, he had it posted on craigslist. He decided to sell it because he had a family member trying to buy it off him for a while, and they didn't agree on the price...
  32. Thanks Sean68!
  33. Thanks Michael, knowing the history of the sign is nice!
  34. Very cool!
  35. Never seen anything like it!
  36. Thanks jonima, Radegunder, and tom61375 for the love and comments. Its my favorite piece of furniture in the house!
  37. Thanks rhinoman!
  38. Killer sign!
  39. Very nice sign! Would love to have one myself.
  40. Thanks Rustyboltz!
  41. You did a great job on the restoration!
  42. Thanks again love, it's definitely different!
  43. Thanks lovevintage for the love!
  44. You're welcome, also on the very bottom if you flip him on his back you can see the raw carvings from the underneath side of him which is pretty cool, I would take a picture but he is very heavy and s...
  45. Turned out great!
  46. Scottvez, yes it's hand carved wood, back on the early statues they put a porcelain like coating over the outside of the Indian to make the outside have a more smooth or glaze like finish and it was e...
  47. Thanks for the comments and love everyone!
  48. Thanks everyone for the love and comments.
  49. Awesome collection!
  50. I don't like it, you should move it all to my garage! Looks great!
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